The most viral story in the history of TheBlaze has nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with the President. Instead, the most viral story in the history of TheBlaze is a random act of kindness that proves love and goodness still exist in this world. Posted Sunday morning, the article entitled “The ‘Incredible’ Thing an 8-Year-Old Boy Did for a Soldier Will Be Remembered For a ‘Lifetime’” has now been shared over one million times, and Glenn told the heartwarming story on radio this morning.

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When 8-year-old Myles Eckert of Toledo, Ohio found a $20 bill in the parking lot of the local Cracker Barrel on February 7, he dreamed of buying himself a video game. But then a chance encounter with Lt. Col. Frank Dailey changed his mind.

Instead of purchasing something for himself, Myles did something very Lt. Col. Dailey told CBS News he will remember for “a lifetime.” The 8-year-old boy wrapped the $20 bill in a note he had written and gave it to the solider.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-02-at-8.29.24-AMImage source: Screen grab via CBS News

The letter read:

Dear Soldier –

My dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It’s your lucky day! Thank you for your service.

Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.

Myles’ father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, was killed in Iraq just five weeks after his son was born. On their way home from Cracker Barrel that day, Myles asked his mother if they could make a special stop.

“He wanted to go see his dad,” his mother, Tiffany Eckert, told CBS News. “And he wanted to go by himself that day.”

She took a photograph of her son visiting his father’s grave:

Screen-Shot-2014-03-02-at-8.29.19-AMImage source: Screen grab via CBS News

Lt. Col. Dailey was touched by the Eckert’s gesture and he looks at the note he received each day. “It’s incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he told CBS News, adding that the child’s simple gift has provided him “a lifetime of direction.”

“This is now, I guess, the most viral story TheBlaze has ever done. And what does that tell you? We have 26 million people coming every single month to read the stories on TheBlaze and pass them on and share them with friends,” Glenn said. “Why is this the most viral story TheBlaze has ever posted? I think because for just a moment, while you’re hearing this story, the world makes sense. For just a minute, a fraction of a second while you’re reading this story, you recognize your country. You recognize your fellow man. You recognize how far we’ve drifted, and you celebrate the fact that it still does exist. We still are decent, good people. We just don’t see these stories anymore.”

Watch the CBS News report below: