Glenn talks to Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver about the Justina Pelletier case

On Monday, a Boston judge ruled to place 15-year-old Justina Pelletier in a Massachusetts foster care facility – Shared Living Collaborative in Merrimac. This is the latest development in a nearly 13-month ordeal that has seen the Pelletier family lose custody of the child to the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families.

Glenn and TheBlaze have been methodically covering the case for a number of months, and other national media sources are beginning to pick up the story as well. The problems began last February when physicians at Boston Children’s Hospital concluded that Justina has somataform disorder, a physiological condition, not mitochondrial disease. Justina’s parents, Lou and Linda, objected to the new diagnosis – citing Justina’s extensive treatment for mitochondrial disease by doctors at Tufts Medical Center. It was this objection that led to the Massachusetts DCF gaining custody of the child.

After hearing about the case through Glenn’s coverage, Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel, has offered the Pelletier’s legal counsel. Mat was not allowed to be in the courtroom on Monday when the judge ruled to put Justina in foster care because he had to motion to be allowed in as an attorney for the family. The judge didn’t immediately grant this motion and is allowing DCF 48 hours to contest it.

After appearing alongside Lou Pelletier on last night’s Glenn Beck Program, Mat joined Glenn on radio this morning and explained that in his 27 years of practicing law, he has “never seen anything like this.”

Mat admitted that he was initially skeptical that something this egregious could be happening in the United States. But, as it turns out, situations like this are nothing new.

“We looked at it. We talked to the parents. We talked to others. We did an investigation. And we realized: Yeah, there is something wrong, but it’s not with the parents – it’s with the Department of Children and Families, the CCN of Massachusetts, and Boston Children’s Hospital,” Mat explained. “This is not the first time this has happened to parents when they have taken their children for treatment at Boston Hospital. DCF all of a sudden is called, and they come in and the children are taken away because now, oh, it’s not a physical problem. It’s got to be a mental problem. It’s all in your head, therefore, it’s got to be the parents making these things up… When you dig into this other issue, you realize this is a pattern of DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital.”

Mat believes that the state is trying to keep this case “quiet” and “kick the can down the road.” But the increased media attention is making it more and more difficult. One of the most bizarre aspects of the case is that Justina’s family is barely able to interact with the child.

Justina’s sisters and grandparents have not seen her in over a year. And when her mother Linda arrived on Friday for her monitored, hour-long weekly visit, she wasn’t even allowed to bring her cell phone in “to photograph her own daughter’s condition.”

“Matt, I can’t thank you enough – you and the people that are coming in are going to be responsible for saving this girl’s life. And I think, honestly, waking America up to a horrible situation. It’s not just in Massachusetts,” Glenn concluded. “We pray for your health and the health of your organization and that God watches over everything that you do. Thank you, Mat… This thing is going to come undone in a spectacular way.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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  • CHHR

    follow the money.. the federal welfare system is at work here as in most other cases in the country… oh yea, check out the cases of “child abuse” the numbers are regularly inflated to give the awful impression child abuse is on the rise when in fact it is not. Supposedly a case happens every “six seconds” what they don’t tell you, is their “suspected” cases that rarely prove to be true. But by claiming the “health and wellbeing of the child,” they take these children into the system and collect federal dollars for as few as two years and as many as the rest of the child’s dependency years to 18. Notice too how many parents are “TPRd” the younger the child, the greater the chance. Then they “system” bogs the case down in courts until the child is considered to old to be repatriated to their family.

    I could go on, but do want to thank you for staying on this story… too many of us have been irreparably harmed while the public turned the other way.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, follow the money.

      This family stopped paying their mortgage, utilities, and other medical bills long before Justina was ever diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. They have managed to stall the sale of their house for six years and avoid paying five-figure in past utility payments somehow, and a “medically fragile child” is excellent leverage.

      The father claims on Glenn Beck’s show that all of the medical interventions that were done were covered by insurance, implying that they were somehow appropriate, but the father neglects to mention that a half-dozen or so medical providers are suing the family for medical services that were provided and weren’t covered…those are just the ones that are pursuing payment, because I have no doubt that a few providers ate the cost of care provided to Justina.

      No one wants to discuss that issue.

      And no one wants to acknowledge that the family has been reported in the past for refusing to allow the kind of evaluation which would confirm or rule out somatoform disorder.

      • Jeanne Michelle


        • Anonymous

          I don’t propose to know what Megyn Kelly is doing, but I do believe that Glenn Beck is doing another lookaround on this issue and making sure he’s not doing heavy lifting for the wrong side.

          I could be wrong.

      • Harold Benghazi Koenig

        Stipulate that the family is way nehind on its medical bills. Two chronically ill children can do that. This justifies kidnapping?

        Stipulate that they resisted testing for somatoform disorder. Now BCH and Mass DCF have had the child for more than a year. How is their oh-so-much better diagnosis and treatment plan working out for the child? How has forbidding photographs helped? How has denying her pastoral visits helped?

        This controversy is not about whether the Pelletiers are current with their bills. It’s about whether a disagreement between hospitals and physicians about a question of diagnosis justifies the imprisonment, with bad health sequels, of an adolescent.

        You are changing the subject and attacking the parents and suggesting that a dismal credit history is sufficient reason to lose your children.

        • Anonymous

          The family is being sued by two hospitals (one being Connecticut Children’s Hospital), and about a half-dozen other clinical providers. Lou Pelletier claimed on Glenn Beck’s show that health insurance approved all of the things that were done to Justina, and he used that to justify all of the procedures she endured. You don’t get to use whatever narrative fits the moment, especially when they are contradictory…not to mention that they stopped paying their mortgage years before Justina was diagnosed, and they continued to live in a half-million dollar home while driving cars that most of America cannot afford.

          The Boston Globe article that all of the Pelletier cheerleaders like to reference indicates that Tufts reported the family to protective services in 2011, the year Justina was diagnosed, because the family refused to allow a psychiatric evaluation…which is required to rule-in/out a somatoform disorder. Why do all of you people not know these things?

          BCH has no role in where the child lives, and the child has been out of that facility for quite a while now. You have no idea how her treatment plan is working because federal law prohibits you from seeing her medical records, and you are going by the selective information that the family wants you to hear. If you refuse to consider the convenience and bias of that, then you are not exercising an open mind.

          The financial issue is entirely relevant, because convincing the bank that has foreclosed on your home and tricking the utility company that you own $20k that there is a medically fragile person in the home is great legal leverage to keep the lights on and to have the foreclosure sale delayed which the family has managed to pull off for six years now.

          What this isn’t about is hospitals disagreeing with each other; this is about the family corralling the patient into a torturous diagnosis that even her own doctor said he is not 100% sure of, and using her as a free ride to maintain a standard of living that they aren’t paying for. Don’t think they wouldn’t have been the first set of parents to use their child for personal gain; the welfare industry is loaded with it.

          I’m not changing the subject; the subject never changes. I’m merely pointing out that you folks are not looking at the entire issue, and are in fact willing to ignore the inconvenient components of the story because it makes you uncomfortable to think that some parents would actually use their child egregiously for personal gain. Let me expose you to the real world and point out that it happens every day.

  • sad conservative

    This is simple, the judge in the case needs to be dis-barred and sent to prison. Mass state employees involved need to be fired and listed as “child molesters”. Boston childrens Hospital needs to be sued into oblivion.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. I know of a similar case in NJ. Apparently, many of these “case workers” are drunk with their own sense of power. These people need to be sued and their careers ended. Maybe they can work at MacDonald’s as janitors. Boston Children’s needs to be shut down. And, where is the Dr. who was treating Justina and transferred to BCH? He needs to get a spine and stand up for Justina.

      • Anonymous

        I agree the DCF workers are using their power just because they can. However, the doctors at the hospital should not be taking the stance they have taken. There is a new department at Boston Childrens dedicated to pediatric medical abuse and they must justify their positions. They are the ones drunk on power and now they are too self centered to admit they COULD be wrong. Since Justine is getting worse instead of getting better, it is easy to see their diagnosis is flawed. I also can not believe the judge did not look at Justine and decide that she could not be worse if she was living with her parents and getting treatment. A former nurse at Boston also came out against the treatment but no one listened to her. The whole situation is baffling =- so many “educated” people come to a conclusion that seems to be making the child worse. I guess they are worried if they now change course they will get sued for the first wrong diagnosis. Are they willing to sacrifice a child so they can not be proven wrong?

      • Anonymous

        There was a case in Georgia a few years ago similar to this. The little baby had an inherited disease and was dying. His parents were both medical doctors. The child had been diagnosed by a hospital in another state. The parents were in the Atlanta area and had to take the baby to a hospital. The hospital took the baby and accused the parents of abusing the baby. The parents knew they had to get the child out of that hospital and back to the hospital where he had been treated, so they kidnapped the baby and fled with him back to the hospital where he was being treated. As it ended, the baby died in a few weeks and the parents were able to spend the last few weeks with him before he died. This is not new.

        • Anonymous

          I pray this is not the same situation with Justina when they allow her to go to Tufts for treatment in couple days!!! I hope Tuft can save her and bring her back to full health of her ice skating days !! But I put nothing pass this progressive click of BS slingers of DCF,Judge,psych doctor, BCH staff to keep mum they don’t want her to get worse of die under their directive of care !! They cannot sling the BS that she was ice skating ,going to school and had a touch of the flu and now she going down hill almost dying that gave her better and the right treatment not even even the dumb sheep would fall for this !! If something happen to Justina they wants Tufts to share the blame of take the fall, or say even the renown Tufts couldn’t save her . or that she went further down hill under Tufts watch !!! It like this scenario obama fire dept mess up greatly in fighting a house fire for longest time ,then call the Cruz fire dept when it too late to save the house already in gulf or involved with flames and the house already loss so they take the blame or fall ,share the blame . I pray that I’m wrong and Tuft can save this precious girl and she won’t be cripple for life or scar mentally from the torture at BCH !

      • peanut

        He did but they wouldn’t listen to him. I pray that God makes a way for this child to be brought back to her parents

    • jack

      The governor Deval Patrick is the one who should be indicted. He has done nothing about this disgraceful episode. The national press should go after him.

      • Amy LaViolette

        Marxists and Communists stick together…this girl will be dead or permanently disabled by the time the State of Massholes admits they’re wrong.

      • Christy Jones


        ☗☗☗ ☗☗䷳☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗I could go on, but do want to thank you for staying on this story… too many of us have been irreparably harmed while the public turned the other way.

    • Anonymous

      Had a friend who had a similar situation in OR. Child protective services are protected from law suits. It takes a lot of power OR God himself to intervene. They have power and audacity.

  • isis5551

    Yes Mat, as I said before……you are an Angel. And thank you Glenn for bringing this to so many people’s attention. I have yet to receive an answer to my phone calls or emails. No surprise there! Maybe because I said they were not a hospital, but more a human research lab? And for those “Foster Parents”? I can only see them having one choice. As soon as they get “custody”, give Justina back to her family. NOW!

    • OpenMinded

      If they did that then most likely they would be arrested and the law would go and obtain Justina again by any method’s necessary. Including extreme prejudice. Sad but that seems to be becoming the norm.

    • Anonymous

      She is not going to a typical “foster family”. She is going to a group home for the mentally ill. I read that while in the hospital/mental ward, she was not allowed to use a phone, not allowed to get or give mail, no outside contact. We all have certain rights but because she is a juvenile, they seem to be OK denying her those rights. The whole situation is scary.

      • Anonymous

        What the institutionalized Marxism is doing with Justina is setting legal precedent to do it to you and me, with legal immunity. Pray it happens to the grandchildren of some out-of-state fatcats, for they are the only ones with the political muscle to reverse the trend. But it is more likely they would pull strings to stop it. The same politicians that ride in on big white horses to rescue us from predicaments like Justina’s are the ones who make the laws that trip us up. The slow-thinking, politically-naive masses never catch on to the win-win situation for the politicians unless the media tell them about it. That never happens unless they do not like the politics of the officials.

  • Anonymous

    Question Justina is a resident of Conn. and some of treatment was in Conn per Tufts directions nutrients,drugs etc and if these treatments were supposedly abuse that took place in Conn shouldn’t this case be under Conn court venue or Justina should be under ward of her home state of Conn and not Mass ???? But the click of Mass. have a long reach already had Conn. officials inspect the home of Pelletier frequent times ??? Question if their was so much blatant abuse taking place in home of Pellietier family and with all the state Conn. inspection of their home ,why didn’t Conn.. step in and take charge of the other daughter or found fault before Justina went to BCH for treatment by her original doctor ,which never seen for over year there at BCH, I tell why the state of Conn didn’t make a move ,because there is nothing wrong with Pelletier family !!!! Only in the head of what you call it shrink doctor at BCH who is in need of a shrink for himself !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Good point, 7tom7. I expect her attorney will question jurisdiction. I wonder where all the civil liberty organizations are in this? Why no loud outcry? I also wonder how many of us have “Justinas” in our states, towns, neighborhoods and don’t know it? How many kids have to “disappear” under the guise of “protective welfare”? Reminds me of what is going on in present day Germany with SWAT teams descending on home schooling families and whisking the kids away to undisclosed locations…for months and months. Can’t believe this stuff goes on here, but then, you would think Germans would have learned their lesson in the 40s!

    • Anonymous

      You last few statements may indicate precisely why they took the risk to seek care in another state.

      After already popping up on Connecticut’s radar, maybe it was getting a little to hot in the Pelletier’s kitchen.

      Not like the state would ever make a mistake based on manipulated evidence and let someone go who was guilty, right?

      • Harold Benghazi Koenig

        Amazing. The stories are clear about why the child was at BCH. Justina and the Pelletiers have already been punished without due process of law. Justina’s health is declining. And you play guessing games about why she was at BCH.

        • Anonymous

          Amazing? The story is not clear; you only know what the family wants you to know. No one has been punished. You don’t actually know her health status, specifically because there is no way you could know since her medical records are confidential and the hospital is prohibited from sharing even a shred of information.

          I’m playing no games, even while people who have no idea what dozens of people involved in Justina’s care saw the night she arrived in their hospital, or witness the behavior of the family that has a proven record of embellishment and drama. Please read the Pelletier lawsuit against Luke Bittner who rear-ended their car the year before Justina was taken to BCH; the way the mother describes her own lifelong physical and emotional disability based solely on a vague neck injury should make any rational person suspicious of her mental capacity to actually care for a child. Yeah, there’s no tone of “ambulance-chasing” in that document.

  • jack

    Gov. Deval Patrick has refused to do anything about the DCF’s shocking mismanagement and disgusting display of cover-ups. This governor is a disgrace and should be indicted for incompetence and neglecting to doing his job. The press should go after him.

  • Anonymous

    This case, as well as many others, is exactly why every concerned American needs to be SCREAMING for Congress to pass the Parental Rights Amendment. I am shocked that so many people have not heard about the PRA. If our evil, criminal Congress ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, cases like this will be the norm. The government already truly believes it is the best remedy for whatever “ails” your child. Do you want the government rearing your child?! Look at every single attempt the federal government has made to operate anything…social security, taxes, education, health care, foreign policy, school lunches, etc.

    Children equal money. Period. That is why the government wants your child from womb to grave. Call your representatives. Demand they support the PRA. Give a voice to parents all across this nation who are being abused by the System. Make no mistake about it, the UNCRC is NOT about protecting children! It is about control and money and, in the end, it is the children who stand to lose the most.

    A sad, sad day in America. May Justina be restored to her family. May those involved in destroying that family be punished and may all of us refuse to be silent in the face of tyranny and oppression! Have we learned nothing from the Third Reich?!

  • Carle W Riley

    Dear God in Heaven, please intervene for Justina.

  • Anonymous

    If this is not considered as child abuse by the state, I don’t know what is. The progressives are trying all kinds of communist tactics and getting away with it. What is this so called justice system in America? The government is tuning against its own people. This system of government, namely all of Washington, must be destroyed and eliminated. America must start anew from scratch and the Constitution must rule, not some party or other. Can such leaders be found to restore sanity to America?

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Who in the world gave these people the power to steal children from their parents? Disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, you and I gave them the power. Laws, rules, etc allow the gov to do all kinds of things that shoudl not be allowed. Police can throw you in jail without charges, they can stop you because they think you are a problem, the IRS can come to your home or business and demand things, the gov can go in your home and search it without a warrant. The DOJ just made a new policy after catching so much flack about investigating James Rosen, his family, AP, etc with out a warrant. Now, they have agreed not to do that UNLESS it is an emergency. Of course, they can decide what is an emergency and what does not need a warrant.

      • Jesustheonlyway

        Uh…I’ve never passed a law in my life – I certainly wouldn’t have given anyone permission to steal children. Power grabbers pass laws that do this.

        • Anonymous

          Uh, maybe you should think a little deeper. No, you might not have “passed a law” but you, or another citizen, elected the people that make the laws and allow this stuff to happen. How do you think these “power grabbers that pass laws” get in a position to do this? Same with Obama – we, the people, elected him and only “we the people” can change the make up of Congress/presidency

          • Jesustheonlyway

            Uh…I don’t vote in Massachusetts – I live in a very Conservative state so – no – I did not vote for the politicians that passed their law, nor did I vote for delusional Obama. I do understand ‘how’ voting works but most of ‘we the people’ have turned into mindless idiots.

          • CylonesRUS

            Hey, All the Jerries did not elect Hitler, but they all felt the result. The jews who just flowed and didn’t fight, look what happened, when good people do nothing, when evil is permitted to flurrish then tyannants will rule. The hosipital hould be surrounded wih protestors, the governor’s and judges homes as well.

          • Jesustheonlyway

            Well, hey! I agree with you, but I’m beginning to believe we’re too far gone for protesting and waging a war would only bring more pain. The days of revolution have come and gone and while it appears most citizens were asleep at the wheel, the Progressive Communist took over. Just today I had to correct someone who is *still* blaming Bush and Iran for our high gas prices – not a mention of Obama stopping all federal drilling including the coastal drilling that Bush approved just before leaving office. Most Americans don’t even know current events much less our history and gee whiz…give them a cheap cell phone and they’ll follow you anywhere! Too many people believe the lies and love the so-called *freebies*. This is all Pied Piper stuff and people are so gullible they’ll fall for the leftist creepy little tune, ‘trust us, we’re the government, and we’re here to help’. This demise in America has been a slow process – didn’t happen overnight – and they did it through the schools by poisoning the minds of our children with lies.

  • Anonymous

    Somatoform disorder, what used to be called Munchausen’s by proxy.

    Yeah, that mother and father were medicating her so badly that she just ice-skated up a storm!

    Now that we have properly diagnosed her, look at how well she is in this wheelchair!

    Ah, the miracles of modern medicine, ain’t it great?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      If she were so healthy, then why did Tufts send he to another state to seek care?

      Healthy mothers of newborns ride the wheelchair out of the hospital for liability reasons; does that mean they’ve deteriorated? No chance at all that the family says “sit in the wheelchair for this photo we are going to send to the gullible masses.”

  • Anonymous

    Honestly someone needs to organize soldiers and other people and storm the hospital and take the girl

    • Anonymous

      People who say SOMEONE should do something mean someone ELSE should do it. That way they get benefits with no pain, no strain, no risk!

      Alternatively, [Glenn reveals] despots sometimes insert agents provocateur into the rabble to incite civil disobedience as an excuse to declare martial law.

      69Chevelle454 could be either or neither; lazy or crazy; bad or rad; ill or shill.

  • Anonymous

    One thing that needs to be changed is the lack of accountability of DCFS-type agencies. Their staffing and budget needs are determined by how many situations they investigate. The more ‘problems’ they find, the more staff they hire because they have more money in their budgets. The same goes for the behaviorial-type agencies that deal with substance abuse or mental problems. I know first-hand that the agency in my area will keep people coming for years for counseling, but they never seem to get better. They just keep them on various drugs, often multiple prescriptions, that keep them so doped up they can’t figure out how to get to a house at the end of their street…no exageration! And when they ask to be taken off of some of these drugs they are told it isn’t possible, that they need these drugs. Why? Again, the more clients they have the bigger their budget. The bigger their budget the more counselors they can hire.

  • Anonymous

    THE DCF AND BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL WILL not get away with this.This is criminal more than anything.God is sending in the help.

    • CylonesRUS

      God lets people act on their free will, if we do nothing, then nothing will happen.

  • Stayfreenotgovowned

    How much money is in this judges Swiss Bank Account?

  • Harry

    Harry I had a child with a rare decease called niemann pick type c and we were going to boston childrens hospital at the time. Long story short we had dcf called on us for medical neglect and had a case worker thretean to take him away from us. Dcf did thier thing and found no cause for the complaint. We moved out of state to stop boston childrens hospital from bothering us again. I feal that if we would have stayed with them they would have killed him sooner than the decease would have.

  • Anonymous

    I hope everyone will spread the word for those who don’t watch Glenn or Fox news or listen to talk radio to use Facebook ,Twitter to spread the word to those people. To call this number 800-722-9550 in freeing Justina Pelletier and to sign the petitions Thanks and keep those prays coming for Justina and to free her !!! Maybe Kelly of Fox News and Glenn Beck will urge their viewers for them to spread this word by their facebook and twitter of this phone number and to sign petition to free Justina !! What harm in calling up to learn more precise true facts and maybe sign the petition if you want too and if you don’t donate because you don’t trust site that ok, main thing to become more inform and sign the petition THANKS !!!

  • Anonymous

    As I watched this story unfold on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File,” I felt like this was another miscarriage of justice. Then I followed Glenn’s advice, “Do your own homework.” I have read posts from people on the other side of the story, and I read a lengthy online article from the Boston Globe yesterday. I find myself squarely on the fence. The father seems highly intelligent and articulate, so I don’t think he is someone who shouldn’t be trusted with his own daughter. However, I wonder why none of the officials from the other side have appeared on “The Kelly File.” One post said it was because of HIPAA rules. Maybe, but I think someone from the other side should be willing to debate the issue since the parents have been willing to speak out. All I want to see happen is “We report, you decide.” My hope and prayer is that truth and justice will prevail.

    • Anonymous

      A rare voice of reason on this topic.

      I agree, but federal law originating from Massachusetts no less penalizes any discussion of these matters by hospitals or DCF. The family should invite public debate, but interestingly enough they haven’t. Besides, it would be devastating to the family if their legal history were exposed to the nation and there is more than enough in their past to cast a large shadow over their past behaviors as parents.

  • G26

    With the institutions of freedom, private property, and rule of law in place during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the citizens of the West voluntarily unleashed their abilities and created wealth on a scale never before seen.


    MassHole is right….Massachusetts was once a prosperous state led by conservative leaders, and then 48 years later it turned into a radical progressive liberal state gone mad…..and remember that Bostons Childrens Hopsital is own and operated by Harvard University, the upmost radical college in the state…..only way to show disgust with this situation is t bombard the phone number To both ends to the foolish idiot judge and the hospital….CALL CALL CALL! THIS SHOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN TO ANY FAMILY!!~!!!!! AND IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM…PERFECT EXAMPLE OF COMMUNISM ON THE FOREFRONT.

  • Anonymous

    Question since Justina is being held as a prisoner of the state ,should she not get basic prisoner rights per state and federal laws & regulations is BCH violating these rights of prisoners of the state ??? To have private conversations, private visits, to have visitors or see her lawyer per her selection in private?? And for good behavior haven’t commit any crimes and to have weekend release,holidays to be with family for good behavior . Does Justina innocent of any crime have less rights than our harden criminals of Walpole,Framingham etc !!!! ??? If the state lockup a person of 15 years of age for a serious crime and their parents provide a lawyer for them he has right to private visit to the defendant to present her side or argue her case in courts or hearings this state Justina treating less than human she cannot pick her own defense attorney ,the state is giving her no choice the DCFs whose is bias toward her ( that having lawyer dont’t believe in your innocent or don’t listen to you,believe your guilty and will do nothing to undo this !! Who are taking this right away from Justina and the parents to have a un hinder lawyer represent them in court if lawyer cannot see the defendant in private I call that hinder the lawyer to truely represent Justina in court!!

    • Anonymous

      I hope this great millionaire will find a renown medical lawyer doctor, will know what question to ask Justina per treatment and her condition if not lawyer will confer with medical expert doctors before going in seeing her to know what questions to ask for private visit if this is allow by the Secret Police state Prison system of Mass !! They should allow this lawyer private visitation for her defense in court and to present her side to speak freely without fear of reprisal from these lower life form guards of what you call it Dcfs social workers and a state trooper with the mind of a attack dog!! Then she can speak out freely on the truths what really going on in this hell hole of a prison for her !!!!!!!! Where they’re treating her less than human cannot freely pick a lawyer of her choice !! Per the bias lower life forms of DCFs Justina is guilty of all her illness just being in her head per a shrink doctor just 7 months out of medical school who know more than renown physical experts doctors for years in their field and then you tell you know more than them per the physical illness take your BS and go somewhere else !!, P.S To BCH shrink doctor your the one in need of a shrink doctor not Justina !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope Glenn will have on the front page of this site of a recap list of all former articles and their great posts entree to be pull up on Justina so newer joiners to free Justina movement will catch up on info and they may come up with a great idea to help free Justina after reading all the posts with their good and bad ideas !! Also maybe small picture of Justina ice skating for her grandmother with the day count held hostage on front page just like our hostages day count with Iran up to 444 days !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question is Mass setting up the precedent for obama progressive police state to be like Russia in pulling anyone off the street ????? Take Justina incident a so so psych doctor of 7 months out of medical school most likely part of the government progressive click and brain wash by the school too !! This so so psych claim that what wrong with Justina in her head,not thinking right,not capable of making decision for herself, not sane and this goes for her parents too !! ?? Question don
    t every citizens have the right to prove themselves innocent of false accusations that they are not insane but sane with having a lawyer and psych doctor of their choice to represent them ??????!!!! If not this progressive police state of obama can have a puppet doctor and a what call it social workers can point you out and both agree that your insane and throw away the key like in Russia !!! This is not right citizens U.S have no recourse to prove this false ,slanderous accusations or to face their accuser with legal and medical representation that your sane and of sound mind !! They will lock you up because of your political views or like the parents and Justina who just say no to the progressive click which is a no no !!! We have government lying on Benghazi,IRS,obama care, fast and furious,NSA , so why not this progressive control freak click of government and doctors could be lying in the Justina case too ?????? What happen to our constitutional rights in the progressive police state of Massachusetts ????????????????

    • Anonymous

      The technique Saul Alinsky advocated for turning America into another socialist utopia has been described as “Gradualism.” What chance for justice has the population of a nation that educates its students so poorly they cannot effectively express themselves in writing (poor grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.)?

      My feeble, inexpert attempt to translate 7tom7’s comment follows below:

      Question: Is Massachusetts setting precedent for an Obama Progressive police-state capable (like Russia) of summary arrest? Take the Justina case: A “so-called” psychologist with barely 7 months of experience; part of “the Government-Progressive clique, and brainwashed by his schooling, holds sufficient expertise for a court to accept his testimony as “expert.” His personal examination of Justina has determined she is insane, incapable of making responsible decisions for herself also applies to her parents, who he has not examined.

      Question: Haven’t citizens the right to be presumed innocent; to confront their accusers and the witnesses against them face-to-face in a court of law; to present evidence in their favor; to be represented by competent legal counsel of their choice, in their favor; and for the court to provide such counsel if they cannot?

      The rest of the comment, as poorly expressed as it is, seems clear enough to be generally understood, if not accepted as testimony, by judges appointed for their political beliefs rather than their jurisprudence, honor or loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. Their fitness (or lack thereof) for THEIR offices, has been proven time-after-time by their decisions, verdicts and actions, which speak far louder than their official pompous, flowery, convoluted words.

  • Co-Reigner

    Sad as it is, this is not strictly a recent phenomenon. Something very similar happened to my neighbor in 1979–a joint kidnapping by CPS in collusion with military hospital staff. During the 80’s and 90’s, this was occurring all too often. I do not mean to minimize or mock Justina and her family but it is good that you are giving this attention. Hopefully, good people will wake-up to the harsh reality.

  • Anonymous

    To Pelletier don’t let your guard down your daughter still in the police state of Massachusetts while at Tufts even if the state give back you parents rights when the spot light dies down if she in the state they will revoke your parents rights again !!! ,They are out for blood you said no to the progressive click and expose their evil !! I hope Justina will recover fully and stay out the police state of Mass. For Glenn and Kelly and all the great bloggers keep coming up with facts on this giant monster iceberg of evil to kill it or it will rear it ugly head again and be far stronger and more evil to save our children and our great nation !!!!! P.S To Lou be leery of Conn ties to the police state of Mass .!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????

  • Anonymous

    Hey you lower life forms at BCH why wait a couple days to transfer to Tufts you can do this in a couple hours or over night !! What the renown doctors transfer from Tufts said she in need of urgent care he was finally let to see Justina after a year !! Why are you still taking your time in transferring her ?? !! Or that Justina going down hill now and nothing can be done so she won’t died at BCH or under BCH directives and parents can see her at a less hostile atmosphere of Tufts. I pray and hope not ,that i’m wrong and pray for her full recovery !! This what I pray for the low life at BCH and their click of a judge ,DCF social workers,nurses,staff all who aid ,abetted ,and help with their silence of lack of treatment to this girl and torture of this girl . That you all will stand trial just like Nazi soldiers at death camps who pushes people into oven , who use for excuse just following orders,going along with the click or movement, didn’t know right from wrong they were charge with war crimes and were gas or hang !!! I hope your whole evil click will go to trail and be charge with helping with torture of a little girls and others and possible deaths and that your all be in the gas chambers that you lower life forms deserve !! You all in the BCH evil click should be charge with war crimes against children !!!

    • Anonymous

      At least you lower life forms will get fair and just trial ,better than the bias trail and hearing Justina got from bias judge ,of the click in co hoots to cover for each other !!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      What are you waiting for in transferring Justina so that she be so ill that she cannot talk to her parents ,renown doctors, lawyers or unconsious I don’t put anything pass you low life at BCH , she under BCH directive for treatment what they waiting for so she won’t be able give a testimony of her treatment and torture so they avoid major law suit for the whole evil click ???????????

    • Anonymous

      Let me introduce you to some of the “lower life forms at BCH.”

      FYI, a pediatric bone marrow transplant unit is undeniably the most emotionally devastating place for any clinical provider to work.

      They are a veritable army of Nazi’s in scrubs.

      • Love it

        Thanks for this video. <3

  • Anonymous

    Question if your transferring Justina to Tufts now for treatment ,why don’t return the rights to the parents ???? Is that if the parents don’t have rights of their child ,then they couldn’t not report the condition Justina was recieve at Tufts ???? BCH attempt to keep silent the freedom of speech in place on the parents !!????

    • Anonymous

      They way I see it, the family should be allowed to say whatever they want about the child, but the moment they speak at all about her clinical condition, then Boston Children’s can consider the child’s medical privacy rights waived and they should be allowed to step up to the mike and tell the world what they saw the night this family brought Justina into their facility.

      The ONLY reason we don’t hear Boston’s side of this is because a law written by a liberal senator disallows the hospital from talking about the child.

  • Justsayin…….

    Sounds like this is a warning to stay out of Mass. Do not even visit. You would be surprised how quickly so called “best interests of the child” crumble to loss of revenue from lack of tourism.

  • Anonymous

    Question if Justina is transfer to Tufts will she still be the ward of the state ??? The parent will have restricted visit, no private conversations,no pictures, no consulting with Tuft doctors on her conditions and new or resume treatment ?? Plus will Justina still be under prison guard of DCF what you call it bias social workers and a bias state trooper with the mind of attack dog ,which he is under control of his handlers of social workers ,and awaiting for the command of go stic Them !!! So with the guards force there Justina be afraid to speak out because of reprisal later on. Justina is a U.S citizens with rights and freedoms ,right to a consul or lawyer, right to not be detain or held hostage, have doctors of her choice or parents choice !!! She is not a expendable cog in the police state of Mass with no rights or freedoms and no constitution protection !! Question will the what you call it social workers will not give the renown doctors a free rein to treat Justina ,they will decide what best treatment for Justina and what treatment she should receive or not ?????? Parent will be still under the gag order too from the so so judge !!

  • Daddy Dont Let Them Take Me

    Lets Stop Social Services NOW.They are drugging our children,placing them in worst conditions than they supposely came out of. All for FEDERAL MONEY AND BONUSES.The more foster placement and Adoptions the more Federal money,STAND UP for whats right Stand together and lets not sweep this under the rug like they want us to do.Everytime the words DCS,DCBS,CHS,SS,CABINET ETC ETC are mentioned the judges and their circle shut it down.THERE IS STRENTH IN NUMBERS.TELL EVERYONE YOU SEE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE.
    WLKY 32 NEWS LOUISVILLE KY SHOWS A 3 PART SERIES ON YOUTUBE OF ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE DCS CORUPTION PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND LISTEN TO THE WHISTLEBLOWER FORMER SUPERVISOR tell her story of the corruption inside of SOCIAL SERVICES…CPS whitsleblower exposes CPS’S corruption and drugging of children He was a former Social Worker but could not stand for the corruption his story is also on youtube.Thank You and God Bless.


  • Daddy Dont Let Them Take Me

    Anyone that has had problem with these people DCS KIDNAPPING/STEALING thier children can contact this address for support and infomation.Thank You and dont give up th fight…

    • Anonymous

      Question if this so so shrink doctor at BCH said the illness was all in her head ,was he implying that she was not of sound mind,not all there ,insane whatever , is not the state law you need to have two other shrink doctors to vertifield this who does not have a conflict of interest or ties with this BCH shrink doctor or BCH for independant neutral opinion in this doctor findings!!!??? Did Justina every met with these two other doctor ??? Maybe they never met and now BCH would fudge the record that they did to cover their rear !!??? Question Justina and parents are citizens of U.S if someone or some shrink doctor accuse you it all in your head ,your not of sound mind etc, don’t you have a right to face your accuser have your former Tufts physical doctor testifield in your behalf of your condition, have 2nd,& 3nd opinions from other outside physical doctors of your physicla condition and the same goes for you pulling outside shrink doctors to speak in your behalf that your of sound mind and not in your head !!

  • Daddy Dont Let Them Take Me

    Its not just Mass,Social Services are in control in every state,its a fact the judge agrees with them 90% of the time,Children are 82% more likely to be neglected,abused,sexually abused in Foster care than with the biological parents,go check the numbers,but they can call anything neglect and remove your children,i know an attorney that fought DCS and they removed his children on the grounds of verbally abusing them. when people try and fight for thier children back they make it so tough on the parents its almost impossible to do what they require so they can speed up the adoption process..

    • Anonymous

      Where is your evidence that the judge agrees with Soc. Services 90% of the time?

      Where is your proof that children are 82% more likely to be abused in foster care? Are you actually willing to make that allegation against the thousands of religious conservatives that open their homes to needy children?

      And what are you doing for these children?

  • Daddy Dont Let Them Take Me

    Thier is no DUE PROCESS no MIRANDA RIGHTS no CHILDREN ALLOWED IN FAMILY COURT during proceedings or ever,the children never have a chance to speak for themselves regardless of age.A judge,GAL,,Attorneys,,Social Services,and 95% of the time a Mom and Dad fighting against them all.

    • Anonymous

      Justina testified in court last year.

      But you didn’t know that, so you need to prove that you are educating yourself on the issues that BOTH sides are facing.

  • Daddy Dont Let Them Take Me

    Thank you Glenn Beck for doing a story on this and Thanks to all the people that have posted on here so far,i have yet to read one comment upholding DFS. but im sure some of thier own will be posting,i hope everyone brings this subject up to a friend or co worker,social media not just today but everyday until children and parents get justice and the Crooked money craving depts GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.
    GOD Bless Justina and this family.and the rest around the globe
    that has been trampeled on by these people..

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you’ve already made up your mind.

      Or you can show us that you are actually willing to approach this with an open mind.

      Prove me wrong.

      Tell me what you know about this family’s history.

  • Anonymous

    my big question is, WHY? why at the beginning, they (drs and case workers) took this position? afterwards, the answer is simple, they can’t admit they are wrong, because they will be sued — in the meantime, a family is torn apart and a child is in danger

  • Anonymous

    Watch the transformation of this family’s neck injuries sustained in a car accident turn into a lifetime of PTSD.

    Imagine what they could do with a daughter who was struggling to poop.

  • Anonymous

    Current agencies that have posted a lien against the Pelletier’s $458,000 dollar 11-room Connecticut home with a pool that they haven’t made payments on since 2007.

    1. US Gov’t for unpaid federal taxes (2006, one year before Justina was diagnosed).
    2. State of Connecticut for unpaid taxes (2007).
    3. Connecticut Children’s Hospital (2004 and 2006).
    4. Hartford Hospital (2004 and 2006).
    5. Jefferson Radiology (2007).
    6. Open MRI of Middletown (2008).
    7. CT Valley Chiropractic (2009)
    8. Viking Fuel Oil (2007).
    9. Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut (2009).
    10. Connecticut Light & Power (2011) $17grand in unpaid utilities.

    Those are just the agencies that have actually pursued them for non-payment (two of them are hospitals, which makes me wonder if Tufts was trying to get rid of them by pawning them off to Boston Children’s because Tufts wasn’t getting paid, either).

    How Linda Pelletier describes a neck injury after someone rear ends her car stopped on high-way off-ramp.

    Anyone who experiences that kind of lifetime emotional distress over the simple fact of being rear ended in a car accident is suspect regarding mental fitness to be a good mother.

  • Anonymous

    Question is Boston Children Hospital and DCF is the forerunner for obama police state if what I just heard is true ??? On coast to coast am radio March 3, Monday about 1.20 am eastern time they mention now in Great Britain if you have strong connections to a political party that their DCF that they can take your children away ????????????

  • Anonymous

    The DCF could get five of their social workers and state trooper every time Pelletier visit their daughter ??? But could not arrange a signal monitor for a priest visit ??? Or not let her renown Tufts doctors working at BCH now see their former patient and say Hi and make sure there is no complications with their past operation with Justina !!! Why so the five what call it 5 social workers and psych doctor and his click doctors will out number the two parents so this so so bias click judge will side with the greater number only hearing one side medical opinion instead of hearing from the renown experts from Tufts and Judge with social workers cancel out parents ,since a priest was not allow one less for Pelletier side !! Since Justina was treated like a prisoner of war or worst, The Pelletier should of got a neutral country Red Cross of Sweden or Switzerland to visit the prisoner Justina, like the U.S did during World War Two !! Instead of a Priest or renown doctors from Tufts because they were on the enemy side of the Pelletier lo lo ha ha !!! They didn’t want a Priest or doctors from tufts to see her conditions, sneak a note to her or from her , or get her in a private conversation to reveal what going on and if they speak up for her would even the number to the gullible judge plus a more of shadow of doubt everything not on firm ground with his click harder for judge to slant the hearing ??? !!

  • Anonymous

    Question why was only two parent let in the room with Justina !!! what about the rest of her family her sister etc relatives,friends etc. at the same time, if so so shrink doctors and what you call it social workers say it was too stressful with so many people. Then it would be more stressful with 5 what you call it social workers that are strangers to Justina and one state trooper with a gun make six !!!!!!!!!

  • ukelly

    I have practiced various areas of law in the UK for over 24 years and have never, ever heard of the case such as this one.
    What surprises me is that so far none of those acting on Justina’s behalf have lodged the application to change the venue on the grounds of the lack of objective judgment being served by the court, based on the previous court’s decisions.
    I also would like to know why this particular judge has been sitting in this case throughout when it’s obvious he is bias towards the DCF.
    In the UK, those acting for any client have the right to apply to have different judge hearing the case.
    It is my opinion, there are enough very strong grounds to make such an application.
    I am also petrified reading about similar cases taking place across this once great country.
    Both my husband and I have been following you on Fox for many years and could not believe that the nation has remained deaf then and is still refusing to hear the truth.
    I pray that God first of all protects you, blesses you and your work as well as keep opening all the doors for you to wake up the Americans to the truth.
    I am Polish by birth and have spent first 28 years of my life living under the communism, took part in 03/08/1968 students’ uprising in Warsaw and suffered the consequences.
    It is beyond my comprehension that this nation is willing to give up the rights and principles the country has been built on.
    We Poles, behind the curtain, used to luck to the great United States of America as the symbol of freedom and liberty. What’s happened America?
    God bless you and all those working with you

  • Devin Ricke

    i wish Glenn would air the case of my Granddaughter Illinois DCFS took custody of her in 2011 after her DAD died of cancer :-( and my daughter was 73 lbs.. after watching him die a slow Death :-( DCFS has ruined all 3 of are life’s… they DCFS.. is being sued via 2 law groups very very rare because lawyers ? rarely ? take on DCFS-civil-suits they placed my Maddy a recovering crack addicted Foster parent home !! that’s right you got it..recovering crack addicted Foster parent home :-( while in that home my 14 year old maddy became pregnant at 14 :-( by a 19 year old boy ?

    that absolutely should of been in contact or in that home..? we found out this19-boy ? was listed. as deceased for the past 2 years…? and the State tried covering it up… this is only a few of how many mistakes DCFS made with maddy Because

    they are more then can be listed Here <<<< maddy is so messed up and her mom :-( even if the $750,000 civil suit $

    is awarded.. ? it will take years to undo the damage to there, minds heart body and Soul…. also the stress finally reached its climax on Christmas.. 2012 and me grandpa-Dad-papa had a STROKE :-(


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