Is this the worst movie ever?

Last night, Glenn, Pat, and Stu ventured out in the frigid New York City weather to see Liam Neeson’s new thriller Non-Stop. All three guys are big fans of Neeson, and the first two thirds of the film did not disappoint. But it all went downhill from there. In fact, the end of the movie is so bad, Glenn felt the need to spoil the plot on radio this morning as to ensure no one else wastes their time or money.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead.

If you are still planning to see Non-Stop this weekend and do not wish to heed Glenn’s warning, do not watch the video or read the story below. If you would like to save yourself $30 and 2 hours, keep on reading.

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“Well, it’s Friday in New York City. I went to see a movie last night, and I was really excited because I thought, ‘I’m going to be able to get on the air today… [and] tell you about a movie that you’re going to love because it is great,’” Glenn said. “It is really great, until you find out that the killer… is a U.S. military guy who believes in the Constitution. Oh, did I just spoil Non-Stop? Oh, I should have said that there was a spoiler alert.”

In case you are unfamiliar with the premise of Non-Stop, here is the IMDB summary of the film:

An air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account.

As it turns out, the threatening text messages are coming from a former U.S. military member. Much to Glenn’s surprise, even the liberal New York audience groaned when the ‘bad guy’ was revealed.

“Here’s the thing: Even in New York City that got groans,” Glenn said. “Because you’re going through the whole movie, and it’s a good movie… [but] it’s not worth seeing once you know that they made the terrorist ex-military for the U.S… When it’s revealed, the audience in New York City went, ‘Oh, gee.’”

“It doesn’t even make sense,” Pat added. “And even the row of New Yorkers in front of us, I heard complaining about it after. For a second I thought I was in Texas. And I thought, no, wait! We’re in Manhattan!”

Ultimately, Glenn had a very simple message for anyone who was considering seeing Non-Stop this weekend: Don’t do it.

“Don’t see Non-Stop. It’s an insult. It’s an insult to anybody who believes in the Constitution and believes in our military,” Glenn concluded. “I said, ‘I make a promise to you: I will not treat our military the way we treated our Vietnam veterans.’ And we’re doing it now. We’re not taking care of their health, we’re dismissing them when they get back, and now we’re making them into our terrorists at our movies. And it’s the same weasely people that are doing it. Don’t go see Non-Stop.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Dan

    That’s just… no. That’s just wrong.

  • John Steele

    Totally agree. This is the kind of garbage you get in a capitalist free market.
    Quite honestly, I contend, that from now on all movies – for that matter, everything – needs to be approved by Glenn Beck. Period.

    • macchic2

      Okay, then? No need to be sarcastic. Glenn is reviewing a movie. He isn’t saying that the movie should be illegal. He isn’t saying that it NEEDS his approval. He’s being a journalist and reviewing a film, because that’s what journalists do. If you don’t care to hear his opinion, why visit his site or read the article?

      • John Steele

        You know what? I would agree with you except for the fact that Mr Beck has gone out of his way time and time again saying he’s not a journalist. He’s also made a big hullabaloo about his strong, principled aversion to boycotts. I do believe that using a national platform to eliminate business, whether you use the word or not, is a boycott. Don’t get me started about the constitution.
        but the hits just keep on coming. Hypocrisy is now an artform

        • Lynn Bowling Cosentino

          Are you saying that Glenn Beck doesn’t have the right to critique this movie and warn me about it? I’m glad he did because my father was career military and I’m proud of his record and he would have died for someone like you and not batted an eye about it. Our military deserves much better than being treated like terrorists. In fact this administration made it a point to convince the general public that we need to be afraid of our returning vets.

        • Jonathan Kerry

          If you were listening its not just glenn beck, even the critics gave it a bad score. I believe it got a 58% score from rotten tomatoes I think they said “While Liam Neeson is undoubtedly an asset, Non-Stop wastes its cast — not to mention its solid premise and tense setup — on a poorly conceived story that hinges on a thoroughly unbelievable final act”. So yea I wouldn’t waste my money on it anyways.

        • macchic2

          We are arguing semantics here! I was merely using a word to describe Beck as a writer of news articles and a talk show host! That’s all. You are nitpicking at the word “journalist” for no reason whatsoever. How does it further your argument in any way? Regardless of WHAT you call him, Beck was STILL simply providing a review of a film because that is what many people who write news articles and host talk shows do.

          And just so you know, “journalist,” according to many reputable thesauri, is a synonym for the words: reporter, broadcaster, writer, commentator, news person, spokesperson, etc. So, the next time you want to argue semantics, maybe you should do a little bit of research. Beck goes out of his way to say that he’s not a journalist because of the connotations behind the word, not because of the literal definitions. Semantically speaking, I was not wrong. Are there any other word choice issues you want to bring up? I am happy and willing to teach you; after all, I am a linguist and know all about words and their meanings.

          • joe michael villa

            I wish I could see things your way, but that entails having to shove my head up my az.z.
            you definitely have it up there 24/7.
            you’re very talented.
            have a good night.
            Really I mean it, have a good night.

          • macchic2

            Seriously, Joe, what is your problem? You are arguing semantics with me and slinging mud at me for no reason. You don’t even know where I stand on any of the issues at hand. You don’t know my political affiliation. Furthermore, you don’t even know whether or not I think Glenn is a good journalist. Instead, you choose to argue a perfectly acceptable word choice. I’m not going to argue the word anymore because I said that I’m done with that. But I do want to know what your deal is. Why start all of this nonsense?

          • Elizabeth Ingham

            Joe is that guy you see at the pool that pushes anyone in that stands too close to the edge. Ignore and it goes away. 😀

      • joe michael villa

        In what world is Glenn Beck a journalist?
        He’s a college drop out.

        • Jadedknight

          And you graduated clown school when?

        • Anonymous

          college doesn’t make you a journalist. William Safire columnist for the New York Times didn’t go to college, nor did William Randolph Hearst newspaper giant, Jack London, John Chancellor – both who were famous news and satire columnists, writers and journalists. In what ways do you qualify or disqualify someone who is or isn’t who they are in a media of personal and shared opinions and variables of facts? Maya Angelou never went to college, however is a well respected (rightly so) poet, satirist, writer, editorialist & in a limited capacity on certain subjects have put on the hat of a journalist & so much more. A journalist collects, writes, and distributes news and other information. Glenn Beck is a politically conservative American television and radio host, political commentator, author, television network producer, media personality, and entrepreneur. Sounds like calling Glenn a journalist is short changing his accomplishments.

        • macchic2


          a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.

          synonyms: reporter, correspondent, columnist, writer, commentator, reviewer”

          Nowhere in that dictionary definition do I see the words “someone who is not a college drop out.” A college degree is not a requisite to become a journalist. Therefore, in response to your question, sir, it is OUR world in which Glenn Beck is a journalist.

          Furthermore, looking at your logical (*cough* illogical *cough*) argument, I see that you have the premise “He’s a college dropout” with the implied conclusion that Glenn Beck is not a journalist. From this, I can deduce that your implied premise is that no person who didn’t earn a college degree can be a journalist. With formal logic, that would be a valid argument. But, it is not sound, not in the slightest bit. William Safire, as someone pointed out below, did not go to college, but he is a journalist. Also, Beck is a radio commentator and a reporter for The Blaze. Therefore, semantically, we know that Beck is a journalist (as evidenced above in the definition provided.) And if Beck, a college dropout, is a journalist, we can then deduce that those without college degrees can, in fact, be journalists. So really, your conclusion perpetuates fallacies on not just one level but two. Your argument may be formally valid, but it is NOT sound!

          (If you need me to define the difference between validity and soundness, just let me know. It does seem as if you are a little bit rusty on your logic101, so I am more than happy to give you a refresher.)

          Good day, sir.

          • joe michael villa


            get back to me after you wash down your foot with water.


          • macchic2

            Regardless of what he calls himself, semantically speaking, HE IS A JOURNALIST! Stop arguing semantics. Just stop. You won’t win. I am a linguist. Thesauri and dictionaries agree that Beck, semantically speaking, is a journalist. You are being ridiculous and argumentative just for the sake of arguing. You are obviously a troll with little logic or linguistic training. You have a nice day, sir. Really, I mean it. Have a nice day.

          • joe michael villa

            “I wear it as a badge of honor I am not a journalist” – Glenn Beck

          • macchic2

            Please reread everything I have said above and open a dictionary. It doesn’t matter what badges he wears or doesn’t wear, SEMANTICALLY SPEAKING he is a journalist. SEMANTICS! SEMANTICS! SEMANTICS! Please, I mean it; open a dictionary or two and maybe even a thesaurus. The very definition of the word states that he is a journalist regardless of what he identifies himself as.

            I’m not arguing with you anymore. This is the last I’m saying to you about this. You are obviously either too dense to understand what I am saying, or you are a troll. Or maybe you are both, and if that’s the case, I am truly sorry for the miserable life you must lead. Take care.

          • joe michael villa

            I’ll take Glenn Becks word over yours.

        • suzy

          Thank God he dropped out of college! Can you imagine what we would have lost if he had been trained to regurgitate the insufferable leftist catechism and had not learned to think critically or to actually read books?

          • macchic2

            Suzy, thankfully not all college students are leftists and progressives. I am an example of this. Granted, a majority are.

      • Anonymous

        I visit many sites besides this one and take great pleasure reading the comments. The problem I find is that supporters of Glenn talk about the leftists just like THEY talk about us here, same names, same slurs and same trash.

        • macchic2

          I didn’t trash talk anybody, though. And I wasn’t calling him out for trash talking. I was calling him out for something else entirely.

          • honorrespect

            I am sorry macchic2 that people can be so cruel and foolish. I went through it on the website stars and stripes. I somewhat agree with you on the whole religion thing that we cannot judge others just because of their religion but I would still keep an open mind about what the others said about the Muslims. Just be careful. Heck I grew up a Baptist and Christian and I watch my back with my so called “friends”. Friends that have been my Christian friends my whole life turned their backs on me. So just because you know and have good muslim friends doesn’t mean they wont turn on you. I don’t really agree with any specific religion anymore. I am not Baptist and would never ever call myself one ever again. I believe in God and we should all love each other and believe in Him to get to heaven and the things about the coming of Christ, but that is it. There are too many wars and arguments about religion and which one is right when Christ even said to love one another and yet we cannot do that because of organized religions and beliefs. but be careful and cautious. also, about this clown that is giving you a hard time, after being on websites like these I can now believe there are very ignorant people out there that just do not get it. Facts show that he is a journalist whether he calls himself one or not. It’s like a receptionist not wanting to be called a secretary or an exotic dancer that doesn’t like to be called a stripper. Glenn is either ignorant (though I do respect him for what he is doing) and doesn’t know what a journalist is or he just doesn’t like to be called one. regardless, you are right and facts show that you are right. some people are just too bored and foolish to just admit that you are right about that.

    • John Doman

      Thanks for reading something into this that totally wasn’t there.

    • Guest

      Warning! Warning!

    • George K. John

      Nice bit of sarcasm. No, we don’t need Glenn to be our thought police. I’m glad that he let us know about this movie. Avatar was the same way. It manipulated the audience to root AGAINST retired US Marines and now we have this movie that has us rooting against a Constitution supporting ex-military member. It’s waaay too easy to paint a Constitution loving person as an extremist wanting to extort money. Once again American values are denigrated and twisted.

      • Anonymous

        And what do you think many Americans would do for $150 million? Just look around you, even here, and you might get the picture.

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        I saw avatar and liked it minus the villain being military. :( I fully support our vets and active military, but that particular guy in the movie chaffed my bum…as the villain, not the person. Oh, and please don’t try to read into my comment it is what’s stated nothing more. :)

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, Glenn Beck is the new messiah, I guess. ANY movie is for entertainment, even if it is based on a true event. Get over it people. Now that Glenn has said his piece about this movie, I will definitely go and see it as I really enjoy the ACTION in the movie, not what others tell me about some hidden meaning.

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        On one hand love action movies, but there are plenty, in my opinion, that don’t have a vet as a bad guy. Though I have gone to one that did and loved it for the entertainment value, not the propaganda behind it. So, I’m right there with you about going to see it for entertainment purposes, but I probably won’t because I don’t have the money to see it anyway…

    • Anonymous

      I think you do not agree with Glenn much…but some of us work too hard for our money to waste it…thank you Glenn…

  • Anonymous

    Yes, after all we all know that only dark-skinned men of Arabic descent can conspire to kill Americans. You know, like that Timothy McVeigh guy who was ex-military and a supporter of the US constitution. Come on guys, you missed it on this one. It’s only a movie after all.

    • LibertyDwells

      Yes, there are exceptions to the Muslim Terrorist dominance. Ever great once in a while a non-Muslim is guilty. Of course, as with McVeigh, there were Muslim interests behind his actions so even the exceptions to the rule are rarely actually exceptions.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, and all those womyn at Planned Parenthood! That group puts any dark-skinned man of Arabic descent to shame when it comes to killing Americans.

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        This isn’t about abortion…..

    • Michael Primanzon

      Being a veteran I find it repulsive that after all the acts of terrorism commited almost exclusively by muslims that it would be ok to pick out the 1 guy who was a white ex-soldier and say it’s perfectly reasonable to use an ex-military member as the bad guy. While it is certainly a true statement that anyone could be a terrorist, it is also true that the vast majority of acts of terrorism are committed by muslim extremists. You know this to be true Thecowboywhey so your snarky admonishment of Beck’s revulsion holds no meaning. Hollywood can make any movie they want to and i can see or not see any movie i want to. I can also call a bad political statement for what it is and the fact that film producers don’t have the guts to use Muslims when they portray terrorists just makes them seem sillier then they already are.

      • Osweetp2

        You hit the nail on the head…Hollywood does not have the guts to offend Muslims, but they can portray our own military as terrorists to make a buck…just sad. TV likes to portray serial killers as Christian fanatics they wouldn’t think of using a Muslim or left-wing radical.

        • Elizabeth Ingham

          It is sad. It’s politics. That’s why I hate politics. lol

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        On one hand, I see where you’re coming from, but on the other, a) it’s just a movie and b) there are actually quite a few movies just like this one that have been watched for years….

  • Roachster

    Ok, I won’t go see it. Thanks for the head’s up.

    • Anonymous

      me other, I already stopped going to the movies to see the Obama propaganda except “lone survivor”. Obama giving money to Hollywood to make the movies he wants made. enough said?

      • Adam Anthony

        Do people actually believe what you’re saying right now?

        • Betty Meyers


        • BlueMN

          LOL First time here?

        • Brandon Shinault

          Adam, these people are sad people.

          • wade

            Brandon, you are the sad person! You live in the greatest nation in the history of the world and all you can do is complain . Go live somewhere else, be true to your convictions. I saw your page, you made the case of a US military terrorist. It hasn’t happened yet, you said they would follow founders who wanted ” revolution every 20 years” . Where has that happened? Only in the mind of a left wing moron who is completely intellectually dishonest! We know our history , we don’t need your rewritten BS

          • Stephen

            What makes USA so great? It’s time as come and gone and its population is now fat, lazy and decadent. The freedoms it once touted are now surpassed by many other countries. The laws are made in favor of corporations. A high school graduate has the education equivalent to an elementary level. All you have now is children and grandchildren trying to live off their great grandparents and predecessors hard work and reputation. The Americans are despised around the world and rightly so. Your greatness is determined by the opinion of those around you. Infamy and contempt would describe the world view of the USA. Not greatness. Arrogance, laziness, and underhandedness.

          • Debra Barner-Cowell

            Stephen pick a country and move.

          • Anonymous

            Those things happen when we fail to abide by the constitution. All your complaints take root in an overreaching paternalistic federal government. It’s time has not passed. It IS, however, time to return to the rule of law, personal responsibility, freedom, and yes that also means recognizing that moral relativism is a disease.

          • Scott Hawver

            You complain about our education Stephen but you fail to mention that our educational decay was due to Liberal/Progressive control over our public schools. You talk about Laws that favor corporations but you fail to mention the anti success tax structure that was put in place by the liberal/progressive politicians. The country we have is the country that your kind have strove for. Yes we need to return to what once made our country great. Return to the constitution and founding principles that made this country great.

          • Kevin Dirk Boaz

            yes sheeple who follow BoreRock Oslimeo are sad sheeple

          • Elizabeth Ingham

            That’s awesome. I only know one other person who calls them sheeple 😀 (And I’m gonna marry him)

          • diver_girl_64

            I call them sheeple all the time

      • Jerry

        I don’t know if obama has to give them money to do it, they all worship him already and do it on their own!

      • Kimberly Jones

        Just sent the link to my husband who is in the military, and just happens to be with a whole bunch of top military people, figures,etc . Thanks Glenn, for keeping our eyes wide open, because I would have seen this in a heartbeat, because of Liam, he is a great actor.

        • Kimberly Jones

          The film is not created by actors, as you state. The film is created by Hollywood to have us spend our money to see Liam act, so we can relax and, perhaps, for an hour or so, think USA, is still the USA!! But they just took that hour or so and crapped in my home.

          • Elizabeth Ingham

            Yeah, I see where you’re coming from :)

          • Anonymous

            my Aunty Amelia got a new blue Land Rover LR4 only from
            working part time off a home computer… helpful hints J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Lee Lamberts

        you are an idiot for making a stupid statement like that.

    • consumedbyfire13

      I actually liked it. The reviews on IMDB were good so I thought I’d give it a try. I saw it with a friend. We both enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been boring with the obvious villians, muslims, so the military angle should have been refreshing

    • John Doman

      Seriously? Have you been watching any movies lately? Outside of movies based on real life like “Lone Survivor,” how many films have Islamic terrorists as the villains? The whole “oh-surprise-it’s-NOT-a-muslim-terrorist” thing is SO overplayed that it’s practically a trope.

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t speaking of obvious movie villains. The muslims are the obvious culprits in real world violence

    • Vienta76

      Do we live in the same country and watch the same movies? It’s always a rogue American that is painted t be “extremist” (right) as the villain, whose heads would roll, literally, if someone in Hollywood ACTUALLY portrayed the villain as being Muslim?

      • Anonymous

        The refreshing part is the escape from reality. If it would have been the obvious real-world villains it would have been boring to me

  • Christy Jones

    I wont go see it now…stupid Hollywood

  • angelmuse

    Good advice. Thanks for the heads up. I would have been pixxed off for weeks.

  • Rick Chesler

    I don’t know, I haven’t actually seen the movie, but just from reading the premise it sounds like it might be able to work, depending on execution. I recall a little movie about a pissed off ex-military guy called Rambo that did okay.

    • Anonymous

      Ahh…but in Rambo, he was righting a wrong, not being self-serving.

      • Rick Chesler

        Well in this movie, if the guy took the $150M and gave it to Detroit to house the homeless, would that make it more palatable?

        • justlisa

          Maybe its just me, but I don’t remember Rambo threatening to kill a plane full of innocent people. SMH

        • Anonymous

          From IMDB for Rambo: In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into
          war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were
          kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.

          Money changes hands, but not to the detriment of innocent people.

  • Anonymous

    Ok Not going to see it. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    Ha!!! Good…. Another Hollyweirdo piece of crap movie I won’t need to see.

    • ryne

      Haha my dad calls it holly weirdo never seen anyone else say it lol

  • tom delong

    it will tank.

  • madamalamelia

    Many of these people who made enemies of Vietnam War Vets grew up to be the “weaslies” you speak of. They are despicable egotists and that describes the very nature of the left: people who think they are far superior to you in everything and believe they have authority over you so you don’t harm yourself. The greatest murderers of our time have been democratic socialists and communists.

  • Angela Dubose Richmond

    good grief good to know i like liam neeson and wanted to see it but will not even attempt now thanks for the heads up

    • Connor

      Same here but forget it now. They are not getting a cent of my money.

  • Canadianlady

    Thanks for the spoiler. I won’t be seeing it.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds Like “The Rock”… which in my opinion, wasn’t a bad movie at all.

    Ultimately, what I’m saying is, don’t read too much into an action movie. It’s a damn action movie. Forever, throughout time, we have always had good guys, turn bad. This is just another version of it; one that has been played out a million times over.

    • Anonymous

      I loved that movie! “I’ll take pleasure in guttin you boy.” But the premise of the movie was military vs government. Nothing wrong with that as its become more and more plausible. Then these a-holes have to throw in some conservative guy. Like seriously!?!?!? Thats not even remotely realistic! Even freaking liberals (about to give them waaaaay too much credit) must realize the crazies, 11 times out of 10, come from their side! If this individual carried this out then he clearly misunderstood the constitution. Kind of like the idiots who incessantly bring up Timothy McVey. “But but but but but he was a Christian!!!.” No, he killed people, he was no longer a Christian.

  • JonnyHellion

    Thanks, Glenn — you just saved me $15! I’ll tell everybody I know what a stinker this movie is! Let’s shut this sucker down!

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      Wow, it’s almost 20 here. I miss the ticket prices a few years ago. :(

  • Anonymous

    I was on my way tonight. Thanks for the heads up. I would have been furious if I had underwritten something like that.

  • Connor

    So this is another liberal hit piece against the Tea Party and the military. Thanks for the warning Glenn I hate watching liberal propaganda. Typical liberal B.S.

  • OldNavy

    Shoot; I was looking forward to this one. I’m a libertarian veteran… I’ll skip.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for saving me money and 2 hours of my life.

  • Anonymous

    Bummer. Wasn’t Mary from Downton Abbey in it? So my wife told me.

  • Connor

    I renaming this movie from Non-Stop to Please-Stop.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn should start reading me. I had this spoiler on Tuesday. Could’ve saved him the trouble.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be sure to pirate it and then immediately delete it. Hollywood and MSNBC seem to be on the same train of thought. “Hmmmm Jesus and good old boys from the south seem to be in right now… lets ATTACK and MOCK them. Best. Idea. Ever.”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn for the heads up. Not going!

  • Rayf

    Thanks Glenn, I definitely won’t!!!!!!Getting tired of sleazy hollywood

  • Red Ray

    Plan 9 From Outer Space is the classical worst movie ever, with Manos, the Hand of Fate not far behind. this new movie sounds sort of like Manos, but in reverse. If you can hang in there through the first half of Manos, the movie improves, slightly. It will at least keep your attention. So it sounds like this new flick just needs to be abandoned after the first half.

    • Steven White

      I’d rather watch “Plan 9″ than The Blair Witch Project.

  • Connor

    Who is the director so I can boycott the rest of his trash.

    • Dan

      Jaume Collet-Serra. I’ve never heard of him before, and now I definitely won’t watch any of his movies.

      • Connor

        I am with you.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      It isn’t so much the director’s fault as it is the writers. Whoever the writers are…that’s where the real fault lies. The writers draft the script, the producer approves it (I think), and then the director puts it all together. So the original fault here is with the writers for coming up with such a crap idea.

      • Connor

        True my friend.

    • livefreeordie

      Contact Universal Pictures! They put it out!

  • Michael L Harp

    Will pass on this movie then.

  • Jim Balbo

    thats hollywood did Spike lee make this, oh yeah he just calls out when da brothers get downed right.

  • Connor

    I do like the movie The Rock because at least they had an actual motive that would tick off anyone that served but the way this movie sound the director just sat down and say how can we make a Tea Party member look like a terrorist.

  • Rafal Trojniak

    The movie was good. It felt like the director was trying to rail on security in the US and bring awareness to the problem we have still after 9/11. We are made to believe that the TSA will keep us safe, but the film seems to really make fun of that. The military angle was one way to tie security and the plane together. I don’t recall them talking Constitution in the movie, but if the intent was to jab at the Tea-Party then I think they did a bad job of showing it and certainly was unnecessary. The movie is entertaining and if you enjoy Liam Neeson action films the there is value there.

  • Vonnie Wilford

    Thanks. I wanted to see it, but not now!

  • Thom Thomsen

    And now there is an article that says that Liam says “Islam is the answer”. Hmmmmm

  • http://www.RogerPeckforCongress.Com/ Roger L Peck

    Nothing new, the military has been portrayed in this matter in movies like the Rock, for years

  • Sharon Berry

    Thanks Glenn!! I am EXTREMELY selective with the movies I will bother to see because I have such contempt for Hollywood. Thanks again Glenn, and good job!

  • Bill

    I wonder if Jane Fonda had anything to do with this movie?

    • Anonymous

      probably oprah and michelle!

      • Anonymous

        These are good replies also…just so demoralizing…why do they do this…I am so sick of the backwards world we have today…who moved the planet??? are we in an alternate universe???

    • Anonymous

      Liked your reply….

  • Cindy Manley Corn

    Thanks! I won’t waste my time in supporting his trash.

  • Hank Rearden

    Thanks for saving me the money!

  • David

    Surely it can’t be any worse than the real life drama, lies and cheating being done by our non-constitutionl anti-military government, is it? nd we are paying dearly to see all that!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to read the review because I still may see it, but it’s hard to top Gravity as one of the worst [blockbusters] ever. I can’t believe people like that flick.

    • Connor

      What are you talking about Sandra Bullock floating in space for two hours sounds great.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t stand the fact that Tea Party aren’t violent psychos, and returning military vets must be damaged goods. So we have a never ending source of ne’er do wells.Hollywood has lost it’s way for sure

  • Eddie frOly

    Thanks ugh I was such a Liam Neeson fan that is was until now. I will never support another project he is involved in. If he wants to step up and apologize to me and my fellow service members especially those who have fought for his freedom to denigrate them fine I’ll revisit the issue. Until then his movies could be in the 0.50 cent bin and I wouldn’t buy them. Conservatives really need to start shopping with their conscience. I think if the 40 plus percent of Americans who consider themselves conservatives shopped accordingly there would be a lot less of this $#!+. Excuse the bad language I get a little fired up when people act as if my patriotism as if it’s terrorism. Last time I checked it wasn’t conservatives who strike out in violence when having a protest, it wasn’t conservatives who supported the whether underground. It’s seldom if ever the case when a story of homegrown terror goes out and does not have to be changed at a later date because it was automatically assumed to be conservatives. The notion is just ridiculous we love this country and don’t want it destroyed and therefore would not participate in activities that would only speed such destruction and loss of freedom and said country like terrorist attacks! Any person who would do so is by the very definition of the words and spirit of the name not a conservative.

    • sea-libtard

      Liam Neeson didn’t write, direct, or produce the movie. He’s just an actor. You should direct your anger to the studio, the writer, and the producers.
      Besides, Neeson is Irish, so technically you didn’t fight for his freedom.

      • Deborah Solomon Froman

        Just read an article about Neeson and he is pro Muslim,,, no lie

        • Anonymous

          another reason not to go to this movie, Hollywood Is looking for another bailout I read. I mean except for those who work, who can afford to go to the movies. I already boycotted them. let them all lose their millions and bit houses while they suck up to Obama!

        • macchic2

          What does “pro Muslim” even mean? That he’s tolerant and accepting of another faith (ie, Islam?) Is being “pro Muslim” supposed to be a bad thing?

          Islam is not the Taliban, nor is it Al Queda. Islam is a faith in which most of its followers are dedicated to peace and worshiping God, the same God Christians and Jews worship but called by a different name. You cannot judge the whole Muslim faith and its followers by the Islamic
          terrorist groups and government agencies just as you cannot judge the whole of America by the current American government/administration or the whole of the Christian faith by the Westboro Baptist Church.

          Is Al Queda dangerous? Yes. Is the Taliban dangerous? Yes. Are my Muslim friends and neighbors? No. They are better examples of the moral, holy, spiritual enlightenment than many of my fellow “Christians.”

          Furthermore, those who insinuate that Islam and its followers as a whole are THE problem because of that which terrorists who practice the faith do is actually a logical fallacy of composition.

          That’s just something I would like you to chew on.

          • Anonymous

            well until they tell the world they will not tolerate the murder of women and kids with Sharia law…then I will say they are peaceful…stop the hurting and killing….

          • macchic2

            Please see my reply to MaryLu Duffy, as I decided to reply to you as well as everyone else by replying to her comment instead of needlessly repeating myself three times. :)

          • Nikolaos Karanikas

            maccic2, Your ignorance is not amusing or forgivable. In fact, instead of “repeatedly” telling us to look at a previous statement, discuss and debate the points in which you disagree with.

          • macchic2

            I have been. If you would READ my comments, you would see that many of them are REPLIES to other comments. Thus it would be silly of me to repeat myself with the same information over and over again instead of actually providing new information.

            Furthermore, those “please see…” comments were posted when there were fewer replies to my comment. Three people replied to my comment all around the same time. I was wanting, for time’s sake, to reply to all three of them at once, but if I didn’t directly reply to them in some way or another, they wouldn’t be notified of it. So, because I wanted them to read my response, I posted the “please see…” reply to two of them and replied with my full text only once. Now that the comments have grown in number and they have probably read my responses, I can delete those “please see…” posts.

            But thanks for jumping down my throat about that before you really knew what was going on. I appreciate that.


          • Dianne Bass

            You macchic2 are an idiot . The Muslim “faith ” is just a way for them to degrade and kill Women and Christians. Because they respect none who is not like them ..Kinda sounds like HITLER to me..They think the same way he did if your not like them you DEAD wrong. So you go on in your Hitler loving ways. Those of us educated in the ways of the world know the truth..Have fun in fantasy land one day you will wake u to the truth if its not to late..

          • macchic2

            Ma’am, please don’t call me an idiot. You don’t know me. We have a difference in opinion, but that doesn’t mean that you should call me names. I want to be civilized adults having a debate, and mud slinging doesn’t bring anything to the conversation.

            And, for the record. I don’t love Hitler. I don’t even respect Hitler. I will not sit back and let someone perpetrate lies about me. And I don’t live in fantasy land.

            Seriously, why insult me? Does it bring you joy to insult another human being? Why can’t you be civilized? I didn’t insult you or your intelligence or your family or your beliefs. I kindly asked you all to consider something. Why did I do this? Because I question and consider EVERYTHING and thought it would be a good idea (I was wrong obviously) to show the rest of my fellow Glenn Beck fans and libertarians/conservatives another idea to consider and question. I didn’t honestly believe that they would start to HATE me for this.

            I thought they were better people than that.

            Alas, I was mistaken.

          • MaryLu Duffy

            Hard to believe any educated person is that naive or blind. You know NOTHING of Islam, its history or philosophies– let alone the function of the Imams or Sharia Law. Get a clue before it’s too late…

          • macchic2

            To you, Betty, and Cavy4Freedom, many Muslims do reject Sharia Law. And many Imams have become more tolerant. As for calling me blind or naive, you are out of line, for I am neither. I am also educated and go to one of the top universities in the nation. I am a libertarian, just for the record before you start calling me a liberal or progressive.

            Just as we cannot judge all Christians on some of the more misogynistic, hateful doctrine in the Bible, we cannot judge all Muslims on the hateful doctrine within the Qur’an. Most modern practicing Muslims reject those passages. And I do say MOST. Just as the Christian faith has evolved and became more loving and compassionate, so has Islam as a WHOLE. Do extremists still exist? YES. Are horrible things still perpetuated and justified by their sacred text? YES. Does that mean that ALL Muslims are evil extremists who stone women? NO! Absolutely not. In fact, a majority are not and do not. But, of course you don’t hear about them because why would THAT make the news? Just as a Christian going about his everyday life and demonstrating average moral goodness would not make the news, neither would a Muslim.

            I repeat, I have many Muslim friends. And regardless of the hate you spewed about them, my Muslim friends would NEVER decide that it’s “time to get rid” of me.

            May I also remind you that Christianity hasn’t always been the most peaceful religion either? The holy wars and inquisitions were also perpetrated by Christians. Hitler even claimed to be a devout Catholic. Do any of these heinous crimes, wars, or evil people represent me as a Christian? No. And I would be appalled if anyone suggested so.

            Those who practice Islam do worship the Judo-Christian God, regardless of what any of you want to believe. They even accept Jesus as a holy prophet. Though they do not believe that he is the Messiah, they hold high regard for him.

            Have whatever misconceptions about the majority of Muslims you want; I obviously won’t change your opinions. But, my one problem I do have with so many people being anti-Islam is that these sentiments allow fear to drive them to HATING a people who, as a majority, are peaceful. And I DO mean AS A MAJORITY. It is the second most practiced faith in the world with about 1.6 billion followers. Of those 1.6 billion, only a small minority are extremists and/or terrorists. Though that minority of evil Muslim people, in numerical terms alone, may seem quite large, in terms of ratios and percentages, that number is quite small. No true Christian should hate or judge a whole of a people based on a minority of evil doers within it.

            Lastly, I SERIOUSLY do not appreciate any of you insinuating that I am out of the loop, that I do not “have a clue,” that I am naive, that I am blind, that I am ignorant. I am rather intelligent and know more than you may assume. In fact, I have been attending Christian schools since I was a small child and have been required to take religion courses. As I have matured and gone on to university, I continued that Christian education until I decided that it was in my best interest to transfer to another institution (one of the top universities in the nation.) There, I have continued my education in the topic by taking extra courses that examine both Christianity and Islam throughout literary history. I know a great deal; don’t assume my ignorance. And, don’t assume that because I am learning this in university that I am acting as a “sheeple” and just believing everything that I am spoon-fed. I question knowledge more often than I accept it, and if I were a “sheeple,” God knows that there is no way I would be a libertarian. I would probably be just as progressive as most of my university attending peers. I am disgusted by many of the people on this site who assume that just because someone has a dissenting opinion, they are obviously uneducated or oblivious to the “truth.” What I am presenting is simply a different “truth” for you to chew over and consider, not automatically dismiss because you do not agree with it.

          • Túatha Clíodhna

            From a fellow Christian, I feel I need to bring my two cents on this. Sharia Law has nothing to do with the Koran, just as Inquisition, Crusades and burning women had nothing to do with the Bible.

            One should not mistake what is being said or done by men in the name of their religion, with the religion itself.

            I have had lengthy conversations with many people of different churches and different faiths, and it turned out Muslims are not any worse than any other religion. The philosophy behind the Koran is even rather peaceful. Some Islamic groups have turned some lines into lines of hatred. Some people use religion to gain power over masses, but this should not discredit religion as a whole.

            Again, this is only my humble opinion.

            Then, to speak about Liam Neeson, being Irish means he has seen how religion-based prejudices can cause harm. His being tolerant does not mean he supports the Sharia Law. It is really sad to see that these kinds of shortcuts still exist in our modern era.

            And yes, you have freedom of opinion and speech, that is, unless someone disagrees with you and starts using their own freedom of speech, not to bring an argument, but to insult you.


          • macchic2

            Are you referring to all of these people insulting me for being religiously tolerant? If so, then YES. Thank you. I honestly couldn’t believe that my fellow conservatives/libertarians were attacking me. But now I realize that it doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum I stand on.

            Beck is right; the world has become a place where if you hold a difference in opinion on ANYTHING, any one small little thing, others will attack you on a personal level and are not supposed to be friendly with you. I am sick of it and about ready to write him myself to address these issues that are showing up on his site.

            As for your response, sir. I found it refreshing. It’s good to see that not all of the people who visit this site HATE another faith and people in its entirety for what some do.

            In my opinion, this hate seems rather unChristian. But then again, according to all of these people, I am stupid, ignorant, and blind. So, what do I know?

            Again! THANK YOU for restoring my faith in humanity a little bit.

          • PatriotandWarrior

            Being a service member and a practicing Jew, I have to say I would like to believe what you are saying, but I cannot. I have personally been targeted by Muslims when I was visiting Ashkelon in the south of Israel. Every Muslim nation in the region is trying to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, either openly or discreetly. The Qu’ran reads ” “And remember, Children of Israel, when We made a covenant with you and raised Mount Sinai before you saying, “Hold tightly to what We have revealed to you and keep it in mind so that you may guard against evil.” But then you turned away, and if it had not been for Allah’s grace and merecy, you surely would have been among the lost. And you know those among who sinned on the Sabbath. We said to them, “You will be transformed into despised apes.” So we used them as a warning to their people and to the following generations, as well as a lesson for the Allah-fearing.”(Quran [Quran 2:63]

            They also go on to accuse the Jewish people of ‘perverting scripture’ and saying they should be ‘slain wherever they are found’. Does that sound peaceful to you? All we ever wanted was a home to call our own, and peace with our neighbors. And before you go into that ‘Palestine was there first’ crap, three things you should know: 1) Palestine was never a country, but a mere city, closer to Syria. 2) The jewish people BOUGHT the land from them (so now they can say ‘we will keep your money AND take the land back? That seems ok to you?) and 3) The Palestinians lived in all arab countries and were discriminated and exiled for trying to claim land in these other countries, but now that they claim it in Israel they suddenly have every Arab nations backing? Seems legitimate (sarcasm in case you were wondering). Is it true that 100% of them are evil? No. There is no 100% in anything in this life. But enough are, and those who aren’t evil do nothing, and therefore are just as guilty for remaining silent. “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” This simple fact makes it so they all are to blame. If there is a peaceful solution and they seek it, then we are willing to talk. Otherwise, the flames, the sword.

          • macchic2

            I am an ally of Israel, sir. And at my university, I am a member of the student organization that advocates for and supports them.

            But, that does not mean that I am anti-Islam. I stand by my peaceful Muslim friends and their families. I would give MY life for their right to practice their faith peacefully. Just as I would give my life for my Jewish, Christian, and Hindu friends in their right to peacefully practice their faiths (yes, I do have a very diverse group of friends; I realize this.)

            As for the “guilty” silent, I agree with you on some level because silence is, after all, consent (not on a legal level; I mean this simply as a figure of speech.) However, I think that we would find that many of them are afraid of speaking up because it does result in their deaths. (Remember, many of their governments allow them to kill all those who disagree.) Does it make their silence right? No, but I think it makes it a bit easier to understand and definitely makes the situation that much more tragic.

            Regardless of all that, thank you for serving our country. My religious tolerance does not make me blind to the fact that there are those (a small–percentage-wise–but powerful few) who perpetuate evil in the name of faith and that there are those who have to protect us from it. Seriously, thank you.

          • Anonymous

            I can agree with what you have said but the damning truth is that no one, not one of these moderate, peaceful Muslims ever stand up and object or denounce the evil acts that are being perpetrated against other religions, mostly Christians. It would be nice to have someone stand up and denounce all of the evil that their small, tiny, fraction of their religion Is doing, but no one does, no Imam, no one. It saddens me. I believe they themselves are afraid.

          • macchic2

            I believe you are right about them being afraid. I took a class on transnational encounters with Islam, and many of the Muslim students were unafraid to speak out against the injustices. But they were only willing to do this within the classroom setting because of an increased perception of safety.

          • Matthew Underwood

            The holy wars and inquisitions (all but one) were actually perpetrated by muslims. But you know everything, right?

          • macchic2

            Are you trying to tell me that all but one of the following were perpetrated by Muslims:
            The Medieval Inquisition
            The Spanish Inquisition
            The Portuguese Inquisition
            The Roman Inquisition
            The Witch Trials (not called Inquisitions but historically classified as such)

            IN FACT! The term Inquisition was COINED by the Roman Catholic Church.

            As far as the Holy Wars go, I was not referring to the modern Holy Wars; rather, I was referring to the Crusades. I apologize, for I realize now that I should have been more clear (this is not sarcasm. I truly am sorry.) There are many historically possible reasons for each of the Crusades, but regardless, a Church, a holy, peaceful entity decided to rage war and bloodshed against a people. That, in itself, is wrong and goes against what the faith stands for.

            Do I approve of what my church did? No, but they have been guilty in plenty of wrong-doings, wrong-doings that do not represent me or my fellow Catholics as a whole.

          • Anonymous

            I hope macchic listens to you Marylu. She certainly needs educated. Muslims have been murdering people for not being muslims since the year 700.

          • macchic2

            And what about the Catholic Church? Do you HATE them as well?

          • Betty Bryant

            Read the Koran and you will understand what Islam is. It is actually a system of government (Sharia law) with a religious component. A true Muslim must not befriend a non-Muslim and they must turn the whole world into an Islamic Caliphate. Islam is a violent religion and their God is not my God. You really need to study up on this before you speak. Muslims are killing Christians all over the Middle East right now and in Nigeria. These are not terrorists. They are the neighbors of these people until they decide it is time to get rid of them.

          • macchic2

            Please see my reply to MaryLu Duffy, as I decided to reply to you as well as everyone else by replying to her comment instead of needlessly repeating myself . :)

          • Will Seay

            You are fool to think Islam is a religion of peace. Those of us that are not fooled by their insistence that they want peace see the reality of what that cult really brings. Save your breath, you will NEVER convince us otherwise. Your words fail to cover up the reality of their acts.

          • JO

            Betty, apparently you haven’t read YOUR bible! It has just as many violent scriptures as the Koran… Were you able to sell your daughter into slavery or at least help someone else? I didn’t think so. It’s the same with the Koran.. they don’t abide by every single word in it as the Christians don’t either.

          • sreynolds

            Those that read and follow the koran are enemies of Christians nd anyone who is not a muslim. Grow up, your feelgood bs is just that, BS…


        Did you really just say that? For the record Liam Neeson is Irish by birth but he became a U.S. citizen in 2009. Our great nation is made up of many immigrants who want to enjoy the freedom our great nation offers! You are sea-sick…swim back from whence you came…America does not need more barnacles like you!

      • Anonymous

        yes we did…if Muslims have their way… none of these folks will be around…(Hollywreido)…no matter what country you come from..

      • Corey

        Irish or not, Does he live in the USA? If he lives here then we DID fight for his freedom.

    • joe michael villa

      oh get over yourself.
      it’s just a movie.

      You preach freedom of speech all the time but as soon as you don’t like something you want to censor it or protest.

      God you people are pathetic.

      • Lynn Bowling Cosentino

        Yes, freedom of speech is wonderful. It allowed Glen Beck to express to us the content of this film allowing us to make a decision regarding whether we want to see it or not. I didn’t see any censorship in what Glenn said, not at all.

        • joe michael villa

          First of all, I wasn’t talking to you and I wasn’t talking to Glenn Beck.
          I was replying to an ignorant post.

          • Jason Warren

            Actually.. You were not replying to a post.. So you clicked the “reply button” in the wrong spot.

          • Elizabeth Ingham

            it happens lol just glas they cleared that up though. :)

      • Anonymous

        no too many have suffered in this war…to just let it be twisted.

    • joe michael villa

      you’ll get your apology when I get George Bush’s for sending us into Iraq based on lies by him and Dick Cheney.

      • Edward Atterholt

        It took Congress to approve the war, and it was voted almost 100% by congress including B. Obama and H. Clinton.

        • joe michael villa

          Yeah they did.
          But it was Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld that went on every talk show, every news show, and lied to Congress and the American public about WMD’s.

          Do you really believe Congress would of voted to invade Iraq if they knew the truth that there were no WMDs?

          Don’t think we’ve forgotten what the Bush administration did to anyone who voted no or didn’t agree with invading Iraq.

          Bush lied, 4400 troops died.

          • Penny

            And Obama PROMISED they’d all be back home within his first year. He also PROMISED Obamacare wouldn’t raise taxes, and no one, I repeat NO ONE would lose their current insurance. For your information, ALL politicians LIE, regardless of political affiliation…it’s all in who greases their palm more.

          • Anonymous

            cash for clunkers…bailing banks….etc….

          • Elizabeth Ingham

            This is why I hate politics. lol

          • Anonymous

            too late todo much about the past…but they didn’t lie…they killed women and gays..still do…

      • MaryLu Duffy

        you are an idiot. Sadaam DID have WMD and they all went to Syria–hence the problems we have today with Asad. In addition, Sadaam housed and aided terrorists while decimating his own Kurdish people– there was plenty of good reason to go into Iraq.

        • Elizabeth Ingham

          Until they moved… then we should have been elsewhere… oh well can’t change the past…

  • Anthony Priest

    Are you sure it wasn’t a TSA agent? or a Liberal Green Peace dude?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn I wont waste a penny..such a shame too I used to admire Liam Neesam. Wow…certainly will share with friends.

  • Beta Traxx

    That makes sense because see the thing with the, oh who am i kiddin that dont make no sense…

  • Shallymar

    Thanks for the heads up. I was going to see it because Anson Mount is in it, but not now.

  • theelviscerator

    Russian mafia, sounds more believable, if a tad overdone.

  • Terry Benefield

    Thanks Glenn! I’ll heed your warning :)

  • Bill MacFeat

    I didn’t think liam neeson could ever be in a bad movie :(

  • ZeelandCap

    As silly as it sounds, make sure to rate this film low at

  • Titus Luft

    I get free movies and I won’t go now. not worth my time.

  • chris

    it looked stupid anyways

  • Johhny “the rat”

    No! Go see it! Liam needs a new Humvee!

  • Janice VanMeter

    Thanks for the head’s up…Hollywood…they are getting so monstrous with their take on things…now entering a soldier into the villain terrorist character. Wrong, just wrong.

  • AFMomXs2

    Wouldn’t think of it anyway… I don’t give my money to Libtards

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, did you ever catch on to the use of the personal pronoun ” I ” as in “I went to the movies.” ? You really should use it a time or two. Marvelous way to refer to yourself instead of in 2nd person. You make it sound like you have a personal court recorder following you around day and night. Really bad form, old sod.

    • Vienta76

      Did you even read this article? After reading your comment I re-read the article, see Glenn went with two friends, and appropriately used the pronoun “I” when referring to his personal opinions, and “we” when speaking about himself and his companions…

  • Anonymous

    I was planning on going to this with my wife tomorrow night. So much for that. Thanks for saving me some money.

  • Shallymar

    Ishtar – worst movie I’ve ever seen!

  • Brian Sprouse

    Hollywood in general disgust me.

  • David E. Lee

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Vienta76

    I refuse to support anything Hollywood puts out there, at least I will NOT pay theatre prices, after all, you weigh the odds and the movie is highly likely going be propagated BS nearly every time. Recent exception “Lone Survivor”

  • Anonymous

    Well, they say we go to the movies to escape reality, at least sell me something the media twists on a daily basis.

  • Anonymous

    The bad guy should have been a former Obama navigator. Then it would be closer to the truth and more realistic.

  • Timothy Wenners

    I wonder if the countries we drone bomb and the children that die.. I wonder if they think of US soldiers as terrorists…

    • Vienta76

      Killing babies, hmmmm let’s see, how many babies are killed in America by Americans every single day? What war are those MILLIONS of babies the innocent victims of? Wanna talk about terrorists?

    • Sweet Liberty

      I think the international market is who they are going for with this movie.

  • growupglenn

    yes, lets boycott anything that insults our opinions, no matter how good or false the material is, lets make sure no one goes to see it, because it bothers YOU. seriously, stop being a baby and grow up.

    • Vienta76

      I love the playground!! But really you should go look in the mirror man, even your screen name is juvenile. Who needs to grow up?

  • jackyjoe10

    It looked crappy anyway. No great hardship

  • Ashleyheart

    At 4:42 seconds… I had a different tab open..and I thought Kermit the Frog was talking 😀 hahah! xoxo Made my day…

  • Wm. Michael Mott

    Neeson has said he’s thinking about converting to Islam… yes, he said it. His mindless gutlessness knows no bounds. He’s an appeaser and dhimmi-in-training. No more of his movies for me, and that’s a shame.

    • Wm. Michael Mott
    • Jadedknight

      Wowwww and I have always liked him in his roles…even been feeling sorry for him ever since his wife died…Not anymore…He is on my ” Don’t bother ” list…screw him and his mussie buddies.

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        Who really cares about his religion? his job is to entertain and that’s what he does. He’s good at it too.

  • tim

    Hollywood again bows to the BHO administration in their “political correctness” to make this about politics of the Tea Party and the military instead of making it about the real enemy – Islamic terrorists.

    • Anonymous

      NCIS’ last episode did the same thing. The bad guys sold guns at a gun show.

      Glad to know about this movie, in advance. Won’t be seeing this propaganda piece.

      • Elizabeth Ingham

        NO!!!! I love NCIS! Abby is AWESOME!! :(

  • James Stanford

    Wasn’t gonna pay to watch it anyway. How many plane movies are they gonna make? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ

    • Anonymous

      As long as people keep going to see those plane movies, I guess.

  • Informed Bendite

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll spread the word too.

  • mrswright

    i wasn’t going to see it anyway, but thanks for the heads up so i won’t order it on pay per view either.

  • Anonymous

    It’s checked off from my list, for sure. What a disgrace.

  • Coreena Burke

    Thanks Glen Beck, I have daughter that served 7 months in Afghanistan. Leaving behind her 3 month old daughter. And her husband and my step son are both in the Airforce full time. I cant stand to see anything that belittles the sacrifices they have made to serve our country.


    Thanks Glen for the heads up! I will spread the word…my hamster just fell off its wheel!

  • ColinFlaherty


  • william sleeper

    Hey Glen, my recomendation, go see “Man of God” instead, even if your not all that religious, it is a powerful movie, and finally brings grade A visuals to a great story.

    • Jerry Sutton

      Glen has recommended Son of God as i recollect. I know he did for the non theater version.

  • Raydio

    Just because the (fictional) terrorist is ex-military, then I shouldn’t see the (fictional) movie? You’ll have to give me a better reason than that.

    • Anonymous

      It costs too much. Chances are your public library may end up with the movie in four to six months and you can check it out for free.

  • Serafine Laveaux

    Good to know. I love Liam Neeson movies and had planned to see it, but I think I’ll pass on this one.

  • bikertrsh

    When it shows up on DirecTV I’ll watch it.

  • Anonymous

    Making the terrorist an ex US military member is looked at, by most of Hollywood, as a safe move; it’s in sync with many of their preconceived views.

    It’s the same reasoning that turns “religious” terrorists into either neo-Nazis or right-wing Christian militia members.

    Most of the other “obvious” targets of possible terrorists fall off the list of PC accepted “evil doers.”

  • Larry Bavaro

    Liam sucks cuz he is a Muslim lover, that comment out of his mouth has cursed him, he is a loser.

  • Sharalyn Ayers

    Thank you for the heads up! I too really like Liam Neeson and was interested. GLAD you ‘spoiled it, cuz I would have been angry…

  • Dudley Pedro

    What everyone needs to worry about from retired military and former-military service people: 1) All have sworn to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” (there is no expiration date on the oath to the Constitution) 2) We defend those who are unable to defend themselves. 3) We treat people we meet with all due respect, especially those who cannot do anything for us . 4) We are your best friend and your worst enemy (don’t hurt our families, our friends, or our dogs)

  • patti purk

    Typical dung from Hollywood!!

  • Mario Gandolfo

    Liam is such an A-hole,,I HATE HIM..he encouraged hi fellow actors while filming “The Grey” about killer wolves to actually eat wolf meat stew and they actually did and that piece of shit actually ate a second helping of REAL WOLF STEW..I hate that son of a B***h with every once of my body..

    • Anonymous

      YOU, my friend, are full of hate for little reason. Slow down, you could end up in the nut house if you keep up such hatred. I thought only libturds were so full of hate.

  • Michael Rice

    If it had been a Muslim in the role of terrorist, libs would have screamed and thrown a fit. Does anyone remember when Affleck’s movie had the terrorists changed? I think it was the Sum Of All Fears.

  • Jim

    This is so damn funny! Hollywood has got to be flippin out over the fact that Blaze has probably cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and by the end of all of us spreading the word, it will be in the millions of $$$. Great job Glen. You know, Glen….you/we could ALL do this for every Libtard movie they make!?

    • Anonymous

      keep dreaming….and smiling or gloating. There are millions who will see this movie for entertainment because that’s what it is.

      • Jim

        maybe, but most of those millions you are talkin about will be all your liberal friends. It really doesn’t matter, but its a shame that Hollywood always has to have a political agenda in their pictures. And that “entertainment” you are referring to….you would think that with all the money they spend making these movies, that they could get a lot more creative, and be much better quality movies.

        • Elizabeth Ingham

          Insults aren’t necessary. They were just stating the truth. I have no intention of seeing this movie, but I did see Avatar and liked it for it’s entertainment value, not the propaganda behind it.

      • honorrespect

        I am sure I will be ridiculed for saying this but tv was not just intended for entertainment but for brainwashing. Hitler did it to his people. I researched it too. I don’t like saying things unless I know its true. I am not saying that’s what they were intending to do in this case but still, the weak minded and naïve might be easily brainwashed. and the manipulators know that.

  • Susan A Davis

    Also Neeson stated yesterday he would come out as Muslim but he knew it would hurt his Career, that he thinks it is the best religion///// wow is all i can say

  • KJC

    Seems like almost every movie or tv program is propaganda nowadays-Gay or satanic! I had my suspicions because of the Big advertising push in the last couple weeks.. How much is obama paying these guys!

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      Everything that he isn’t stuffing in his or congress’ pockets…

  • Anonymous

    Yes, In Obamaworld, if you love your country, you are an enemy of your country. If you ever wore a uniform, you are a threat to the nation. How Napolitano of Hollywood.

  • Osweetp2

    Not going to waste my money…thanks for the review

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mr Beck. I really like Neeson, too. Too bad.

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      The actors didn’t make the film….

  • Chris Micek

    Thank you for the heads up saved me from walking out pissed off!

  • joe michael villa

    If Glenn Beck hates something it has to be good.
    It’s going to make over a 100 million dollars and be a block buster.
    Book It!

    • Alan Jones

      Glenn said he liked the movie he just didn’t like the message at the end. It’s just another way of going after freedom loving constitutional patriots like the TEA Party groups! What else can anyone expect from Hollywood.

  • Alan Jones

    What else would anyone expect from the HollywObama followers.

  • Roberta

    This is kind of dumb. Who knows why the guy does what he does? If it were revealed he was of a certain religion like Muslim or something would people complain? Probably not.

  • Jane Dunn McBride

    Wouldn’t be the first movie to do that-tv shows have ex military be their bad guys all the time.

  • Mindy Baird Gibson

    Wow not gonna see it now… bummer… :(


      WOW! Really? Wouldn’t it be better to form your own opinion like an individual??? Beck is biased :(

      • Anonymous

        never mind, i found something.

  • Connie Kelly

    So glad to know – so glad to not be wasting money on this!

  • Matthew E Tompkins

    i was never in danger of going in the first place because I loathe Neeson’s voice and NOW…I am happy to be on the right side from the outset.

  • Steven J Santore Sr

    I like the actor also. But I will take your advise and save my money.Thanks Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Hollyweird in a nutshell, can’t come up with an original idea so they do remakes of successful movies, then screw that up and then turn to their agenda base message in a ridiculous manner. Of course that’s nothing like hiring a released “terrorist from Guantanamo” to be hired as an “Obamacare enrollment specialist”. Thank you for the heads up to a similar disappointment as “Born on the 4th of July” was so many years ago and others.

  • ksmobile1

    Liam is cool, But I’m happy they Exposed the finish / plot This Kind of movie sounds so Damn UN- patriotic Time to start reacting to this bullshit

  • Lee Durlach

    It is never OK to reveal a film’s “spoiler” the way Glenn did. There are tens – if not hundreds of thousands of Americans who derive their income from the movie industry and secondary support industries (gaffers, costumers, drivers, caterers, computer techs, vocalists, musicians, printers, accountants, etc.), and keeping things like the movie’s ending or twist a secret is what their industry’s economy is all about. Just because Glenn didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean it’s OK for him to hurt the pocketbooks of hard-working Americans in the film industry. I love Glenn, but this was not right. Sharing the movie’s twist the way Glenn did – because he didn’t like it – is sort of like one of Glenn’s disgruntled readers posting one of Glenn’s books online publicly to try to spoil others from purchasing it. It would be unfair to hurt Glenn’s pocketbook that way.

    Now, I completely agree with Glenn’s take on the film’s twist and I will not see this film because of it. But all Glenn had to say was “Don’t see this movie… it’s a complete waste of your time – typical liberal BS” and that would have been enough for me. But uncovering a movie’s spoiler? It was not necessary and it was hurtful.

    • Anonymous

      so now the claim of, “I was just doing my job is okay…?” Bottom line is that it blows being the peon, and everything has repercussions…

      • Lee Durlach

        They made a movie, not a concentration camp. It wasn’t a crime.

        • Douglas Williford

          I don’t know about that. People who paid to see this film may feel like their pockets have been picked or feel just outright swindled.

          • Lee Durlach

            Haha! I know I’ve felt ripped off before after a bad movie.

    • Douglas Williford

      Word would have gotten out, anyway. People don’t want to see American solders portrayed as bad guys. We get enough of that fiction already from despicable people like Kerry and Durbin.
      It’s doing them a favor in the long run- people are losing interest in the film industry because of crap like this. Their jobs are in jeopardy not just because of the economic times, but also because of disappointing films such as this one.

      • Lee Durlach

        Douglas… you fight unfairly. The minute you say something negative about Kerry, I am 100% on your side and all other arguments are out the window. Well played!


        Did you go see the movie??? If so what was your personal opinion???

        • Anonymous

          what is this movie?the link doesn’t work. i’ve no idea what this discussion is about.

  • Anonymous

    Surly you have noticed this trend for quite sometime in both movies and TV. The enemy always seems to be former military (almost always Tier One) or some slime ball Gov high mucky muck betraying the troops in the field…. Once again tearing down those we hold most high… well maybe the Gov hack not so much… just say’n

  • Anonymous

    “I said, ‘I make a promise to you: I will not treat our military the way we treated our Vietnam veterans.’”

    How about if that military starts killing American Citizens…they are purging the military .

    • Anonymous

      If you are active and signed up with Oath Keepers or have Oath Keeper friends your days with the military are numbered.

      They are purging the military right now of anyone, including commanders, whom they think would refuses orders to fire-on other Americans, confiscate legal guns, or not willing roundup political agitators on US soil.

  • me3tv

    Thanks. It was rated poorly with rotton tomatoes too.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you have so often stood up for the little guy and have given heart rending monologues and speeches about terrible injustices. You talk about God and religion convincingly and make one believe you are truly a Christian with a heart of gold. When I hear your little show in the morning, however, and I hear your compatriots in the background giggle, make snide remarks and bully unsuspecting people that your show calls I really am disgusted with your hypocrisy. As long as you continue making fun of people on the air your opinions concerning anything are tainted and suspect. Getting into the movie critic business just adds to image of being a shameless promoter of Glenn Beck and his wallet. Cut the crap Mr Beck and do not bully and harass any more poor souls. Not one more cruel quiz show!

  • carlberlin

    I wont waste my money

  • Mike C

    Now I’m gonna have to see it twice.

  • suzanne

    No surprise the Obama administration (Janet Napolitano) said our military vets coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan were at risk for being recruited by right-wing extremists(translation Tea Party). Typical Hollywood liberals who the majority have never done anything to serve this country.

  • conner

    Just once I want to watch a movie without liberal propaganda thrown in. Even “Robo cop” discusted me. Now “Lone Survivor” was good not to support war but to say “hey we support our troops and apreciate the sacrafice they make for all of us back home”

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see, even ONCE, any villain in a Hollywood tent-pole be a member of the SEIU, or a disgraced democrat politician (plentiful pickin’s there), or a high profile member of the Church of Scientology. Like that would ever happen.

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      Love science, personally, but not to that degree. lol

  • Anonymous

    Never liked his movies, all the endings are dumb or the premise is so stupid it ruins the movie from the start (Taken…). I made a promise to myself to never see another one of his movies again since my girlfriend dragged me to see the wolf one and hearing this now only strengthens my resolve. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the USA Military and the service to the country they provide and it seems more and more movies are anti-American or anti-patriotism or anti-anything the Hollywood (Liberals) doesn’t agree with. I am waiting for a paradigm shift in what comes out of Hollywood because they have not come out with anything remotely new, everything seems to be a remake, sequel, from a children’s book or a video game. Nothing stimulating to the mind that would add to your life in any way, shape, or form.

  • Fed Flintstone

    Yup thanks.. Guess I got spoilers here.. Love Liam punching Wolves tho..

  • Sheri Mossi

    My husband and I do love Liam Neeson, but we love our country more, so we WILL NOT being seeing this one. Thank you for the ‘spoiler’.


      Come on…. really??? You cannot go and make up your own mind???

  • Sharon Cook

    OK….your opinion matters to us. We will skip this one. We had planned on seeing it but agree with you – if this is going to be the “new” message movie, guess we’re back to books again (and radio, of course!) Thanks, Glenn!


      it is a freaking movie, not a dang message UGH!

  • Se’an Farris

    It’s. a. movie. Not a documentary.

  • Bill Hathaway

    Thanks for the update. Guess are a believer in the Constitution and retired military, from what you have stated, then I will not go and see it either. I will also pass on to my other military friends and Family.

  • jasongeorgievski

    Screw hollywood

  • Anonymous

    Does it for me, I won’t see it. If these fools want to make military vets like me the bad guys, they’ll pay. I intend to share this on every single veterans organization. Hollywood used to be patriotic during WWII. Gable served, Eddy Arnold landed in Saipan. Charles Durning on Omaha beach. Jimmy Stewart flew 25 B17 combat missions. What do these overpaid, self absorbed scum do today? Make movies that make the US and it’s military the villain. With very few exceptions, the current crowd that infests Hollywood and the Movie industry are the scum of the earth and I for one intend to call them out every time they pull this.


      Thats right, vets never commit crimes…..

  • Anonymous

    Of course…they picked an ex military guy…Hollyweird would never…ever…take a M.uslim or a Ta.liban terro.rist…they are part of the hate…Dear Janet N. made her list of probable terrorists…i.e., ex military…catholics…tea party…all veterans…and so on…and….who goes out and spends hard earned money on stupid movies with stupid actors with stupid scripts…well…I was one stupid idiot…seen the light 5 years ago and said Bye…Bye… Hollyweirds….Let Hollywood dry out in their desert with their heavy toxic smog…heat… and… without rain…

  • Lynn Bowling Cosentino

    Thanks for the heads up….My money that would have been spent on it says “In God we trust” and shouldn’t be dishonored for a movie that slams our military and the constitution that was inspired by men of faith and strength.

  • tom c.

    Everything that comes out of Hollywood sucks gravity sucks American hustle sucks Hollywood as a whole sucks!boycott the Oscars.just a bunch of professional liars who actually believe that their opinions MATTER well they don’t I will not go to the movies anymore.oh and 12 years a slave was a weak comedy.

  • Sargonarhes

    Wasn’t planing on watching it at the theaters. Last movie I did see at the theaters was Pacific Rim. Before that it was Star Wars. I’m a hard person to please.

  • X501st

    We WERE going to see it but I am sick of Hollywood and other liberals degrading our Military.
    Can not cast doubt on the peaceful religion of muslim terrorists.

  • Willy Rho

    Maybe if they lose 50 million dollars they will stop, but the Saudis and Soros will fund anything anti-American.

  • Mark Owens

    I figured it would suck.

  • Charles Sansing


  • Anonymous

    This movie is now off my list Glen. I will see the 3 Days to Kill instead.

  • Guest

    At the theater I go to they only charge $5.00 for disabled vets and if they’re in a wheelchair their pushers are free. Really! They’re the “Regal Entertainment Group”.

    I take the disabled to the movies all the time when the weather is cold. Every Saturday during the winter months or inclement weather. ROBO COP is next on our list. I’ll skip this one.

    Our last movie was “Lone Survivor”, a really good movie but tough to watch for some of my friends. Go see this movie instead. 3 thumbs up.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the warning. I will not watch this crap.

  • dennis reilly

    thanks for the info because I was going to see it but now I won’t

  • TJ McNamara

    Thanks for the heads up. I will put my money towards the Lone Survivor DVD.

    • honorrespect

      Wonderful choice and very wise decision. though some of it made me upset and sad for our soldiers.

  • Diane Shoaf

    I am shocked that ALL of you are making a decision based on one person’s opinion!!! Unbelievable!!! Do you not have the ability to make your own decisions??? Very scary!!! Do you just sit around waiting for someone to tell you how and what to think??? Very sad and VERY scary!!!!

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      We are making our decisions based on the ending (fact, not opinion) not his opinion of the movie… You’re sad.

      • RobM

        What ending Elizabeth? The one this other ENTERTAINER told you about?
        I’m told that I am entertaining too, how can I direct your life for you?

      • honorrespect

        well said Elizabeth. and ignore the other reply by rob lol like you said, its not someone’s opinion but its facts.

      • Diane Shoaf

        no I am not sad at all.



  • Andie37/

    Definitely won’t see it. I hate Hollywood anyway.

  • Janice Hughes Smith

    Thanks for the tip…It was on my husbands list for this weekend but we don’t want to support that kind of propaganda. A disgrace against our most honorable military personnel.


      Because no military or ex military member commits crimes UGH!

      • honorrespect

        its not about that wynema. we all know through media and conversations that yes, you are right but there is more to it. nobody should even get so UGH angry at people for not wanting to watch it now for their standards on respect and beliefs. if someone wants to have that much respect for our military and constitution not to support and watch the movie than so be it… GREAT FOR THEM!!!!

  • Brian from Utah

    I have to go see it now! Just because someone is in the military doesn’t mean they can’t turn rogue and become a “terrorist”.

    Last I checked it’s only a film and can be based on much fiction.

  • Anonymous

    NOt only will I not spend my money seeing this trash, now I will have to consider not seeing any other Neeson film. I cannot believe he did this.

    • Brian from Utah

      Oh no!! He stars in a movie with a terrorist that’s not middle eastern.

  • Bobby F. Spriggs Jr

    I’ll watch it just because I can.

  • Celina Williams

    Glen thanks for busting my bubble and ….. Liam Neeson is gonna kick your bootay! lol

  • Anonymous

    should have made the villain BATF or TSA, or maybe even a rogue (not rouge) IRS agent……

  • Peter Toth

    Thanks for the warning, and the money well saved.

  • kenneth

    I gave up on Hollywood long ago although I did see lone survivor and I look forward to seeing Son of God. Any movie that the liberal media condemns is the movie I want to see.

    • honorrespect

      I saw Lone Survivor and it was the best movie ever and really hopefully makes people think about what our soldiers go through. Though it did make me really mad at the same time. They should have had more men to stand by to help, especially with only 4 men to take down the enemy. and the rules of engagement and afraid of bad publicity to save their own lives and the lives of their people and the honor of our men who were killed by that SOB… sad. but our soldiers follow rules (whether dumb or not) even if it costs them their own lives and that is what makes them honorable, respected, and brave men. my sister saw Son of God and she said it was amazing! she said it wasn’t as gruesome as Passion of Christ with the cat of 9 tails but the whole movie was so touching. and that’s a good way to pick your movies based on the liberals and what to watch lol for real… I never thought about that.

  • applepiefaced

    But, but, but…..I really wanted to like this movie! Michelle Dockery is in it. :(


      So go and make up your own mind and don’t follow the other sheople…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t go to the movies any more…not worth the $$$…thank you Glenn for the others sake….that they save $$$$ and not waste time either…

  • norm

    Not the first movie to make military vets the bad guys – The Rock, Die Hard 2, just to name a couple off the top of my head.

    • brokenpinata

      Shh!! We don’t Glenn to have a stroke at sound of these preposterous revelations.

  • Anonymous

    My son sent me this article. My other son and I went to see it to make up our own minds.

    I’ve lost respect for Glenn Beck due to his assessment of this movie. This movie was a great ride and in no way anti-American.

    The bad guys are a couple of disgruntled former military men – clearly the type of person who would have been a little screwy in whatever career they were in.

    Shame on Beck for making this something it’s not. There are many movies in which a disgruntled soldier does crazy things – “In the Line of Fire” comes to mind, and I don’t remember any one making a fuss over that one.

    Political grandstanding… at it’s worst.

    • brokenpinata

      And I’m assuming Glenn has never seen The Rock. Disgruntled ex-military there as well, although you’re told that right up front.

  • Jeff Estep

    I will not see it in protest and to respect our constitution and our military.

  • Weldon Swafford

    The rest of the world would say “Celsius 41.11″ is the worst movie ever.

  • Trex Bad 1

    Yes…Political Correctness must work to shift the face of Terror over to US Military Veterans. So is there anything else that self loathing cowards would like to blame us for ? Just so you know we understand that our presence does remind some people they are cowards and simply reacting to their own insecurities. But, Please find some other way to burn off your self hatred…Enlist and Serve would be one method.

  • Dan Albert

    Glenn, from a retired US Army Ranger, who actually DOES believe in the Constitution, thank you for panning this!

  • Brandon Shinault

    Our founding fathers believed we should have a violent revolution every 20 years. They believed in taking an individuals land if need be (like if we need to build a road for the greater good), and the ones that made it to be presidents all owned slaves. Our first president had people killed for idiotic reasons. Anyone who worships them, after knowing these facts (google what I said), would be a vile, violent man. Since most of you are ‘religious,’ stop being mindless animals, and practice what Christ preached. By the way, our military has over 700 bases around the world. Have set up tons of coups that have destroyed many nations (Egypt’s, Libya, Ukraine to name the most recent- that we know of. Don’t forget Reagan selling nukes to Afghanistan, or how we trained Osama bin Laden, or how we set up the government that now controls Iran, over oil trade). So is it shocking that such a man, who simply lives by the words of drill sergeants and the words of old hypocritical men, would begin a reign of terror? Probably with the aim of taking the government down or killing a government official? No. He is following the commands of dear ole Jefferson. Shocking? Why do you think the ‘real’ terrorists kill? Because we have freedom and they hate that? lol… Please, go read something and stop acting like a child who doesn’t have the intelligence to question the crap they are fed.

  • livefreeordie

    We need to bombard Universal Pictures with complaints.


      Because and American cannot kill or be a mass murderer???

  • Anonymous

    Gee Glenn, maybe you should have clued in about Liam Neeson being just another leftist, hack, scumbag when he tried to lionize the deviant piece of filth Alfred Kinsey.

  • Justin

    Its just a movie.

  • Kay Jay

    Thanks! would have been more to the truth if it were a democrat loon with too much education that rid his brain of any common sense and he went nuts…
    (true story)

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      Or a congressman with his pockets stuffed full of US tax dollars…

    • RobM

      Yea, because too much education is bad. LOL!

  • smokehill

    I already ignore anything with leftwing freaks like Alec Baldwin or Roger Moore involved, and if Neeson keeps this up I’ll ignore him, too. Too bad, since I like a lot of his films.

    I understand that most actors are simply hired help and generally not educated at all. Art & film majors basically never study history, math or science (or anything else useful) and their “degree” — like most others these days — is basically the equivalent of graduating from a trade school. And of course they have to make a buck, too, so won’t often turn down a role.

    However, when you reach the level of Baldwin or Neeson, unless you’re an idiot or a wastrel, you should have enough financial security that you don’t have to whore yourself off to some anti-American commie producer or director just to feed your family. And I won’t contribute any part of my paltry military retirement check so they can buy trinkets on Rodeo Drive

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      The film isn’t created by it’s actors…


      WOW, not educated??? You are so far off track it is ridiculous!!! A high majority of Hollywood actors are most definitely educated…. I am a film major, I have a 3,89GPA and not just in film, 90% of my classes were prior to changing to film and theatre… Now, I have compiled a list that took me about 5 minutes and I didn’t even scratch the surface…..
      Actors and their education…..
      Sandra Bullock: East Carolina University in North Carolina
      Elizabeth Banks: University of Pennsylvania
      Sacha Baron Cohen: University of Cambridge
      Zach Braff: Northwestern University
      Steve Carell: Denison University
      Kristen Davis: Rutgers University
      Rachel Dratch: Dartmouth University
      David Duchovney: Yale University
      Will Ferrell: University of Southern California
      Tina Fey: University of Virginia
      Jodie Foster: Yale University
      James Franco: University of Southern California, Columbia
      University, Yale University, New York University, Brooklyn College, Warren
      Wilson College (he has also taught at USC, UCLA, CalArts and NYU)
      Paul Giamatti: Yale University
      Lisa Kudrow: Vassar College
      Luci Liu: University of Michigan and New York University
      Amanda Peet: Columbia University
      Natalie Portman: Harvard University
      Brooke Shields: Princeton University
      Steven Spielberg: California University, Long Beach
      Julia Stiles: Columbia University
      Meryl Streep: Vassar College, Dartmouth College and Yale
      Anne Hathaway: Vassar College, New York University
      Ashton Kutcher: University of Iowa
      Brad Pitt: University of Missouri
      Adam Sandler: University of New York
      Tim Allen: Western Michigan University
      Kevin Costner: California State University
      George Clooney: Northern Kentucky University, University
      of Cincinnati
      Ben Stiller: University of California-Los Angeles
      Tommy Lee Jones: Havard University

      So please, tell me again about uneducated actors… OH! BTW… Most of these were not acting classes…

      So, lets hear about your awesome education that makes you so much better than other human beings…

  • MsRR

    Anything to demonize those who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms…

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      Because the people in charge now want to completely throw out the constitution, ’cause it’s dated. :( Don’t get me wrong, they’re doing it little by little. Does Germany and the world war ring a bell? I know it does to me. :(

  • Ernest Hemple

    I just saw the movie and really liked it. I think Beck needs to get out more.

  • KBT

    This is so retarded who cares if the terrorist is an ex military of the U.S. it doesnt make me not want to watch it BIG DEAL

  • Dale Pearl

    Ok I agree with Glenn Beck about 85% of the time. This is one of those times that I disagree. Can’t an ex military guy be a bad guy also? All ex military are not bad and the fact that the guy was ex military had very little to do with the movie aside from giving some background into his training and skills.
    I would say that this is an over reaction. Just like we can have good guys on wall street (notice that I didn’t say congress…. I am starting to think it is now impossible to have any good people in our political system), we have bad cops & good cops. just about any sector where we have real die hard heroes we have the other element there as well. Sad to say Glenn is off base. This was a good movie… not great but a typical action flick. Go see it and you will enjoy it.

    • Mike Knox

      It’s only offensive if are aware of the REAL demonetization towards our veterans, Christians and the Constitution.

      • honorrespect

        yeah Dale makes an excellent point that there are bad people everywhere (though I would like to think that everyone in the military are great true loving Americans). I didn’t see the movie so I don’t know how bad it was and why a bunch of people got really upset over it but when it comes to our veterans and constitution I am sure I will be very upset over it too. I am not sure I want to see it now. Did you see it?

  • Myles Standish

    It is a rare, rare event for me to go to a theater to see a movie. Has been for years. I grew so sick and tired of the ever-increasing ticket prices, the government always being made to look bad (films made when Bush occupied the White House), the military almost always made to look bad, and the bad guys were white nine times out of 10!

    I too am a Neeson fan. Wouldn’t have gone to see this film anyway, but now will be certain not to see it in any form. Thanks for the heads-up G-S-P!

    Question: You mentioned saving ourselves $30 by not seeing this film. Does it cost $30 per ticket to see a newly-released film in the evening in Manhattan?!?!? Or are you tacking on parking and popcorn?? Thanks!

  • sreynolds

    I have NOT gone to see a movie in over 10 years, I AM going to take my little girls to see “Son of God” read some great reviews on it…

  • Anonymous

    Horror of horrors, they’ve gone and made an american a terrorist, Im utterly shocked, whats up with the usual, make the bad guy a brit, as in so so many movies. no-one plays a baddie better than the Brits, come to think of it, no-one plays a hero better either, balance i expect hahahaha

  • doug

    It HAS already happened. Tim McVey, OKC bomber, x- military

    • Mike Knox

      except that’s not what really happened.

  • RobM

    Thanks Glenn! Oh, and how should I wipe my butt again? Was that back to front or front to back? You know how hard it is for me to think for myself.

  • Anonymous


  • Michael Bosch

    I loved this movie. I think it is absolutely hilarious how people are reacting to this movie. I served in the military, I did NOT join to serve my country or the Constitution. I joined for the life skills it was going to teach me. My personal favorite was Sniper school at Fort Benning. And anymore can become a terrorist, when they are disgruntled enough. Me and a bunch of my buddies saw this opening night and we all pretty much loved it. All of us felt the same, we all fought in a war we didn’t understand and did not belong in. And besides human life is expendable. My best friend got blown up for no reason. So to see a retired military personnel snap is not all that surprising. As it has happened already.

    Just go see the movie it is very good.

    • Anonymous

      “did NOT join to serve my country or the Constitution”: in your case that is easy to believe. In my case it was millions of us did after high school with Uncle Lewis Hershey’s prodding and advice.

      Life skills? As an infantryman I learned some things to keep my young butt alive in country-mostly while over there- but Life Skills? KP, guard duty, close order drill, all kinds of marching, cleaning, shining, polishing and standing around? Fielding stripping an M-60 or M-2 is no longer viable skill is it? You really CAN”T call in artillery strikes here–can you? Just how bad a neighborhood do you live in?

      No laddie I am pretty sure MOST of us had our Life Skills pretty much set, learned and formed well before military service–those who didn’t often ended up in one jail or another–some in Leavenworth. Tell your war stories some where else–tens of millions of us have gone through it just like any other job.

      • Michael Bosch

        You are right some of you had your life set before you joined. But I also knew many who did not and they have never gone to prison. It was more then just the basic infantrymen stuff I learned. I was able to go Airborne and I learned a lot from there. I also was able to get my Ranger training. I was one of the very few who loved my Ranger Training. I have been able to do so much as a Retired Ranger. It was more than a job for me it was my career. To this day a stay in contact with my Special Ops commander. He taught me more in my life than my biological father could have ever taught me.

    • honorrespect

      WOW Michael…. wrong choice of words. you are pretty much a fake and a total disgrace to this country and what our military really is. but these days… im not surprised we have guys like you in our military just using and abusing the military. the sad thing is, we do let guys like you in the military but a man that has diabetes and would die for the love of his country cant join because of his illness. people that go in for all the right reasons do not let anything get in the way of their honor. you on the other hand, if were a prisoner, would give this country away in a heart beat and turn against us. you swore in to defend the constitution which by the way the constitution and all the people who gave their lives to serve this country gave you the freedom to say something so f*cking stupid, f*cked up and absurd. Its people like you that make it sad to say we are Americans. I want to join the SERVICE to serve and to help our soldiers, but it makes me think again when I would give my life for people like you. you are messed up man and nobody would ever think it an honor to die for you and fight by your side. no true honorable smart Americans would. your dumb friends probably would though if they were anything dumb and dishonorable and disrespectful like you. GET THE F OUT OF THIS COUNTRY DUDE!!!! and please don’t ever think to “serve” this country again you messed up piece of cr*p. and all the other 4 people who voted you up. trust me… a lot of people will be on my side for saying this to you so don’t even try to argue because you know you are messed up. but on the other hand , of course ex military personnel snap and is not surprising but I think a lot of people would from PTSD… especially knowing they fought for people like you :-/ ugh I would SNAP too! you are a waste. good for nothing. the only thing great people with honor would NOT serve are people like you. I am not usually so mean but wow… I have been wanting to serve my country for years but lately I have seen a bunch of messed up people that so call “serve” our country that great men have died for not knowing they are just a piece of low life American sh*t, but now I know and its hard, but I will still do it for all the good ones that are out there.

      • Michael Bosch

        Hmmm…. Let me guess. You are the person with diabetes or you are close to them is my guess. It’s this persons fault for even getting that. The way they eat, what they eat and drink. I love the military and it has been an honor to make it my career. And in no way am I a fake I have the wounds and patches to show for it. Also it’s people like you who make me sick. America is not the greatest country in the world. We are just one of a handful of superpowers in the world. But I would defend this country in a heart beat if I was in the right mood. And I now for a fact that I am not the only one. This country has not always made the best decisions. And are current president is a joke. I have traveled all over the world and there are so many other countries that are better than here. They are better in health care, technology, transportation and the most important education. Your comment could have been shorter you should have just called yourself a dumb*ss.

  • Anonymous

    New York City? Do not go to movies nor eat the salsa. Now get back to America soonest and stop supporting DeBlasio, the Cuomi (plural of Cuomo), Peter king and such.

  • Andrew Fishman

    Personally I’ve dropped Neeson from my list of actors I want to watch since it’s been revealed he is becoming a Muslim. Perhaps it’s just my Islamophobia kicking in. But that also may help explain why the bad guy in this movie is former US military…

    • USMC_Ed

      You should consider your sources better. Have you ever even looked at the main page for the “nydailynews” ? haha.


        so very very true


      you realize Neeson had no say in the script right??? UGH! some of you non-industry people are funny….

  • Tammy Koskella

    Thank you. I too was interested in seeing it, not now. Although, it is getting pretty typical of what Hollywood/movie business is putting out there now a days. You can’t go see to much of anything now with the f bomb being dropped all the time or seeing some boob being displayed. Some of the films would be considered good if not for one scene or more, just to get a PG 13 to R rating. What happened to family movies?, and not meaning the Disney cartoon, those too are so politically and crude humor junked up.

  • Carl Showalter


  • Ruby Duby

    My husband and I looked at each other when we saw the preview on TV and said, Guess who the bad guy’s gonna be? And we were right.

    • jb627

      you new glenn beck was abad guy? im not surprised

  • B White Eagle

    I’m an American Retired Constitutional Patriot and I take offense to any Constitution Patriot be portrayed as a mass murder. As a trained military our targets are selected upon a basis of threat, not just because we woke up one day and chose to wantonly take human life. If your a person of freedom and individual liberty a US Soldier is your greatest ally, if your against freedom and liberty then yes we will be their greatest enemy!!!


      What? Someone who believes in the Constitution cannot be a murderer??? WTF?!?!?!?!?! Come on, ex military and/or Constitutionalists are still humans and humans can go nuts or ‘off the reservation’ a term I actually despise but it works here…

  • Leeza

    Go to see Son of God instead…awesome movie and very well done!

    • patriot

      Agreed seen it last night with my wife. We both loved it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a very expensive liberal celebrity commercial.

  • Stephanie Donabedian

    Darn, I was excited to see this.. I’ll put it on my torrent list instead.

  • Jay Sierchio

    Making something outta nothing… How typical.. I thought Beck wasn’t like the rest of the media… Should’ve known better.. they’re all scum looking for headlines..

  • Sean Giddings

    This isn’t the first time that the bad guy in the movie has been a veteran and it isn’t like we didn’t have a veteran blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City.

    • honorrespect

      yes that is true. that’s what I was thinking also. I love and respect our veterans so it does hurt to say this but there have been cases of military people/veterans going bananas. which going through certain traumas during war probably would mess them up a little :( but we still shouldn’t make it a habit to show dishonor to our veterans by making them villains/terrorists in movies just for a twisted ending. I know there are bad people everywhere, anywhere you go which is sad too but something about this movie made a lot of people mad, according to him even the new Yorkers. I didn’t see it so I don’t know how bad it was but if there was something about the Constitution I would be pissed. maybe that’s what made everyone mad.

  • Anonymous

    Huge disappointment. This seems out of character for Liam. Hope he chooses his scripts more wisely in the future.

  • lol nope

    i love how retarded glen beck is
    Please just shut up glenn i know you are just a attention whore who says anything someone pays you to but really just stop

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the star of the movie, Liam Nelson, has announced that he is considering becoming a muslim. . . .


      really,,,,, and that matters why???

  • Chris

    I really don’t think any of you see the real correlation in this movie. If you have been following anything about our government conspiracies. You would know that this movie, ‘Non-Stop’ is about our government. The power our government has over the people in the United States. You all make me sick. You all think they are trying to talk down the military people. Well guess what. Its fucking life. You all need to take a step back and say, Oh jesus damn, who would have ever thunk a military person could be bad? I know quite a few people who have joined the military. Also I know some of those people think they are above everybody else, because they think they are in some kind of power mode. Well, fuck the military and fuck the government. Do you know where the term Government comes from? A government is a fictional idea. You think a few people are meant to govern millions? thus, Govern-Ment
    Its a joke. You people make me sick if you think this government that controls our media and our paychecks is trying to help us. They promised you jobs, and help, and you just watch tv. and say oh wow did you see that Justin Beiber is being deported.. or that Miley turned into a slut? God damn people wake up! That is not news. Talk to people find out for yourself. The rest of the world hates us because our ‘govern-ment’ Is a god damn joke. EVERYTHING you have been told by the government is complete shit in five weeks martial law is going to be the new thing. When you have your ‘military stomping your head into the ground you will probably be saying FUCKING AL-QUED. The complete ignorance of this “country” makes me completely sick. FUCK YOU ALL. You will never know what real ‘freedom’ is until you DONT GIVE A FUCK what anybody thinks about you Then you can do some reading. Instead of listening to your T.V. ..your iphones, your tablets, your laptops, and you will KNOW for your own self that OUR OWN government IS TO BLAME.

  • Bill Shearer

    beck is a ass hole it was one of the best movies i ever saw

    • patriot

      Nice mouth

  • patriot

    And you need anger management

  • jb627

    beck is a nut” why does anyone care what this nazi thinks

  • olcowboy

    I think I will save my dough.

  • Regina Cane

    How disappointing. I guess I should expect this crap from Hollywood…thanks Glenn for saving us from seeing this, my husband would have been so irritated.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    As Elie Halevy pointed out, those who preach from collectivism’s altar claim to believe in two things which are very different and quite contradictory: freedom and organization.

  • Coconutdoc

    Thanx Glenn! I was planning to see it, after the 60 minutes piece about him recently, because I’ve always liked his acting; but no way are they getting my money!
    I see this as Hollywood’s contribution to the current administrations labeling Veterans, Tea Party types, Christians, Constitutionalists, etc as potenial ‘homegrown’ terrorist. I’m sure I am on at least a few of those lists!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a MOVIE! It’s FICTION! Get over it that it didn’t go the way your narrow mind wanted it to. U.S. servicemen are human just like everyone else. They are capable of lying, raping, stealing, and killing just like anyone else. Terrorists can be domestic or foreign. I’m sure this movie was purely for entertainment and not intended to profoundly enlighten you. Enjoy the craft and the time and the commitment of those who put the effort into the movie from the top down. If you so believe Glenn Beck’s OPINION, then you’re just another sheep that HEARS but does not SEE for YOURSELF. Make your own OPINIONS and go see the movie yourself and don’t think about WASTING your money. Your money goes to pay the wages of those kids behind the counters tearing off your ticket stubs or the cleaning lady who mops up your soda that you spilled on the floor and the young man who fills up your popcorn.


      Hey, don’t forget all us crew people looking for our next job :) We count too :)

  • Kris Kemp

    Thank you for posting this review. I will not going to be paying money to see “Non-Stop”. And guess what? It’s worse than you think.

    I’m a working background actor (extra). My job, as well as other extras, consist of filling in the background with people (usually passersby, restaurant patrons, pedestrians). We do not talk, but pantomime. Essentially, we are walking wardrobe.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the roles I’m doing, and that my friends are doing, in shows like “Blue Bloods” and “The Following” and “Person of Interest”, the criminals are, 95% of the time, white conspiracy theorists or constitutionalists or patriots. It’s such politically-correct bullshit. It’s getting old. It’s already old. It’s not based on reality at all. As a background actor, this is what I notice, and this is what’s happening. I, and others, have an insider view because we work this shows, day and night, and we watch what goes on on set.

    Most of the actors and PA’s (Production Assistants) and crew are nice and patient and very kind. They are, for the most part, great to work with.

    I’m telling you, though, for a fact, that this whole PC (Politically Correct) infiltration into entertainment is getting worse. It is choking the entire TV and film industry. Does Hollywood and the entertainment industry have an agenda? Yes. And their agenda is to be politically correct in order to further marginalize the conservatives, the Christians, white people, white conservative heterosexuals, conspiracy theorists, constitutionalists, and patriots.

    An interesting website to visit is:


      Well love, working both the BG and the crew side I can tell you that your somewhat off base :) But then I don’t really think you will listen so why waste my time…

  • USMC_Ed

    Saw the movie tonight and it was nothing like Glen is making it out to be. The people in the audience were probably “groaning” because it ended up being someone they thought it wasn’t. Don’t feed into whatever Glenn Beck’s agenda is. I am a 10 year vet and did not see any issue with the movie. They do not portray the military in a bad way. Not the first movie that the antagonist was ex-military.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds like notes were dropped on the writer’s heads that forced that ending. They didn’t even have time to make it consistent with the work they already did.

  • Anonymous

    Hanoi Jane hated Viet Nam veterans back then, (except for John Kerry), and Hollowwood hates them now. I don’t bother to go to movies made in Kalifornia. The ones made in Texas and Utah are great and get my money if I have any after Obama’s Economy gets done with me.


      AHAHAHAHAHA I am in the movie industry and I hate to tell you…. The same exact people who make movies in “Kalifornia” make the ones in Texas and Utah too :) Guess your done going to movies totally now… OH YEAH, they make them in New Mexico, Louisiana, New York and every other gosh darn state too… And guess what, they even make movies over seas too…


    OMG!!! This is so sad… So many people that are so willing to take someone else’ opinion on something as if it is a rock solid law!!! Why??? Because someone who believes in the Constitution cannot be a terrorist??? Because someone who was once in the military cannot be a cold-hearted terrorist and a killer??? Come on, use your own brains!!! If you were interested in the movie go see it and then post your own opinion!!! Don’t follow what someone else says, use your right as an American, as a human being to form your own opinions!!!!! Ok, off my soap box, as for me, I am going to go see it and I will be critiquing continuity and plot and so much more :) It comes hand in hand with actually knowing the insides and outsides of the industry itself… Be an individual not a sheople, be a leader not a follower, be who you are and form your own opinions…

  • Russell Armstrong

    I wasn’t going to see it anyway.

  • Mike

    I was unable to accept the premise from the start and had no interest in seeing this movie. How did you get my number? I did like “Taken”. I went to see “Three days to kill” and enjoyed it immensely.

  • consumedbyfire13

    Has anyone here actually seen the movie? You hear one review and say “it’s a bad movie.” Really now?

  • jim

    I think its about the trama soldiers go through, maybe the message is we should help our soldiers out by giving counciling or thearopy. PTSD is a very real problem and aid should be givin where it is needed. I doubt its anti TEA party.

  • venusxblue

    Suddenly I feel the need to see this repeatedly. Thanks, Beck!

  • Jane Lehmann

    Ok folks, I just saw Non-Stop. It was a terrific movie. The only mention of the military is at the very end when the 2 culprits say they are ex-military. That’s it! This whole thing was blown out of proportion. Sorry to disagree with you Glenn because I like and respect you. What about the number 1 show on television today, N.C.I.S? In many episodes the killer is military and no one says anything about it.

  • Dan Heizinger

    Overblown ridiculousness by Glenn. This ending had no mention of the constitution, Tea Party, etc. It was literally just two ex-military guys saying they wanted to prove that the US had failed to properly secure airlines. Glenn, you become more deranged every day.

  • John Scott

    Well it topped the box office. So I guess a majority just want entertainment. Its really all Hollywood cares about. Unless numbers drop, they will push their politics and whatever else agenda they want. I don’t think most people analyze a movie too much.
    They go to movies for entertainment and a escape. I typically wait until I can rent it or watch something on streaming. Lot of movies today, are not worth paying admission for.

  • Shanism

    If the Ex Military is the wrong choice to be written as the terrorist then who should it be? And you will find out that any other choice of terrorist probably wouldnt sedate the peoples religion of chronic criticism. At the end people will have to judge for themselves. You have to be a complete idiot to follow one persons bias interpretation. I’ve seen movies that critics gave a half star and was really entertained by it. Ex. Grudge Match

  • Brent D Cates

    Did the guys who made that nonsensical piece of crap called SHOOTER (Mark Wahlberg film, he’s great, the action was awesome, the villains were cardboard cut out murder kids for oil monsters) team up again?

  • Sea Rock

    … also: a major heads up for programing on Television …

    … one of the ‘no-name’ Top Cop shows involving an un-ending serial, sex crime theme show(s) … ( white /christian/ hetero male criminals) … being caught by the GLBT police …

    … one ‘military’ veteran is the clean cut / virtuous type (fill in favorite GLBT / minority optional) vs the white / christian / hetero male verteran that is going around killing everything and everybody …

    … get ready everybody … tis the season …

    OBTW: wouldn’t be nice if someone threw an “Oscar’s”; and no one came … 😉

  • Orbi1

    The movie is terrible. Paper thin plot, villainizing our military, ….even the muslim was a ‘good doctor’ … i about threw up.
    If you can’t see through the b.s. in this movie, there may not be hope for you.

  • dustin porter

    You guys sound like a bunch of women who don’t like a movie because the ending wasn’t happy enough. Get over yourselves, its a movie they make them about mutant races and Godzilla. Lets be honest there are bad people everywhere, yeah that includes the government and the military i know its crazy to try to believe, but there are. I know I know your a radio and TV guy who makes his living being completely one sided in a country who’s best interest’s lie not to the right or left but somewhere in the middle but come on man its just a movie.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called, “propaganda,” and it’s worked before.

  • Jonestown Kool-Aid

    I love Glenn, I’m not a Beck Hater, but does anyone remember the 1996 film Broken Arrow starring John Travolta, and Christian Slater? If I’m not mistaken the plot is about Terrorists who steal nuclear warheads from the U.S. military and Travolta’s character (one of the terrorist) is a what? A Major in the United States Air Force. And Howie Long (another one of the terrorist) plays a USAF Master Sergeant. Both active members of the US Military in the film at that.

    So what’s the big deal about a former U.S. military member being a terrorist in the plot of a movie?

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Quick, name all the movies where the bad guy is a Muslim terrorist made since 2001.

  • Anonymous

    Ex military guy goes rogue. Sounds like a million other Hollywood flicks. Ya’ll are standing a bit too close to 24/7 news coverage if you think they’re trying to make some huge political statement here. If I went to it and found out that plot point I’d be like, oh, they must have been inspired by the DC sniper or Lee Harvey Oswald. I’d totally buy an ex military guy going psycho as a bad guy and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Lighten up a bit. Oh and all Texans are conservative and all New Yorkers are liberal is such a stupid way to think. I voted Romney and I have no problemo with the plot. I might go see it now.

  • stargazeman

    Just saw Liam on the JImmy Fallon show—Fallon was falling all over the guy as Liam proclaimed “DeBlasio will be a Great mayor”…..Fallon is now a bona fide left wing loon—NYC residents should be ashamed he’d have a fraud like Neeson on his show promoting that scum movie. It insults both 9-11 victims and our Military…shame on you Liam and Jimmy Fallon. The guy is gutless…

  • Sue Townsend Walters

    sorry Glen. I liked the movie. I ot of things you give your opinion on, sounds just about right to me. but this one I have to disagree with. Movies aren’t supposed to have some major point to them all the time, sometimes they are just entertainment. Was a good movie. you know some military do go off the deep in. I don’t think it was cutting down our entire military, that would be Obama doing that. but not this movie.

  • Sue Townsend Walters

    I usually agree with a lot of what you say. but this movie was good. Yes it was the military guys who went off the deep end and was the bad guys, you know that does happen, I admire our military to the utmost and am against Obama to the fullest extent. I didn’t get what you did out of the movie, sorry. Just can’t agree with you on this one.

  • Jets68

    This review is coming from a two faced “right winged” loser who feels that they are experts in everything- first politics and government now a film critic- really!! It wasn’t that long ago that you walked around with a stupid ponytail EXPECTING your video rentals to be free because you were the local morning radio host in CT- as if it would’ve killed you to fork over $2.10 for a movie. And now you’re preaching all this right wing nonsense- if you plan on doing that fine I feel you need to own up to your cheap low class way you previously lived so people will be able to see the human side of you.
    As for being a movie critic- I would quit- I would say stick to your day job but quite frankly you were never good at that either. Get off your high horse Glenn no one cares what you say.

  • John

    did you even watch the movie?! its not 8 paragraphs of “nonsensical nonsense” or anything to do with politics [tea party]… its because his family was aboard one of the flights during 9/11 and thats why he joined the military, was to go fight them. upon entering and deploying overseas he realized, in his mind, that the problem was back here at home in our own security. He goes on to show this by saying how easy it was to set up a federal air marshall for the crime and hide his own whereabouts, that being a fake backstory of a school teacher that passed TSA back screenings.

    while i in now way condone or am backing up the plot twist of it being an american ex-military, you guys are alluding to inferences that aren’t even there and portraying this movie in the wrong light for your own personal gain and audience.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    I just saw it Glenn. It wasn’t that bad at all.

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