During a recent sermon, Louis Farrakhan called on President Barack Obama to “open up Area 51” – the government land at the heart of conspiracy theories about alien sightings and UFO landings. The Nation of Islam leader said that calling “the scientists” to the location would “show them the sign of the presence of God to right the wrongs of the earth and heal it.”

“President Barack Obama, call the scientists. Open up Area 51 to the scientists to the world, because you America are the leader that Allah God has raised and made you powerful that he might make himself known through you,” Farrakhan said. “And if America calls the scientists of the earth to such place, they will respond.”

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“Well, Farrakhan has got it now… He knows that there is evidence in Area 51… of the mother wheel, of this massive spaceship,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And he’s calling on the President to share the presence of the wheel, so we can avert Allah’s warning of chastisement and destruction.”

TheBlaze’s Billy Hallowell reports:

The faith leader believes that this secretive government force has hidden the presence of UFOs from American presidents and the public alike for decades. This includes The Mother Wheel, a massive spaceship that he believes remains in orbit and will eventually rescue Nation of Islam adherents from earth.


As TheBlaze has reported, Farrakhan spoke about this spaceship theology during a 2011 speech.


It’s unclear how Area 51 relates to the Mother Wheel theory, aside from the notion that both themes involve UFOs and extraterrestrial theories.

In other recent theological proclamations, Farrakhan indicated that the U.S. government has known about the Mother Wheel since the 1940s, but has gone to great lengths to keep the information a secret.

“He’s also challenging all the ‘lovers of Jesus’ to a showdown,” Glenn added.

According to TheBlaze, Farrakhan issued a fiery message to Pope Francis ealier this month, challenging the pontiff and “all lovers of Jesus” to “a showdown.”

“What kind of showdown,” Pat asked. “A religion-off?”

“So like a Farrakhan-Pope boxing match type of thing,” Stu added. “Celebrity boxing? Steel cage match? MMA maybe? The guy is getting crazier every day.”

If you have an hour to spare, Farrakhan lays out his theory in the clip below: