Valley Forge, Pennsylvania is known as the famous site for George Washington’s winter camp. Set up in December of 1777, the location was a prime position for protection, with a river on one whole side, and two shallower creeks; forcing attackers to have to go uphill.

Despite the well thought out location, Valley Forge is still known as a time of great suffering for George Washington’s army. Conditions were extremely harsh, and by that spring one out of six men was dead. Yet, despite all of the hardship there was some good. Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a foreign drill sergeant, trained Washington’s troops during their winter at Valley Forge. And while his methods were harsh, there was great improvement; such advancement that the uniformed battle movements and stronger army played a key role in the success of the Continental Army.

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The Flag
With 13 stars arranged upon a blue background, the George Washington Positioning Flag served as Washington’s headquarters standard and was with him wherever he went. It saw all of the action that Washington saw, and was present at some of the biggest moments in America’s early days.

“I fly this flag at my house,” Glenn told viewers on TheBlaze. The phrase “Life Guard”, which adorns 1791 patches with the flag pattern as well as the quilt kit, represents those “who will stand and preserve the history and the life of what George Washington fought and died for – what he spent his whole life living for.”