Working hard or hardly working? Yesterday, Glenn took some of his New York staff out for an afternoon at the movies. What did they see? A double feature of The Lego Movie and Winter’s Tale.

“I think this is the greatest company in the world to work for because yesterday I said to a bunch of the guys, ‘We have to go see a double feature today.’ And they were like, ‘What?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, everybody in the cars. We’re going to see a double feature today,’” Glenn explained on radio this morning. “And, you know, there was good business to go see these movies. There was. So we went to a double feature yesterday for business reasons.”

Glenn had already seen both films and liked certain aspects of each that he wanted his staff to see. Pat and Stu saw the films for the first time yesterday, and they all sounded off on what worked and what didn’t.

Check out the film review in the clip below: