TheBlaze’s Sara Carter lays out what is happening on the ground in Ukraine

If you were a follower of Glenn back in his Fox News days, you may remember a chalkboard he used to keep on set that illustrated what countries in Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East are on fire. The turmoil has grown exponentially, and Glenn returned to that chalkboard on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program to better explain what is happening in Ukraine and Venezuela.

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Glenn believes that these types of uprisings will continue to spread throughout the world – and the United States is ultimately the “stink on top of the crap pile.” Watching this unrest bubble up around the world buys us time. But how much? TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter joined Glenn in New York studio to discuss what her sources on the ground in Ukraine are saying about the current crisis, what Russian involvement means for the rest of the world, and what comes next.

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  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Oh Come Glenn, Barry said he would draw another line. What do you expect him to do?

  • Alex James Firth

    Glenn Beck pulled in 60 million dollars last year but he can’t afford to send a reporter to the Ukraine?

    • Karen A. Adams


      ▋▋▋ ▋▋�▋ ▋▋▋ ▋⃥▋▋ ▋▋ᤶ▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋what Russian involvement means for the rest of the world, and what comes next.

    • Anonymous

      You kind of sound like a Socialist, pretending that it’s in some way your business what another person does with their own money.

    • Jane Smith

      Well, most likely he’s got so many out already he has to ration the funds. Stay tuned. I’m sure he will.

  • Anonymous

    Oooooooh, Beck was right all along. So glad I am a faithful follower. Keep it up Blaze team!

    • Anonymous

      Yes he was, and the more right he is, the more he gets hated by people like you who just can’t seem to accept reality. Why is it so difficult for you?

  • soybomb315

    Why is Beck doing the bidding of George Soros?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure this sounded clever when it was still inside your head. Beck is a thorn in Soros’s side.

  • KJinAZ

    When the Crap hits the blades of the fan, the stink will spread.

    Be prepared.

  • WilliamJ

    Shhhhh… obammy hasn’t spoken to Iran yet! Till then America needs to wait for the Official stance of the US.

  • Jane Smith

    Glenn you ok? Looking kinda tired…. and a little ill. I think most of us are getting sick from watching what is happening around us.

  • Eric Bischoff

    I would not characterize it as we’re doing nothing since the snipers are a US backed Coup shooting their Policemen. We’re not really interested in improving their economy, what we’re interested in is having NATO missiles parked right next to Russia’s border. Listen to this America! It’s the Cold War still. And yes we are destabilizing Venezuela too. Wake up. We’re doing this! This is not a big surprise!

  • Anonymous

    Get more “Bible” on us Glenn! Ezekiel 38 & 39 is coming soon to a station near you!!
    The alliance between Russia (the land of Magog) and Iran (Persia) is already established. Togarmah (Turkey) is moving away from the west towards closer ties with Iran. Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and others will join the march on Israel when it comes. Kerry’s deal with Iran runs out in April, he’s also made it clear he wants an Israel/Palestine peace deal signed by April. The first blood moon happens in April, on passover, followed by 3 more over the next year & a half. “When they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them” 1 Thess 5:3.
    Time is getting short, Jesus is returning soon but a lot of people will perish before He does. Life is full of choices to make, choose Jesus today!

    • Sam

      Know what else is going to happen? In September of 2018, which is 70 years from 1948, the establishment of Israel again, there is going to be a constellation that is described in Revelations. It is the woman giving birth with 12 stars around her head. It is exciting to be alive to watch the prophecies come to pass. The blood moons happen to fall on major Jewish holidays as well. I expect to see Israel at war. I didn’t understand how “all nations” could come against it but since obama got elected, I can now see it.

      • Anonymous

        I could get a rush from watching Revelation play out. However, I’d have been content to have lived 50 or so years before all of this. It’s going to be frustrating having to try to co-exist with Marxist automatons in the coming years.

      • Anonymous

        That’s interesting, thanks Sam. Can you send me a link to the info on that event please?

  • Anonymous

    This is a mirror into Obama’s America

  • Anonymous

    What going on that Ukraine leader was elected on his promises of stronger ties with Western Europe and more freedoms and rights for his citizen to be a better utopia for Ukraine citizens !!! So what this leader of Ukraine does he do is to pulls a OBAMA or a obama stunt , he does the opposite cancel out in making ties with Western Europe and then make a agreement with Soviet Russia and for more restrictions on Uraine citizens they getting the opposite what was promise !!! The Ukraine citizens are awake to this double cross and lies by it leader and are speaking out !!! But our President obama has pull these obama stunts numerous times where he promise one thing or utopia and U.S citizens get the opposite! !!!! What will it take to wake up a larger portion of U.S citizens to make them going to speak out on obama stunts to turn our great country into a progressive communist dictatorship of the royal elites ???????

  • Payton Manning

    While the terms “collectivism” and “altruism” are often considered synonymous, it is important to remember that egoism opposes altruism and that individualism opposes collectivism.

  • Anonymous

    When will people wake up????? That obama is all for the Communists and for a Communists collective dictatorship for U.S !!! This is why he blocking the keystone pipe line, and slowing permits in drilling etc. !!! This so we never gain energy independence from the Muslims oil and gas world ,have high energy prices in U.S to help kill our great middle class and bring down our nation !!! We have enough natural gas for heat, run our cars, fuel for electric producing plants for three hundred years or more !! Now that Russia have a strangle hold on Western Europe with supplying natural gas we could with ease break this by LNG tankers shipping our excess natural gas and this also help get our nation out of debt and working again !! This all been plan by obama that Russia and the Muslims world can have a foot to throat of Europe and the rest free world to weaken them and have a pressure control on them with energy!!! So what does obama do with his plan in not letting U.S use our own vast amount of energy, to keep us debt,high price energy for the U.S middle class,also in putting our allies in the free world more at the mercy of Russia,China,Muslims world to weaken and control them and to take them over and we will do nothing when we could do something ,but obama don’t want do that !!!!! Now let face the facts obama is not for U.S and Western Europe and the rest of our free world allies !! By on purpose of obama actions of doing nothing and not promoting drilling in U.S he promoting for Russia and the radical Muslims to take over the world ,that is where obama heart is and in the best interest for our enemies not in the best interest of U.S and the free world !!!!! nothing but a traitor !!!!!!!!

    • jen

      Promoting Russia is the best thing!! – Russia is Obama/Bush’s enemy. Putin is a far better man than your Lord Bush/Romney, etc..
      Bush blocked energy development – and you heralded him the best thing. And now you hypocritical republican – you have the nerve to criticize Obama for committing the same atrocities.

  • Anonymous

    From obama first year in office his deliberate policy of blocking U.S to develop it vast energy of oil,natural gas,coal ,to get us out of debt,energy independence and not to have the Free World at the mercy of dictate whims Russia,China and radical Muslims world for energy !! Because of obama policy to bring the U.S and Free World down this is why we are facing this dilemma with Russia in Ukraine and E.U. energy at Russia mercy in supplying natural gas fuel !! We should all thank obama in being number one traitor to the free world,which also include U.S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our president is smart he plan the outcome or results what be his energy policy from his first day in office , in bringing down the free western world !! As we see the world today obama made his objective or goal so the free world be more at the mercy of it s enemies !!

    • jen

      And you back Obama just as you did with Bush in not developing oil, gas, etc.. You lowlife liar, as if Bush did all this, and suddenly Obama put an halt on this and your republican house have never caved and been trying to obstruct Obama every step of the way – what a joke.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t care for George Bush so much either , I’m a independent ,more for small government and for Reagan !!!! and peace though strength and to protect weak from the evil empire of the Soviet Union !!! By the way obama is far worst for our country than George Bush that don’t help much !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Our President obama is doing it again in aiding and abetting,and helping the enemies of U.S and the free world , by allowing them to jack up the cost of energy because of no competition from U.S this will give them large amount of money for their quest !! Our enemies quest is to buy up all energy resources of the world and control them !!! Plus to control all major pipelines routes ,keys choke points like straits and canals so if free world does produce energy cannot ship it to allies !!! Our President even allow China buy some of our uranium mines in U.S !!! If U.S could help supply some natural gas to Europe , Then it would not be so vital for Russia in taking over Uraine as key choke points with all it natural gas pipelines !! I wouldn’t put it pass for our traitor president obama who will sell more of our energy resources to our enemies of Russia,China,radical Musllims world !! Even site that he bann to U.S companies from,or allow them to take over U.S energy providers companies , plus he would selectively not enforce regulations of safety,envioroments,working condition,minium wage in these energy enclave that obama form for our enemies inside the U.S !!! At this point we couldn’t use our own energy resources in the future after obama because he has given up ownership and control to our enemies !! I say IMPEACH this TRAITOR obama to the U.S and the free world at least Joe Biden won’t be so devious and so hell bent on bringing down the U.S and the free world !!!!!!!!

    • jen

      You love Obama helping so-called enemies!!! Conservatives wouldn’t want anyless. Conservatives have been strong adovcates of this under all presidents – that is for US presidents to rule world with iron fist and enough weapons to blow up world 25x over.

  • Charles Hurst

    What astounds me is people really can’t conceive of a Kiev happening here.
    As if the Ukraine’s DNA is different than ours.

    Our own government might want to pay attention to Kiev. I’ve been to Europe and have known many types of Slavic peoples. Generally the European attitude is take whatever the government will give them. In the modern era they aren’t fighters. It was amazing the Poles actually accomplished the freedom movement when they did in the 1980s.

    But this is an example of when they have had enough. Corruption has been rampant since the wall fell decades ago over there. There has been no hope for the future, rigged elections and off and on lawlessness. The politicians there now worry for their lives. Because the masses are coming for them.

    What makes anyone think this sort of unrest won’t happen here? Because when the economy finally collapses as the basic laws of economics and third grade math state it must that is when we will begin our spiral for Kiev to watch on television. What do you think we are going to act like when the plug is pulled and carpet yanked? Look what one hurricane did in Katrina. And who do you think is going to be blamed?

    I’ve predicted what a fall and collapse will resemble in my fiction. An Apocalypse if you will. You want to know where I got my research? 1917 Russia. Ancient Rome. Cuba. And places like Kiev. People act pretty much the same under the same circumstances.

    Might want to think about it Barry. You too GOP. There is a little thing called the Second Amendment. I’m online all the time as I’m a writer now by trade. And people are starting to use a phrase that hasn’t been uttered for about 150 years. Would you like to know what those words are?

    Civil War.

    Just something to think about Washington. And you better start thinking or my fiction may indeed become a reality. Just ask the Ukraine.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • jen

      Washington doesn’t need to think anymore, they have thought for decades prior to any Americans thinking. They desperately want war – duh.
      Of course, it will happen here and it is already happening, and it will happen here far worse than most places – and Americans deserve it, as they forced this upon the rest of the world with their deep religious beliefs on worldwide military empire and to rule with an iron fist. Conservatives especially advocate such a rule worldwide.

  • Jock Fly

    Such a woeful piece of inaccurate reporting.

    The savages who were throwing bombs and sniping a democractic Country’s Police Force are mostly if not all belonging neo-Nazi related groups who have sworn to exterminate all Jews amongst other things – how does that not resonate here ? Or do you never hear the truth ?

    And who’s been training and funding them to this point (since the 90’s) ? The U.S. under cover of Black Op’s, and not that discretely lately.

    So once again U.S. interference causes chaos and bloodshed in the resulting vaccuum. Same as everywhere, without exception.

    Does Beck need reminded of the fact that during ‘Occupy’ Obama arrested some 7000 protesters for such heinous crimes as peeing in a corner or dropping litter. Have you forgotten the tragically farcical sight of you paramilitary cops pepper-spraying kids sitting cross-legged on the ground ? The laughable response to Boston ? And some expected Ukraines’ Police Force to stand unarmed in the face of such savage terrorism !

    Try storming a U.S. or Western European Government institution, or try firing live rounds at Obama or Cameron’s Police Force ! You wouldn’t see much restraint that’s for sure.

    It’s largely about getting a NATO base on Russia’s doorstep folks. This isn’t in America’s interests and it isn’t being organised by forces democratic or loyal to the U.S.

    The Cold War’s long over so get over it.

    Clearly there are people who wish it to continue…

    Is that a Wolf in here ?

  • James Bannerman

    The one thing this woman never did was to go and interview the people in the Crimea who wish to get closer to Russia. The Ukraine is a divided nation with the western part wanting to join the EU and the eastern part wishing to remain as they are. What people do not understand is that if the Ukraine joins the EU then they will become the next Greece, complete withall of the austerity sanctions and funding that will take decades to get out from under, if at all. The East holds all of the vital heavy industry and if they choose to break from the west, then the west will become a third world state under the corrupt corporate bankers. Russia will move to stop any western movement into the Crimea, which will allow the US to jump into the area. This could initiate the world war that the US administration so desperately wants.

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