Glenn to Google: The world that you are projecting is a widely different and possibly dangerous world unless we all have these conversations

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, and Jared Cohen, director of Google ideas, join Glenn on set in New York City for the full hour to discuss their new book The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, which explains how the face of the internet is about to change. During the interview, Glenn raised several questions about the face of technology in the next twenty or thirty years, leading to an in depth and at times tense debate over what is and isn’t possible.

During the discussion, Schmidt said that “life” was defined as consciousness, something unique to humans and more than an analytical or verbal process. “It’s that’s not understood. It’s never been understood by philosophers, and scientists today cannot explain consciousness.”

Glenn, however, brought up Google’s own Ray Kurzweil who has suggested that people’s consciousness could be downloaded into a computer, and the concept of memory prosthetics.

“These are speculation,” he said, “these are not current Google Extra Search Projects.”

“But you are working towards them,” Glenn said.

Schmidt argued that there were a lot of assumptions in Glenn’s questions, such as whether it was a perfect replica of a human, how it would interact and work.

“I just know Ray and I think he’s brilliant and I know what he’s shooting for,” Glenn said, suggesting these conversations needed to happen before artificial intelligence actually happens. “The world that you are projecting is a widely different and possibly dangerous world unless we all have these conversations and ask ‘What is life,'” Glenn said.

Ultimately, Schmidt suggested that companies like Google have a set of rules and missions that they follow to ensure they don’t go too far, such as “making the world a better place for each and every citizen” and “using technology to advance knowledge, empower individuals, and do amazing things.”

Glenn, however, was frustrated by those answers, comparing them to generic answers the President would give in an interview.

“I really thought we would have a more…philosophical conversation,” Glenn said.

“My problem is that your describing things as fact when there is a lot of guesswork to get there,” Schmidt said. “As philosophical matter, computers should be in the service humans. The information and services we are building should service us and not the other way around.”

The full hour is well worth a viewing as the Google bosses delve into how technology can empower people across the world, as well as privacy concerns involving the NSA. TheBlaze TV subscribers can watch by clicking here.


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    ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗It’s never been understood by philosophers, and scientists today cannot explain consciousness.

    • landofaahs

      Is she a hooker?

      • ken.

        not yet, HE is still looking for the girl he wants to become so he can start hooking.

  • coblazeco

    That Schmidt guy is full of schmidt. He’s trying the jedi mind trick thingy.

    • Anonymous

      They were clearly trying to downplay the technology they are actually pursuing, and how close they are to achieving it.

  • BlueMN

    Beck really strapping on that tinfoil hat here.

    • Anonymous

      And your trolling the guy with the hat so what exactly does that make you? A lobotomy patient?

    • landofaahs

      Tinfoil hat people are your kind. I suppose those who think that NSA is not using info to go after political enemies is BS too. They already have used it against people and other countries know it too. By the way I wear a gold hat, it’s worth more than tin foil.

      • Anonymous

        ha, a much better reflector too for the discerning enthusiast.

    • Anonymous

      Another person obviously unfamiliar with the technology being discussed. This is existing technology. It is not speculation. It is not imagination. It is technology which at one time seemed to belong only in the realm of science fiction, but which has now been realized. It is technology they are now working on refining. Because you haven’t yet seen anythning on TV about it doesn’t make Glenn Beck the uneducated one. Your ignorance doesn’t diminish someone else who is well read, well educated, and well informed on the subject in the least. You need to catch up on current technology and perhaps even read Schmidt’s book where he discusses this technology before commenting on something you know nothing about in the future.

  • Republitards suck

    Schmidt had to have left that interview wondering how fucking crazy Glenn Beck is.

    • Anonymous

      No, actually Schmidt left the interview knowing exactly what Glenn was talking about, and was glad he was able to evade talking about the moral and ethical implications of the technology Glenn was referring to. This is technology which already exists and is being advanced right now.
      Obviously this is technology that you are unaware of and unfamiliar with. It’s not Glenn Becks fault that you are unaware of what was actually being discussed, and was not crazy talk in the least to those familiar with the existing technology which was being discussed.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I have never seen someone embarass theselves so terribly and be completely oblivious to it.

    Glenn needs to radically reevaluate his life. I feel bad for the guy.

    • Kathryn Traff

      Have you seen your own photo?

  • Republitards suck

    The look on Schmidt’s face with some of these questions is priceless. He’s like what the fuck is wrong with this guy and why the fuck am I here?

    • Anonymous

      Can you possibly get a life and stop trashing up websites wherever you post? Believe it or not, educated people understand how to communicate without profanity, something that completely escapes ignorant people. Try reading something other than porn for a change.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the look on Schmidt’s face was priceless, but not for the reason that you think.

      It was priceless because Schmidt was being cornered to answer about technology Google is interested in and is pursuing (which he denied).
      It was priceless because Schmidt has written about this technology in his new book “The New Digital Age”, and yet was totally evasive about, and tried to deny even existed despite having written about it.
      It was priceless because of Google’s well known history and policy of data mining, and what the implications are of that when the additional aspect of developing artificial intelligence to the point of independent consciousness is added into the mix, which Schmidt didn’t want to get into at all.

      Yes, the look on Schmnidt’s face was priceless, but clearly just why it was priceless was totally lost on you since you didn’t understand what was being discussed or how badly Schmidt was trying to tap dance his way off the stage with every insightful and cogent question that Glenn Beck had asked. ….

  • Lord Ezra

    Very, very, deeply disappointed with your questioning today Glenn. You sounded more like George Stephonopolous (sp) interviewing Obama then Glenn Beck interviewing a company that has been data mining every single American that ever tried to look something up on a computer and then using that information against the consumer trying to get them to buy crap. I thought I was disappointed with Bill O’Reilly’s Obama interview until I watched this one. Did you check your gonads with Pat or Stu before going on set or something? Please get it back together, we need the REAL Glenn back in action in these trying times.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but Google is not the NSA, you use their service you agree to let them use your data to make the product better. Glenn treated them with respect because it was a huge credit that they came on to talk, if you listened to his radio program you could have guessed exactly what questions he would ask because that is what interests him. And O’Reilly isn’t even asking the questions.

      • landofaahs

        The distance between use and abuse is al too brief. They can grin like Cheshire cats now but if people get fed up they may decide to see technology as more of a hindrance than a help.

        • Anonymous

          Google as it is now is purely a question of business ethics, people can decide to use a different service if they want. It was clear, based on their response to the Qs and agreeing to the show, that they were more worried about how Glenn perceives and represents their company than having a frank discussion on the technology. It showed how influential they think Glenn is more than anything else.

          It is however still a false equivalency to compare them to a compulsory NSA program that is both a legal and moral issue.

      • Larry Hart

        Google is not the NSA, but if the NSA has its way every BIT of information that Google collects can one day have to be handed over to the NSA or another government agency. In a world where the judicial, the legislature, and the executive branches are starting to collude and agree to ignore both our natural rights and our constitutional rights, I do not trust any company/organization that collects so much information on so many people.

        It was just last week that the story broke about the NSA developing a system to photo our license plates and track our vehicles location. This is something I would expect to find in the old USSR, not in the USA.

    • Anonymous

      What in the world are you talking about?

      Beck wasn’t trying to ask them about “data mining”, he was trying to engage with them about the ethics of the technology of Artificial Intelligence, which Schmidt has written about, and yet for some reason was incredibly evasive about.

      What was Beck supposed to do when Schmidt first of all denied the technology exists; claimed that it’s too far off in the future to even discuss; is in the realm of science fiction and speculation, etc. none of which is true…?

      The technology exists now and is currently being advanced and refined at a number of universities and research facilities; Schmidt is well aware of the technology; is well aware that it is NOT science fiction or speculation; and simply refused to engage in the subject for some reason.

      It’s not Becks fault that he had an uncooperative guest, nor is it Becks fault that his topic was not what you wanted it to be on this occasion. Go read a book on what they were talking about, it may serve you better than to complain about what was never anyones intention to discuss during this interview.

    • Anonymous

      So you just wanted Glenn to chastise them on their business model… and that would accomplish what? Do you think they are going to change that because Glenn asked them some questions? Of course Google uses information that you give them to feed you ads. That’s how they pay for the system that we use. This is what companies that have bills (would include non-profits) do… generate revenue. They already give you their product for free, so what are you whining about? Because they try to determine what you want and offer it to you? This is called c.o.m.m.e.r.c.e. They are not the NSA, they tell you exactly what information they use and how they use it.

      And how is this “using that information AGAINST the consumer”? If the consumer is looking for that product, then ads may be helpful. If you don’t want to look at the ads or buy, then don’t. On the other hand, there are those of us who do. I just purchased a high end printer I’ve been looking for and an ad came up showing one company offering a very nice rebate. The advertiser won, Google got their buck or so for the ad, and I came out $1800 cheaper than the company I had been looking at. I’d say we all won.

  • Rachel Maddow’s Testicles

    looks like Glenn beck sold out.

    • Anonymous

      Not at all… not sure why you would say such a thing… someone else who has no idea what was being discussed during the exchange, obviously.

  • mhtm

    Glenn, stay away from technology, you don’t understand it. Stick with politics.

    • Justin Smith

      Too many big names in the Right have no clue about technology. My favorite is Rush Limbaugh’s monologues on the glory and innovation that is everything Apple does, no matter what. Even their maps app was a success upon launch in his strange head.

    • Anonymous

      Ssomeone should have told you that before you posted your comment.
      Actually, Beck does understand the technology and it’s implications very well.
      Obviously, you don’t.
      Some of this technology was exposed and explained on one episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman in season 3 episode 6 “Can we resurrect the dead”
      Go to Amazon and watch that one episode and you’ll be wondering how you can retract your comment –

      • mhtm

        Sigh…no one told me that before I posted it. I happen to work with computers on a daily basis as a software developer. Do you know how a computer works? To suggest that there will be a computer equivalent or nearly equivalent to a human brain by the year 2030 is absolutely ridiculous. We don’t even fully understand how a brain works or what conscious is, as Eric Schmidt pointed out. In reality a computer really is a stupid thing. It does exactly what it is told to do, no more no less. It can by no means think on its own or for itself. The only advantage a computer has over a human brain is the ability to perform simple and advance calculations at a significantly faster rate. But it can not come up with algorithms to perform such calculations on its own, someone must program it with those algorithms. Through computers humans can express creativity, but it has no creativity of its own. It can not come up with new ideas or imagine possible solutions to problems. It can analyze data and based off of a set of criteria it has been programmed with point to a problem or present a solution to a problem, but it did not create any of those solutions itself. Those were created and programmed in by a human. It can even respond to different situations based off of a set of conditions and imitate a human reaction by choosing the most probable response based off that set of conditions but the way it responds is always predictable. Humans are not. It can not respond in a way it has not been programmed to respond. However, there exists an infinite amount of reactions that a human can have to a given situation. Computers have no way of feeling emotion. Emotion is a huge part of who we are as humans. Without the ability to feel emotion as humans do it can never respond in a truly human way. We can do some fascinating things with technology. We can do some dangerous and deadly things with technology. I am not denying that. But in the end a computer can and will only do exactly what it is told to do. It cannot think for itself, it will never be able to feel or express emotion in a real way, it does not have an imagination or the ability to come up with original ideas or solutions. You’ll have to do better than Morgan Freeman as a source of evidence, he may be a great actor but is by no means a computer scientist.

      • mhtm

        oh and it’s not just with Computers and Google where Glenn has gotten it wrong with technology. I’m pretty certain I have seen him advertising and promoting perpetual motion machines on his website, which, if you understand anything about the laws of physics and know anything about energy, you would know are totally absurd and out of the realms of possibility.

        • Anonymous

          Perpetual motion machines? Can you document that for us? Because I doubt it sincerely, as Glenn is educated enough to know the basics of it. Advertised? Who would be selling it?

          Without research on my part, (yet), I am just the least bit skeptical of your statement there. Can you enlighten us, and me?

          Could it have been a segment where he shows over-unity generators, or some such? If so, I would guess that he did it in a debunking fashion, rather than promoting it.

          Laus Deo

          • mhtm
          • Anonymous

            Thank you for that quick response. I have seen ads for the Johnson motor, and am interested. His claim of three patents tells me that it got past the patent office, that has a standing policy against anything perpetual motion in nature.

            Now, I would like you, or someone with the shop available, to use his plans and build one, as a falsifiable test to prove or disprove his claims.

            To merely call it perpetual motion and dismiss it out of hand because of that principle, is too scientifically lazy, and not worthy of any scientific claim.

            Now, I am still undecided on this — I would like to build it myself, but not having tools and a shop to work in, I am at that disadvantage, and have to rely on a separate third party to help with further investigation.

            Now, did Glenn actually talk about this? You show the ad, with no provenance behind it, so I am having to take your word that it was advertised on Glenn’s platform, and suggest that he did talk about it. Positively or negatively? Otherwise you may be smearing Glenn unfairly.

            Still, thanks for the clip reference.

            Laus Deo

          • Guest

            Why would I waste my money and time building this machine? The very principle behind the way it works is bad science. Did you actually read the article? What is is describing is a machine that keeps itself moving without any external force or source of energy which is exactly what a perpetual motion machine is. Here is a direct quote: “There is no competing energy generating source that is cheaper than power produced by magnetic generators.” Tell me if the motor has no external source of energy where does the energy come from? Do the magnets magically have an infinite supply? I suggest that you look of the law of Conservation of Energy. Here is link to a Wikipedia article to get you started: Note I said to “get you started” so don’t come back with “wikipedia” is not a reliable source. There are a number of references at the bottom supporting its claim. You will also find the law taught in any credible physics book so if you’re still not convinced I suggest you either buy one off or go to your local library and check one out.

            I would have to actually see sources for those three patents and what they were issued for. The machine could have a number of legitimate mechanisms that could have received patents independent of the machine itself. Just because patents were issued for some parts used in the machine does not make the machine itself legitimate.

            Don’t waste your own time and money building one just to see if it works or not. Study the underlining principle behind why they claim it works first and you will find it is what is known as “pseudo science”. Have you ever actually met a real person who has this machine and claims it works? Think about it, if such a machine actually existed, wouldn’t it be displayed in major retailers all over the place? Don’t pull the whole “its evil giant corporations keeping it from getting to the market” card because there are a number of wealthy investors not tied to big energy companies that would put there money behind such a machine in a heart beat to have it mass produced if it actually existed and worked. President Obama himself, who hates big energy, big coal, big oil, big everything would be promoting it.

            “You show the ad with no provenance behind it…” Seriously? You did notice it is an ad on which is owned and controlled Glenn Beck. Seems like an endorsement from Glenn to me. If he is truly a man of principle and integrity that he claims then he would not allow a product he did not believe in himself to be advertised and promoted by his company. So either he is ignorant of the laws of physics enough to believe in such a machine or he really isn’t a man of integrity and will advertise any product that will make him money. Also I do believe I recall him talking about a source of “free electricity” on his radio program in the past which sounds similar to what the Johnson Motor is claimed to be able to produce.

          • mhtm

            the quote that says “There is no competing energy generating source that is cheaper than power produced by magnetic generators.” should have actually have been “Magnetic generators are independent of solar, wind, or any other external forces for energy production”. Sorry for the mix up. Also that “guest” user post was me. I meant to post it under my account.

          • Guest

            I apologies for the multiple posts. I at first posted as a “guest” user by mistake and then I realized I pasted in the wrong quote from the article I sent you the link for earlier.

          • Anonymous

            My bad, perhaps.

            I looked again at your posted link, and yes, it does say, the… and I looked at the clip. Scanned around, and didn’t see it. The closest was the woman who is living off the grid, but no mention of the Johnson motor. My adjacent comments still stand,

            Appreciate your dialogue with us/me.

            Laus Deo

          • mhtm

            what clip? I would also suggest you do less scanning and more actual reading.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your ongoing discussion.

            You are entirely correct in your comments and points made. For example, I appreciated your comment about the patents possibly being for portions, not the overall machine. Very insightful and valid point.

            Your arguments for the physics of it are very valid, and I appreciate them. I do understand the physics and have read extensively on this and related things, and agree in the beginning with what you say. However, my point is more to the basic scientific principle of maintaining a neutrality and working to falsify it. This is how science works, and how progress is made. My basic point is, not to dismiss it out of hand, but try to falsify it directly, not by just saying that it is impossible because it violates the perpetual motion thingy. That is why I suggested building it ourselves, as independent investigators, without an axe to grind. Scientific progress is made by questioning even basic, well-established principles, that somehow, later, are seen to be correct, but limited, and superseded by further investigation.

            You note that if it were as good as claimed, it would be trumpeted from the rooftops and Obama would pick up on it and push it as a green source, and so on. Unfortunately, history on these things, IN SOME CASES, have been suppressed, as Tesla, who you mentioned. I’m sure there are those that claim suppression as a selling point for their invention. They are everywhere. Yet, I would also point you to the work of Dr. T. Henry Moray, who developed a “zero point energy” machine that tapped an apparently inexhaustible source of electrical energy, and was pilloried, shot at, and tried to be destroyed by both government and jealous private sources. It never has come to fruition, even though his son is trying still, to make it work after his original semiconductor devices were destroyed. there was evidently something in those original semiconductors that hasn’t been found and duplicated yet. Read up on him; it is fascinating what he did, and suffered for.

            Johnson’s motor? I am still neutral on it, but will note that he sells units, and it would be interesting to buy one, if I were that flush with cash, but retired, well, you know…. It will just have to wait.

            As for Glenn using the payment for advertising, well, that’s up to him, and I am not going to fault him on this or other minor matters.

            Laus Deo

          • mhtm

            well nice chatting, but I rest my case. I guess its your decision to choose to continue to believe in nonsense. I think I’ll stick with well founded and proven fact and not waste time and money on a scam. Remember, if its too good to be true, than its probably not.

  • Anonymous

    Fascinating interview Glenn, hope they are open to future discussions, because it was amazing that they agreed to an interview.

  • landofaahs

    At a certain point these people outsmart themselves because once people have had enough of something, they get defensive and shun it. I am not Luddite but at a certain point I will chuck it all and get off the grid completely.

  • brightshadows

    What a lost opportunity for Glenn to have a meaningful conversation. He could have talked about the current projects of Google and specifics about their work etc. Instead he kept harping on science fiction

    • Justin Smith

      That is Google’s work. A pair of glasses that doubled as a communication and entertainment device was something you wouldn’t see outside of Star Trek 5 years ago. They bought a robotics company, known for making the first functional quadruped robot. Rumor has it they are working on an augmented reality game. They are trying to connect every home with fiber lines, boasting a 1 Gbps connection and theorizing that they can knock it up to 100 Gbps. All of these things would have been absurd 10, even 5 years ago.

  • Gregory

    Looks like more than half of ya’ll missed a crucial part of what’s going on here. Glenn isn’t the one “strapping on the tin-foil hat”. He didn’t just call up Schmidt to ask him about some crazy theories he’s thought up on his own, he is asking Schmidt about things that HE (Schmidt) wrote about in his own book.

    Glenn is extremely intelligent, and not crazy. He asked meaningful questions in a respectful way, but Schmidt was evading the discussion Glenn wanted to have. Which tells me that Glenn is right about something and Schmidt doesn’t want to talk about it. I don’t trust Google one bit.

    Mark my words, something’s up, and Glenn is onto it.

    • Christine Paul


      ★★★ ★★★� ★★★ ★★�★★ ★★★I am not Luddite but at a certain point I will chuck it all and get off the grid completely.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, you really should get off the grid and off the Internet! Quit spamming.

      • JENNY

        sick of reading this crap-every day you are a different person with the same agenda-using this site to promote your scam-get your own advertising and quit forcing your crap on those that are concerned about real issues in the world!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for understanding what was happening in that interview. Too many people on this post either don’t understand or are just trolls.

    • mspatdev

      Google is with obammy and they want to control the world. What better way then the internet. The less time that I have to go on Google, the better off I am. Google is paid my obammy.

      • Anonymous

        So is yahoo of late.

        • mspatdev

          ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN are all paid by obammy. There is more, but I can’t remember them right now. When you listen to those stations, they very seldom say anything negative about obammy. I know this lady where I live and she is a die hard of ABC, NBC, CBS and trying to point to her that they are wrong, is an insult to her. She doesn’t talk to me and I don’t to her.

          • Anonymous

            obamy doesn’t pay any of them. They grovel at his feet for nothing.

          • mspatdev

            They may grovel at his feet like he was the almighty, but obammy still pays for all of them.

    • Anonymous

      I definitely agree with you! As it appears that there is more to Google as to what they are saying! (Not much ) Perhaps Schmidt talked to Glenn Beck as to cover up his own book, as Schmidt may have decided that publishing the book may not have been to Google’s advantage!

  • bucketnutz

    If the progressive ideology becomes mainstream in this country, this type of sci-fi meddling to create this hybrid human will be abused by the government meddlers and social tinkerers

  • KJinAZ

    Google knows no limits. I will predict here that Google will be a big part of the DOWNFALL of our society. They are not out for anyone’s interests but their own. Their search service proves that point. You only find what someone paid Google for you to see on their site.

    • Justin Smith

      But…. Pretty much every advancement we have seen in the world has through a small group’s self interest or a nation’s military ambitions, neither of which were aimed at bettering human lives, it was a byproduct of their efforts. And yes, Google charges companies to show up on the top of search results. They need to be able to make money, don’t they? They provide the codes, they provide the infrastructure, they provide the customers. Meanwhile, they use the revenue from their search engine to fund a plethora of projects that have changed the digital world. Email wasn’t always something so readily available. You had to get it through your ISP or pay an arm and a leg for it if you wanted half way decent service. Prior to Google, smartphones were dominated by the iPhone and the Blackberry, two entirely proprietary, closed source systems. Such systems limit creativity and stifle innovation. Ever used Google Translate? The closest thing to an effective digital translator you will find. Their browser, Google Chrome, redefined what a browser should be, serving as a huge slap in the face to Firefox, whose bloated, out-dated software was becoming a burden to most machines.

      Google’s completely business ADD is mixing up industries one after another, forcing them to think on their feet and innovate to survive. Even ISPs aren’t safe from Google as they expand their fiber network that puts everything else to absolute shame. Every time they enter a new area, that area flourishes across the spectrum with new advancements and innovations.

  • fed-up

    Ever since google decided to use the “Google Doodle” to recognize the communist, Cesar Chavez and ignore Easter I went with BING.

    • Anonymous

      You mean Cesar Chavez the civil-rights activist? Oh, no! Sacrilege! Someone went so far as to ‘recognize’ an activist who fought for worker’s rights! Oh, no! And some of them were Mexican! Oh, no! The humanity… I mean, the inhumanity!

    • Diana O’Hara

      Use Dogpile. It’s conservative and better than Bing.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody: prepare to download your mind into Google for immortality, the actual place where you’ll experience eternal life with all your loved ones.

    • Anonymous

      Resistance is futile.

  • ghoot

    This is so interesting to me. If I have the chance to transfer my “essence” to a young stud body one day, I’m in! A robot body, probably not. A clone of me when I was 16, heck yes!

  • Anonymous

    Beck likes black and white answers. Of course, philosophical discussions leave more questions than answers, which obviously frustrates Beck.

    • Anonymous

      No, what frustrated Beck was his guests complete and obvious evasiveness. There was no “philosophical” discussion at all. Schmidt tried to first of all deny the technology exists; then claimed it was in the realm of science fiction and speculation; then claimed it was too far off in the future to discuss; none of which are true.

      Not sure how you could come away thinking something philosophical had been discussed, since nothing had in fact been discusssed.

      Beck had tried to engage Schmidt about ethical and moral aspects of robots having artificial intelligence developed to a point of conscienceness, which Schmidt had written about in his new book; with every question being met by Schmidt’s denial that the technology exists or could even be discussed at this point in time, which was pure nonsense.

      Sorry you didn’t understand the discussion or what has actually going on, but that’s not Becks fault, nor is it his fault that you think your confusion is a result of some philosophical discussion which never even took place.

      • Anonymous

        Really? Beck poses the question, “what is life”. Schmidt answers consciousness. Glenn poses the question whether AI is consciousness. Schmidt answers that consciousnesses is not understood well enough by scientists or philosophers to know when AI crosses the line of consciousnesses. These questions and responses sound philosophical to me. Schmidt says that understanding and simulating the parallelism of the brain is a long way off and potential products resulting from that understanding are pure speculation at this point. But philosophically, they believe computers should service people, not the other way around. So these are not satisfying responses. It’s not a very deep conversation, but what do you expect from a quick interview with a business leader. I would expect careful and cautious answers, which is what Beck got.

  • Fat Lip

    OK great google big deal !
    Urgent America if you still want to be called one !

  • David

    Maybe the Left-Wing-Nuts are trying to create a World like the one in the Matrix Movies … you know … a World where the Left-Wing-Nut Elites are the Ones who are in Control of Everything … by commanding an Army of Intelligent Robots … then the Elites will not need the Peons any longer … that may mean Mass Exterminations … of the Peons … to cut down on Pollution and Global Warming … so … maybe the Peons need to Eliminate the Elites and their Puppets … before it is too late.

  • narcolepsy

    if the construction, editing, and proof reading of this article are any indication of the ‘best and the brightest’ in any field of communications, we have Yugo-grade expression on an autobahn network….and the government will require a square wheel on each, just to make sure everything is ‘fair’…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn,

    Why don’t you cover the Political Football Congress is playing with passing Legislation for the Extended Unemployment Bill. Who the heck cares about 2016? 2 million people are out of work including myself. I had a 75,000.00/year job. We,the unemployed are not asking for a handout, just a lifeline until we can find work. I’ve been out of work for 1.5 years. many unemployed are in worse shape financially than me. We need people like you and Hannity to put pressure on Congress with constant coverage. They passed a 1.1 trillion budget and couldn’t find a place for a UIE .
    This is the type of BS that makes what happened in the Ukraine possible. If Congress keeps this up it will happen.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of points.

    First, in the closing statements, he says computers should be in the service of man, not the other way around. (To paraphrase somewhat.)

    This sounds like the argument in politics, That the government should serve man, not the other way around. BUT we see that politicians have turned it into their self-service, at the expense of the public. How did this come about? Simply, greed, dishonesty, and man’s penchant to rule and get more for himself.

    This was Glenn’s concern, and the answer was that “It couldn’t happen. We are too altruistic to let it happen.” Considering government’s example, my response is a loud “Oh, Yeah?” Somebody can come along and pervert it to his ends, if he so desires. Happens all the time. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Second point. Did anyone catch the passing reference to the Turing test? Basically, you have a human asking questions of someone or something on the other side of the wall, and you can be communicating by computer interface or a phone link, or whatever. The purpose is for the human to ask questions that would show that the responses he gets from the other side shows it up as a computer, not a human, however hard it tried. Currently there are programs that approach that capability, but still expose themselves by lack in some point or other. There are psychiatric programs, designed to diagnose your hangups, and provide assistance for your well-being. As an example. And there are others, I am sure. Then there is the current movie, where a guy falls in love with a computer representing itself as a desirable woman. Look out! It’s coming!

    The Turing Test is a basic element in the dialogue that Glenn desires to have with the computer developers, and I would bet that Ray Kurzweil would welcome it, as well as the dialogue itself. The two fellows he talked with, say they would welcome further dialogue also, but I detected a certain reticence there. We shall see.

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the collective “we” is so altruistic that we have now have universal healthcare. Never mind that it doesn’t work for now… Our altruism is in the right place.
      Anyway, we’re militarizing the police forces and training the National Guard to quell the unrest of US Constitution supporters. We’re not cutting corners there. We need that power in place to clean up the loose ends created by Obamacare.
      We’re pretty good at it too. It’s much easier to do than fix all the tangled details of all that medical stuff, and we can make it appear to straighten things out just as well.

  • Anonymous

    Schmidt: “The information and services we are building should service us and not the other way around.”

    So, who is “us” in that context? I think Schmidt made the assumption that everybody that uses Google is “us”.
    In doing so, he likely made the universal socialist philosophical error.

    It’s the idea that everyone can participate equitably in deciding what is good for everyone–for the collective. …or at least that a very committed, intelligent and knowledgeable subset of the collective can do so.

    Well, they can at the very beginning–when they’re only testing the waters and driving their own system. But when they implement the community concept at a Universal level, to take over the steering wheels of everyone’s systems, they run into trouble.

    The solution is always to consolidate power. “Talk to the hand!”, they tell one slighted group, “It’s for the good of the collective.”

    “Us” always ends up being the designated rulers and deciders. All individuality becomes unimportant and is assumed to dissolve into the collective–but it doesn’t do that. It’s like water and oil. Instead, individuality is sacrificed on the alter of the collective. And the collective is not a group of individuals, but a hollow construct defined by the tools that the system thinks it can address and the individual people are just in the way unless they can be used.

    How to define “us” equitibly…That’s an important question.

  • widglig3

    Searle and his Chinese Room Experiment has shown us that the computer is not like the human mind and never the twain shall meet….

  • widglig3

    use Bing

  • Stephen A Manning

    Sounds an awful lot like what happened in that movie iRobot…this is leading towards that which John wrote in Revelations…we can’t stop it but then again why help usher it in faster. It will not be long until we all have a mark of our “government” on our head and hand.

  • chip griffin

    glen, what is wrong with you? the best a computer will ever do is record info never will it create it or will it drive man, but man will drive it. you have got me worried glen. your changing what should be important!!!

    • Anonymous

      Slow down buddy. Glenn wasn’t pushing him to start such a project… just asking him about what he talked about in the book where he said it could be done. But I agree with you… nobody is going to replicate human consciousness no matter what they do.

      • chip griffin

        glen is a hard one to understand. can’t keep up with what direction he will be going next. he answered the most important question some time back. when asked if he would die to not get the mark of the beast, he so” no”. death is the one leap he is not willing to take, and the only leap that tells the whole story of a man. i will take that leap and hope to do it in front of others who need to see a fine example, being done, everyone’s day is coming soon, please folks be ready. the reward is great…

  • John Burleson

    Just a quick ponder: what legal recourse covers aggressive, antagonistic and downright illegal internet activity? I just bought a new Acer and McAfee would pop up a “pay now” blurb every time I hit “enter.” I tried to uninstall them and then every time I hit any key on the keyboard I’d get a popup from one of their gang. When I’d close it, it’d be replaced by another popup. All the popups froze my computer and were so infecteous I couldn’t even download a popup blocker. This is illegal. I bought this computer for school, not to be pestered by sales offers I didn’t want. I finally got rid of McAfee by calling 866-622-3911 where I was directed to so I could access their removal program. But it didn’t last very long. One of my courses requires Adobe, and when I downloaded that, guess who piggybacked themselves back onto my harddrive…. I demand a law requiring these parasites to leave me alone just by touching a “go away” button on their blurb.

    John Burleson, fearing no digital jerks

  • 胡 ダニエル

    First off, that was painful to see Mr. Beck asking such questions only for them to be down played and hidden behind smiles of cronyism. Second, although I was born in the 80’s I have been reading R.K. since grade school. He has always scared the hell out of me but also Intrigued and inspired. I have no reservations in saying that Mr. Kurzweill is the Nikola Tesla of our time. Something we as humans need to pay more attention to before he is gone. To conclude, I think this interview was a good way to show that google has no minerals to project an optimistic idea with out some sort of corporate, play by play, analyze the hell out of it first approach. Thats not the kind of human I want responsible for the evolution of man and machine. Keep in mind Tesla was a true inventor for man to progress, But Mr. Edison was a hell of a sales man…

  • Anonymous

    the founders of Google would be very disappointed. this guy Schmidt is a real lackey.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn was direct, Eric evasive, Jared quiet as a clam and Ray invisible. So why do I have this sneaky hunch the duo in the $1,000 suits plan to update the android that slammed its head into Marine One with nary a grimace or whimper? Do they plan to duplicate what they hope is Ray’s ability to play us all like pianos?

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