Amazing video captures the fastest car in the world traveling 270MPH

The Texas-based Hennessey Performance Engineering released an amazing video of their Venom GT breaking a remarkable speed record. Traveling 270.49 mph, the Venom GT set a new world speed record for a two-seat sports car. The record was set at the 3.2-mile Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle landing runway in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“This is one of the most incredible videos I have ever seen,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I just want to play the sound of it because I’ve never even heard a car sound like this… It’s a wild video that you have to see.”

According to TheBlaze:

The blistering speed is the fastest recorded time for a two-seat sports car, but because the Venom GT uses a modified chassis and other components from the Lotus Exige — and since only 11 have been produced — the Guinness Book of Records has not recognized the Venom as “the fastest production car.”


The GPS data showed the Venom GT took just 10.1 seconds to accelerate from 260 to 270 mph. The historic run took 2.4 miles to achieve, allowing the Venom just eight-tenths of a mile to stop.

Check out the clip below:

“Listen to that thing,” Glenn said. “Leave it to Texas. Wow. That’s absolutely incredible.”

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  • landofaahs

    When this thing has a wreck, at least everything left will be able to be picked up by hand.

  • MB

    Nice mod. British car, though.

    • Anonymous

      It’s about as “British” as a Shelby AC Cobra.

      • MB

        Exactly. British car, American mod. My wife now Dave!

  • Tom Geistkemper

    7-speed gearbox…and it was a British car that broke the sound barrier in the Black Rock desert in Nevada as well.

    • Kenny French

      Actually it was an American car that first broke the sound barrier. The British car was able to make both runs within the hour. Hence the record goes to the British. Greg Breedlove had mechanical issues that didn’t allow him to complete his second run within the hour.

    • Mac

      Yeah, but they had to come to AMERICA to do it….

  • TR

    Lotus Exige. Britsh design. just customized by americans

    • Sur Samtani

      Lotus is great for that. I think that the Tesla and underwater Sqooba cars are also based on the Lotus platform. But these guys at Hennessey are legit, like the Shelby of our time. Take a British platform and turn it into a beast.

    • Michael O’Brien

      You mean perfect the design. We always have to fix british shit.

      • Darryl Groner

        We sure fixed Piers Morgan.

        • Mike Nelson

          Har! And here I would have used the word “ignored.” :)

    • Anonymous

      Just customized is a bit of an understatement. There’s not much of a Lotus there at all. Plus it is a production car, so it’s not custom.

  • Charles Newman

    Yeah, but how does it do on the Washington beltine at 4:00 PM?

    • Schmitty Mcgee

      probably not as bad as you’d think. The engine is based off of the C6 Corvette Z06’s powerplant (with the addition of some turbochargers and such). The corvette is a surprisingly capable daily driver, so i don’t imagine the Venom would be that bad, aside from worrying about some moron in a prius running into you.

      • Jimbob Jones

        Hennessey has been doing engine mod work on the Vette engines for decades. They definitely know what they are doing there. As for the moron in the Prius, I’d be more worried about running over one than being run into. That would be reserved for wannabe street racers in Civics and such.

        • Shonnin Kuroji

          Had the opportunity to try a GT40 in Guam (i’m too tall) but it it goes down the road quite nice. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I saw and heard a car that looked remarkably like a Hennessey Venom in Melbourne about a year ago. The guy driving that car didn’t seem to be having any problems there, even though Melbourne is one of the least speed friendly cities on the planet.

      • Scott Steers

        My friend who is a corvette tech told me just the other night that there is no recorded data of a Z06 making it to 100k without the valves dropping out. He said the vast majority detonate by 60k.That comes after having 12 such cases in their shop and completing a conference call with design engineers from Chevy. Interesting piece of worthless knowledge. I always wanted a Z06 until he told me that.

        • Zambino

          Scott, you know this isn’t true – so what’s your agenda? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? First off – I am assuming you are talking of a specific generation, since they came with many different series of engine. From 2005-2013, the engine in the Zed was used in MANY other cars – and can EASILY surpass 60k miles without the “valves dropping out”.

          The LS7 is used in MANY cars – and is still being used in new productions (e.g. Z28). I am thinking if the “valves drop out by 60k”, they would have made some revisions?

          I think you are either insane, have a Mustang fetish, simply don’t know what the heck you are talking about, or a combination of all.

          Why would you take the time out of your life to make something up. My “friend” who is a “Corvette Tech” told me – that’s usually an indicator of BS.

          Pretending this is true – if you cannot afford to replace a 2k head on a LS7, you simply cannot/should not own a Corvette, as you simply cannot afford one. It’s 2k if not under warranty. 2k.

          • BulletBob

            Thank you Zambino. You saved me the trouble of telling Scott the same thing. What an idiot. I have worked on LS engines for years and have never heard such crap before.

  • two_amber_lamps

    That ain’t your tofu eatin’ daddy’s Prius….

  • Panayiota Pamela L Hoak

    Who cares… American, British or a clash of both… that is one fine ass car.

    • Christine Paul


      ★★★ ★★★� ★★★ ★★�★★ ★★★Lotus is great for that. I think that the Tesla and underwater Sqooba cars are also based on the Lotus platform.

      • Turk Sandwich

        Your classmate’s mom goes to college.

  • Jacob Unamuno

    how about a turbocharged reynard C.A.R.T. series champcar be put the test and see if it can faster

    • Jimbob Jones

      Unfair comparison – that’s a race car, not street legal. The Venom is a road car, with all the safety requirements, emissions systems, a roof and a passenger seat.

  • Jacob Unamuno

    how about a Mercedes Benz turbocharged reynard C.A.R.T. series champcar be put to the test and see if it can go faster

    • Anonymous

      How about an alcohol fueled dragster? You cant drive this on the road so why even bring it up?

  • Michael Atchley

    Best part? that would be The Stig keychain!

  • James Stanford

    Cash or credit???

  • ilikai

    I think its more impressive that it can go from 270 to 0 in 8/10s of a mile.

    • Ambie


  • Gail Buzalski Ramsey

    Bugatti Super Veyron 2014 is faster! 288 mph

    • Anonymous

      It can’t go 288mph in the configuration you can buy it in. Guinness stripped the WR because of that fact. :(

  • Matthew Prihoda

    Well… not so fast. According to this, a car in Texas was faster last year.

    • Anonymous

      A Ford GT to boot. I’m sure there are records that haven’t been documented properly to be recognized.

    • Shad_Stang

      The Hennessey is a production car, the Ford GT there is a custom tuned car.

      • Jeff Cunningham

        I guess the guy sitting in the passenger seat with a laptop was playing games.

      • Anonymous

        The Ford GT is also a production car. Both cars are similar that respect.

    • drolraw13 .

      Sorry…so close but no record 😉

      The Oldsmobile Aerotech cars reached speeds of 278.375 mph in 1987 (using a twin turbo quad 4 motor…)

      • BulletBob

        I ma be mistaken, but I don’t think the Olds were street legal as they were strictly experimental cars. The Hennesey is the fastest “street” legal car.

    • William Skrainski

      That’s not a factory GT

  • Matt Arnold

    Meh, this is weak! America’s already done better than this ugly thing several decades ago – the 300 MPH Twin Turbo Bank’s Trans AM (not even designed as a supercar). And if one really goes back the Mercedes W125 of 1938 could go 268MPH! 76 years on and we’re supposed to be impressed that a ‘sports’ car has only just beaten that record!

    • Anonymous

      The w125 was a specially designed one-off vehicle that could not be driven on the Street. Likewise The Banks is a more of a drag car, but regardless it did it on the salt flats and used parachutes to stop. This machine did it in 2.8 miles and stopped itself. The Banks TA cant hold a candle to this in the street.

      • Anonymous

        I thought it looked like a Lotus. BTW the AutoUnion V12 Formula car with Rosemeyer did 250+ same time as the Mercedes; he didn’t survive. Funny cars go 310+ but are hardly street legal. The Porsche 917LM got 240+ about 45 years ago during the LeMans 24 hour, but it tended to be lethal also.

        • Matt Arnold

          All cars have the potential to be lethal; the one just shown could suffer a blown-out rear tyre which may induce a slide, potentially causing a roll then quite possibly leading to death. People who drive at those speeds ought to be and most likely are aware of those risks.

      • Matt Arnold

        Basically what I’m getting at is that if a one-off vehicle in 1938 could achieve 268 MPH then one would think everyday vehicles should easily be achieving that by now. It’s a sad reflection on how the law has held back the automotive industry for many decades (laws about emissions, laws about tyres, laws about the legal shape of a car – all things which have adversely affected vehicle performance).

  • TheZigZagMan

    <–puts that car on my bucket list…

  • Solo So

    I ended up on Glenn’Crazy Bi Polar Bitch” Beck’s page?

    • Darryl Groner

      FOAD Loser.

    • MikeinOK

      Yeah and apparently his minions are touchy.

  • Roy Browning

    Gave me a hard on just watching the video, wow!

  • Ricky Soliai

    Who gives a ****! No practical application…all show! (Why is Beck off topic anyways?)

    • MB


  • theelviscerator


  • keysfish

    …only a Prius driver wouldn’t appreciate that!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome but two things 1) 260-270mph in 10 seconds? What? I would assume that’s a typo. Probably went from 0-270mph in 10 seconds. 2) too bad they video had to feature a sound clip from a womanizing, liberal turd like fat, drunk, stupid, and should have gone to jail Senator Kennedy! He’s an embarrassment to America.

    • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

      The voice was President John F. Kennedy.

  • Anonymous

    British are crazy. did you know that they working on a car right now to go faster then 1,000 miles per hour. same team that set the world record for that car that went about 750mph some years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Going to the moon is not necessary, no one knows what effect it will have on our planet if we mess around with our moon……..idiots i say

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you mean it was on the Needlessly long runway without an actual use anymore at Cape Kennedy?

    • Mike Nelson

      Didn’t you know? We’re building spaceports now – no BS. No use (yet)… but no BS. Reckon there’ll be a use for an even longer runway soon, or at least I can hope.

  • Ivan Waggenhoff

    Ugh, get that crappy Pennzoil out of that machine.

  • HammerNH

    What really blew my mind is taking a hand off the wheel at over 220mph to shift to top gear… wow!

  • Lise Marie Dodson

    My God, what a beautiful car….Hennesy does it again… of course. What a hell of a driver and team that made this happen. Thanks to Canaveral for use of their runway

  • Magarathea

    They also did not show the second pass. The bugatti veyron ss did over 270 mph on it’s second run, and only 263 mph its first run. I love the venom, but it still needs some tweaking to take the record

  • Mac

    WOW! did you see that squirrel run out in front of him ?????

  • dave

    the sound of that car was totally sweet music

  • Anonymous

    i want one. can bet i would make a lot of new police friends even just driving at the speed limit. due to its design lol.

  • ryan

    man it hits a brick wall at 250. exponentially increasing wind drag. probably need another 5 or 600 hp to go 300. nice, most people have no idea how hard it is to go that fast.

  • Anonymous

    Wow !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Now that’s what I’m talking about………….WOW!

  • Ken Carn

    Yeah….but what color’s do they offer?

  • Anonymous

    incredible! lucky driver!

  • Paul Caruso

    Little too rich for my blood I usually max out around 45 mi/hr. on the way to the grocery store etc. how much would that cost? I’d be more interested in an electric car build on zinc air rechargeables an industry that could save the future of this USA rather than lithium by tesla or speeds that are ridiculous to most people.

  • Bill Proctor

    Zoom -Bad!!!!!

  • On Guard!

    Patriots: Defend liberty from the ideological highwaymen in our midst:

  • Christopher Sine


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