NYC’s wealthiest fleeing because of progressive mayor Bill de Blasio

New York City’s self-proclaimed “progressive” Mayor Bill de Blasio stormed into office promising to make the Big Apple’s wealthiest pay their fair share so he could fund universal pre-K, and now it looks like deep pocketed New Yorkers are taking their money elsewhere.

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“The new mayor of New York wants rich people to finally get theirs. You know what’s funny? If you look at all the Soviet leaders, that’s what they all thought. All the old Soviet leaders… thought back then that taking it from the rich would solve everybody’s problems. And so they were always after the rich,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now de Blasio is doing the same thing. And he is pushing a tax hike for those earning over $500,000 as a moral imperative. He says, I think it’s time to ask the wealthy to do a little more.”

In his Sunday column for the New York Post, syndicated columnist Michael Goodwin wrote:

One friend says 10 wealthy people have told him they are leaving and another says disgusted New Yorkers bought $1 billion in residential property in Florida since the November election. The Sunshine State confers an automatic tax cut of about 12 percent because it has no city or state income tax, nor does it have an inheritance tax.

Beyond taxes, the mayor’s open hostility is a factor. His insulting treatment of former Mayor Bloomberg at the inauguration remains a cloud over him. As one affluent woman, a self-described liberal, told me, “De Blasio hates me, so I hate him.” She doesn’t personally know him, but draws her conclusion from his words and deeds.

The central problem is the mayor’s childish view of wealth.

Taking a page out of Barack Obama’s playbook, de Blasio casts his push for a tax hike on those earning over $500,000 as a moral imperative.

Beyond losing the tax revenue, New York City charities stand to see a huge hit to their endowments should the mass exodus continue.

Goodwin writes:

The sneering suggestion that everyone with money is somehow guilty of something is not a surprise coming from a man who spent his honeymoon on an illegal trip to Castro’s Cuba. What is a surprise is his lack of appreciation for the impact of wealth on city revenues and the importance of philanthropy to the arts and education.

As Bloomberg often noted, about 5,000 very wealthy families paid 30 percent of the city’s income tax. Losing even a few of them means significantly less money for filling potholes and hiring cops.

Billions in philanthropy support the arts, ranging from local dance groups to the flagship institutions that define New York as a world-class city. Nearly half of the Metropolitan Opera’s operating fund comes from donations, which last year reached $143 million.

Read the entire article HERE.

Private funding for charter schools, which primarily benefit low income black and Latino children, will also dissipate. This would further cripple the schools that have suffered greatly under the first few weeks of the de Blasio Administration.

“Just so you know, it’s also the really, really poor people that give to all the charities in New York,” Glenn joked. “Only the poor people who give to the charities. It’s always the poor people who make the opera happen… I think it will die a painful death, as will the ballet and some of all the other arts and… the hospitals that are being built… If you don’t have the rich, who is going to give that new wing to the hospital?”

Much like his progressive comrade President Obama, de Blasio is well on his way to fundamentally transforming one of the largest cities in the world.

“So New York, you’re on the way to being fixed entirely,” Glenn concluded. “But I think that’s also another progressive kind of thing – eugenics. Fix everybody.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • John Scott

    The thing the liberals don’t understand. Even some conservatives. Is that the wealthy have abilities to just move if their pockets get picked by foolish politicians. The poor generally have to stay and face the music. If I was rich I would find plenty of ways to hide my money from the US. My question to de Blasio is when the 1% leave where do you go for money?

    • Anonymous

      Has the Mayor given most of HIS fortune way ? THER’S your answer.

      • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

          Yes but not everyone is into being a male prostitute like Micky

      • Stuck_in_Ca

        No because he earned it in a righteous way. He didn’t create a gas guzzling vehicle or a piece of plastic and glass that plays movies. He married a reformed black lesbian and repeated the power to the people mantra enough to get elected to the ultimate leftist position in the world. I’m soooo looking forward to the demise of NYC, good riddance.

  • landofaahs

    It’s not just fleeing NYC but America as well and the rate will only increase under this idiot president.

    • John Scott

      I think I read that people giving up US citizenship was going up significantly.
      That happens anywhere where they feel their being singled out because they have some money. Many wealthy in China are also moving out to places where life is better.
      A better solution is to give tax breaks to businesses that stay here and produce products here. Not talk about playing Robin Hood and hoping the 1% will stay.

      • landofaahs

        It was about 1000 I believe and doubled to about 2000. That may not sound like many but the money is.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! We have to many career minded congressmen and senators governors, and having a spineless president with no experience whatsoever also is a thorn in the side! It’s hard to believe these people actually graduated from college, but I guess, what do you expect as most are liberal, as there are common people with more common sense! It’s unfortunate that a lot of people won’t take the time to get educated with the circumstances that surround them as there are no excuses (none) if things keep going the way that they are going I suspect that the United States will have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

  • Connor

    Well if I were Rich living in this country I would be moving to a country that is more free than this country that we should rename Not so United Obama Socialist States of Marxs.

    • BlueMN

      Move to Russia! 13% flat tax rate, gays can’t marry, and you can fire someone if they aren’t Christian enough for you! Teabagger paradise!

      • Anonymous

        Hear! Hear!

      • Connor

        Move to North Korea where the tax on the rich is 100% and where they put Christians in death camps and worship their leader as a God liberal paradise!

      • MB

        Heads up BlueMN – I browsed by here yesterday and my Disqus was logged in as you. Probably a DisqusFail, but might be worth changing your passwords etc, etc.

        • BlueMN

          Weird. Looks like a number of settings changed too. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Its funny because If you did that, then the liberals would use it as an opportunity to call you an evil capitalist as you slip away with your money (aka. the property you have a right to posses). All because you love yourself enough not to be a slave.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people are moving to the southern hemisphere, most people there own their own homes,(no mortgages) as housing is very reasonable as well as the cost of living, and they don’t have the jobless rate that we have here! There only requirement is that you must be a skilled worker! As they don’t want any freeloaders.

  • James LaBarre

    Remember, it’s time to kick NYC out of New York State.

  • Lori Lynne

    how many of those wealthy people leaving NYC voted for him? All over this country, people vote for these liberals & progressives, yet when these politicians do something that ruffles their feathers, they leave and go vote for another liberal/progressive in another city or state.

    • Stuck_in_Ca

      My brother is big in the opera in San Francisco so I laughed when Glenn started bagging on the opera. He’s got it pegged to a T. The opera in any city is a bunch of pretentious idiots (95% gay) that could find their asses with both hands if you gave them a map. The sooner it dies the sooner we can celebrate true genius like 80’s heavy metal.

      • Mike Nelson

        RIP Kevin DuBrow, you gentle soul…

    • Difcan’s Avatar

      “There is another organism on the planet that exhibits the same behavior; a virus” – Agent from the matrix

      What if, instead of all of the good people fleeing, we decided in huge numbers to flock to NY and take the state back? What if we said ok we will deal with your taxes for an election cycle, but we will not let you have one of the greatest cities in The world. What if we made a stand and took our country back?

  • Anonymous

    Why politicians don’t say that wealthy people should help spread things around so everyone can have the same chance to be rich as they are is anyone’s guess. The more wealthy people think life will be more poor because of what they are told to give back the more they will try and leave. From what the story says it looks like the mayor wants rich people to pay for schools. Which have the potential to make more people rich. But having them leave just shows how short-lived and selfish they are. Maybe letting wealthy people know they and their money are the first line of helping good things happen won’t even fly with them but it’s worth a shot. Besides, 500,000 dollars and above is a lot of money for one person or family to have. Who on earth has THAT much.

    • Lloyd

      Rich people in general give more to more people and charities than the rest of the population combined. If you read correctly, it was the rich that were funding the charter schools, the opera, the ballet and many other things. They also provide jobs for a lot of people. The rich are already giving tons of money to needy organizations. De Blasio just doesn’t like that they are doing it of their own free will and not letting the government decide where it should go. Marxist, communist principles have never worked and will never work. If you think for one instance that all the rich people’s money that the government takes is being used for the poor and needy you better think again. Also, I find it interesting that liberals/progressives always want the citizenry to be forced to give up their money, but they don’t want to dig into their own pockets. My own family makes less than average and we pay more than Obama did to charity. You help people by teaching them how to help themselves and get rid of the the entitlement attitude, but that would not fit the progressive agenda. How many people have actually gotten off of welfare on a liberal’s watch? No, they like having people dependent on the government. It keeps them in power.

      • Anonymous

        Why should New York’s wealthiest care if they give to what they want as opposed to what the mayor wants them to give to? I mean if they’re going to anyway. They would still be able to help out the arts and stuff afterwards if they really want to. Those of us who don’t have their money can find ways to support those things. Your saying government wants to keep people dependent on government programs makes no sense. If that was the case the cities would be filled with lazy people and empty lots and boarded up stores and schools for miles around

        • Anonymous

          If you look at Detroit you have the answer. Go get educated!!

          • Anonymous

            If YOU look at Detroit they WERE doing that badly. At least some sections were anyway, other parts of the city were still hanging on. But that depression is changing even as we speak. Manufacturing jobs are always going in and this past week President Obama named Detroit to be the other Midwest hub, along with Chicago, that is set to become the next Silicon Valley. Not half bad for a town where as far back as 1979 the streets were empty by about 9:00 in the evening outside of the areas around the Renaissance Center and downtown.

          • Anonymous

            If you believe that, there is someone who will be selling you a piece of swamp land pretty soon as prime real estate. Dream on, Silicon Valley, ha!

          • Anonymous

            Someone selling swamp land as prime real estate? Well, it worked for Disney. The entire thing of Disneyworld in Florida used to be a swamp

          • BJ

            Hope it turns out better than his solar energy, battery manufacturing and special electric car projects.

          • Anonymous

            It will. The mayor of Detroit said the tech jobs are just one of the projects set to revitalize the city.

        • BJ

          What the government does with money is most often inefficient. Mostly goes into someone’s pocket. If you chose where your money goes you can check it out to see how it will be used. And, you can’t have more people on welfare than there are taxes to support, if no one works they don’t pay taxes, so no taxes to support them. but as someone says, your mind is so made up there is no way for you to use logic, only utopian dreams.

          • Anonymous

            Sometimes yeah. Other times if the thing people are paying for is non-profit all the money goes for the cause being supported. Which most likely means everyone giving to that cause plus the people raising funds have to agree with each other. How is it possible that you can track how your own personal money is being spent? When it goes into the fund it mixes with everyone else’s money. Sort of like when people pay for a product. There you get money back if you pay too much. You’ll get money from someone whose values and beliefs might be completely opposite yours. Personally, no matter how things are paid for the only thing that matters in the end is if the money is green. The funds going to line pockets will more than likely end up in the place you want them to anyway. It just takes longer.

      • Anonymous

        You understand perfectly how communism works but that is lost to a liberal mind. They will never understand how free market systems work, that you have to apply yourself to get ahead in this world etc. Talking to a liberal is like talking to a wall. They will never get what you are trying to explain to them.

  • emoore

    I have zero sympathy for the people of New York. zero. They allowed Bloomberg to push the city to communism with all of his silly regulations and his anti second amendment, So let them have that hell hole.

    • Anonymous

      remember, it’s the moochers, who have a big say!!! eventually, only moochers will be left, then what!!!

  • Davd Williams

    The problem is, these brain damaged Rich Liberals, are just going to FL and staying brain damaged Rick Liberals. They will continue to support Liberalism until they are forced to move someplace else… Like Texas.
    They will never stop and ask why to things go to crap when the state moves left. It is like spreading a cancer.
    It is happening all over the country. Liberals are being forced out of their homes because of the policies that they support. They don’t have the critical thinking skills of putting cause and effect together.
    So in Philly, the suburbs are starting to suffer because the democrat breeding program in philly is busting at the seems.

  • Anonymous

    “Its time to ask the wealthy to do a little more.” You got to be kidding me? The rich DO the most!

    Some people are so selfish to think that its a crime for people to enjoy the fruits of their labor. By that merit, no one should have the right to own the comforts of our society.

    • Anonymous

      they want everyone to be equal…ly poor!!!

      • Anonymous

        Or equally rich. The way life will go for individuals is all due to attitude.

    • Anonymous

      What we need is Godonomics:

      Godonomics will lead us to liberty, productivity, and generosity. We could
      start by producing more than we spend & acting our own wage. Next create an emergency fund & have vision for our money.

      Hate to budget?

      Face it we all have a de facto budget, look at your check book, there is the budget.

      How should we use our profits:

      Number one should be percentage giving starting at 10% all the while thinking about God’s priorities & trying to get progressively more generous.
      Then lets see what happens.

      Remember this promise:

      “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” – Malachi 3:10

      Throughout His word God reminds us wise men have treasure and oil in their dwellings, rich men leave an inheritance for their Grandchildren.

      God is a Capitalist.
      There are several foundational principles in scripture that create a blueprint for financial success. Think about this, twenty percent of the Ten Commandments are about property rights, the foundational blocks for freedom.

      Liberty leads to responsibility.

      The Godonomics Principle: Produce, profit, save, invest & give.

      Believe God and thrive.

      • Anonymous

        “Liberty leads to responsibility.”

        You speak truth. Thank you :)

  • dennis reilly

    pretty soon it will be DeBlasio, his wife, and the poor living in nyc, He needs a diaper

  • Anonymous

    I CAN SEE IT NOW!!! NEW YORK CITY WILL BECOME THE “NEW DETROIT”…and then when the United Nations overtakes the U.S.A (only 6+ more votes needed folks) then all of the empty high class real estate in NYC will be taken up by the wealthy folks from all those Socialist countries abroad. They’ll be arriving on our shores with suitcases filled with CASH!!!!!UN Agenda 21 is already ushering in their new Education System. You should be aware of this system by now. It currently goes by the names: The International Baccalaureate or (IB) for High School Curriculums and Commun Core Curriculum for the lower grades. Common Core Curriculums have overtaken Great Britian. They are feeling the effect of this system right now. Like as in clusters of Teen Suicides Great Britain is a full 4 years ahead of the US target date of 2015. Ask your neighbors who have children in the lower grades “how are are your 3rd graders test school the past 3 years? Common Core in your school?Access commoncolumn website via: You can subscribe to have their newspaper sent over here if you prefer hardcopy with loads of references….
    Plan on spending at least 3 hours listening to Brian Gerrish, the publisher and…well I don’t want to spoil it for you…..although you will be sick to your stomach; I promise you that.

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry. When many of those “rich” guys leave NY, the lowly ones will pay for these expenses through higher taxes. You just watch!

    • Anonymous

      The low income people do not pay any taxes and get earned income tax refunds on top of it. I wonder what De Blasio will think of next to pay the masses?
      I guess the next thing will be confiscation of all property like the communists did in former East Germany and other communist countries around the world.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    NYC is the next Detroit, you heard it here first.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll second that notion.

    • Deckard426

      You really need to SEE Detroit for yourself, before comparing any other city to it. It’s quite beyond description.

  • Keith Pallo

    And Once again New York will be on the road to its 2nd bankruptcy and taxpayer bailout! Only this time I pray that the feds don’t bail them out because elections do have consequences and people actually need to feel those consequences before they learn anything!! They wanted a communist and they got one as a President and now a mayor of one the biggest cities in the Country!! Let them all eat cake!!!

  • Anonymous

    Diblasio aka communist warren wilhelm will destroy NYC make it crime city as it was before mayor Rudy Giuliani !

  • Bitter Cold

    The collectivist tendencies imported by Stuart Chase are, in all essentials, the German definition of socialism offered by Werner Sombart when he described socialism as a regulated, planned, and controlled system.

  • Deckard426

    Since there is nobody left to fleece in New York, de Blasio is now taking from the rich and giving to the super-rich. You gotta love Social-Capitalism.

  • Anonymous

    In their support for the liberal agenda to increase profit the Rich have indeed outsmarted themselves and must now flee to avoid the unintended consequences.

    There is a lesson to be learned here for all remaining Conservative strongholds. Impose a wealth import tax of 50% on the wealthy who don’t import jobs right along their wealth protection / retention strategy. Mind you, I said jobs, not more liberal workers who helped create these issues they now face. Let New York deal with supplying Unemployment benefits to those who voted for the liberal way of life.
    Otherwise, letting these rich folk into a conservative area is like allowing the camel put his head in your tent. Corruption and immorality will soon follow just as Fleas, Flies, and STINK surround the camel as it takes over the tent.

  • Anonymous

    DiBlasio blabbers on and on about the evil “rich” all the while raking in the dough, much like others of his ilk. If you think tyrants/commies like Castro, Chavez, etal live a life of austerity and like the common folk they purport to champion, think again. For Mr. Diblabbio, here is a question: How many poor people have given you or anyone else a job?? How many? He and his comrades love to malign the wealthy, but they also love lining their pockets with the wealthy’s money via PACs and donations to their endless campaigns. These types only want a two class system – the fat cat gubmint elite, and then every one else can live in cardboard boxes and eat gruel while the gubmint elite dine on filet mignon. I am sick of people like Diblabbio and if he doesn’t like it in this country go to one more to your liking and don’t let the door hit you.

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