What do Google’s Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen think of TheBlaze?

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, and Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, joined Glenn at TheBlaze’s New York studios to discuss the future of technology. Before the big sit-down, Eric and Jared had some high praise for Glenn and the company he’s building. Check out what they had to say about TheBlaze in the clip below:

Did you miss last night’s Glenn Beck Program. You can watch the entire interview HERE.

  • Christine Paul


    ★★★ ★★★� ★★★ ★★�★★ ★★★Check out what they had to say about TheBlaze in the clip below

    • Anonymous

      Oh, do SHUT UP!

  • Egor Drewich

    the word for today is ba-na-na banana

  • Laura Ross Wingfield

    So did Glenn ask them why The Blaze isn’t offered on the cable end of Google Fiber? I’ve asked them to add it but no word so far. If they admire him so much shouldn’t their customers be able to see The Blaze on Google Fiber?

    • B D

      Comcast and the other providers are well aware of the fact that Beck/TheBlaze has a far right religious agenda. They also know that Beck wants too much money for his propaganda channel and that most of the people who call to hassle them into carrying TheBlazeTV are racist reactionaries or religious extremists.

      • suzy

        Hi BD… It must be a tedious job to constantly ridicule and tear
        people down. I hope that some day the hate in you will be transformed into something constructive. Until that day, please remember that God loves you even if you have accepted a job to smear, discredit and ridicule. No matter how much hate and fear you are paid to spread…love wins out in the end. I truly hope that some of that will soften you. Maybe even some day, you can let some of that love in and find a way to tolerate people who believe in kindness, honesty and respect (all things that are anathema to the leftist movement.)

        • B D

          Dear Little Suzy, pointing out evil is a noble cause, and I enjoy doing my part. It’s very sad to see people like yourself who are so taken in by a false prophet and a huckster, that you get angry and upset when the truth about them is presented and it conflicts with the fantasy world you’re living in. Hopefully, one day you’ll find a way to step back from your idol worship and objectively assess Mr. Beck’s accusations, innuendos, conspiracies and delusional rants, so you can see the truth as I and so many others have. Meantime, ask yourself where Glenn’s love really is when he’s hawking over-priced old French gold coins to the senior citizens in his audience, or claiming calamity is just around the corner so we all better spend our good money on expensive freeze-dried food sold by LDS-owned companies. Ask Glenn where his love is when he falsely accuses our President of conspiring with foreign governments to protect terrorists or upsets senior citizens by predicting bloody riots nationwide (that was for the summer of 2012.) BTW, Glenn knows how to reach me anytime he wants to deny these facts I’ve presented and he has for years – still not a peep out of him Suzy. Like the old Everly Brothers song goes, Wake up Little Suzy, Wake up.

          • Anonymous

            BD — You’re a total loser and probably a paid Obot hack. If not, then you’re an extreme Leftist ideologue who is out of touch with both reality and rationality. Glenn has stated over and over again that the truth is the sole guiding light of the Blaze. And his actions support his words. Glenn is not a racist and all you had to do to learn that was to watch his show and his dialogues with Ken Hutcherson. Why don’t you pick up the phone and ask Ken’s widow if she thinks Glenn is a racist?
            The truth is BD, Obama has been a horrible president — regardless of his race. The would be true if a White had been elected on a message of “unity”, but had turned out to be extremely divisive along lines of race, class, gender, and religion.
            Obama’s Marxist nanny-state ideology is destroying America from within. We have 93 million Americans not in the labor force. And the unemployment rate has been particularly severe on Blacks. If a White was in the White House I’m sure that you’d be organizing daily protests and asserting that the president was a racist. Our national debt is not at $17.3 trillion and we are enslaving our children and grandchildren to horrible rates of taxation, to severe austerity measures, and to the collapse of our economy.
            Obama’s foreign policy (whatever it is, because no can figure it out other than than he favors the Muslim Brotherhood) is a disaster! No one respects Mr. “Red line in the sand”. He invited and encouraged the Arab Spring and now the Middle East is on fire with Iran mocking Obama and getting closer to having a nuclear bomb. Egypt through out Obama’s stooge Morsi, and has filed international criminal charges against Obama. China is on the move as is North Korea. And Putin has out maneuvered Obama at every turn.
            So the Blaze is an up and coming network with a solid cast that is second to none — or do you have trouble keeping up with Buck Sexton, Carter, Cupp, Wilkow, et al? Unlike the sycophantic MSM that is nothing but a propoganda machine for Obama and the DNC, the Blaze seeks the truth.
            It’s rather hilarious, BD, that you would suggest that Glenn cannot discuss the facts. The facts are rather clear, and Obama cannot run on his record, because his presidency has been a total failure. So, like you, he settles for the Alinsky tactic of mocking and ridiculing his political opponents.
            And Suzy called it right, BD. She has class.

          • B D

            Oh please adjudicator – stop being so dishonest. Your response makes no sense at all if it’s supposed to be a reply to anything I’ve shared here. I never called Beck a racist for starters. If I were to respond as you’ve been on this thread I’d be calling you a kiddie porn vendor and member of the KKK. You need to stick to reality and stop creating a fantasy in your little mind of who I am, what I think and who I work for, which is all wrong. The Catholic Church embraces science, does that make them all “Atheists” in your crazy world? What the hell is wrong with you?

            You claim “Glenn has stated over and over again that the truth is the sole guiding light of the Blaze.” Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t he tell the truth about how his conspiracy theories are usually completely wrong? Why doesn’t Glenn admit to all his fans who still think your President was trying to help a terrorist escape that he was completely wrong???? Glenn also allows his audience to believe they’re living in the Biblical End Times, and that the nation is going to implode and then he sells merchandise, safes and gold to the very same crowd?? That’s not telling the TRUTH and you know it. You’re a classic Beck fan. One who makes up things in their mind on these forums about others and then responds to them as if the fantasy in your little mind is real. You’re pathetic. Off you go now…”Pat/Stu” or whoever you are. lolol (see? I can play the game too goober:)

  • Republitards suck

    Trust me they were being nice. They left that studio thinkink Glenn is crazy as fuck.

    • Chris Chambers

      Even your avatar screams “Loser!”

    • http://WestValleyGreenHomes.com/ Eric Johnson

      Two of the biggest bigwigs from Goggle do not have to be nice to anyone. The fact that they spent hours by sitting down and being interviewed with Glenn Beck says that they are seriously impressed by what they see in his show & enterprise.

      If anything, they came in to get first hand knowledge of how things are run and they’ll be trying like hell to duplicate it.

    • Anonymous

      You were born stupid, weren’t you? I bet mommy is very proud.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, but I don’t trust you. Your comment adds nothing substantive and is contrary to both their demeanor and the content of their words.

  • Anonymous

    Is this guy suggesting that Islamic doctrine has nothing to do with Islamic Jihad and the dozens of terror attacks weekly carried out in the name of Allah by Muslims around the world? And he claims Glenn agrees on this point? Troubling.


    • Mike Nelson

      The things that bothered me most about this (the actual interview, not this short clip) were:

      1.) DO they really think that something they have created can’t be taken away? Was it really so long ago that Glenn was talking about how the US Gov’t just confiscated ALL of Nikola Tesla’s work and hid it for decades? As a person who’s been interested in Tesla’s work for decades myself, I’m shocked at the short term memories of people who say they are paying attention…. well, hell, to WHAT?

      2.) Werner von Braun and rocketry. This was a purely hobbyist pursuit, and yet spawned some of the first “terror” weapons the modern world has seen. Again, “your corporate culture” and the “spirit of activism within Google’s employee base” are actually going to somehow stand up to the intrusion of the FBI, the NSA, a local SWAT team, or even some judge’s warrant and seizure of property?

      What the hell are we thinking? It’s called the INFORMATION AGE and involves cyber-terrorism for a reason.

      Laws are just becoming blase, passe, and immaterial; once it’s out there, how do you get it back? It’s like trying to salvage a reputation, or collect the feathers from a pillow you’ve torn open from a tall building on a windy day.

      We are insane, in danger, and in the throes of a denial so deep that the real conversations haven’t even begun, even on a program like this.

      …and yet… what can we do? “Bring down the system”? LOL, sorry, but we all need to eat, and the production, circulation, and availbility of our food supply has already been almost completely automated, save for the stalwarts who still *gasp* plant and harvest, and even they depend on a water supply and sanitation services.

      This is monstrously big, and we’re approaching the point where the real “reset” that will come will be one of terrible proportions if/when we choose to deny the “lesser evils”.

      The more I think of it all, the more I’m just shocked people have any faith at all that our generations will return to any form of sanity at all.

  • Spring Cleaning Guide

    Glenn, you gave us great content that hour.

  • Feet2Fire

    GOOGLE? Some of the most invasive, privacy-violating goons on the planet, and Glenn ‘sits down with’ them? WHY? Refuse to even read/watch this sell-out crap. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, GLENN?

    • B D

      Glenn’s trying to reinvent himself and repair his ruined reputation as a doom and gloom fear monger. He’s even changing his look to portray himself as softer and gentler, like Charmin bath tissue. Problem is, he’s still the same old asswipe he always was.

      • suzy

        Once again BD, may I suggest that the fear spreading hater is not Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck is a man who is constantly self-reflective and willing to admit his mistakes and to commit to changing himself and doing better. You could take a page from him. I realize that as a government employee you are required to slander. Why did you choose this job? God still loves you and is willing to help you change should you ever let yourself be touched by his love and grace.

        One more thing…Glenn Beck’s courage and love is hard to miss unless you are not actually watching or listening to him. Perhaps you should give that a whirl.

        • B D

          Suzy, your dishonest assertions about someone you don’t even know show a lot about your character. I’ve shared factual observations here supported by evidence, while you’ve made false assumptions and dishonest accusations, which certainly doesn’t put you on the side of goodness and righteousness, does it Suzy? You speak of Beck’s “courage and love” but where was his courage and love when he used his position and celebrity to defame, slime and smear an innocent young man barely out of his teens who came to America from a small town in Saudi Arabia to make a better life for himself? Do you have any idea of the living hell that young man went through because of Glenn Beck’s delusional imagination Suzy? You’ve shown us that you lack compassion for others, something the Biblical Jesus tried to teach the world. Instead of compassion and understanding, you throw in with a loud mouth celebrity “journalist” who uses people like toilet paper and never bothers to apologize when time and events prove him wrong. And that was just one example of the damaging nonsense Beck has been spewing across the nation on his daily effort to incite fear, anger and division in the nation, FOR PROFIT and personal gain. Shame on you Suzy, for defending that kind of behavior.

          • Anonymous

            BD — why don’t you get off this site and seek mental health counseling for your delusions and anger? You don’t bring “facts” to the table. Rather, you bring “half-truths” mixed with your extreme Leftist ideology. And as far as Glenn being divisive, you really have it backwards. Glenn is attempting to build a conservative coalition through the common values (ie., limited government, rule of law, religious freedom, free markets) shared by Reagan-Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Conservatives. Meanwhile, former community organizer Obama, repeatedly gins up his base with divisive rhetoric about race, class, gender, and religion.

          • B D

            Adjudicator, there you go again. I challenge you to show one instance where I have shown I’m an “extreme Leftist.” There isn’t one goober. However, by instantly sizing up anyone who is critical of Glenn’s act as an Obama supporter and a leftist, you’ve proven my assertion that Beck is divisive. You’ve revealed how his audience engages in knee-jerk reactions to any criticism of him by instantly thinking the critic must be a leftist/progressive. That’s how Glenn wants you to think. He’s said it time and again. You either stand with me or you stand with the enemy. In fact, once he said you stand with him or you’re on the side of “supernatural evil.” Talk about delusion!

            And if using Glenn Beck’s own actual words amounts to a half truth to you, then you’re either admitting Glenn spreads falsehoods or you’re simply making things up again because you have nothing on your side.

            In addition, your silly assumption that you’re dealing with an Obama supporter is simply false. I never voted for Obama, in spite of the weak candidates the Republicans fielded. He’s not a good President, but he’s certainly not the Antichrist communist Muslim Beck and you extremists claim he is.

      • Anonymous

        BD – You’re adding nothing substantive. All you’re doing is shamelessly attacking Glenn. You appear to be an Obot hack. The result of your baseless and unwarranted personal attacks on Glenn, will be to only encourage thinking Americans to go to the polls in droves this mid-term election to vote in true conservatives who stand for the Constitution, for limited government, and for freedom. Thanks in advance for helping build the momentum for November 2014.

        • B D

          Adjud, the substance is staring you right in the face. Beck has changed his look and I’ve proved it here. He does everything for a reason, so it may be that his make-over is to make him appear more appealing to the general public as he tries to advance his BlazeTV project and have cable companies pick it up. It won’t work though.

          Thanks for acknowledging that my efforts here are having an affect on the entire nation and voter turnout for the midterm elections. Gee, you’ve granted me more power than I ever took credit for and if your predictions are accurate, it would suit me just fine. Off you go now kid.

  • B D

    Obviously, the Google executives are unfamiliar with Glenn Beck’s history as someone who cries wolf, makes false accusations against innocent people without setting the record straight afterward, and draws erroneous conclusions and makes them into half-baked conspiracies. They must also be unaware of Beck’s stated belief that we’ll all see “The ARM OF GOD!” in our lifetimes, meaning the end times are coming, and that he thinks evolution is false while he embraces Creationism.

    • jen

      cnn/nyt/fox, etc.. are the conspiracy theorists – creating lies and illusions to cover up and brainwash – those terrorists did a bang job on you dumb slave.

      • B D

        I’m talking about dyed in the wool, outlandish, crazy conspiracies without a toe in reality Jen, like the one your prophet Glenn created the week of April 15th of 2013 involving your President, the top tier of law enforcement in the US, and the Saudi government, who Glenn claimed were all in cahoots to aid and abet a young Saudi student who Glenn falsely accused of being a terrorist involved in the Boston Marathon bombings. Remember that Jen? Does that ring any bells for you? Here’s Glenn’s exact words. Maybe that will help clear away those cobwebs.

        • suzy

          Dearest BD, Have you been assigned to tear down Glenn Beck full time? In this day and age, when there is so much slander and ridicule it is almost always aimed at someone who is really on to something. Thank you for being so outlandish that I found this man. I would have never heard of him without the constant bad mouthing and bad publicity. Most intelligent people know that the traditional news is offering nothing more than yellow journalism disguised by a shining wrapper. Finding someone as credible and earnest as Glenn Beck is not easy. When I searched for news I was astonished by all the hits tearing this man down. I knew I had to watch him. In a way, your anger helped me find him. So thank you for helping Glenn get the word out.

          • B D

            Gee willickers Suzy. You’re obviously star struck and blinded by celebrity so badly that you can’t see direct quotes and facts that demonstrate exactly how your hero Glenn operates. You’re missing the fact that he gins up negative emotions, paranoia and anger in his audience with false conspiracies like the one I documented above. Reasonable people recognize hogwash when they see it. You’re not one of them Suzy.

          • Anonymous

            Quotes, yes; correct conclusions, no.
            Again, BD, you have Zero credibility.

          • B D

            Again ajudicator, there is no evidence to support your claim that Glenn was right about his accusations of a conspiracy involving Saudi Arabian officials, our highest law enforcement people and your President to aid and abet a terrorist. NONE! However, there’s plenty to support the fact that he was dead wrong and that his false accusations caused a massive number of threats to be launched against an innocent college student. You have nothing and it shows.

        • Anonymous

          BD – there was no “oops”. Napolitano was forced to testify in front of Congress about the nefarious government paperwork. Your history is false. We didn’t hear a peep from the MSM propoganda machine. Journalists follow the truth, and the truth doesn’t always lead to a smoking gun. But it’s at least the truth — and not the Establishment spin of the MSM that merely circles the wagons around The One.

          • B D

            adjudicator, your response to Mr. Beck’s irresponsible, paranoid behavior has no merit at all. He lied, and he was proven wrong. End of story. Well, maybe not the end. Yet.

    • Anonymous

      BD — you have ZERO credibility on this site.

      • B D

        Prove it. And who cares what you have to offer anyway? Not me.

  • Deckard426

    Google plans to offer the The Blaze on Skynet, once the Christians and NRA members have been imprisoned in labor camps, where they will be unable to watch it.

    • Anonymous

      Deckard426 — our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The essence of Christianity is to “love thy neighbor as thyself” or “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The NRA protects the right of law abiding citizens to own guns, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. How did things work out for Germany when Hitler’s National Socialist Party confiscated everyone’s guns?

  • Greenie Beanie

    Where liberty thrives, our livelihood depends upon the usefulness of our unique talents, skills, and capabilities rather than the merits of our efforts as judged by those who rule over us.

  • B D

    Glenn says he reads these comments, so here’s something he should know – he’s not fooling everyone, and one day, he’ll regret all the selfish, divisive, foolish things he’s been up to.

    And now let’s see how long it takes for one of Glenn’s little sheep to find their way here and make some cliched comment about “getting out of your mom’s basement” or something equally insipid. Who will toss out the first gem?

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, BD, get some mental health counseling. If nothing else, get out of your Mother’s basement.

      • B D

        LOL! Adjudicator takes the prize. Where shall we send your hat kid?

        • Pablo

          430 South Capitol St. SE, Washington, D.C., 20003

          c/o: #WarOnWomen

      • Guest

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