Over the weekend, Glenn had a fun dinner with some prominent NYC figures including Today Show‘s Kathie Lee Gifford, Tribeca Film Festival founder Craig Hatkoff, and famed fashion designer Norma Kamali. Gifford opened up about her dinner on The Today Show, praising the way that people of different ideological viewpoints could come together and discuss real solutions to the country’s problems.

“A rare thing for me to come back into the city on a Friday night and have dinner, but Craig Hatkoff, who is married to Jane Rosenthal, Tribeca Film Festival and everything, invited me and maybe about 20 people to come to a dinner at The Lambs Club here in New York, which is a beautiful beautiful room, in honor of Glenn Beck, who is a controversial gentleman. But I have befriended him for the past few years and have great affection for him and apparently so does Craig,” she said.

At the dinner, several people shared ideas about what the problems were and how people could come together to work towards the solutions by engaging in an honest and open dialogue with people of different viewpoints.

“It was so fascinating to be in a room with so many people coming from a completely different ideological place, all coming together to say, ‘Wait a minute our country is in trouble. Where is our common ground? Because that is where our sacred ground is,'” she continued.

“Everybody contributed, everybody was respectful. It was powerful because of it. It was powerful! So I am grateful that he invited us to come,” Gifford said.

On his radio show Monday, Glenn explained he saw the meeting as a sign that people were starting to wake up, see the problems, and come together to work on solutions. Even better, he saw it as a way for the people who have recognized the growing issues in America, including Tea Party members and 9/12 Project members, to finally see some of their concerns being accepted by a larger, and at times unexpected, number of people.

“You have made such an impact by gathering together and being fans of this show and other shows and other things like this,” Glenn said. “You’re not dismissed anymore. We used to be a bunch of crazies. We’re not a bunch of crazies. We are a very powerful force and only getting stronger.”


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