The hits just keep on coming for the President’s signature healthcare law. According to the National Review Online, an Arab-American community activist, Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, has been charged with immigration fraud for hiding the fact she was once convicted of a terrorist bombing in Israel. The icing on the cake: Odeh worked briefly as an Obamacare navigator in Illinois.

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“Listen to this. This is the most amazing story and you’re not hearing anything about this,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “She was convicted in Israel for the bombings of a supermarket at the British consulate in Jerusalem. She carried that out on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the terrorist organization… She exploded the bombs in the crowded supermarket, killing two students from a Hebrew university and injuring two. But that’s all she did. Well, wait a minute. Hang on. She was also sneaking into our country and unlawfully procuring a U.S. citizenship… And she was an Obamacare navigator.”

TheBlaze reports:

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern Division in Michigan announced in October that Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was accused of unlawfully procuring U.S. citizenship after she hid that she “was convicted in Israel for her role in the 1969 bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem … carried out on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,” a terrorist organization.

National Review reported that the Illinois Department of Insurance on Nov. 24 “quietly revoked” Odeh’s certification as an in-person navigator to help people sign up for insurance under President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. The insurance department said in a disciplinary report the decision was “based on an investigation which revealed that she had been convicted in Israel for her role in the bombings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusalem and failed to reveal the conviction on her application.”


Odeh was sentenced to life in prison in 1970 but was released after 10 years as part of an Israeli prisoner exchange, after which she moved to the West Bank.

According to the U.S. attorney, she immigrated to the U.S. in 1995 and was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 2004.

You might wonder how something like a terrorism conviction doesn’t come up on any background check. According to an FBI background report for Odeh obtained by National Review, no past criminal offenses were cited. On the Obamacare front, National Review reported that it would have been the responsibility of the Illinois Department of Insurance to conduct the background check on potential navigators.

“We don’t do background checks. We leave that up to the states, the various exchanges. If you want to go ahead and do a background check, go ahead,” Pat said. “So this thing is secure. There’s not a problem with Obamacare in the exchanges and the navigators. Put your whole trust into it because that’s going to work out really well for you.”

“But if you don’t sign up… by the middle of next month, you probably are a terrorist too,” Glenn concluded. “So you’re definitely illegal. Definitely. She’s not illegal, but you’re definitely are illegal.”