Perhaps unsurprisingly, Glenn did not catch a minute of last night’s Academy Awards. But he did hear about the poignant speech Matthew McConaughey delivered after winning the Oscar for best actor for his role as AIDS patient Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. His impassioned acceptance speech thanked God and acknowledged the blessings in his life have come from the Almighty and not from any “human hand.”

“We’re not looking for Hollywood glitz and glam. We’re looking for something real,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Before we get off the Oscars, let me play the Matthew McConaughey audio because somebody… said, ‘When did he turn into Joel Osteen?’”

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After listening to McConaughey, Glenn, Pat, and Stu couldn’t help but pick up on the audience’s reaction (or lack thereof) to McConaughey’s inclusion of God in his speech.

“Listen to this. ‘I want to thank God.’ They’re like, who? Who is that,” Glenn joked. “Is it Todd? They were like, what agency is he with? Who is this God person? Sad. It really is… He’s making them uncomfortable.”

On a happier note, the guys couldn’t help but pick up on the actor’s strong Christian and Texas roots despite the themes of some of the films he has been a part of.

“I saw Wolf of Wall Street, which he was in as well. Incredible actor,” Stu said. “I would not have guessed that this guy was going to make a speech about God after watching his performance.”

“I absolutely love this guy. Where has he been hiding? Do you know who he sounds like? He sounds like Marcus Luttrell. That’s every Texan and every Navy SEAL I’ve talked to from Texas,” Glenn concluded. “He’s a really good actor. You better hope that God watches the Oscars and not the movies.”

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