Lindsey Graham’s reelection chances are looking slim

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to South Carolina Republican State Senator Lee Bright, who is challenging incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the upcoming U.S. Senate race. The primary is set to take place June 10, and the goal is to force a runoff by keeping Sen. Graham from reaching the 50% threshold. The numbers are in Bright’s favor across several polls, and he spoke to Glenn about the important differences between him and the incumbent, why he feels the need to go to Washington, and more.

“Well, we all know that Lindsay Graham is a nightmare. Vote for Lee Bright. That’s all, everybody. That’s all Lee has to say,” Glenn said. “But Lee is here to say a little bit more than that. The goal in South Carolina is to keep Lindsay Graham under 50% in the June 10 primary because then there would be a runoff… and he’s currently under 50% in the polls I have seen.”

To begin, Glenn asked Bright to lay out how he differs from Sen. Graham. One of the major differences involves the education system.

“There’s so many. Actually, I cosponsored the bill to stop Common Core in South Carolina. We’ve been fighting that for quite a while now. I mean it was an experiment by some leftist folks that put some money into a plan, and I called it a scheme to try and take over the education system and it was done very cleverly because it’s not actually a federal program but the federal money is involved. So they put $1.2 billion out there to encourage the states to acquiesce because that’s what they often do.”

“We’re a nation of laws and the rest of the world is watching… If somebody is here illegally, I don’t know how you reward that behavior. I mean it sends a message. And the fact that Lindsey Graham has been tone deaf when it comes to the view of South Carolinians – he’s more interested in what the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says versus what South Carolinians say,” he continued. “And also wanted to touch another subject. I was the lead sponsor on the Obamacare nullification in the Senate. And now the bill that passed the House is before the Senate.”

Bright is just 43 years old and has been a South Carolina state senator since 2008. As Glenn explained it, Bright has his “who life ahead” of him. So why does he want to go Washington?

“I think our republic is on the verge of being lost,” he said. “If we don’t send some real constitutional conservatives into Congress to fight them the next few years, I don’t know how we’ll survive. We can’t have Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who continually roll over and want to look rational and reasonable, when there’s no compromise with this guy… [President Obama] is bent on destroying this country, and we’ve got to send folks up to Washington that are going to fight him.”

If Bright does in fact win the election, he will join the likes of Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY) in the fight for smaller government. Glenn asked Bright if he relates to any of those men.

“I’m probably more like Ted Cruz. I would say that I am out front. I’ve been in the state senate now for six years and every major fight I’ve been out front… You got a couple of type of Republicans. You got the ones that want to be conservative, they just don’t have the courage. And then you’ve got those that really aren’t anything. They just want to be elected,” Bright said. “And if Lee Bright beats Lindsey Graham, it will give the ones that don’t have enough courage the courage to do the right thing. And it will scare the ones that don’t really have… any core principles and those we either need to defeat or we need to put the fear into them.”

With just a couple of months to go before the primary, Bright has a “money bomb” going on right now to help fund his campaign. He is hoping to raise $100,000 today, and Glenn encouraged anyone in the audience with a couple of dollars to contribute to consider doing so.

“It’s He’s got a money bomb going on today. He’d like to raise over $100,000,” Glenn said. “Thank you very much, Lee. I appreciate it.”

Learn more about Bright’s campaign HERE.

Watch the entire interview below:

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  • landofaahs

    Not slim enough.

  • Connor

    I would be more happy if Graham poll rating was a -2 but that is just me. I pray we can get this trash out of our party.

    • Julie Robert

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      ❥❥❥ ❥❥ㆳ❥ ❥❥❥ �❥❥❥ ❥❥❥Is Bright opposed to amnesty and increasing immigration?

    • Anonymous

      Then give money, to the person you believe in. I have given hundreds to Richard Cash, and I am putting up signs across the state. People don’t get elected by “accident”.

  • Anonymous

    To put it delicately, Linda Grahamnesty can’t suck enough. Vote the RINO out!

  • Anonymous

    SC, please for the love of freedom, please vote this slime ball out of office.

  • Anonymous

    RINOs should leave!

  • Anonymous

    Man if we could get Graham out with Bright and Boehner out with Eric Gurr we’d be making some hay.
    Guy is solidly against amnesty.
    Is Bright opposed to amnesty and increasing immigration?

  • Crassus

    Just what are the latest polls regarding the challenge to Goober? I haven’t seen any and this article provides no links. Don’t just take the challenger’s word for it. Give us some hard evidence. None of these feel good headlines that in reality are not true.

    • Johnathan Read

      The evidence IS out there. Just quit whining and get off your butt and find it.

  • Anonymous

    “Undecided” has 3x as many votes as Bright in the latest Winthrop poll. Perhaps this is why:

  • carolinalisa

    Latest poll, Winthrop, was last Wednesday. Graham is at 45%, all other
    challengers are in single digits, with Bright being at 9%. Approx 33%
    undecided. Lindsey Graham is not going to lose his primary, thank God.
    He is a great Senator and South Carolina is very lucky to have him. If Lee Bright, who is the only challenger to ever hold public office and has name recognition in SC, can’t even get back to double digits, which he previously had, you know there is a problem with these candidates. In spite of all the whining, the people of SC really like Graham, because he has worked hard for them over the years and they haven’t forgotten it. Beck and all you know-nothings should concentrate on defeating Dems!

    • Anonymous

      Are you aware that he voted with the “Gang of 8″ to give Amnesty to 11,000,000 people and he also came out and said that day that he was thrilled that it passed the senate because this is what he wanted!!!! He didn’t care what the people wanted because he had been fighting it for many years!….so much for us!

      Are you aware that he voted to forego the border security to give these people amnesty and make them citizens which will give the democrats/socialists another 11,000,000 votes!

      Are you aware that he voted for food stamp increases and to cut benefits for the military and for veterans???? What have food stamp recipients done for us lately??? Have they lost any limbs????

      Are you aware that he voted to increase the debt limit and to give the president and harry reid a clean bill?

      Are you aware that he voted to change sales tax on internet sales????

      Are you aware that he voted to stop the defunding of Obamacare?

      Are you aware that he continues to be part of the “Dirty Dozen” in the senate who vote for the president and his policies?

      Are you aware that he voted for the NSA and thinks it’s fine for them to have your phone number and spy on you???

      Are you aware that he votes left 50% of his time in the Senate….and the only reason he bothers to vote for the people is to help himself and fill his pockets because he has sold us out to the highest bidder!!!!! We are only a means to get him back to DC….otherwise we are a flea in his ear!


  • Bo Tye

    Those of the liberty school understand that voluntary associations of free people are capable of far more than detached central planners.

  • Anonymous

    We must protect children like Justina. However, there is a down side of the legislation proposed in the light of Justina’s situation. Consider the case of an abusive spouse. When a man abuses his wife, the possibly that he will abuse the children of the marriage as well is very high. Such men often use parental rights laws to access their children, and make decisions not in the kids’ best interests, in order to avenge their mother for leaving and/or having custody. Limiting the access of such men to their children is a situation that Domestic Violence victim advocates face continually. I’m not sure how we write legislation that can deal with both of these situations effectively at the same time???

  • Obimackenobi

    I met Lindsey Graham years ago when he was first running for US Senate and I can say that Graham wasn’t the person then he is now or at least we all believed that at the time. Over time however, he has become a nightmare and the best thing SC can do is recall him and send a real conservative to Washington.

  • Anonymous

    In the current SC race, there are 6 conservative Republican challengers to Lindsey Graham. Some are stronger than others. I have listened to all of them, first at the South Carolina Myrtle Beach Tea Party Convention January 18 -20, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (just before the Martin Luther King Holiday) I just finished attending the Aiken Senate Debate a couple of days ago.

    I do not understand why Glenn Beck interviews and “puffs” Lee Bright ONLY. Here in South Carolina, and certainly in Columbia, we all took pledges one, not to savage each other, and to simply be civil and courteous and respectful to one another.

    Everyone is following the rule.

    Tea Parties ARE NOT savaging each other when they choose DIFFERENT candidates. We also have taken a pledge to unite behind the last man or woman standing after the June 10th vote. If our man or woman loses, we unite behind the conservative who is left.

    Glenn, there are a total of 6 candidates. Your program implies subtlely that there is ONLY ONE, your favorate, and I consider that dishonest. Lee Bright has +- 10% $75,000 on hand. Richard Cash has $460,000 on hand. With this in mind, you don’t even invite him on your program and allow him to tell the public what he stands for ?

    • Logan Smith

      What’s the difference between Cash and Bright?

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