The decision this 8-year-old boy made to give back to a soldier will warm your heart

The most viral story in the history of TheBlaze has nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with the President. Instead, the most viral story in the history of TheBlaze is a random act of kindness that proves love and goodness still exist in this world. Posted Sunday morning, the article entitled “The ‘Incredible’ Thing an 8-Year-Old Boy Did for a Soldier Will Be Remembered For a ‘Lifetime’” has now been shared over one million times, and Glenn told the heartwarming story on radio this morning.

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When 8-year-old Myles Eckert of Toledo, Ohio found a $20 bill in the parking lot of the local Cracker Barrel on February 7, he dreamed of buying himself a video game. But then a chance encounter with Lt. Col. Frank Dailey changed his mind.

Instead of purchasing something for himself, Myles did something very Lt. Col. Dailey told CBS News he will remember for “a lifetime.” The 8-year-old boy wrapped the $20 bill in a note he had written and gave it to the solider.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-02-at-8.29.24-AMImage source: Screen grab via CBS News

The letter read:

Dear Soldier –

My dad was a soldier. He’s in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It’s your lucky day! Thank you for your service.

Myles Eckert, a gold star kid.

Myles’ father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, was killed in Iraq just five weeks after his son was born. On their way home from Cracker Barrel that day, Myles asked his mother if they could make a special stop.

“He wanted to go see his dad,” his mother, Tiffany Eckert, told CBS News. “And he wanted to go by himself that day.”

She took a photograph of her son visiting his father’s grave:

Screen-Shot-2014-03-02-at-8.29.19-AMImage source: Screen grab via CBS News

Lt. Col. Dailey was touched by the Eckert’s gesture and he looks at the note he received each day. “It’s incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he told CBS News, adding that the child’s simple gift has provided him “a lifetime of direction.”

“This is now, I guess, the most viral story TheBlaze has ever done. And what does that tell you? We have 26 million people coming every single month to read the stories on TheBlaze and pass them on and share them with friends,” Glenn said. “Why is this the most viral story TheBlaze has ever posted? I think because for just a moment, while you’re hearing this story, the world makes sense. For just a minute, a fraction of a second while you’re reading this story, you recognize your country. You recognize your fellow man. You recognize how far we’ve drifted, and you celebrate the fact that it still does exist. We still are decent, good people. We just don’t see these stories anymore.”

Watch the CBS News report below:

  • Anonymous

    Tears in my eyes, have to forward to share. God is good, and a little child still leads us. Thanks, Glenn, for this video and story. You are still the best when it comes to what really matters.

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        I have an idea, why don’t you and your uncle Zachary spam somewhere else!

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you and your “Uncle Zachary” buzz off!

      • Wayne Marquis

        Im really Glad your Uncle Zachary got a superb Luxury car but to be honost it has not a damn thing to do with Character or compassion or understanding or anything else this child learned, taught and payed forward so please consider yourself an EPIC FAIL… But have a nice life anyway.

      • women99


  • Titia Emrich

    is there a reason, we Canadians are not allowed to see this?

    • bumpkin

      Does your government monitor things that are on your net?

      • Titia Emrich

        Probably as much as yours

        • Anonymous

          It’s a shame you can’t view it because it’s the most heart warming story I’ve heard in a long time. Give it another try from this link to see if it will work?

        • Clint

          Unfortunately, you are probably correct. Not laughing at all.

          • Titia Emrich

            if I don’t laugh sometimes I would cry all the time

    • Anonymous

      It is called politically correct censorship. Yours has advanced further than our here in the US but we are catching up.

  • Walter Waganka

    Why is this not available to be seen in Canada?

  • Timothy Wenners

    And to think… that boys father might still be alive if our corrupt government never sent him to die for a fruitless war not based on ‘defense’

    • Anonymous

      Must be painful to live with such hatred.

      • Timothy Wenners

        It is… hatred towards tyranical government and the people who still buy into lies.

        • GVBlaze

          Thanks, Timothy, for reminding us that the most honorable men can be ordered about by the most vile government. Still, they keep their honor, even in death. Alreadytold: Open your eyes and you will see, but, pull your head up out of the sand first.

          • Guest

            Do Nazi soldiers keep their own even in death?

            After all, they were ‘just following orders’

            Your argument doesn’t pass the smell test.

            You cannot at once be honorable, by following tyrants orders.

        • Clint

          Lies? Do you mean the lie that all men are created equal? That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Or could it be the right to an abortion, free birth control pills, or the right to be married as a gay or lesbian to a same sex partner? It is always a good thing to check the stains in your own underwear before jumping into the fight for public recognition as the champion of what is right and wrong with America.

        • Sandra Heimbach

          What does your comment have to do with what that child did that day? Are you just trying to justify your own pathetic existence by demeaning the actions of a little boy? You and your hateful rhetoric have no place on this page – please go back into your hole in the ground or under a rock where you belong.

    • George R Pearson

      So your fine with S|itting in your eASy chAir wAtchinvg ,mondAy night footbA|ll while the SAddA,mS of the world SlAughter people. ,mAy GOD help you

    • Clint

      Do worms have ears? If so stick it in yours.

  • Mike

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Givers and Takers. It is obvious what kind of person he is. He will receive so much more than a Taker ever will. Carry his act within. Live to be his equal.

    • Bill Quinnan

      This is a profound comment. Is it a paraphrase from somewhere? It’s worth remembering.

  • Anonymous

    Can you see this, Canadian Friends?

    • Titia Emrich

      No, can’t see it on Youtube either. Could it be the person who uploaded it has their settings to USA only?

  • Anonymous

    What a magnifcent story, kudos to young Myles your Dad would be proud.

  • Connor

    “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.”
    ― George S. Patton Jr.

    • Robert Davis

      That absolutely sounds like the General………..he loved his men and country
      so much that when anyone did anything to dishonor them or country he went
      stark ballistic

  • Hoschi0913

    heartwarming story, and a flash of hope, that the generations after us still have the same value’s, principle’s and virtue’s in their hearts, as we do
    thank you little Myles

  • Anonymous

    That child is a true patriot! His father would be proud of him! God Bless him and his mother.

  • gertrude

    What a sweet lil boy. His dad is looking down from heaven with God smiling

  • Davaughn Wistrom

    Unfortunately, and I hate saying this, but I have to be realistic. The reason this story is getting so much attention is because things are not getting better. They are getting worse, and when something as wonderful as what this young man did happens, it’s gonna stand out amongst all the evil and corruption that has become so prevalent in the world today.

    • Anonymous

      I’m writing this with tears still running down my face because I was about to post pretty much the same thoughts. This is a heart warming story & I’m a big softy when it comes to kids, old people & animals. The tears were partly because of this sweet boy’s gesture, but I’m sad to say that the tears were mostly because of this being one beautiful story out of a million horror stories.

      I know good things still happen (our neighbors do nice things for each other all the time) but this isn’t the America or the world I grew up in. The hatred people have for people they don’t even know is unbelievable. The agenda to completely transform the most wonderful, powerful but charitable country in the history of the world into what we are now is beyond my comprehension. It’s just painfully sad!

  • Walter

    Come on.. We can t see him, but dollars to donuts, his dad was their saluting his son. God Bless a Nation were children like this reside.

  • Vickey Newlin

    I would like to gift this widow and orphan in some way that would bless them. This is a principle and teaching and instruction in the Bible/Tanakh. God’s blesses obedience and the obedience is a blessing.

    • tiffany

      I know this family…the best way you could gift anything to them would be to do something nice for someone else. Pay it forward. Donate something to a good cause or pay for someone else’s coffee the next time you’re out. Keep the giving going :)

  • Ron carter

    I just wonder how the president and his liberal cronies are going to take credit for this boys good deed

    • bluff bunny

      Bet he WON”T blame this on Bush!

  • Frank Dailey

    Glenn, Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about Myles’ unselfish act of kindness.

  • M Jones

    It is tough to watch and read this and keep a dry eye. God bless this young man.

  • Anonymous

    I just know that his Dad is proud of this young man.

  • Deckard426

    Myles will grow up knowing that his father loved him, and was taken from him. Many thousands of children grow up in this country knowing that their fathers wanted nothing to do with them. Which is worse?

  • mmeans

    Thanks for the great story. It shows the good that still exists in America

  • Divine Insurrection

    Went through 4 kleenex watching this. In a world full of selfishness, greed and total apathy, it’s like a touch of life in the bones to hear a story like this one.

  • chip griffin

    all this sounds good as millions of mothers are kicking dads out of the home across this world daily. just crap i tell you, half the truth is all you need for a sad story. not to count all the unborn being taken out by this lovely bunch…

  • Michael Nunez

    While altruism enabled our ancestors to survive in the bands and troops of primeval times, altruistic cooperation cannot work outside of small homogeneous groups that share common ways and perceptions.

  • Anonymous

    I’m crying. Thank God for the little fellow and for the Lt. Col.

  • kathy stucky

    My mom, dad, and husband’s headstone is in front of this young man dad’s. It is so heart warming to see all the art, stickers, and memories always decorating the headstone.

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