On tonight’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, and Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas will join Glenn, on set in NYC for the full hour. They’ll be discussing their new book, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, as well as the evolution of technology and the Internet in the near future.

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While having two of the biggest names in the tech world would normally be more than enough reason to tune in, what makes this interview a “can’t miss” is the mix of respect and skepticism that Glenn has had about Google.

“The intellect behind all of this is really quite amazing. And what they have accomplished is amazing. But where we go from here is truly frightening,” Glenn explained on radio this morning.

Topics on tap for the interview:

  • How the future will look as we continue to advance in the virtual world?
  • What will be the most transformative technology?
  • How will technology impact the structure of our educational institutions?
  • Revolutions and technology: How technology can start and spread revolutions quickly – but can it find leaders?
  • The ethics of technology

Glenn previewed the interview on radio this morning.