Hollywood attempted to make a God movie – it didn’t quite work out

Working hard or hardly working? Yesterday, Glenn took some of his New York staff out for an afternoon at the movies. What did they see? A double feature of The Lego Movie and Winter’s Tale.

“I think this is the greatest company in the world to work for because yesterday I said to a bunch of the guys, ‘We have to go see a double feature today.’ And they were like, ‘What?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, everybody in the cars. We’re going to see a double feature today,’” Glenn explained on radio this morning. “And, you know, there was good business to go see these movies. There was. So we went to a double feature yesterday for business reasons.”

Glenn had already seen both films and liked certain aspects of each that he wanted his staff to see. Pat and Stu saw the films for the first time yesterday, and they all sounded off on what worked and what didn’t.

Check out the film review in the clip below:

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  • John S

    I started watching this series called Ancient Aliens. It really brought into perspective how thousands or millions of years ago. We could have easily been manipulated by alien visitors. The pyramid designs, the extremely heavy rocks that were moved by supposedly humans which today still require huge machines. It made me think that in their time 5 thousand years ago. They probably would have thought The Rock was a god. Even Schwarzenegger could have been. So for me as a Christian I can accept that maybe God is something other then what we are taught. This is not without some science behind it and in fact is it much different to see God as a super Human or a alien? Are we not talking about very similar happenings. We certainly have good and bad affecting Earth. We have every race in the World believing in a God of some kind.
    Is this one God or most likely many Gods. What the Gods are of course is debatable.
    The problem with religion is every religion thinks it has it right. But what if everyone was right?

    • Anonymous

      Then God said let US make man in OUR image and likeness, and let THEM rule over…..
      So God created man in his own image. In the image of God he created him, male and female,….

      Evidently God is about 5′ 10″ and weighs about 165 pounds. And He was reproducing himself and making us as Gods to rule and have dominion over the planet earth.

      So far I have not read in the bible where he has or has not made creatures on distant planets to rule their domain.

      • John S

        If we are Gods image we are in a lot of trouble.

        • Anonymous

          Yes we are! Do you think he has your attention yet?

          • jenna

            If he doesn’t have our attention we better wake up because what is happening right now is due to our turning away from God in this country by not living a Christian life. We have murdered millions of unborn babies that were innocent and people say they aren’t human until so many weeks and then they murder them anyway! Why shouldn’t we be under judgment in the U.S. with all the immorality that is happening? He blessed this country BECAUSE we believed he was and is the SON OF GOD. Why are we turning away from him? 2 Chronicles 7:14 there is your answer!

          • John S

            See there lies the rub. Because our ancestors in the World all had Gods. But the real question is, are all religions talking about the same God, or different Gods? You can’t just say Christians are right and everyone else is wrong.
            A God described by people in those times could very well have been alien. We have no ideal other then what they describe in written text. Which comes in many forms other then the Bible. Heaven is considered to be in the stars. All religions believe this. So its no further a stretch that God is alien with great powers then anything else. All misguided beliefs about little green men come from theatre. I realized long ago that what our ancestors were describing in religious text were in fact happening. They just described them in text very badly. Which is understandable given their life and experiences at the time. I myself have no problem retaining my faith believing God is alien. It makes just as much sense that all cultures had alien contributions to human development then say one religion is correct while everyone else is wrong. I am more at ease that God may in fact be multiples and that is a good thing. People are not losing faith in their God. Only in their church’s. People are tired of Churches and the paths they are taking. Its very much why non denominational churches are expanding. This is good. It does not matter what you “believe” in. We can disagree on what God is. That is how its always been. God is a symbol to rest all faith on.
            For all people in the World. Its what we were to do. I just think its narrow minded to think your team Christian is the only team. That’s just not true.

          • Valerie

            The Christian God is unique in many ways. Omnipotence, omnipresence,
            omniscience, impeccability, and immutability are just a few qualities
            that the Christian God exibits all at once. One just cannot find all of
            those quailities plus more in any of the Greek panthoens or the many
            other gods of this world. Other gods have human flaws and mature over time, or learn
            lessons from life. The Christian God does not.
            I also do not agree with your premise that all ancient people would think people would be gods just because they have more technology. You might worship somebody that comes out of a spaceship. Your reaction does not guarantee that all others will do the same.

    • jenna

      First of all the Bible tells us we are created in Gods image so if he was an alien how come we don’t look alien and the second thing is imo I think aliens are demonic and brought forth with witchcraft or some other evil group of people. I don’t want any part of it.

      • John S

        We can make babies in test tubes today. Are we God like? If we did that to our ancestors they would think we were God like. Of course we were not God like. We just have the technology to do so. If our ancestors saw space ships they of course would call them many things other then space ships. Because flight by man would not happen for thousands of years. Would you not think they would have a hard time describing what they saw? Human’s do God like things today so its not a stretch to believe our ancestors had alien contact.
        To help build Pyramids, huge stone walled temples and yes shared technology to advance human life. All described in religious texts. Only they called them Gods and they may have been advanced life from the stars.

        • Anonymous

          No. Of course we are not God-like. When we make “test-tube babies”, we use His building blocks. Try and create all the chemicals from scratch from nothing, then we’ll talk about your delusions of Godhood.

      • Anonymous

        Personally, I don’t actually believe in aliens myself. However, your statement is using extremely flawed logic. Who says we don’t look alien? Have you seen a real life alien? How do you know what the do or don’t look like? If aliens do exist, and that’s a big if because logic dictates that we’d come across one by now if they had, who’s to say we don’t look like them?

        As far as being brought forth with witchcraft or some evil group of people, I just don’t see it. If aliens actually do exist, I would assume they’d be not much different than us. Some evil, some not.

  • landofaahs

    It’s kind of hard to tell a story about something you know little about let alone don’t believe in and it shows.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the suggestions, Glenn. The trailer for Winter’s Tale looks really good. From the little the clip shows it doesn’t look like a story about good and evil as much as it’s about getting second chances to choose how to live better. Wikipedia says the movie is from a book so maybe the story is a bit different in the book.

  • Robert Starkand

    I suggest that you skip the movie version of “Winter’s Tale” and read the original novel by Mark Helprin; my favorite contemporary writer and the book that turned me on to him in the first place. Its been over 30 years since I read it, but I don’t recall Satan in the novel. I would think that the younger Russel Crowe would have been better as Pater Lake, a tough nut who was a master thief and master mechanic who lived by his wits and skill at the end of 19th century New York. One night, he breaks into a house, and sees and falls in love with Beverly, and that’s what changes him. I remember the monologue that Helprin wrote for Peter Lake when he asks Beverly’s father for her hand. Its a most moving piece that could have been taken from page to script. It is the heart of the book, if that’s what Glenn is looking for. Peter Lake was not an evil man, but he led an amoral life and did bad things. Its not an easy transition from a bad life to a good life, and past misdeeds can catch up with you.

    This is a rich beautiful book and you must realize that when it came out in 1983, obviously a lot of that old New York vanished, but we had the Oyster Bar at Grand Central and Grand Central itself which was in decay, neglected and its ceiling was covered with many layers of dirt that nobody looked up at anyway on the commute to and from work. But after reading Mark Helprin’s “Winter’s Tale” you looked up. And you climbed the platforms to the top of Grand Central to see if you could see the architectural details that Helprin wrote about. On the higher levels Grand Central is a whole other world. It had tennis courts, a police station, among other things. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me that this book was the inspiration for the refurbishing of Grand Central and its domed ceiling. The dazzling light show of the galaxy was the original design.

    As originally written, Peter Lake is trapped on a bridge by Pearly Soames and his men, Peter sees a magnificent white horse, calls out to him, mounts him, and rides him down the bridge a bit then the horse jumps over the side of the bridge into the sky and no one sees them again. I would have been content if the book ended there, but it didn’t.

    For the last third of the book, takes place in 1999 New York, a projection of 16 years from the time the book was published, and Peter Lake shows up as an odd out of place character. The book ends in the year 2000 with New York presented as a grand city of light. Right. It wasn’t compelling to me either. But it was the first two thirds of the book that captivates. And the film people decided to repeat the device of bringing Peter Lake to the present. But from what I could see from the trailer, its not even the right Peter Lake. I read A.O. Scott’s review in the Times, and it sounds about right, so I’ll pass and wait for it to come on cable. I always can reread the book.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Although making the most of one’s abilities may sometimes be frowned upon, it is the greatest contribution one can make to a free country.

  • Anonymous

    As a child I loved LEGO. When I had my son 5 years ago, rest assured I certainly got him started early. I was of mixed emotion when a LEGO movie was announced, as I was unsure how they would do it. “Would it work?” “How will they keep the attention?” “What will it be about?”

    Much to my chagrin, I was astounded with how good this movie really is! Individualism, everyone has a purpose, the sky is the limit, no small ideas/ just small people, YOU make your story, etc. are all interwoven in this movie. Add in a backdrop of the relationship of a father and son and you have movie magic!

    I was not expecting to feel so charged up and positive after watching a movie basically about children’s toys.

    But when I remember back on my childhood, these were much more than toys. These were dreams and ideas and adventures that I created. And those never get old.

  • MarsBarsTru7

    The Lego Movie was a straight up Marxist propaganda piece. I watched it and understood it and I know it for what it is. It was OBVIOUS.

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