CNN’s Erin Burnett conducts ridiculous interview with Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent came under fire for calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” and he has since apologized for the remark. That didn’t stop CNN’s Erin Burnett, however, from peppering Nugent with endless questions about the incident. You may recall Burnett once referred to former President George W. Bush as a “monkey” – but apparently only those who criticize President Obama deserve to be dragged through the mud.

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“She jumps all over Ted from the very beginning, and then she plays his comment where he called the President a subhuman mongrel,” Pat explained. “He’s apologized for it profusely several times now. And so she tries to get him to apologize again, he said he already did, and he apologizes again. He goes ahead and accommodates her… Then she comes out with her snotty attitude with Ted.”

Check out the interview below:

“I believe when you’re creating class warfare intentionally to get Americans to draw this line in the sand where I’ve never seen such political discourse in all my life,” Nugent told Burnett in regard to his comments. “And yes, I do apologize for being part of that political discourse because greater men than myself have advised me that that kind of street language in a volatile interview as you played earlier is not appropriate and we’re trying to get some upgrade here in America.”

When Glenn appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show earlier this year, he experienced a similar media uproar for comments he made about his time at Fox News. Glenn said that he wished he could have done a better job articulating the principles that can unite us, but those comments were misconstrued.

“See, that’s the thing that everybody’s like, ‘Glenn Beck says he’s sorry for being …’ Yes. Yes. Just as Ted did,” Glenn said. “I am not sorry for anything I’ve done. I am sorry for not being smart enough to figure out how to penetrate the mainstream media. By the way, I have now. But find a way to penetrate the mainstream media to be able to talk about the principles something values that we talked about for four years. That the 9/12 Project is based on. I’m sorry that I didn’t figure out a way to be able to do that and do that more effectively.”

The job of the media should be, as Burnett pointed, out elevate the conversation beyond the petty name-calling. But that is simply not the case. Ultimately, however, Glenn believes it is this lack of self-reflection and awareness that will cause the mainstream media to collapse under its own weight.

“Now, I’ve already said that, but what does the media do? The media immediately jumps in without any self-reflection on their role. That’s the deal. What is Ted saying? ‘I’m sorry for any role I played in that.’ Then it is your turn, media, to say, you know what? ‘I am too, so let’s have a different dialogue now.’ But they’re so arrogant that they won’t do it. They won’t see. All they see is the splinter in somebody else’s eye. They will not notice the beam that is in their own. But that’s okay. That’s okay. We will continue to look at the splinter in our own eye. Let’s make sure that we have the splinter out of our own eye. They will collapse on their own weight.”

  • landofaahs

    Ted rocks…..literally.

    • BlueMN

      Too bad he doesn’t anymore….literally or figuratively, then he wouldn’t have to get the attention he seeks by being such a douch… I mean, Teabagger.

      But Beck is right. Erin Burnett should’ve taken the “high road” and apologized saying, “We’re sorry for holding up a mirror for you, and the world, to see you for the racist, right-wing nut job you really are by merely reporting what you’ve said. We should have never exercised our right to report news as a member of a free press.”

      • Dan Williams

        Did you not listen to any part of the discussion? Ted has done or said absolutely nothing to make you or anyone else think he is a racist, other than your own presupposed bigotry toward anyone who has morals and principles. I feel sorry for you man, it must be sad.

        • BlueMN

          I watched both videos. How about referring to the President as a “*subhuman* mongrel” and a “chimpanzee?” I don’t for a single second buy his lame explanations. You may if you like, but I’m not so easily fooled.

          • Bill Tilghman

            On the contrary, you are easily fooled – you support Obama and that settles the matter. Besides, are you really injured by the words of Ted Nugent? If so you are in dire need of psychological help.

          • Fat Lip

            Oh dear God now your a doctor too. what a sad immature moron. bed time baby boy.

          • Vienta76

            Bill is right, if Blue is truly offended by Ted’s apt description of the Obama, then he has some bigger issues, don’t need a degree to figure that out. He may try growing a thicker skin, hey, think there’s pill for that? teehee

          • Memphis Viking

            Obama referred to himself as a mongrel. Are you now claiming HE’S racist? And since the left regularly portrayed Bush as a chimp, it seems like that’s a fair attack for the president.

          • BlueMN

            Did President Obama also refer to himself as subhuman? I’m sure Ted was aware, despite his feigned ignorance, that “subhuman mongrels” is how “gonzo” “street” people like Himmler and Goebbels referred to Jews back in their day.

            Were the “Bush as a chimp” portrayals referring to Bush’s race or his intellectual laziness? It’s pretty clear that Ted’s hatred for the President has overloaded his grip on reality and he did mean to imply a racist remark. If you want to say you think President Obama is an idiot or ruining the country or whatever, that’s politics, but leave his race out of it.

          • William Rusty Amann

            “not easily fooled” Huh, you voted for obama didn’t you?

          • Vienta76

            Actually Blue, just being openly liberal implies you are easily fooled…..

          • Vic Hanes

            BlueMN who gives a fuck ? Are you fucking kidding me? There are real issues out there to deal with other then analyzing what someone said or didn’t say..

        • Vienta76

          No no Dan, he MUST be a racist, because he’s a conservative, you know, we are all so %$*&ing racist right? Ask Blue up there, he’ll tell you, conservatives are racist pigs who don’t deserve to breathe air because they are a bane on society and contribute nothing to anything. Ask Blue, he’ll tell you, and then ask him to look in the mirror for his splinter, bet he won’t see it…too funny

      • Bill Tilghman

        The troll returns.

        Perhaps you should develop a sense of perspective and learn to deal with your frustrations. Erin called the previous President a monkey, but as a true believer who drinks all the kool aid they can pour down your greedy gullet, I suppose you don’t have any problem with that.

        You are simply another hypocrite troll and nothing more.

        • Fat Lip

          BOY and I do mean boy your on a role tonight aren’t you don’t take it out on others mirror’s can be a strange reality check, don’t be mad just be that little boy who calls it like he thinks he see’s it talk about Hypocrite go to bed try again tomorrow little boy.

          • Vienta76

            My money is on Bill Tilghmam being 100x the man you are Fat Lip, maybe even more.

          • Troy Showalter

            Excuse me, there is something in writing called a period. It is used to end one sentience before continuing on to the next. Please learn it and use it in the future. less you are perceived as being another uneducated troll. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that, now I guess I will be called a racist for the use of “troll”.)

          • Fat Lip

            Thank you for the response Troy and the educational information some times I fall off this darn ship and when your fingers are wet they get quite slippery . <period see I can do it .<period again I've done it again, see for a so called troll you have become a troll teacher. PERIOD Next time you respond to one of my post's I will call you my friend I love it when my friends pick on me it makes me know that i'm still in America, but still I keep on trying Troy … FREE JUSTINA .COM I love you brother. Troy just some help from your troll pal in proper English the word sentence is spelled incorrectly we are way past 18th century grammar and if your being a wise ass I guess I've shown you i'm a little more on the ball than your other average troll friends . My way and the rest of the educated! SENTENCE . < Period
            Your way SENTIENCE is used in an improper manner . < Period
            Thank you again for the good times friend of this troll .
            If you ever want to have a real conversation I would like that . God bless you.

        • BlueMN

          Word of advice: don’t refer to yourself as a returning troll, it’s a dead give away. Plus in your case it’s pretty obvious anyway, Billy.

          • SyracuseFan

            I am pretty sure the ‘Troll’ he refers to, is you, Bluey!

      • landofaahs

        You must be one of those liberal, racist, two baggers. I’d even dare say a militant Q. So with that in mind I feel justified in ignoring your obviously biased retarded statement. GFY.

        • BlueMN

          Militant Q? Lesser beings such as you will never comprehend the Q Continuum.

          • landofaahs

            I know all I need. It’s called Sodom and Gomorrah.

          • Vienta76

            Bill, you epitomize the liberal so well…lesser beings, lol, it’s too much. I’d love to know what makes you so much more….important?

      • Edwin Nighbert

        Coming from a state that elected a comedian as their senator, I will consider the source.

      • Troy Showalter

        If a person says something that can be misconstrued as sexually perverted, it is often said the person who misconstrues such a comment is in fact the pervert. With that logic, wouldn’t it also be true of someone who says something that can be misconstrued as being racist? I think the true racists are those who would misconstrue such comments as being racist in the first place. To me is it as case of “the lady doth proclaim too much, methink”, when referring to liberals getting all bent out of shape over non sense like this. This kind of hyper sensitivity to being politically correct is perpetuated by race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson who use comments like this to direct attention away from their own racist views. To quote Dennis Miller, “I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.”

    • KJinAZ

      Ted needs to Rock the House. Run Teddy run. 

  • landofaahs

    Dragged through the mud? Is that racial? LOL Tell Burnett she may have to say she has great respect for her colleagues but that doesn’t mean Ted has to. These liberals on their own are such cowards.

  • landofaahs

    Erin proves once again that liberals can dish it out but cannot take it. If you can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch.

    • Christine Paul


      ★★★ ★★★� ★★★ ★★�★★ ★★★These liberals on their own are such cowards.

    • Mike Nelson

      Erin Burnett has a job in news because people are waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.

      She’s actually pretty smart, but she’s a pawn and a dupe, and won’t change these things until/unless she removes herself from the programming outlets that avail themselves of hype, hypocrisy, and an ever-more-refined sense of servile propaganda.

      Back in her CNBC days she had some lefty tendencies but she was at least capable of debating the hyper-sensitive and overbearing Dylan Ratigan with intelligent perspective and reasoned questions. I think she’s been co-opted and brainwashed, just like so many women (and shiftless, metrosexualized girly-men who are too scared of real debate to display any true moral compass) who are too long exposed to the power-boys in the corner offices, who jump when Soros and Tides come calling.

      Either that or she’s just become a shill cuz the paycheck is a substantial enough pocket-rocket to be the biggest man in her life.

  • Fat Lip

    OK great Ted !
    URGENT this has nothing to do with this story !!!!! HELP HELP !!!!!!!
    MY fellow AMERICANS HELP AMERICA look at what has been going on URGENT !
    For the last 27yrs we have been told our children are our greatest resource look , they have all the rights no molestation is a hanging offence and dammed well should be HELP AMERICA there is a young girl being molested in a Boston Hospital come on people start making some NOISE NOW NOW !!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have followed the Justina story. Very sad – very scary. A back story is that there is a doctor at Boston that specializes in Pediatric Medical abuse that is pushing this. New specialty, new staff, got to find a way to secure her job and her status. I also heard the doctor that said the parents were making up the illness has been out of school 7 MONTHS. Also, probably trying to make a name for himself and show how smart he is. Now no one wants to say they are wrong so the poor girl will die.

      • Bill Tilghman

        And you as well are bent on steering people from the real topic being discussed here. Find that story elsewhere and then your comment will be relevant – here, it isn’t even close.

        • Fat Lip

          Relevant Bill just look he proves it with love for all
          and that is more than relevant self centered crack

      • Fat Lip

        Yes you are most likely to be correct you would think so called Americans would be up in arm’s over this but with people like Big Bad Bill Thigpin out there now we see how many coward’s roam this once great country . Thank you for the response Free Justina . com to everyone !!!!

    • grieving mom


      • Bill Tilghman

        You too, get with the thread or go somewhere it is being discussed.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Off topic. Try to keep up here – if you can.

    • Fat Lip

      Bill what a shame I always enjoyed your post’s now from here on out you sir are nothing but a dickhead topic that you selfish punk and ya I could back it up so don’t bother bitch you sir are the problem with this country may you get yours if something was to happen to one of your loved ones boo hoo for pussy the Bill dickhead again topic that and remember me i’m just waiting you will act as a human maybe once and I will tare your heart to pieces wow and I bet you think you have class to don’t you you SOB !

      • Vienta76

        Fat Lip, go back to school man, you’re comments are rubbish and only borderline English, if you ever want to be taken seriously you should be able to write above a third grade level, sheesh.

  • Fat Lip

    Free Justina. com HELP HER if its isn’t molestation do you have the answer for it and don’t call it care !

    • grieving mom

      before it is too late

  • mudslide

    ‘subhuman mongrel’??

    Heheh, if that offends you then you don’t want to know what I’ve called him…

    • landofaahs

      Subhuman? Isn’t that the way liberals see little babies in the womb? At least we don’t want your type aborted.

  • dennis reilly

    erin belongs with Cramer

  • fire lion

    I live how you guys are trying to cover subhuman mongrel. ” the tea party is not racist!”

    Please as soon you saw brown skin your reptile brains went active and all of sudden you cared about the debt.

    • Dan Williams

      You live how? Weird.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Another left wing lunatic ninny heard from.

      This is an example of hypocrisy just like I described above. The tea party is not racist and the fact you can’t accept that indicates to me that you are the one with the racism problem. Individuals exhibit racism, but accusing the tea party of that is another example of overt emotional reaction and a defamatory declaration. Is that all you people can come up with? The facts run counter to your specious claims.

      • Fat Lip

        One smart idiot that Billy is with all of his judgments just think how well thing’s would work out for you if you could be king huh Mr. America what an asshole .

    • Memphis Viking

      Why are you complaining about Ted using the same term Obama used himself?

    • Vienta76

      was someone trying to cover sub-human mongrel? What is a sub-human mongrel, an animal? Is an animal a race? Does referring to someone as an animal make them racist? I’m certainty confused over this outrage.

    • russellmuscle1

      I honestly think Ted Nugent didn’t give deep thought to his use of the word mongrel.

      I love how you are trying to draw a comparison to one man’s use of a word and an entire group of people.

  • Anonymous

    Erin Erin Erin – please go back to elementary school and learn how to read. Your communist brain-washing has misplaced you last known brain cell – it needs to be reprogrammed (and you need job at a raw-waste recycling plant as a net)

  • Anonymous

    HObama a subhuman mongrel? More like a highly analphabetic anthropomorphic simian!

  • Bill Tilghman

    The hypocrisy of the liberal press is simply astounding. She called G.W. Bush a monkey, and has no problem criticizing Ted Nugent for being Ted Nugent. He has been known for years as a guy who says inappropriate things, and now they put on the outrage hat when their guy is the target. Sorry, but you can’t do something like Erin did and then get all freaked out when a guy like Ted Nugent says something ugly.

    The biggest problem is the left’s intolerance for anything that remotely insults them or their lord ans savior. They always want conservatives to be emotionally wounded over words, yet are somehow very accepting of people in their own ranks who do virtually the same thing. Somehow it is a big deal if theirs is the group that is offended, yet they pass off similar offenses against others as meaningless.

    Reminds one of the Muslim radicals. What humanity needs is a large dose of humility and reason, but these people on the left are never going to demonstrate anything even remotely close to that. That is what immature, overly emotional people do when they sense any sort of injustice, outrage or other negative information directed their way. Look how easily they expected Benghazi to go away, but if Ted Nugent says something bad, you better look out because they are coming out of the woodwork like crazed zombies.

    • Fat Lip

      What a worthless post its just like you want to hear yourself be an idiot what a jerk you are BLAH BLAH BLAH you think you have it all figured out don’t you Lucy speaking of zombies how’s that family of yours doing ?
      Intolerance you have some nerve !

      • Vienta76

        The more I read your gibberish, the more I’d love to understand your misguided passion. You make no sense, or at lease show no depth in your angst, if you ant to bring something to the table, fill your basket first, because so far, in every ridiculous comment, your basket has been empty of any substance.

        • Fat Lip

          Don’t mean that much to me to mean that much to you.
          Bill is waiting knee pads on and go for it

          • russellmuscle1

            You seem to be a little obsessed with Bill T.

          • Fat Lip

            Nah don’t read that much into it I just know the guy and see the bull crap he preaches as just what it is a nut case who tares apart anyone that he disagrees with look at his post Negative to say the least. thanx for the response stay on your toes the dude is a real piece of work .

  • Anonymous

    We forgive you, Glenn. Also Erin and Ted and the Media.

  • Anonymous

    I have never seen Burnett since I refuse to own a TV. And it appears that I am not missing anything. What a hypocrite. She can call President Bush a monkey, but no one can say anything bad about BHO without her and the rest of the liberal media having a meltdown. They are all dirtbags and scum.

    • Three Friends

      Ditched my TV and cable service in 2006. One of the best decisions I’ve made.

      TV is not only useless – it’s destructive.

      • Vienta76

        I’ve been TV free for exactly one year, best thing I could have ever done :)

  • Cindy

    She’s an instigator for sure.

  • TJ

    Ya, go ahead and leave it up to the viewer. All one of them.

  • Josh Hernandez

    so hilarious

  • Andrew

    And they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet. Ted is too good for them he never should have gone on this god awful program.

  • dennis

    Ya know, what if he is racist, who cares it’s his right and if there’s something in his past that causes him to be that way, so be it. Hey, not everybody turns the other cheek, nor should they.

    Look around so much of the negatives in this country are the results of actions by minorities. These minorities are responsible for disproportionate amount crime which is one of societies biggest concerns. You would have be blind, deaf and dumb if you don’t admit this fact. And this is not racist, it is fact, we see it reported every day by the media like CNN, MSNBC, etc.; so maybe they’re the real cause of our troubles.

    And, if she was serious about her respect for Piers Morgan than she a real problem with her judgment and now everyone will have to view her opinions with a grain of salt; she’s definitely lost some standing with that comment.

  • Crassus

    Ted Nugent needs to take Bob Seger’s advice and quit doing political.

  • luvmybrutus

    did anyone catch at the end she said “we will leave it up to our viewer” lol that sounds about right for CNN. one viewer for each show.

  • vince collins
  • Anonymous

    Nobody should call anyone anything unless they cal it to themselves. Anyone who calls anyone anything derogatory means they are the derogatory ones since they know personally how to spot one. Which says a whole lot about the person calling other people names rather than the person being called the name. Also, some mongrels and monkeys are really pretty smart. So that fact kinda cancels out the insult. Besides, didn’t NASA send a mongrel and a monkey into space before sending people? That would mean both presidents Bush and Obama were and are taking America whee we’ve never gone before with any other president. Especially President Obama. It’s understandable Ted Nugent would feel mean and hateful toward the current administration seeing as he had to kill some of the pigs on his farm because he ran into some trouble having them but that’s no reason to go public with the name calling.

  • Anonymous

    She let the cat out of the bag at the very end when she said she would “leave it to their VIEWER to decide”

  • wmcburt

    OMG … I just lost the last ounce of respect I had for CNN. You talk about walking on the dollars to pick up the dimes. The only thing that hack had to say about what is going on with this country is to pick out a few words to make pointless arguments on? She’s wasting my time and Ted’s time. Really? I felt like I was watching the movie Campaign where Cam Brady says Marty Huggins has Chinese Pugs and therefore he’s a communist. I mean come on, I am glad he got that jab in at the end because that should had been focused of the issues not because someone had a Freudian slip.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what happened with this version of the clip, but I was forced to watch/listen to this garbage LIVE as I sat in the waiting room with my cancer-stricken father for his 5 hour chemotherapy infusion yesterday. In the waiting room were several other people in the same boat as my father. Sick. Tired. Some struggling to live another day. I happened to be speaking to a close friend…see, you get to know these people when you go there every week. She also happens to be brave and sick and amazing and God-fearing. Her devoted husband sits next to her, as my mom and I do with my Dad. She’s black…not that that would have mattered in the era between the civil rights era and the post-Obama era. But, it does now. Because I watched her heart break as she read the caption CNN Live aired (which doesn’t seem to appear on this clip) that said something like “Ted Nugent calls President Obama a ‘chimp’ “. My heart broke as well, and neither of us spoke about it, but at that point, CNN, the damage was done. Not only did CNN make a connection that wasn’t there, they aired it live and apparently removed it for the web. I knew in my heart that was probably the case, but without knowing the full story…which the likes of CNN and NBC/ABC/CBS MSNBC will never report…I couldn’t comment on what I saw. And the damage is done. And another race-baiting, mush mouthed, so-called ‘journalist’ has perpetuated the culture of hatred toward conservatives and the false narrative of racism where it doesn’t exist to perpetuate an agenda. May God have mercy on your arrogant souls.

  • CrapsDealer

    The only apology Nugent should have made…was to mongrels.

  • Leland Bartlett

    Erin is very good, but arrogant, I like it when she gets herself slammed by a person who is equally or better articulate.

  • Anonymous

    Erin wants to keep her job and will express what is acceptable. Ted made a good point, a person who can say “what does it matter” after the horrific event has the nature of an animal, they have lost human consciousness. Glen said he wished he could articulate better, it wouldn’t matter. Liberals only talk to be heard, they have no intent of listening or do they want to exist in society that has different views. One comment for Glen, if you let go of the anger, your will be able to express yourself better. I had a manager one time, when she wanted to correct me, she would yell. I finally told her one day, when you yell all I see is a big mouth flapping open and shut. The yelling takes over my senses, I can hear the words. The liberals that have changed their mind have learned from something gone wrong and if they wanted to fix it or change it, they had to change their perspective.
    One last question: why doesn’t someone point out the nasty things said about the Republican presidents and if there should be apologizes and why didn’t they go after them. It’s as though they are using the excuse he is black so don’t say what you think or criticize. The liberals are using the race card to control peoples freedom of speech.

  • russellmuscle1

    I’ve never like this guy……..but man, that interview just cracked me up. Of course he didn’t give his use of the word “mongrel” that much thought. Chimpanzee…….eh…..I don’t know Ted.
    That guy needs to start thinking a little more before he shoots his mouth off.

  • Gifted Goober

    Wait a minute…. CNN is still on the air? Wow, now that’s news….

  • Robert James

    CNN sux. Ted had nothing to apologize about, Ted told the truth…..There was nothing to apologize about. Obama is exactly what Ted said he was.

  • Liz

    bahahah we could talk about everything that the president has done wrong during his term or we can pick on two words that someone used to criticize the way the president was running the country and use them to find a connection to racism somewhere.

  • Seabee201

    I consider Erin to be one of the sharpest knives in the CNN drawer. But the bottom line here is she spends more time nitpicking verbiage and insinuating intent. The rush to push the “racism” button far exceeds the evidence. CNN is far too busy taking comments out of context and failing to secure the confirmation of said comments to lend credibility to their stance. Nugent said “chimpanzee” he must mean Obama is a monkey, guess what Erin, it’s YOU that slapped that monkey label on Obama. Bottom line here is anyone can say anything, at anytime. If you are looking for racism, or hate, or extremism, eventually you will be able to pervert the circumstances to prove it to yourself. If you have to go to such extremes, the only person you are really convincing…is yourself. Erin, you should work harder, you lose respect by letting others, particularly close minded agenda-heads, to do your thinking for you. Ask me why NO ONE watches CNN anymore.

  • KCaprioni

    What happened to sticks and stones and words will never hurt me? Freedom of speech is what he (Nugent) was exercising and he was well within his rights to say what he said. What upsets people is that he wasn’t doing the “political correctness” crap that so many people buy into because they are afraid to say how they really feel. Why is it that obama hasn’t been impeached yet? Be honest, it is because he is black and if we impeach him we will be called “racist” and who knows, he would probably try suing the United States of America even though him and his family have already spent more than their fair share of our money that we actually had to work for. They are vacationing with the sweat on our brow and the pain in our backs from busting our butts off in order that we might be able to just get by ourselves. I am not a racist but I am darn tired of barely getting by while they vacation all the time, waste our money, and sit around and come up with more things to make our lives even harder. Come on people show the government your backbone and let them know that you won’t take this crap anymore.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like what Mr. Nugent is saying, then don’t listen. You know, sorta like “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one”…

  • Anonymous

    The dumbocrats are so hypocritical. Not even an original thought among them. CNN: Communist Network News

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