A crazy idea to stop mass shootings

Did you know Americans spend 23 hours a week on social networks? That’s almost a full day absorbing all the stupidity that’s posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Pinstagram, Facetrest. There’s only one conclusion as to why we tolerate this behavior. Americans must be masochists. And those who want their pain alleviated-write to me. When you see something stupid on social networks-send it to Stu and he’ll get Anti-Social.

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Today, we look at the gun debate. And if there’s anything Americans can agree on, it’s that we don’t want to get our advice on guns from A) an English talent show host or b) a pop star who puts whipped cream on her boobs.

Let’s start off with Katy’s tweet. She was reacting to a recent shooting at a mall.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.57.42 AM

Of course, gun control advocate Piers Morgan had an answer for Katy

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.00.53 AM 

Did it work? No? Weird.

Afterwards Piers invited Katy Perry on his show and it doesn’t seem like Katy actually responded. That’s like high school when you’re talking to a pretty girl about something you miraculously have in common and then you say ‘Hey, let’s hang out and talk about it some more’ and she says ‘Noooo.’ That’s been Piers’ entire life.

Look we all know that Piers is an anti-gun fanatic. And Katy Perry routinely finds out that thinking is hard, but her motivations are good. She doesn’t like tragedy like I don’t like tragedy. Hey, we have something in common, Katy, maybe we should go out.

The point is, people like Katy and Piers tell us all the time that we have to do “something” about guns before another shooting happens. The specific shooting they’re talking about is the shooting in Maryland that happened a couple weeks ago that left 3 people dead, including the shooter. The shooter, a 19-year-old man, killed two mall employees and himself. Extremely sad and tragic – but what do we do?

Here are the facts. The shooter purchased the gun legally from a gun shop in Rockville, MS. You may notice I said “legally” and didn’t say “gun show”. He legally purchased the gun even though Maryland passed sweeping new restrictions on gun ownership, including a ban on new purchases of assault weapons and a 10-round limit on magazines just last year. The shooter hadn’t previously owned a gun before and had no criminal record. Friends and family regarded the shooter as a nice, quiet young man. He had no issue with mental illness.

One other thing, there are no elected officials in the entire United States who are proposing a ban to the gun that he used.  In fact, lots of people are telling you to buy that gun – a shotgun. Why does Vice President Joe Biden heart shotguns so much? Maybe because shotguns provide safety to many families and are involved in less deaths per year than clubs and hammers, swimming pools, and falling out of bed deaths

But even if you want to ban every single gun on the planet you still have to deal with this: at the crime scene police found and disabled “two crude devices that appeared to be an attempt at making explosives using firework.” The bottom line is this guy had made his mind up to hurt as many people as he could. Ban the gun, he would have used the bomb.  Yet if you follow the wrong person on Twitter you’re going to believe we’re in the midst of a mass shooting epidemic that can only be stopped by the iron fists of the government.  And news sources back this stuff up.

There are 300 million guns in America. While 10 extra shootings isn’t exactly a big percentage, it’s still ten too many. There are other issues with this report, but even if it’s true that more shootings are happening at schools, it’s important to ask why.

If you look at this chart, you can clearly see that there is no upward trend in mass shootings for the past 35 years. In fact the high point for mass shootings in America was actually 1929.


So there’s no increase in mass shootings, but news outlets tell us there is an increase in shootings at schools. Why is that? Could it be that those mass shooters have decided to pick their targets more carefully? Could it be because schools are gun free zones and that whackos think they can do considerably more damage at these places?

Let me propose something crazy for a second. If you want real “change” as Katy put it, maybe we stop telling the world we’re unarmed at all times.

I’m not saying you have to arm teachers, I’m not even saying you have to have armed security. Let’s take baby steps. Let’s just make it mildly confusing for the murderers. How about not alerting predators in advance that there is no danger on the premises? Our goal here is to keep the kids safe, right? What do we do when we want to keep our homes safe? Maybe you buy a gun. And if you really love the second amendment you might even put this sign on your lawn.

You might get an alarm system for your home, or if you have a dog you might want to put a “Beware of dog” sign on your lawn. You’re telling the world  with these signs to that there’s a reason not to come inside.

But why would anyone in their right mind put up one like this?

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.50.16 AM

You might as well be saying “Come on in!”

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.50.45 AM

It makes about as much sense as putting up a sign that say this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.50.52 AM

Or this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.51.07 AM

You’d never put any of these signs up, because doing so would be completely insane. It’s like rolling out a red carpet for anyone trying to do you harm. That’s exactly what a “gun free zone” is.

So let’s start with a little tiny baby steps. Even if you want to keep your school as a gun free zone, stop telling people it’s a gun free zone. Instead try something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.17.47 PM

Or this?

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.51.27 AM

Or maybe even this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.51.45 AM

So to review:

1)   Gun free zones for kids = danger free zones for criminals

2)   “Doing something” is never a good idea unless you know what that something is.

3)   Piers Morgan’s IQ is smaller than Katy Perry’s bra size.

  • russellmuscle1

    LOL Toddler open carry program…

  • Anonymous

    Guns tend to personify themselves into hating a person, load bullets into themselves, take aim at a person, grow an index finger, and pull their own trigger…says the moronic Leftist.

  • Anonymous

    “3) Piers Morgan’s IQ is smaller than Katy Perry’s bra size.”

    Now THAT made me laugh!!!!! Just happened to hit me in my funny bone! Even if we were generous with Katy’s bra size, it still doesn’t give Piers much to go on!

    Seriously, I agree with Stu — the mere presence, real or merely suggested, could do wonders to reducing or removing the Gun Free Zone thinking, that must be so much catnip to criminals.

    A related thought — If, presumably, ALL guns are rounded up, criminals will still get guns, stealing from the cops, who presumably are the only ones “allowed” to have them. Said thief/criminal then goes wild — the whole country is now a “gun free zone” and no one will oppose him. How many will he kill before someone can stop him? A really desirable scenario, isn’t it?

    And my usual gun-related comment,
    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Shonnin Kuroji

      On your comment “ALL guns are rounded up, criminals will still get guns, stealing from the cops, who presumably are the only ones “allowed” to have them. Said thief/criminal then goes wild”. You have it slightly wrong. When cops are the only ones to have guns, they tend to become the criminals themselves. The post revolutionary Soviet Union and Nazi era Germany both bear this out.

      • Anonymous

        Well yeah, the Soviets and Nazis shot up Poland, Prussia, and Ukraine with impunity. It would be a pitched battle here, thanks to the 2nd Amendment. Not only would we have guns, but we’d have unity, so we’d have a formidable militia.

      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected; however, my comment was aimed more at the current PC line promoting Gun Free Zones and the concomitant gun roundup fever that is so loudly promulgated by the Democratic party, and even associated RINOs.

        This is in the assumed immediate term, but your comment is more likely in a slightly longer term future. Still, my scenario is highly unlikely, but useful for argument, to point out the fallacy of a Gun Free Zone.

        My comment was intended to be one of several possible scenarios, including yours. Note that I prefaced it with that little word “IF” as a possibility.

        Thanks for the comment, Shonnin.

        Laus Deo

    • WillWallace1305

      You must be giving yourself up arrows! How many log-in names do you have anyway? lol!

      • Anonymous

        The name you see is the one that I was given 76 years ago, and is the only one I use on this site.

        However, on the Tea Party site, my comments are labeled with my wife, and it reads Tracy Peggy Andersen, and the avatar/picture is of us on our wedding day, 19 years ago.

        Maybe people just like what I say, ya think?

        Laus Deo

        • WillWallace1305

          Alright then. It’s like “like” on facebook when you have a lot of friends.. I guess I just don’t have any yet!

          • Gary Rogers

            I’ve never read another post by Tracey_Anderson, but I’ve given the ^ to several posted here, and I’m not a friend. Posts by you on the other hand, all remain barren.

          • WillWallace1305

            Whats your point Gary! You just don’t agree with my positions? Do you think it’s okay for just anyone to get an AR because I think it is just insane to have the only qualifications to own an assault rifle to be SS number and a drivers license!

      • Anonymous

        P.S. You can’t give yourself up arrows — try it on yourself. Instead of up/down arrows, it will say “edit” and you can do just that — go in and edit or correct your post, even after it is posted.

        Laus Deo

  • http://DesireeMMondesir.com/ Desiree M. Mondesir

    I love it! lol

  • Brett Dent

    I agree that simply getting rid of the announcements of “gun-free zones” may help prevent a little, but let’s be honest: liberals wouldn’t do it! Not because it wouldn’t be helpful, but because they are so anti-gun that they think even PRETENDING to have a gun is bad for public safety.

    • Anonymous

      If there are 100 cars in a parking lot, and one of them has a pile of money sitting in plain view on one of the seats, I’m pretty sure the window will be broken. You’re right that it will only be slightly better to get rid of the gun free zone signs, but man what an idiotic concept.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, look at that little girl that pulled an L-shaped piece of paper out of her pack, and a classmate screamed “Murderer!” at her, and the teacher took her to the office for reprimanding for carrying a gun. –er, a gun-shaped piece of paper. That’s not allowed, don’tcha know?

      Oh, how PC can we get?

      Laus Deo

  • Charles Hurst

    It has nothing to do with guns. We have developed a vile mentality in youth in this country. Think I’m wrong? Just tune into “The Jersey Shore” sometime. That is a huge number of youth. And how did this happen? Because most of Generation X brought them up that way. FYI–I’m one of the X’rs. It wasn’t all of you–but it was most once St Elmo’s fire snuffed out. Because the offspring of decades ago would never have contemplated The Knock Out game. Or opening fire on college campus. The Progressive agenda created this mentality.

    It used to be a given that a forty-year-old was wiser than an eighteen-year-old. Every eighteen-year-old was on the verge of being a Progressive when my class
    graduated. I was. And so were probably a lot of you. Because you, like me, at eighteen, hadn’t pulled that reality lever yet. The lever that opens the door to the real world, and then slams it shut behind us on our grand ideas. We dwelled angrily on the way we wished things to be versus the way things were in the ugly
    dirt we freshly stepped into as the cold wind blew and chilled our moist ears.
    Attitude ran amuck with us, usually ignored by the elders as they knew that time
    would douse the fire within eventually. And usually sooner than later. I remember the harsh lessons that were given free of charge. Mainly, either you worked or you were fired. On the spot when I moved furniture for a living between the ages of twenty and twenty-two. And if you were fired the only thing that changed was the job location. And if you didn’t like the real estate then you had to advance yourself. Or join the Army while you figured it out. And no one cared about your social anxiety disorder.So most of us went through this small liberal phase. And it was short lived. Because the natural order of life would squelch the briefly held utopian
    ideal that resonated from the young.

    So why aren’t today’s young coming to the same revelation? Why are they so favorable to Barry Obama, the Progressive Marxist who sits in our office today? And more importantly, why are they opening fire on their peers in college?

    They were told in school that red ink shouldn’t be used to grade their test papers. Because it is an angry color. Because it may hurt their feelings. They were being advised that perhaps baseball games shouldn’t keep score. Because one side would feel the sensation of losing. They were told that physical education shouldn’t be mandatory. Because someone’s appearance might make them feel bad. Even in the ruthless Army, sensitivity training is far more important today than mission. You can now graduate basic training without passing the army physical fitness test.
    I ought to know, in 2006 I saw them every day in my clinic, fresh out of boot
    camp and already on running restrictions—at nineteen. We have told them that
    perhaps the school system should be altered to match their individual style of
    learning, and parenting should be adapted to their personality. We have told
    them their ill behavior is due to a variety of social disorders, out of their
    control or responsibility. We have reiterated their esteem is of greater value
    than their performance. That their highest attribute is to feel good about
    themselves while they carry that extra hundred pounds. We have not forced them
    to go out and move furniture for a living. We have allowed them to exist at
    home in their mid twenties as they slovenly move from Xbox to their laptop,
    crying their tale of woe to their collection of imaginary Facebook friends,
    because they don’t have the motivation to go out and make real ones. Why would
    they ever pull that lever and open the door to a roughened path of self
    reliance when we have created an alternative, a nicely leveled one with rose
    gardens on each side?

    They aren’t fired at the job if they don’t work. They are given verbal warnings, followed by written warnings, followed by double secret probation warnings. Maybe a year later they might lose the position if they haven’t quit. And the foreman
    doesn’t want to really fire a worker. He looks at the rest of the crew and sees the
    same apathy. If he can get half a day out of an employee he deems himself a lucky
    boss. In-between the constant texting, of course.

    We have altered the course of life for Generation Y, traded the meat of it for dessert given to our youth in crystal bowls that they didn’t buy. And now they are accustomed to it before dinner. And scream wildly if we attempt to make them eat their vegetables. And sometimes their rage causes them to shoot their classmates. I’ve predicted the outcome in my fictional novel,It was easy to foretell because it isn’t the first time this phenomena has happened in history. But the result is guaranteed. You have an entitlement class now. In ten to fifteen years Generation Z will be our twenty-somethings. They won’t even have a reference of where the lever of life is that we once pulled. Barry Obama is the first Marxist that we have had in office since F.D.R. The difference was we had a healthy population after Roosevelt exited the Oval Office. Now we have leprosy.
    There was no series of harsh lessons that Generation Y had to learn. We kept
    them from ever scratching themselves with the bristles of the forest. And told
    them we would carry them to the green pastures of their forefathers. Because
    they suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Barry was the first numbing agent they elected for their self induced affliction. The danger to our nation wasn’t Barry. Barry only reiterates what we taught them. That they can get by on life without having to pull the lever we did. The only thing they pull is the blanket over their faces at noon as they lie in their parents’ house at twenty-six.No one taught them how to hunt their food. We just showed them the refrigerator stocked full. And Barry is just a reflection from the mirror we dropped and shattered. Others will follow. And now it is too late. It has become generational
    as Jack Kerouac’s ghost from the Beat resurrects to life. It will come to where only total collapse and/or Civil War will rectify our past sins. If we still have enough left to stand. And if not. . . .

    Then we better start getting used to the word comrade.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog

    • WillWallace1305

      You need to write a book instead of making posts on this board, because you are out of your mind if you think that ANY of the this pertains to the subject at hand. It was an interesting rant none the less…

  • Anonymous

    My sons go to a private Christian school, and there is a sign by the office door that reads, “blah, blah, blah, a WEAPON FREE ZONE.” Every time I see that I smile because as soon as I step foot on campus, that sign doesn’t apply anymore.

    • WillWallace1305

      So are you saying that you carry a handgun? Would you be willing to take on an AR wielding crazy person that came in that same door with your handgun?

  • Bart Lower

    36,000 gun related deaths last year…19,000 of them were suicides….guessing the vast majority of the remaining 17,000 were in drug related gang violence. How many of the 19,000 that took their own lives were on drugs at the time? We don’t have a gun problem….we have a drug problem and more specifically a drug dealer problem. Treat them like terrorists. Use Homeland Security to hunt them and send in special forces to take them down. Then instead of putting them behind bars…..put them on the boarders and start building the fences to keep the major dealers out.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, a drug problem. BIG time. It’s more than that though. It’s bad parenting, absent fathers, too much idle time, and the moral relativism of the Left. Younger people are growing up these days with absolutely no moral compass. Like the guys who shot the Australian baseball player, if they’d had JOBS, they wouldn’t be running around shooting people for the hell of it.

    • WillWallace1305

      Man that is a stretch Bart! I would betcha a lot of money that not one of the AR toting murderers were drug dealers. But if we were talking about the border issues and the Mexican drug lords I’m right with you! Takem out!

  • Anonymous

    Editors: MS is not the state abbreviation of Maryland… just saying.

  • Joe Erato

    The signs should all say ONLY staff are allowed to carry firearms on this premises. It gives the impression of an armed work force.

  • Anonymous

    The librarian must have served in the Russian regulars based on that pose. “Safe and hang” position would have made for a much more compelling graphic.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    I see the left are going to hate this.

  • WillWallace1305

    This is such a stupid article. It misses the point that Katy Perry and Piers Morgan are trying to make. The signs have very little, probably nothing to do with these shootings. It’s the mere fact that the guns are so readily available at, for example, any Walmart or Sears that is the big problem. Also, the registration process is a joke! Every person that has a gun and every gun should be documented and finger printed period. And why does anyone NEED an assault rifle in the first place? They don’t plain and simple. I can understand a rifle or shotgun for hunting but no one needs a high powered assault rifle for this purpose. Katy Perry says she’s afraid and instead of trying to understand her fear you make fun of her because she’s just a dummy. Stu you are a bigoted, chauvinistic, elitist and dismissive fool! It’s attitudes like this that drive us crazy!

    • Trey Peck

      So let me ask a question, would fingerprinting and documenting have stopped ANY of the recent mass shootings? Sadly the answer is no. This is an issue with society, NOT with guns. Guns are a tool, like a hammer. Both can kill in the wrong hands. We are allowing violent TV, violent video games, Facebook, and all other manner of outside media raise our children. Our social values have slipped here in this country. If we still have problems with our children acting out, we medicate them with mind altering drugs. Many of which have been shown in studies to cause mental issues. These shootings are a symptom, they are not the root problem. Guns were as available, if not more so back in the 1900s, why didn’t they have a problem? The answer is that we were a much more moral society back then. We raised children instead of farming that task out to social media. When kids acted up at school they came home and faced punishment, not a prescription. Guns are NOT the issue, and passing laws that only the law abiding will follow will not stop this craziness. The gun free zones are just magnets to this mental illness that we have fostered here. The perps can rack up higher kill counts and have little to fear that anyone can defend themselves. That’s why EVERY one of the horrific shootings that have happened occur in these areas. THAT is the point that Stu is making. If you want to stop the bad guys, empower the good guys.
      Before you dismiss that point of view, do some research on the other countries around the world that have outlawed guns, as is being tried here in this country. There are various times in history where these very steps have lead to oppressive governments taking control. The Nazis, communist Russia, and others. Discounting those extreme examples, in countries where guns are outlawed, the crime rate always spikes sharply. Home invasions, young thugs attacking older people who cannot defend themselves, etc. Check Britain, and Australia post gun ban crime statistics. These are the numbers no one wants to talk about. But they are there for anyone willing to look for them. The one place where gun bans have worked that I’m aware of is Japan, and its the culture there that has made it so, not the ban. Guns still exist there, and mainly the criminals (Yakuza) have them, but even the criminals have a certain moral compass that keeps gun violence almost non existent (except among themselves).
      We don’t need more gun control, we need to look at the deeper underlying issues and see if we can solve those.

      • WillWallace1305

        Trey – This is the same old thing you knuckleheads say over and over again but it’s a bunch of Bologna! You bury the real issues in your talk about “only criminals will have guns” but you can’t understand the real problems and you have no solutions! Your first question to me was how would fingerprinting and documenting have stopped these shootings? Then you think the answer is obvious “it wouldn’t have”.. So what do you propose will prevent these awful slaughters of children?? You really don’t propose anything! Unless you are saying “empower the good guys” is a solution…?? What does that mean.. give guns to teachers and students so they can return fire on some crazy person?? Is that what you are saying?? Prepare our children to RETURN FIRE… Come on, what in the name of God are you talking about? A bunch of blather about how moral our society is compared to the 1900’s.. That means nothing. Your world wide statistics mean nothing. The only solution is to make you gun toting maniacs responsible for your guns and your actions by fingerprinting and documenting every last one of you! Right down to the eleven year old kids that get a rifle as a christmas present.. Sure guns are a tool like a hammer is a tool but there is very little room for error with a firearm and there is one thing for sure humans are very much error prone! So get your head out of your behind and wake up to see what kind of propaganda you are expecting the Katy Perry’s of the world to swallow. They are afraid and they should be!

        • Gary Rogers

          Yawn…… talk about knuckleheads saying the same thing over and over. What would you propose to stop these types of shootings Will? Fingerprint everyone that buys or owns a gun? Yeah, that would have stopped those crazies. Let’s make stricter gun laws like in Chicago, Detroit and D.C. that will stop them, because it works so well in those places. Empowering the good guys, in my opinion, may not stop them, but I’d bet a dime to a dollar that at any of those shootings, the bad guy wouldn’t have killed as many. And it isn’t “US” gun toting maniacs that are doing the killing. If you would take a little time and do some research you would find something in comon with just about all the shooters in these killings, their political stance. But I’m wasting precious time trying to explain any of this to you, because your mind is set, and to hell with statistics, you know what’s best for everyone and your mind isn’t open to facts.

          • WillWallace1305

            Gary – You said less than the last guy! So are you proposing to teach the kids and the teachers to “return fire” to save themselves? Should we have guns in every classroom, “brake glass in emergency”. What good guys are you going to bet your dime on Gary? Maybe we can have fully armed parents take turns patrolling the halls…I am open to facts but they need to be relevant to the issue at hand. The fact is, it is just way too easy for anyone to get an assault rifle.

  • Guest

    The problem is that people who are psychopaths or psychotic can own guns. What you need to do is to test all people who own guns for psychopathy and psychosis and ban them from ever owning a gun.

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