Every morning, Glenn gathers his producers together to discuss the news of the day and plan out the radio and television shows. Today, a discussion emerged over a proposed law in Arizona that would protect businesses who refuse service to gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs. Some are calling it a modern day version of Jim Crow laws, while others see it as a protection of individual religious beliefs. The conversation sparked debate in the meeting, with producers coming down on different sides of the issues.

Glenn said he doesn’t want to see a return to the days where people hung signs saying certain kinds of people weren’t welcome, but he also didn’t think people should be forced to violate their religious beliefs.

“We aren’t the same America we were in the 1950s,” Glenn said referencing the days of segregation. “We won’t frequent those places.”

Dan Andros, Glenn’s writer for the TV show, argued that he understood the position of the baker in California, who said he couldn’t make a cake for a lesbian couple because it violated his beliefs. However, Dan said he had a problem with refusing services to people based on their sexual orientation when the service has no ties to religion.

Glenn, however, argued that in a truly free society businesses should be allowed to refuse service to anyone they wanted for any reason, but in doing so they will expose any underlying hatred or ugliness and people can and most likely will choose not to support them. If people really want to live in a world with less government and more personal responsibility, the burden is on the individual to support the businesses that are in line with their values and expose the people and businesses that don’t share those values.

“I don’t like that world where businesses say ‘I don’t want to serve your kind’, but that’s freedom. Freedom is ugly,” Glenn argued. “I know who people are. They aren’t wearing a mask all the time.”