MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow wins prestigious journalism award after 3 days on the air

You just can’t make this stuff up. Ronan Farrow, son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, began his broadcast journalism career three days ago with the launch of his MSNBC show Ronan Farrow Daily, but he has already earned himself a prestigious award: the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism.

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“I just have to start the hour with congratulations to Ronan Farrow, who… after three days of work on television, has just won the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism,” Glenn quipped on radio this morning. “I think the Nobel Peace Prize was already given to somebody who hasn’t started their job yet this year. So he couldn’t win because he had been on the job for three whole days.”

Farrow seemed to sense to irony in the award tweeting:

But there was still controversy surrounding the evening. Farrow made headlines earlier this year when he mused that Frank Sinatra not Woody Allen might actually be his father. Furthermore, he defended his sister Dylan after she wrote an op-ed accusing Allen of molesting her as a child. Questions about any of these things, however, were strictly off limits.

According to the Daily Mail:

Before the event, organizers Reach The World banned reporters from asking ‘off-topic’ questions – to ensure that Farrow will not have to comment on the controversy surrounding whether his father was Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra.

The organization even threatened to throw out anyone who broke the rule.

‘The theme of the evening is global education and service,’ a memo to the press read, reports Politico. ‘All press are required to stay strictly on message. Any press who ask guests or Mr. Farrow about off-message topics will be immediately escorted out of the event.’

“When you’re talking about the exploration in journalism I think that is exactly the kind of journalistic integrity that you’re looking for – where they escort you out of the event,” Glenn joked. “Can you imagine if I said, ‘You know what? Anybody who asks me any question off this particular topic… I won’t answer it.’ That’s your new Walter Cronkite winner for journalistic excellence.”

  • Anonymous

    So the prestigious award is, not so much. All Ronan did to get the award was, start off by lying. He claims to have grown up watching Cronkite…. He’s what, 24 years old? He may have heard Cronkite voice in that animated dinosaur movie, my 22 y/o son watched it many times.

  • landofaahs

    Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize just for being black and liberal. So it requires no skill.

    • Difcan’s Avatar

      Yea well three segments is about the attention span of most libs so..

  • landofaahs

    Never seen or heard of this Ronan or Cronan. But then I never watch or listen to mouth pieces for the democrat party.

  • landofaahs

    Heck his daddy could be dozens if not thousands of people. When you back you butt into a buzz saw, it’s hard to tell exactly which tooth got ya.

  • Connor

    I guess the liberal media is taking everyone should get a award so they do not feel left out very literally.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How to win a prize in “journalism”
    Step 1. Be a liberal.
    Step 2. Get on TV

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for this guy the day that he grows older and wiser and reaches deep down for his soul. He’ll realize that he didn’t deserve the award and the let down with be enormous. I feel even more sorry for him if he never reaches down and finds his soul and becomes an egotistical Leftist shill. The let down will be eternal.



  • Deckard426

    MSNBC? N-e-v-e-r heard of it.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC once again proves how frivolous of a network it has become.

  • Anonymous

    No matter who excels in the game, the PC option says “give them award ‘ just for showing up. Mr. Farrow’s integrity should treat this a joke

  • Lorraine

    Okay people, the young man deserves a chance. The people he works for are scum, but I don’ think he should be bashed because the scum decided to give him an undeserved award — he didn’t give himself the award. I’m sure he realizes he’s being used. And, wow, he does look exactly like Sinatra.

  • Crassus

    Just looking at this guy’s photo and he’s definitely Frank Sinatra’s son. His natural father sure as hell isn’t Woody Allen.

  • The Saxons are coming

    Jews promoting Jews. Wow , so shocking.

  • SantaClaus

    This is a classic.
    Now, I remember Frank Sinatra as a young “singer” and Ronan really does look like Sinatra across the eye area.

  • suz

    the guys are cute here. they have a different rhythm when back into their old close-quartered studio.

  • Anonymous

    Hey! I’ve been on this planet for 76 years! What fantabulous award do I deserve?

    …. I get to breathe for another day. Or two.

    Big Whoop.

    Sorry, Ronan, keep going, and you might just earn it yet, despite all. You being a liberal, you might just make it. If you keep that sense of irony going, you might discover the truth yet.

    Laus Deo

    • Fat Lip

      Excellent post truly hit it in center mass.
      Laus Deo

      • Anonymous


        For that kind comment I won’t give you a, er, Fat Lip, but a hug instead.

        Laus Deo

        • Fat Lip

          Thank you Dear have a wonderful weekend God bless you and yours !

  • Fat Lip

    Trophies ? remember the days when there was so much pride when you got a trophy ,
    sadly I think you could get a trophy for falling down in a proper manner , but what exactly that means I do not no except we have become a very soft people.

    • Anonymous

      After three days? And Obama, before he actually did anything? That was actually an ig-Nobel prize, wasn’t it?

      Fall down gracefully for me, and I will give you a prize for getting down and dirty. Oh, yeah.

      Laus Deo

      • Fat Lip

        How things have changed 52 yrs old and I never thought we would become so blinded but like we were taught give back to Caesar which is now Oblunder’s good is now bad and bad is terrible . Ig-Nobel I like that it’s right up there with this administration’s Travashamockery Be blessed sister.

        • Mike Nelson

          I’m with you on this, but it’s difficult to read your posts at times due to lack of good punctuation and delineation of paragraph structure. Please, be clear to as many as possible, it’s worth the extra proofread; not everyone who comes here is an ‘English as a first language’ reader, and some will use a translation service that will not do justice to your valid commentart.

          I posted this in response to your recent post on Doc Thompson’s clip about JOBS from 3-13 (on Glenn’s site – spot on, and upvoted), and posted it to a forum a few days old so that it wouldn’t be mocked by the lurkers and trolls unless they are actually reading your activity… like I did to find this post… heh… not sure what that says about me…

          Molon Labe, brother.

          • Fat Lip

            I thank you brother , sometimes I get a little excited when it comes to the job situation my family was almost killed by the special visitor’s here forever now . I do thank you for the tip I will keep it in mind , because your opinion matters to me . God bless you my friend .

          • Mike Nelson

            I’ve been excited enough to break faces myself at times.

            As I get older, I find that I’m supposed to watch more than act in some cases, but it’s really hard to not FIX things (people) who are broken, lol.


          • Fat Lip

            Indeed my friend,
            I guess the part that burns me up the most is, I know that when the crap does hit the fan the resounding cry out there will be : But nobody told me ! That is how soft people have become in this country , you and I both know that won’t cut it , to many will parish due to the lie’s they believe in. I won’t even get started with the as I get older part , : )
            Watching is the hard part especially brother when you no the true manner mankind tends to follow (evil)

          • Mike Nelson

            Well, bear in mind that when the shtf, morality will be a different creature than we’ve been deceived of at this point in US history, and some killing will no longer be murder, but survival.

            For now, and as long as law enforcement responds, we’re relatively safe, but when the police just stop coming… that’s when you aim center mass and double tap just to be sure.

            If I reckon you right, you’ve already got at least some thinking done, and may even have your range card prepared. Keep your ass to the grass, and don’t look for trouble, but when trouble finds you, don’t start the fight – END it – and have a contingency for what you can carry with you light after it’s over.

            But in the meantime, I pray our leaders and affluent activists have more sense than to continue to fan the flames and feed the masses with bread and circus.

          • Fat Lip

            Wow Mike,
            You have read me very well my brother , I do understand what you are saying and I’m very much on board with what you are talking about . We found out the hard way ,we are all on our own when it hits .
            I must say it isn’t what most think its going to be ,I would sum it up in one word my friend ,it is going to be very ugly to say the least .

  • Bruno’s Beach

    The history of the 20th century is rife with examples of people voting themselves into servitude and thus giving up liberty through democratic processes.

  • landofaahs

    He sure looks like Frank Sinatra who by the way supported Ronald Reagan. I find it interesting that Ronald Reagan’s spoiled brat of a son RR jr is a liberal and now FS’s offspring is another liberal. The children who are rebellious against their Fathers seem to always stray to the insane myopic self centered left. Nothing new under the Sun.

    • Difcan’s Avatar

      Yes and as we all know, the benchmark of a true liberal is pure unadulterated love of self.

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