There was a remarkable moment during a congressional hearing on Wednesday when constitutional law expert and self-proclaimed Obama supporter, Jonathan Turley, explained the legislative branch of the U.S. government is in danger of becoming irrelevant because of persistant executive overreach. Turley, who is a professor of public interest law at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., believes America has reached a “constitutional tipping point” under President Obama’s watch.

“This is, I think, the most important… moment of audio… in the last I don’t even know how many years. This is the American crisis… This is beyond the constitutional crisis. This is a constitutional tipping point,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This happened yesterday in the House Judiciary Committee… Jonathan Turley is a liberal… He’s a guy who’s on the left, is a support of the President, says in his testimony, ‘Look, I agree with what [the President is] trying to do. Just not how he is doing it.’ And I want you to listen because what he’s saying is: If we don’t wake up right now, we will be very sorry.”

Listen to Turley’s remarks below:

“Listen to what he said: I don’t agree with Saul Alinsky that the ends justify the means. The ends I agree with. The means are wrong. And then he says it is dangerous. It is dangerous because we are now changing our system,” Glenn said. “Wake up people who understand freedom! Wake up! Do you hear what is being planted now? This is a liberal who is saying, ‘Wake up! Danger. Nobody is standing up against this.’”

Turley admits President Obama has overstepped his bounds. In the case of any other president that would grounds for serious ramifications or even impeachment. But that Congress is simply not taking action. Ultimately, Pat believes Turley has proved himself to be a true patriot for raising the red flag.

“How interesting is it. This is a true patriot here. I don’t care what you think of his politics; he’s a true patriot. And he’s saying, ‘Hey, you guys, wake up. Take back what is yours, what belongs to you, and fight.’” Pat explained. “And when everybody else on the left is yelling at the House of Representatives as the ones who are holding everything up, who are stopping, standing in the way of progress. He’s telling them you’re not doing enough. Get off your butts and do something here to save the country. Wow. He gets it.”