MUST WATCH: Pat & Stu take on the stupidest video of all time

You will never believe what the Obama Administration wasted your tax dollars for this time. Friday morning, the White House released a video featuring President Obama and Vice President Biden showing off their best moves in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

According to Politico, the White House embarked on a social media campaign this week to mark the fourth anniversary of Let’s Move. The week kicked off with the First Lady’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She asked Americans to show off their moves on social media, and if enough people got involved, the Mrs. Obama promised the President and Vice President would get in on the act.

In the video, the President and Vice President go for a jog around the White House – outfitted in their workday best dress shoes and ties – before meeting back in the Oval Office for a refreshing glass of water.

If you can stomach it, check out the video below:

“They’ve got access to Steven Spielberg,” Pat said exasperatedly on Pat & Stu. “And this is what comes out of them?”

Not to be outdone by the commander in chief, Pat and Stu decided they too would release an inspiring video in honor of Let’s Move.

“While we sometimes disagree with the policies of the President, we completely agree with the Let’s Move program,” Stu said sarcastically. “And I think it’s time that maybe we put together a little video where we exercise here on the show.”

Using the New York radio studio as their exercise room, this is the cinematic brilliance they came up with:

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Many would argue this video is just as, if not more effective than the President’s version. And guess what, America: It didn’t cost you a dime.

  • coblazeco

    I’d like to comment on the Joe and Barry video, but I can’t make myself watch it. I’ve tried and tried but I can’t do it. Pat and Stu, your video…uh.. rocked…sort’of..

    • stdavidkid

      I sat down to watch the “Let’s Move” video and ate some M&M’s! That is what I call moving!!! YUM!!!

  • Mick

    stupid bastards

    • Meathead

      Aw, come on. Bastards aren’t as stupid as them.

    • Greg

      Since we don’t have a true record of barry’s birth you may be correct, barry may actually be a bastard.

  • Canadianlady

    While Rome burns….

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct!

    • Greg

      Sad and scary but true.

  • Lepanto

    Dumbass One: Check
    Dumbass Two: Check
    Jog slowly for twenty seconds: Check
    Drink water: Check
    Annoy Millions: Check
    Make Putin Laugh: Check
    Make my eyes bleed: Check

    • Anonymous

      Make Putin laugh? maybe. Make Putin invade the Ukraine? probably.

      • Lepanto

        *mocking laugh, as in, “these guys are my biggest opposition?” pshaw, piece of cake.

      • Anonymous

        You might have a valid point!!!

      • Greg

        Putin has been laughing at barry for a long time, this made him roll on the floor and bust a gut laughing

        • mspatdev

          Amen to that. I was laughing at obammy and rolling on the floor with a big laugh. Putin isn’t going to do what obammy says as Putin knows obammy is untrustworthy.

        • Anonymous

          And not only Putin, there are many, many more who can not stop laughing at what the American people have voted for in the last two elections.

      • mspatdev

        I think that movie that WE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING FOR IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE SEEN in a long time. I think that mmmoooccchhhheeell ought to do some running and get her butt tuned down. I don’t like the idea of more paper work on our foods and then they cost a heck of a lot more. obammy yells at Putin about Ukraine, well the greatest nation on earth, USA is going to be like Ukraine. obammy wants this nation to be COMMUNIST. Ukraine is fighting to get away from Putin and Communist and they want to be like the USA, what a big laugh.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Michelle made them do this ridiculous clip, (it reminds me of something you would see on Saturday Night Live! The president most likely gets more exercise on the greens, and one would wonder why nothing gets done! If an advisor to putin suggested he do this, he would have them executed!

      • Gunner

        Course she did….she runs da house.

        • Anonymous

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      • Meathead

        Absolutely! She b da “Big Momma”.

        • Charles Sansing

          Mitch is actually Da “baby daddy” it’s a strange relationship!

          • Anonymous

            ROFLMAO That’s the comment of the century.

        • Boagrius

          Da “Big Sasquatch Momma”

          • Anonymous

            Y’all speaking of my favorite tranny…right???

      • Intel Addin

        Oh, there be plenty a’bein’ dun mon. Plenty bein’ dun. Matter of factually, we be almost compleeetly dun, mon!!! Thank you very much!

      • Mary

        no bad pes. no good ideas.wonder he is such a

      • Anonymous

        All I can say for the people that voted for the president the first time, not to mention the second time!
        If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got!
        An incompetent president…

      • Anonymous

        If it were on Saturday Night Live, you’d actually hear those very words at the end of the video.

      • Tyler Carraway

        Well, she WAS in charge of the whole “Let’s Move” thing, so I’d say yes, she actually did make them do it.
        As it says in the article, it was a promise she made that the Pres. and Vice Pres. would get in on it if she got enough support on social media…that’s a whole new scary subject. Just how popular is Michelle Obama on social media?

    • Anonymous

      They should just show old clips of Bush 2nd running he could show them what running is all about.

    • Anonymous


    • Medina Wood

      Lepanto, thank you….i haven’t laughed this hard in several years….was medicine to my soul! THANK YOU!!

      • Anonymous

        It would be something laughable if these two clowns would not be in the White House

    • Anonymous

      Ditto for me Lepanto!

    • Anonymous

      Being right on : Check

    • francis feiner

      You just have to be kidding me. Of course it is better than obummers song and dance routine.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t these two zeros know that watermelon is much better to ingest after a comedy run than water that has no electrolytes. Eat watermelon on the White house porch, spit seeds into the rose garden, cultivate, fertilize, irrigate, grow, harvest—-NOW you have a three-fer. One: enjoy watermelon. Two: participate in a “green” project that grows things. Three: participate in growing green leafy things that remove carbon dioxide from the polluted air and produces clean oxygen.

      There—-Michellee, participate in a program that benefits the world.

      P.S. I want to know who the photographers were that picked up all the angles of the video and I want to know who spliced those snippets into the wonderful video we see today. There were at least three jobs created by this video, perhaps as many as 6 new jobs.

  • Bob Young

    They should have done a better job with their mocking video. There was so much to make fun of.

  • Anonymous

    More spoof and mirrors…….probably stole the water from the Ca farmers….

    • Play Righter

      Or there’s a red state golf course now dying of thirst.

  • Deckard426

    They edited out Biden’s trip to the ER for open heart surgery and a brain transplant.

    • Jeff Baker

      You can’t transplant something that was never there!

    • Meathead

      Where did they find a toad frog that would volunteer its brain to upgrade Biden’s IQ?

      • Alex

        Same place Igor got the one for Frankenstein’s monster.

    • Tom Liddle

      He’d have to HAVE one to get a transplant… hope Joe runs in ’16 – just so he’ll get his 4 votes… and TRUE conservatives can turn this mess around…

  • smokeatr23

    I think they were drinking Vlad’s Vodka. Whoever thought that was agood idea must have been smoking Rob Ford’s pipe.

  • Anonymous

    Sure that’s water?

  • Anonymous

    When the world is on fire, cities are burning, and the economy is falling apart, you can count on these two to run around like idiots to keep their crabby wives off their backs.
    Because, you know, behind every great man, there’s a woman.
    And behind these two idiots, are those two women.

    • Lepanto

      True – I can see Michelle’s thighs jutting out on either side from behind Barack…

  • Anonymous

    Still the Sub-human Mongrels that they are, wasting taxpayers’ money.

  • Mark

    I am embarrassed ….for them

    • Anonymous

      On the contrary my friend, I’m embarrassed for our country!

    • ginger

      I am 75 and still working at a big box store and I can walk faster than that.


      That was an embarassment, wasn’t it? For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of the White House and those who are degrading it.

      • Meathead

        I was ashamed the day those two clowns walked into the White House.

    • Greg

      I’m embarrassed for our country.

  • Scott Foster

    Stupid is too good of a word to describe this. These dirt bags in the white house treat this country like it’s their own little play ground. All we are to them are toys in a sand box. The USA is god-awful broke as a nation and it’s time to shoot videos running around the White house only to end with a stupid glass of water. How creative!

  • Anonymous

    And it was edited so they didn’t even run 30 seconds! They can’t do anything truthfully!!

    • Greg

      I don’t think it was edited. I think they actually jogged maybe 100′.

  • Sarah

    @Pat & Stu… best video ever! Hands Down!!! Made me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Anonymous

    They are like little boys making their mommies happy. The news showing Michele talking about health as though she has done something no one else has – has been irritating me. Then I remembered, when Obama was running, people were saying Michele was like Jackie O’ . The liberals are wanting to create the image that Michele is the Democrats Jackie O’

    • peter

      never happens!

    • Anonymous

      There is only ONE Jackie O’, and Michele is the bottom of the bucket in comparison. Jackie was smarter, more beautiful, and had class and culture, all things that are not true of Michele. If Michele is like Jackie, the Dems need to check their food supply for LSD because they be trippin’.

  • Herman Vogel

    They run for 10 seconds and we are supposed to be impressed????? “Same time next week”..Wow, and they wait a Week to run another 10 second…role models for over weight Americans. You have to wonder with all the “cut aways” in the vid, how many times did Ole Crazy Joe have to stop and take an oxygen breather….disgusting.

    • Gunner

      MO can relax….when there’s no food for us to eat, we’ll all be thin.

      • Meathead

        She thinks she’ll still be feeding her fat butt when the economy collapses. She might find that she’d be lucky to still be alive when the starving masses invade the White House looking for food..

        • Anonymous

          Not me. I don’t like lobster.

        • Anonymous

          That won’t happen… the masses are headed for the FEMA camps VERY SOON!

          • mspatdev

            By force of obammy’s militia.

  • Gunner

    Only time we see MOOMOO move is during an election year.

  • Sea Rock

    … you know … that’s 01:02 min that I’ve wasted and lost … I’m never going to recover … curse you Glenn Beck fiends …

  • Anonymous

    I usually agree with you, but Obama and Biden’s video wasn’t stupid. Yours definitely was. The two of you looked like clowns. Their message was positive. Yours was stupid. I can’t stand Obama, but this was not your finest moment. Have some class.

    • henry

      you must be a troll i think ….. so was this video informative to you, positive ? omg! , how much more did our debt climb during that run? open your eyes

      • Anonymous

        I’m a conservative Republican and my eyes are wide open to the destruction of this nation by left wing zealots. I also know that Obama and his henchmen are deceitful evildoers. But the only people who looked stupid in the videos were Beck’s buddies. My comments were strictly related to whose behavior was the most immature. Had nothing to do with my political position. Don’t be so quick to judge and lighten up. Life’s too short.

  • Jonathan Gillispie

    This is what I call funny and incredibly stupid at the same time. Why was this necessary again?

  • Anonymous

    Do I want to hear what has really happened to further destroy this country while they distract us with this nonsense?

  • Co2

    Wow. I’m motivated now!

  • Flux Blocker

    Obama is the lone ranger and biden is tonto.

    • Meathead

      Nope. Neither one of these two are worth the sweat off the Lone Ranger’s and Tonto’s gonads.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that stupid little ba$tard.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh, you can certainly tell their hearts were into “moving.” They wasted more tax dollars than they created inspiration, I’m sure. If it weren’t so insulting to those who take fitness seriously, it might be funny.

  • JohnWolf

    Notice Obama’s desk. What a sham.. Does he ever do anything useful.

    Besides, they should not be running int he halls. They have a gym for that activity.

    • Lepanto

      lol, good points! I didn’t see a hall pass, either!

  • Lepanto

    Late nite TV should have a friggin’ ball with this embarrassment. PR staffer heads will roll next week – even the NSA can’t “erase” this clown act. Words fall short.
    I’m wearing that stupid video like a dirty wet blanket and it just won’t leave my head. Why? Whyyyyyyy?

    • Co2

      Maybe the next video will have Biden running beside a golf cart.

      • Alex

        Biden plays fetch and gets the ball out of the sand traps.

    • Alex

      Too bad Leno lost his job.

      • mspatdev

        Leno lost because obammy didn’t want him on T.V. as he was making fun of him. The other not jokester will do everything that the network wants him to say and do. NBC has more control of the network in N.Y.C. NBC is owned by obammy.

  • Julie C

    I could not help but laugh that even the dogs thought it was too weird to join in. lol

  • JohnWolf

    We are about to be hit with massive or hyper inflation.

    Everyone that supported Obama, should be held accountable.
    Our country is coming apart because of their stupidity,

    • Gunner

      I absolutely hold them accountable. And I never miss an opportunity to remind them that their vote helped to ensure our demise. I love to ask them how this is all working out for them.

    • Co2

      Maybe those people should move.

    • henry

      odd i talked to so many people back in 2008 and noone i talked to voted for him….. so connect the dots , it has not been a democracy for a long time now , i’ll leave you with that

    • Amparo Sanchez

      As much as I like to admit it, but these 2 clowns in our White House, are not the reason for the destruction of our country. We are the reason, we have allowed over 55 million unborn to be slaughtered. We are paying the price with bad leaders and God knows what else is coming our way. 55 million!!!!! Precious babies. America please pay attention!

  • kyrunner

    As someone who has been an avid runner for over 35 years to watch the chief moron and the second level moron jog around the White House and then stretch afterwards makes me sick. You stretch BEFORE you run as well. I wonder how much that moronic video cost the American taxpayers. At least Stu and Pat’s didn’t cost the taxpayer a single dime.

    • Anonymous

      And their form is gosh awful, too. Stretching is vital but they didn’t spend enough time doing it at all. Maybe they’ll hurt themselves on one of their 10 second jogs – you know, pull a hamstring. (Relishing the thought!)

  • JohnWolf

    Obama et al., are destroying our country.

    Obama supporters are complicit.

  • JohnWolf

    Most corrupt administration ever.

    • John Beam

      …forgot to add “putrescent.”

  • wentworthcheswell

    According to another invented “American” hero, Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Kevin Koloff

    That has to be fake. Everytime I see obama in the oval office he has his feet on the furniture.


    God have mercy on us all.

  • Anonymous

    I think we found something they are half way competent to do. They can run around OUR White House like children and then drink something that actually doesn’t cost taxpayers and arm and a leg. I would be happy if they did just that all of the time and quit playing President and Vice President. That should keep the destruction of our country to a minimum.

    • Anonymous

      That can certainly give us the run-around…I can agree with that…

  • Anonymous

    it sucked, so at least he’s consistent. everything he does, sucks.

  • scubaron

    Now that`s weird…??

  • bluff bunny

    “Let’s Move”…..if it was OUT of the White House I would be behind it, 100%!
    P.S. I noticed that Biden stayed behind him….all the way. Hmmm.

  • Lepanto

    The only way this video would have been meaningful would be for the two clowns to just keep running…across the WH lawn, thru the streets of DC…well, into the streets of DC would be sufficient. The end.

  • LuAnne Lane Reynolds

    Well he got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing so he will probably get an Academy Award for this performance. SMH.

  • Thumper999

    “Ace and Gary” come to mind… look it up, lol

  • Brandon Floyd

    I have to admit this made me chuckle a little XD


    Did anyone else see the O”Reilly show last night, where Barret stated in a Freudian moment, “when Michelle took office”? Course’ she’s right, she and Moose run the show anyway.

  • Rachelle Roberts

    I’d like him to move his ass right out of this country.

  • Co2

    With all the cool athletic Olympic type photographs of Putin lately, the Prez felt compelled to show he has athletic ability too.

  • Valerie Cudnik

    Rolled up sleeves? Really? Do executives actually do that, or is that just ‘costuming’ to appeal to the average Joe?

    • John Beam

      It’s all propaganda for deadheads. His mindless followers no-doubt believe that the big 0 spends most of his day wearing camouflage, armed with automatic weapons, battling Republicans to the death.

  • Rob Wolgemuth

    Keep drooling hater dogs!

    • Connor

      What the video does not mention is that their dinner.

  • Debra Anderson

    I thought BO gave up jogging because his cigarette kept going out.

  • Kimberly Garrish

    I wonder how much of our tax dollars was spent to make this stupid video? I struggle from one paycheck to another trying to pay my bills and king Obama wasted my money on this rediculous video!

  • Connor

    I bet 20 bucks that is the first time they both run in years. Also love the part where Obama pointed out the complete food nazi his wife is. I think also someone who was more fit than Joe Biden would of been more helpful to the cause.

    • osamabinrubio

      I’m sure Obama has plenty of experience running from law enforcement.

  • Kathy Bodziak

    A staged sixty second jog around the white house with cameras set up at every turn. Wow. I’m under-impressed. Words fail me. And the VP had a tough time keeping up with the Pres. Geez. Let’s Move…. outta here.

  • MSGran

    Paaaleeezzzzeee, did we really need any more proof that these two are idiots?

  • Bev Schewanick

    GOOD GRIEF !!!!

  • Divine Insurrection

    You know, if this was any respectable president it would be cute.

    • Greg

      uhm no it wouldn’t. This would be lame no matter who did it.

  • Anonymous


    • Alex

      Secret Service should lock the door while they are outside.

  • Mark Mathers

    Aren’t you supposed to stretch BEFORE you work out???? These people can’t get anything right.

  • Lance

    That is the same amount of effort those two idiots use trying to run the country. Instead of making stupid videos, try doing some real work.

    • Lepanto

      actually, I think it was just about the same amount of effort, incidentally…

    • A-Train

      I was thinking ‘probably the first time O’s ever looked at any kind of paperwork whie on the job’.

      • mspatdev

        He has looked at a lot of paperwork. He is changing the Constitution and the laws of the land in America. When obammycare was passed and he signed the law in to the mess it is now. He started changing that law until Nov or Dec 2013. What he didn’t like he took out and replaced with something else. Each time a health issue came up, then he replaced or took it out of obammycare. What a liar and dishonest person he is. The world can’t even trust him. He thinks its all funny!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I beg to differ. If that is ALL they did in the White House, INSTEAD of attempting to run the country, we may all be better off.

      • Meathead


      • Brad Bettin

        If Zero would just play more golf ….

    • Anonymous

      I think the only reason why Biden is the VP is insurance for Obama. If you impeach Obama, and he’s convicted (likely), then you have Biden as president – OMG!! We’re Doomed!

      • Alex

        Can get rid of him as being an accomplice.

      • mspatdev

        He also can be impeached for being with obammy and his dirty work.

  • Greg Randall

    Now I know what happened during Bengahzi

  • mossbergman

    once a week that’ll help a lot .wasting y money

  • racindavid

    Shoot ! Why didn’t someone lock the doors while they were out ?!

  • racindavid

    Darnit ! i was hoping one or both would have a bender while doing this…

  • Jace Nelson

    I think in this case, we CAN know that this is the worst of all time.

  • Jim Kessler

    Water????? Prolly Vodka)

  • Anonymous

    No wonder he’s the laughing stock around the world. What else can they do to denigrate the WHITE HOUSE. And they made fun of BUSH.

    • peter

      yea, bush looks better everyday!

  • formerly known as Mr. Anderson

    So…….. yeah…. I can’t get that minute back….

  • arch stanton

    dumb and dumberer

  • Brett Forrester

    That is about as un Presidential as anything I have seen. Why are we still wasting our time with this dumbass. He needs to be in prison with his friend Joe and all the other ass wipes. Good God. Really?

  • JC

    Another example of wasted taxpayer money. Wonder if Pinocchio and Bozo will run to the restrooms now.

  • Larry Bavaro

    this is why we look like asses….

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. President 30 minutes, everyday. Not 20 seconds once a week.

  • Ret.Spook Sailor

    What a couple of dorks…………. and I say that with all the respect that they diserve & bring to the office they each hold.

  • sad conservative

    What do you call two POS morons “fast walkin” around the Peoples House?
    barry and friend!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    After the two jog in the White House for five minutes they head outside where Joe calls out “Smoke Break!”. So Joe stops pulls out a cig and lights up. Obama stops along side him, pulls out a joint and lights up. Pretty soon Machelle sees the two while she is out on the White House lawn speaking to reporters about how healthy eating is good. A reporter sees Joe and Obama puffing away and sneaks off to join them. The reporter stops and asks after finding some intestinal fortature and knowing he is breaking the mold of a typical news agency: “A excuse me, but isn’t smoking permitted on federal property?” Joe smiles and Obama looks up into the sky and lets out some smoke, “Shoot. I didn’t write an executive order about that?”

  • Alan Jones


  • The truth about spammers

    BS for sure. Who works out in a suit and leather $500 Italian shoes? Really!

  • TIMETOGObama

    I, for one, fully support Obama leaving his current position to create cheesy PSAs full-time.

  • Anonymous

    I used to watch Beck on Fox all the time. Now that he has moved to Dallas with his goon squad he has gone completely off the deep end. You can’t take him serious, because he doesn’t take things serious. His free flowing patriot tears are wasted on everyone with any sense. All you have to do is run the site and watch a few of the videos and ads to realize he has sold out to the scumbags that want to bring America down.
    Couple years ago I wrote Beck an email telling him to either become a comedian or a sensible commentator. He thinks he is funny when his employee goons cut up and laugh at his stupidity. Beck couldn’t cut it as a comedian, but like the emperor that wore no clothes he is oblivious to his nakedness.
    Sorry, I’m not posting an accolade for Beck. Our country is in deep trouble and he is spinning a web of deceit and accusations against others, i.e., Alex Jones who is producing 10x more content and information.
    I would love to embrace the Beck again; from what I see the few times I do come here… it can’t be done.

    • The truth about spammers

      Go write an email to Obie, maybe he’ll listen you your rants!

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t been around here long enough to know who Obie is!

        I wasn’t trying to rant. To be honest, I always enjoyed Beck on Fox. What I have seen here with the foolish 3 way verbal banter between Beck and the mimics I just don’t have the stomach for it.

        Beck needs to shut up about other persons that are sticking their necks out to save the Republic and do his own thing. If his thing isn’t adequate without the personal attacks then he is not what he presents himself to be. I don’t think that, but I am disappointed.

        • The truth about spammers

          Think really hard. (Obie, Uncle Joe)

          Becks having a little fun. He’s entitled to do that between the serious stuff. Lighten up.

    • Todd Sanford

      You still come to the Blaze, watch stupid videos, and comment on them. From my chair keep hating on him, the traffic is as valuable as the Gold fear he peddles. By the way the dollar is weaker than ever. Put your head back in the sand!

      • Anonymous

        I have made less than 10 comments, since this site was started. So, I’m not a spammer, nor am I a baiter or troublemaker. I said what I believe and there needs to be a chorus of others with similar discussion points.
        So if you like the Stu pot verbiage goolash, I guess you can handle the trivia with the poison.

  • Rustys call

    What an embarrassment for our Nation. There no GW Bush who would run 5 miles.

  • Brooke Colleen Gillespie

    While it is not the best quality video, it was made to spread a basic message: get moving and be healthy. It is refreshing to see a President actually getting involved in educating rather than just talking at you about it. And come on, you expect them to get Steven Spielberg? That would be just another reason for you to talk about the unnecessary spending the government does. This was probably quite inexpensive to make, which is exactly what the people want; less spending.

    • Lepanto

      Yeah, while the world burns, our Pres does nothing but micro-manage pudgy people with completely dumbass videos. What a friggin’ clown. Honestly, BCG, if you find value in this video, I suggest scraping away at the cocoon you’ve been nesting in…

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention the Libtards don’t acknowledge that Bush jogged every single day at 6 in the morning.

      • The truth about spammers

        Mussent’ upset Putin!

  • ellievl

    Lets Just Move them Out of The White House!

  • Vicky

    If only…they could have kept running….out the door….through the streets…..into the woods….off the cliff….jk..:)

  • Chris Kaser

    who paid for this? dumb and dumber,what a waste of money

  • Twinfin62

    Notice the logo behind Stu says “LA

  • Neil

    And this is the bunch that is scaring the crap out of Putin,,,, wowow

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t go too far….neither one of them is sweating.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And you libtards called Bush embarrassing. This POS is a thousand times worse.

  • ness

    wow because a video of the president running is going to make all the fat people watching it want to run too.

    • The truth about spammers

      It would have been better if the MOOCH ran around the White House. The whole country would puke.

      Hang a sign in front of the White House like McDonalds “Billions of calories purged!”

    • Mango

      That wasn’t running, that was barely jogging for 8 seconds. The rest is all top notch film making…there’s the fade out to denote the passage of time and then the next thing we see is them coming back in the door as if we’re gullible enough to believe that they spent any more than 8 seconds “working out.” They just looked uncomfortable anyway jogging in their work clothes, if anything that video made me want to take a nap.

  • William Liddle

    I wonder if Rubio saw them drinking water?

  • Jayne Nielsen

    If those two morons would do half as much work for this country as they did putting this stupid video together, maybe just maybe…NA. Forget it. It wouldn’t do any good. Those two are beyond hope and change.

    • Mango

      Bahahaha, since they put like zero effort into their “workout” video, that’s not saying much about what little they would have to do in order to do better than they’re doing now. I think crazy Uncle Joe is lucky if he knows where he is half the time…so expecting him to like “do” things is a little unreasonable.

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring Obama supporter everywhere to rearrange their furniture and take a few laps around their parent’s basement.

  • Fishing Man

    Its their weekly jog to show their still a team.

  • Jeffrey Beeman

    And only cost tax payers 5 Million to make! What a Bargain!

  • a typical liberal

    Look it’s the ambiguously gay duo.

    • Anonymous

      From what I saw as an employee of the PRSF (People’s Republic of San Francisco), homosexual men have better taste.

  • Debbie Acker

    They sure have a lot of hand sanitizer dispensers in the white house. I find that odd.

    • Anonymous

      Odd? Not really! They were installed when Billy Boy Clinton was prez and were used to “sanitize” his cigars. Cheers.

  • Gina

    Next WEEK???? What’s wrong with everyday? BTW Mr. Resident; you are supposed to stretch BEFORE exercising and in order to truly exercise, you gotta do enough to at least break a sweat.

  • landofaahs

    Obama(Dathan), is leading the majority of blacks back to slavery. His voters are too stupid to see what is coming down the pike. But, every plantation had it’s black filed boss and Obama(Dathan) is the biggest.

  • wyoborn

    only they would think once a week was working out

  • Jesustheonlyway

    This is as fake as his Obamacare promises. Ugh!

  • Esper Hickman

    I love Pat & Stu’s…more fun!

  • Chuck T

    The Dork-in-Chief and his Pet Rock go jogging around the White House. No, seriously. Bwaahahahahahaha.

    Before you get on my case, remember; disrespect is as earned as respect is.

    Hey, maybe Alinsky was right after all: mockery IS an effective weapon, especially when they feed it to you themselves.

  • dennis reilly

    it is so sad they are in office and I’d like to kill myself so thanks for making me laugh Pat and Stu

  • Mango

    Yeah, the Pres and VP really broke a sweat with all that “jogging.” I mean 7 seconds is a pretty long time. Water wouldn’t have been enough to replenish all the energy they used up during that 4.7 second workout they had. Michelle Obama, who is obviously a nutritionist, really should have been there monitoring their activities and advising them better. She could have supplied them with rubber bread from Subway. This is kind of an irresponsible video, all of that exercise would have left us dehydrated and depleted, then we wouldn’t have known what to do. Pat and Stu had it right with the Pepsi and cookies, I’m glad they made a more responsible workout video. Thanks guys!

  • francoamerian

    I thought they were talking about having a bowel movement when he said let’s move. when they were running through the lobby where the dogs were sitting, I actually thought the dog on the left was Michele. Just saying. Then I realized the dog was better looking.

  • Doc Savage

    To bad we did not see Kennedy swimming naked with his secretaries. At least Clinton ran in a sweat suit with secret services guys running a good distance. This guy is NOT Presidential. He is a media buffoon.

  • Lori Beck Thrash

    Totally Seaseme Street!
    Who is taking care of our Nation? Gosh, these two Knuckle heads! Insane! Waste of tax payers dollars! Vote USA with comman sence!

    • Anonymous

      I bet your blood just boils when you look at the President. Well, now you know what people on the left felt when they looked at G. W. Bush. Only that Bush was responsible for a broke America, two simultaneous wars, and countless people dead. You say Benghazi… peanuts compared to the level of incompetence that brought us 911.

  • Anonymous

    moochelle threatened obumer she’d leak out his covert homo escapades so he HAD to do it…

  • Anonymous

    20 seconds is not 20 minutes’ worth of activity and you really need it if you park yourself in a chair all day. They didn’t really jog enough to break a sweat in those work clothes and the shoes are definitely a no-go at this station for jogging. I feel sad for them – can’t afford proper workout gear and a water bottle, huh? I think they need to ditch the home brew equipment in the kitchen downstairs. That would do them better than the jogging.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a (supposedly funny) short, not a documentary. That’s the lamest attempt at a burn that I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    As our leaders, (O & J) run from Putin………………

  • Take 2

    I am not sure who or whom apologizes to the dead Family members of Benghazi – Fast and Furious or to the ‘increased’ death tolls of surviving Family of the two Wars.

    Or the TAX payer that is degraded – spied on – or countless life that never was born because of two lack luster actors – a taken over DEM Political Party.

    • Anonymous

      Just lay off the FOX News, it’s scrambling all your neurons up there.

      • Take 2

        Don’t have Tv little partner.

        • Anonymous

          You obviously have the web.

          • Take 2

            I am an aware Global Humanitarian that in October of 2009 happened to be standing next to a DEM vetting team (in Africa) whom discovered the truth about the actor now running around in the White House…!

            I’m sure you and 47% of American’s will never accept individually being duped or will they accept blame for believing a similar 1930’s lie in Germany. Read the history of the third Reich and see what is going on. Sure, this is with an Islamist twist…
            Now – Fox News was not with me in personally researching – my research started in Finland – Russia – Europe and Africa. That;s WWII path BTW. Utopian Medical – Utopian Welfare – two level Society ie, dictatorship – is what is what it is in America-and is becoming a realty. Maybe – 47% want that but 53% do not.

          • Anonymous

            47% vs 53%, huh, seems like a crystalized proportion, but it is not. Analogical analysis to reach conclusions of historical and social proportions, yeah… sounds like a good idea, specially to paranoid minds. Nevertheless, they are the worst for knowledge about particular cases with their very own set of conditions. I know the history of WWII, and the third Reich. You gotta be looking for, and only for, the resemblances to see them, and only them. Good luck with that, old man.

          • Take 2

            (1) Unknown background (check)

            (2) Take Over of Banking i.e. Personal Infrastructure Bank. (Check-in works)

            (3) Friction with Catholic Church. (check)
            4) Utopian Health Care (check)

            (5) Take over of Airwaves/News (check)

            (6) Hit List (check)

            (7) Fetish with drones (check)

            (8) Destroyed Small Opposition Party to Sway Votes. (check)

            (9) Pin Pointed Opposition and Circumvented Other Head Branches of Governance. (check)

            (10) Study the Third Reich buster Brown Shirt. check check check (above is 9 of many more.)

            Be in Peace – Know Your History

          • Anonymous

            Wow, yeah. You just confirmed what I was saying to you. Be in Peace, too – Know the limits of your analytical/synthetical capacities.

          • Take 2

            They flat out lied to you at the DEM = DNC about his background. Just read Dreams from My Father – its disputed by himself – or whomever wrote it. You can pinpoint Communist Marxist Atheist Islamist Black Social Justice…Can of worms –
            back on point: two grown men bobbling around with your grand kids future.
            Go walk around Moscow to see what is going to happen because of “innocent” unaware 1/3 of Democrat voters (Scammed Female -Black Voter.) CHECK!

          • Anonymous

            I think you got me wrong. I don’t dispute any of the things you point out about the present and about the past, all I’m saying is the resemblance between the two are all but invention, your inventions. Well, not just yours. But the willingness to isolate just that, to make the old tired comparison to the 3rd Reich, to politically attack based on an absurdity, does nothing to advance your argument. Every rationalization about the truth of Obama = Hitler you make is built on wobbling foundations. And here is the reason: all rests on an analogy. And an analogy simply cannot be genuine truth.

          • Take 2

            The truth is born raised Islamist – given a singular Islamist name Barack (sounds like Bereck – as per Barack Obama) meaning they in east, Africa – later raised by known cold war Russian – Communist spy / into early adulthood Marxist student – what was to follow more eradicable black social justice – hidden behind the cross of Christ. A drug and alcoholic for life…Hit List! Drones! Against or not for Jewish “Nation” – Territories! Hates England? Why? Most is based on facts in his books – actions. The mirroring of Third Reich is Parole type evidence which many times stands in an American Court of Law,

          • Take 2

            Both Obama Jr and mother Dunham studied in Germany. In dreams from my father it is made very clear that Jr. Born raised in Islam later mentored Communist and as a young Adult went out of way to choose Marxist Professor’s. If I could write via this thread ten pages… I could definitely outline step by step the coalitions and or model being used to take ultimate power, as we all know History repeats. Most times historical models are or seem too apparent to be forced but or have different outcomes ie endings.

          • Anonymous

            And that makes Obama a Hitler how?

          • Take 2

            Not at all….? I am referring to the take over of power ie a Republic. Eg via a similar shadow government that existed in 1930’s Germany. Obama’s the script reader – Hitler was the front man and script writer – brains. Read each of their books! HUGE difference in IQ and writing skills.

          • Anonymous

            Wait, are you saying Hitler was very very smart? Listen, one thing is to be sly enough to amass power like Hitler did, another to actually be smart with that power. Hitler wasn’t. Obama isn’t that smart either. And, if you think Obama is the socialist islamist revolutionary to take over our great Republic and turn it into a communist paradise, then I think you have a very bad opinion about the citizens of the Republic, who would allow that to happen. For your paranoid fantasy to be true, you would have to reduce the world to something that can be grasped at a single glance, which is far from a possibility. But you go ahead, keep saying Obama is Hitler.

          • Take 2

            No man…Hitler’s writings were or are superior to Barry Dunham Obmama jr. or Davis writing’s – Period. You mentioned Hitler – Not me? I was in reply to your questioning comparing the two? I believe Obama is part of a Global Order Shadow Governance. He describes himself in his book as born raised Islamist – Mentored by “Frank” who was thought via FBI as a Cold War Spy to Russia – in his own words went out of his way to choose Marxist Professor’s? Not me? If not for the Brown TEA Vote – Obama would have legally been handed a fully funded Infrastructure Bank – and eventually sent Congress Home for good. Guess who did that in the 1930’s? Come on guess? All the above is facts – the Executive Branch Bank was hidden in the Job’s Bill Then switched or name changed to Highways Bill – Now a third name change called “Infrastructure Bill”. Did you guess who yet – I don’t won’t mention the name.

  • William

    These guys have turned our country into the laughingstock of the entire world. Even Chad’s fucking laughing at us.

  • Anonymous

    Biden reminds me of Walter, Jeff Dunham’s dummy and visa versa. heh heh heh

  • Anonymous

    Pat and Stu were being dopey with their video. So, okay, the vid President Obama and Joe Biden made might not have been the best but it was a public service announcement sort of thing to endorse Michelle’s Let’s Move campaign. It’s neat to know lots of people are sending videos in showing how the program is helping them out. It’s also good to finally have a president who pays attention to pop culture the way everyone he’s governing does.

  • James Elliott

    That was VODKA !!!!

    • Marky Michaels

      Vodka courtesy of Vladimir.

    • Anonymous

      Please! Don’t insult vodka.

  • marlene

    “let’s move” is more likely an in-your-face bowel movement.

  • Guest

    I don’t do racist stuff but is this by their own admission dumb nigger stuff??????

  • Anonymous

    That was so gay.

  • Craig Robinson

    I wonder if they drained that water off their brains or just used a tap. It’s amazing they actually found somebody that could use a computer to put that on FB.

  • Greg

    Now I know why I never hear about obama running or jogging. He runs like a sissy. I’m sure the only reason he jogged 100′ for this video is because michelle told him she would beat his a$$ on video if he didn’t do it.

  • Anonymous

    They will never become a Seal-Team member by pounding up and down the hallways in the White House. (Good Grief ! They look like a group of demented little mice looking for a piece of cheese !)

  • Hal Slusher

    Our President is a complete Dofus

  • Jo Darling


  • Marky Michaels

    Can’t wait till they’re jogging the prison yard during exercise time.

  • atlcdn

    Biden was given cpr twice on that run…

  • Anonymous

    My Grandmother moves better than that! And Nice to know they’re still afraid of their wives.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so proud of my leader, just makes me want to puke.

  • Anonymous

    For Team Obama, “Let’s Move” is a great idea: Right back to where they came from. Pluto? These plutocrats are certainly ‘Mickey Mouse’ enough! Butt Uranus is likelier. Uranus? Is that 1 word or 2 words?

  • Ann CuppyCake Corrado

    These Fools need their asses Kicked. what do they think , Were Stupid! Hey Barry, After that Jog you need to go to the BathHouse Barry!

  • Laura Thompson

    Without a doubt, that video of POTUS and VPOTUS was the most stupid thing I have ever seen two grown men do. They should be embarrassed.

  • Anonymous

    Obama/ Biden= Pathetic, what is with Obama’s limp forearms and wrists ? Kinda like his Leadership I guess !!!

  • Jane Helbert

    As a school nurse, I couldn’t take it anymore. The federal government creates the problem with “laws” and then wants more taxpayer money to fix it? It is insane.

  • Connie Tonsgard

    Man, that was really stupid. Who cares, anyway? They need to talk about telling the truth.

  • nick

    This is pathetic. Are they trying to make themselves look stupid? They have achieved their goal.

  • Drew Johnson

    I for one, am extremely impressed!
    They have my vote for the Nobel Peace Prize of acting AND exercising!
    It’s been far too long!!!

  • Andrew Swan

    Run for 15 seconds stretch for 3 seconds and drink a glass of water… My weight problems are solved.

    • Anonymous

      And only once per week!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    this is sick my friend

  • Michael J. Fell

    THESE are the “leaders” of the self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” “intellectual elite.” And you wonder why the United States is so mismanaged? Not only are these “leaders” utterly moronic, imagine the level of stupidity it takes to vote for these vegetables.

  • Weswieann

    LET’S MOVE them out of the White House.

  • Bad Dog

    I wonder how many takes these two had to do.

  • ServosT

    Biden did that run without a helmet, I’m impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Joe’s form was better than bozo’s. That’s about the only positive thing I can say about such a waste of time and money.

  • Steve

    That may be the most disgraceful and revolting thing I have ever seen. This is what the Office of the President of the United States of America has become? Does this man have no honor or integrity at all? I am embarassed

  • David Tropp

    Da Da,& Da DUMB!

  • Carolyn Rollins

    I was thinking now there he is doing something right. Then he asked “same time next week?” Only once a week? Figures he finally gets something right on then manages to screw that up. Sheesh!

  • Katie Younger

    Yeah, bet that water was really expensive. Oh yeah, and doesn’t it cost a lot of money to upload to YouTube? Thanks a lot for wasting my precious tax dollars. Oh and speaking of thanks, thanks to our wonderful Senate, for rejecting the Veterans Affairs bill. Wouldn’t want my precious tax dollars to go to our Vets! NOOOO! I want my money to go to defense contractors. WAR WAR WAR!!!

  • Mr “C”

    Idiots !

  • Gregory

    I dislike Obama as much as the rest of you, but I appreciate this. Not because I think it inspires anyone to be more physically active, but because I appreciate that he was willing to make a silly video and broadcast it to the world in support of his wife and her endeavors. I’ll bet you that most other world leaders wouldn’t be willing to do that.

    Also, he didn’t “spend your tax dollars” on this. I’m a filmmaker and I can tell you this was shot in about 30 minutes by some guy with a DSLR and a GlideCam. He probably paid the guy like $200 at MOST, if he even paid him anything.

    Come on, people. Calm down. This is a lighthearted video a guy made for his wife to encourage people to be more physically active. Nothing wrong with that.

    Like I said, I dislike him too. I think he’s ruining America on purpose and needs to be stopped, but that doesn’t mean he is pure evil to his core. Don’t be so eager to be angry. That doesn’t do us any good.

  • Anonymous

    Was taken over several weeks…

  • doug

    well, American idol isnt that good this year , either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Come on…give them a break. Many government groups are doing take offs of movies. I think this is a great take off of dumb and dumber

  • Anonymous

    Putin: …Leonid, hold off on that Ukraine situation for now.

    Leonid:….But why, sir? The troops are ready to go

    Putin:…They are still going to move but we are invading the US instead.


    Putin:….Take a look at this video. These clowns could never stop us. They can’t even stop a dog from crossing their borders.

    Leonid: .. ( watches video and gasps )..Oy my.

    Leonid: ….The troops will be ready to strike at your command

    Putin: ….No rush. This won’t take long

    Leonid: … Can we go to Disney World after we take over?

    Putin: … Da!! Da!! Comrade Mickey?? I can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    The President and Vice-President demonstrated how they have complete devotion to everything they do. It’s wonderful that they gave as much time to “Let’s Move” as any other very important presidential business. And their commitment to stick to it and do it again next week is just awesome.

  • Pete Draganic

    IF this is filmed in Feb, why are there leaves on the trees?

  • Guest

    The WH video is ridiculous. But I will add that I hope you guys will take care of your health. It’s one thing to fight for food freedom and another to eat carelessly.

    Please take care of yourselves and try to not eat so much junk. You will likely regret it someday.

    • Mango

      Why are you saying “you guys” as if no one here is already doing that or as if we need to be told at all? This isn’t meant to spark a real conversation about health and fitness, this is another lame stunt by the WH to waste our tax dollars and pander to Obama’s base. There’s nothing serious going on in that video. Pat and Stu probably burned just as many calories as Obama and Biden and they were eating cookies!

  • Gail Buzalski Ramsey

    My vote is “Yes, the stupidest video ever”! They’re going to do it again next week?!!! That’s a joke! That’s not an exercise program!!! How many times did they have to “cut” so Joe could catch his breath?!

  • Tom Liddle

    After watching BHO & Joe, the only ‘movement’ it created with me, requires toilet paper…

  • ASHclowns

    What they didn’t show was them stepping on the Constitution as they ran out of the oval office.

  • landofaahs

    What they did not show is that when Obama and Biden are running, they are running around the corner for a smoke break, Obama for a cigarette and Joe for whatever that brain dead idiot is smoking.

  • Mark Allen Tunney

    Redneck right wing tea drinkers at their usual dumbest.

    • Mango

      Ouch…”tea drinkers.” At least those of us “right wing tea drinkers” are aware enough to know that our tax dollars were used to make that POS half-assed goofball video. Maybe if you paid taxes, you’d be just as annoyed by this garbage as the rest of us.

  • Roger De Backer

    I always MOVE to another channel when Obummer appears on TV


    LOL! Pat & Stu are a hoot!

  • Robin Varney Simms

    You sure wouldn’t want to drink the water here in WV like that!

  • Mick White

    Stupid jerks real world leaders are laughing at us

  • patriot

    Good run guys.

  • milller009

    I had to do a double-take as Pat seemed to look like Glenn’s friend, Alec Baldwin, from the side in the initial shot. But I knew it was Pat because he didn’t punch out any paparazzi during the exercise or cool down periods.

  • Austin Cooper

    My eyes do not believe the stupidity that was in this video..are they serious? So let me get this straight, the commander in chief thinks this is exercise, and believes this video was a good idea? No words can express how i feel about this….

  • Anonymous

    I think we were all misdirected by this video. The real purpose of this video was to create a strong impression that Dumbo-Two is physically phit enough to run for president. I came away being reassured that Dumbo-Two is healthy, robust, and has an outstanding six-pack underneath his un-sweaty new tie and crisp, unwrinkled shirt such that he would look absolutely wonderful and stately sitting bare-chested in a saddle on a horse with two six-guns at his sides.

    Doesn’t that vision of Dumbo-Too create a lasting impression?

  • Josiah Taylor

    If it had been a better video you would have crucified Obama for wasting money and time while there were a million things to be done. Seems there’s no way to please those who are decidedly sheepish, decidedly ignorant, and decidedly bigoted. Enjoy your hateful and wasteful use of American freedoms, at least I can be confident you all are a dying a breed.

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from the 2 kings of stooges

  • Cheryl’s mother

    I just wish they would run away never to be seen again!!!!!

  • Sandy K

    Lepanto~Can I “borrow” this? Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Pat and Stu had a much better video than the Prez.. Now I need their recipes for the treats. Although, the White House dogs watching the two idiots “jog” by was humorous. They were probably thinking “Why doesn’t he take us for a run like that? What’s so special about Old Joe?”

  • Anonymous

    Well there goes the last of any respect that any country may have had for our country!

  • Bo Tye

    Liberty’s idea of equality before the law is in eternal and irreconcilable conflict with the notions of subjective wealth redistribution and centralized control inherent to collectivism.

  • Cuffs

    This film is idiotic beyond belief. The boys had to drink that water, though,otherwise deal with the wrath of the Mooch. How juvenile!

  • Chris Henricks

    What is sad is our TAX DOLLARS payed for this!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a boring, dumb clip! The ‘actors’ don’t even look like they are enjoying it at all! There’s no enthusiasm, no anticipation of something good, no fun or enjoyment on their tired faces. And jogging in their working attire? The whole thing is a mirror of their governing, wrong, inaccurate, clumsy and misleading.

  • JD

    Somewhat related, last year the USPS printed up stamps for the “Just Move” program. They had drawings of kids playing. This cost about $95,000 to print. Wellp, the First “Lady” made them scrap the issue, because the kids on the stamps were NOT WEARING ANY SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Now, you can argue all day with people about kids and safety equipment. Bottom line is if the White House is SO involved with this program, why was the design approved in the first place? You’d think they’d want their fingerprints all over them, no? Like a pet project?
    Oh, and there have been sport stamps in the past… without kids all bundled up like astronauts… before 2013…

  • KJinAZ

    My only question is how many millions of tax dollars did we pay to produce this BS?

  • Anonymous

    So once a week they run what 3 minutes? It was sort of cute, but I don’t think it should cost us anything. It should have been filmed on Michelle’s phone. Again, slow trotting for about three minutes isn’t the moving you need to be fit.

  • Anonymous

    Did you notice that neither Obama nor Biden showed any signs of perspiration on their heads nor their shirts? Hummm wonder just how far they jogged. More like an add for antiperspirant .

  • Feet2Fire

    MANY MANY people would like to see them all “MOVE” … OUT of our White House.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would keep on running until they fell off the end of the earth! Both totally worthless!

  • Elaine Akins

    Why is it so bad they made a vid trying to get people to be healthy by drinking water and excercise?

    • Mel Lingerman

      Go away paid Soros poster.

  • Elaine Akins

    so get rid f m post cause yo dont lke what i say bullshit

  • Elaine Akins

    this site is one sided

  • BECK


  • Anonymous

    This POS do nothing loser you all voted to run the, used to be most powerful free nation on the planet. Are going to see what happens when you think you can play nice with evil. The USA has no power at all now, the world is either laughing at him, or scared they will now be at the mercy of Dictators who will stop at nothing to control us all. And if we do not get tough and I mean Mad Dog tough we are going to be in another War.

  • Donald A Mattox

    Two dumbasses and a glass of water. remind you of something?

  • Ben Miles

    I will be happy the next time I see these two doing this if it is behind prison bars in the exercise yard!

  • A voice of reason.

    Are these two jerk’s for real?

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