Remember when everyone made fun of Mitt Romney for calling Russia a geopolitical threat…

Do you think Mitt Romney can expect an apology anytime soon? During the 2012 presidential election, Romney identified Russia as the biggest “geopolitical foe” to the United States. President Obama, members of his administration, and the media maligned him for his “1980s” foreign policy. Fast forward 18 months or so, and it looks like the Republican presidential nominee might have had the right idea.

“We were talking in the break about the mainstream media and how the mainstream media just doesn’t care. As long as you win the moment, it doesn’t matter what you said in the past,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “You can be proved absolutely wrong… in every sort of way, in every fashion, but they have amnesia. Why isn’t the media running the audio of what this Administration has said about the Ukraine and about Russia over and over and over again?”

On radio this morning, Glenn played a compilation of audio from the last few years that proves just how wrong this President and his administration have been on the threat of Russia.

Check out the mindboggling audio below:

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“You are about to see the foreign policy of Jimmy Carter,” Glenn said. “How far away are we from hostages and burning helicopters. Seriously. How far away with he?”

“I don’t know,” Pat responded. “But these imbeciles could bring all that about. I mean from the very beginning of our relationship with [Russia], this Administration… got everything wrong.”

Secretary of State John Kerry made the morning show rounds this weekend, and he assured ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that “all options are on the table” as the U.S. determines how to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

Watch Kerry’s remarks below:

“This is going to get really embarrassing,” Glenn said. “John Kerry said all of the options are on the table. Could one of the options be ‘shut up’? Could that be one of the options? I’d like that option on the table. The Administration, just, shh. Shut thy mouth. Sit down.”

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  • Deckard426

    When Obama called Putin to complain about the Ukraine, Putin replied, “Crimea river.”

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    • Anonymous

      You win the joke of the day award! XD

    • Anonymous


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  • landofaahs

    Sarah Palin warned of it clear back in 2008 and she was vilified for being prescient.

    • BlueMN

      I’ll betcha she could see it from her house!

      • Anonymous

        Tina Fey said that on SNL, not Sarah Palin.

        • BlueMN
          • Anonymous

            Palin is correct, you can see Russian land from Alaskan land – the end of the Aleutian chain has Russian islands and Alaskan islands in close proximity. She did not say “from her house”, Tina Fey said that – she said that you could see Russia from Alaskan land. The last I checked an island is considered to be land and is part of the nation that claims and administers it.

          • Mike Nelson

            Why is Palin wrong for discussing the proximity of an international rival based on the fact that the land she was elected and sworn to govern is in close enough proximity to be physically visible from the land she is responsible for?

            This is an aspect of the criticism of Palin that I have never understood; it seems to me like mocking someone for saying, “No, really, just look – it’s daytime outside,” when it really IS daytime outside…

          • Bill Tilghman

            Do we need any more proof that you are a liberal troll? Even your “support” fails to deliver what you claim. You do have a right to your opinion, no matter how stupid it is.

          • Guest

            No where in that clip does Sarah say you can see it from her house. Your comprehension problem goes well beyond reading.

      • Guest

        I’ll betcha you get schooled on that a lot!

        Can’t tell the difference between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin….LMAO What an idiot!

  • Connor

    I thought that Obama was supposed to make us look better instead of worse. Please liberals oh tell me how is this better when we our the laughing stock of the world and the most untrusted country in the world. Progressivism making things worse since the 1900s.

  • Anonymous

    So are the POTUS, his henchmen and in particular John Kerry admitting that Mitt Romney was right???? How about the lamestream news media? Are they eating any crow yet?

    • livefreeordie

      Oh, HELL no.

    • Anonymous

      No, never!

  • Diane23

    and The Great (19th century) Game continues . . .

  • livefreeordie

    Oh, obama says al-qaeda is our enemy. Then why has he aided and abetted them?

    • Anonymous

      That’s because the president is a Muslim and keeps a copy of the Koran in the White House! al-qaeda is our enemy, just not the presidents!

  • livefreeordie

    Hey, obama, Columbia University called and wants their forged diploma back.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say to the people that voted for the president the first time, not to mention the second time!
    If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got!
    An incompetent president And Staff!

  • Fat Lip

    Who would have ever thought that we could be so flexible broken and demeaned I guess this has something to do with some fundamental crap i’m to stupid to understand.

  • dennis reilly

    Bush was baaaaaaad and Obama is baaaaaaaaaaad but Obama has all that flexibility now

  • Anonymous

    How did The Administration eff this all up? Was it deliberate? Is it ignorance? Or is it arrogance?

    I contend that in any case, it is evil!

    • Anonymous

      The former. Remember he promised Medvedev more flexibility after his “last” election. Perhaps there is some brotherly love between O & P.

      “They [the Soviets] intend…to induce the Americans to adopt their own
      ‘restructuring’ and convergence of the Soviet and American systems using
      to this end the fear of nuclear conflict…. Convergence will be
      accompanied by blood baths and political re-education camps in Western
      Europe and the United States. The Soviet strategists are counting on an
      economic depression in the United States and intend to introduce their
      reformed model of socialism with a human face as an alternative to the
      American system during the depression.” – Anatoliy Golitsyn The Perestroika Deception 1990

    • Anonymous

      I’m thinking maybe all three with a twist of narcissism!

  • Sea Rock

    … “Remember when everyone made fun of Mitt Romney” …

    As posted at:

    … well, okay … Remember when “almost” everybody made fun of …

  • Anonymous

    Of course the media will never apologize. Media in the US is no different that pravda in Russia. I’m sure that Putin has made some blunders, but do you expect Russian media to point them out? And the title of this artile is a blunder itself when you say …when EVERYONE made fun….So please have te editor apologize to us too.

    • Anonymous

      Of course the Russian media won’t point them out…you cheese off Putin, you end up like Litvinenko or Politskovskya.

  • Anonymous

  • suz

    you don’t actually believe there was a “90-minute phone call” do ya?

  • Jenn

    Obama…oops…I mean Satan as got to go…come on people…IMPEACH!!!

  • MB

    The US has absolutely no jurisdiction to act here, and even if it did – why would it want to? Russia has made no moves against the US, is not threatening the US and I would seriously doubt it ever would openly engage the US in hostilities.

    It’s not always about you guys.

    • Bill Tilghman

      There was a time when we defended other nations from international bullies that put their troops into countries without invitation or provocation. Thanks to this administration’s efforts and isolationist thinking like yours we have no choice but to tolerate Putin. He would not have tried this sort of thing ten years ago. Putin is an opportunist, and he merely waited until the US was weak enough to not be able to resist his aggression. Evidence: the current situation in Ukraine.

      Before you go there, Georgia was also invaded similarly by the same guy, three months after G.W.Bush took office. That was pre- 09/11, and before Bush could have rehabilitated the military from what the Clinton administration had done to it. In reality, we have another example in Georgia where Putin timed his aggressive maneuvers so the US would be no threat militarily to his desire to rebuild and re annex former Soviet republics. Putin is a cunning enemy who never put his desires to dominate the world away. He merely was biding his time until the opportunity presented itself. The two people in this world who should never be trusted are Putin and Obama. One isn’t good for his word and the other one seldom varies from his.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    What the hell was Victoria Nuland doing handing out cookies to support the protestors?

    Our government has little influence in Ukraine and people like Nuland have stepped way beyond their bounds meddling in Ukraine’s domestic affairs.

    • Anonymous

      Like Egypt & Lybia?

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me the “president” knows what he is doing. Keep in mind he is an anti colonialist/capitalist.

  • Elle’s Island

    On a related note, I’ve found this to be a steadfast beacon in the fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

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