Whose foreign policy is worse – Carter or Obama?

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn laid out the eerie similarities between the foreign policy strategies of President Carter and President Obama. From cozying up to dictators to talking a big game with little follow through, the patterns are disturbing. As Glenn explained, we are in need of a Ronald Reagan not a Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, the current reality in the United States is much closer to the latter.

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  • John Scott

    I think Obama has no experience in domestic policy let alone foreign. Carter actually did some good with Israel and peace with Egypt. So Carter was at least trying and has helped other Presidents with foreign matters. Obama is clueless and had no foreign experience before being President. Hillary was no help and Kerry is a move in the right direction, but has no foreign policy to follow. They have under played a crisis in Syria and are now over reacting to the Ukraine situation. Iran was not a great outcome either. So Obama’s track record is terrible on foreign problems. I don’t see the Ukraine issue being any better. Obama turned down a planned defensive missile site in Poland. I think back then Putin was already pulling Obama’s strings. But the other amazing thing, is why Europe was not more aware of this?

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Michelle Malkin the author of the book, “The Amateur”? That says it all about Obama. He is more worried about his 9-iron and playing golf with his Saudi buddies in Californication than weakening the United States. Amazes me people cannot see “That Guy” for who he really is; Treasonous at best.

    • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

      I think that was Ed Klein’s book.

    • http://nebraskattitude.blogspot.com/ shellymic

      Edward Klein is the author of “The Amateur”: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1621570908

      Google told me that in .38 seconds. Sometime, give it a try. 😉

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    I don’t want to go to war with Russia over Ukraine.

    I don’t understand what Victoria Nuland was doing handing out cookies to the protestors if it wasn’t dabbling in Ukraine’s domestic politics. And then the phone call deciding who she wants to run the country

    Imagine what would happen if a Russian were fomenting a coup in Latin America. The CIA killed Che for doing essentially the same thing.

    I don’t have to like Putin to know I don’t have to support going to war with Russia because some overprivileged rich kids who had extended adolescences at ivy league colleges, then landed jobs at Washington think tanks, who now want to play world politics think it might be fun to screw with Russia.

    I don’t think Jack Kennedy would have tried to poke the Russian Bear in the eye on their border. Our generals wanted a war when they did it. I don’t think Obama has the strength to stand up to the warmongers and the political dilettantes that Kennedy showed during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    We’ve let a bunch of amateurs take the wheel. They got us into a war in Iraq that was an utter failure and now they’re at it again. We don’t need let them to prove their “strength.” That’s like giving your credit card, the car keys to a child, a spoiled child.

    We need clear eyed reasoning. We don’t need brinkmanship. We don’t need a war.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

      I hope Obama is smart enough to keep us out of war.

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t worry about it, he’s too busy being at war with the US Constitution and its citizens.

    • Anonymous

      You need to do a little homework. Both the U.S. and Russia signed accords and documents ensuring the sovereignty of Ukraine in 1975 and again in 1994. Russia has broken their pledges in those documents.


      I don’t, however, expect Obama to do anyuthing at all, much less war. That is part of Obama’s game plan to weaken America’s influence in the world – make threats and then don’t back them up which makes us look weak – which we are under his control.
      Barack Hussein Obama, Commander in Chief?

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Neither this President or the last one have concerned themselves with living up to written agreements like the Constitution.

        This country signed 500 treaties with the Native Nations and broke everyone of them.

        How many lives it it worth to save our prestige by going to war with Russia over Ukraine?

        We went to war over Soviet involvement in Nicaragua wars that spilled over to the neighboring nations costing tens of Thousands of lives. We nearly got entangled in a world war over Cuba and had the CIA infiltrating every Latin American nation to curb the spread of Castro/Che inspired leftist government. We have maintained the Monroe Doctrine since nearly the beginning of this nation.

        Having Victoria Nuland in Ukraine in the context of our own history of dealing with outside influence on our own borders is hypocritical and stupid.

        We have no vital interest supporting the Ukrainian coup.

        • Anonymous

          Nor do we have any vital interest in Poland or the Czech Republic or Austria or Germany or Begium or France or England or Ireland or South America or Africa – at this time.

          Europe doesn’t give a damn about American Indians or George W. Bush’s policies. Their concern is the barrel pointing at their face.

          Obama will ostracize them as well by his actions. Like it or not the entire world is linked up today and that will have consequences for the U.S.

          “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

          And Russia tested an ICBM today

          I sure hope we don’t need any “friends” in the future.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            Your argument equating Ukraine with Germany, France and Britain is absurd and makes the path of further discussion a dead end. I’ve been down this path before. One absurdity after another.

            Ukraine and specifically Crimea are within Russia’s vital interests, ours not so much.

            If Putin is testing ICBMs I think he’s making a point we ought to heed. Ukraine is not worth escalating America into another Cold War. Unless you’re in the business of making ICBMs.

            Our foreign policy is dictated by rich kids working through think tanks who think playing global politics is a nice hobby.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not equating Ukraine with Germany, France or Britain. Look at a map and note the sequence in which I stated all of the names not just those three.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            Oh so you’re making a slippery slope argument. That’s another dead end.

            As for your other arguments this country has always expressed a different standard regarding our foreign policy and our domestic laws.

            This government has held itself exempt from it’s foreign commitments from the time we turned our backs on the French in favor of the British with the Jay Treaty of 1794.

            Ronald Reagan’s argument in support of the Contras was the threat of expanding Soviet communism in the Western Hemisphere. We went to war with Nicaragua though we did not state it as such. We have a long history of interfering in the domestic politics of Latin American countries going back to the Monroe Doctrine.

            Conversely the Russians can make the case the US and EU meddling in Ukraine change the dynamics relative to agreements made with a government that was toppled by a coup.

        • Anonymous

          Actually we, the states and the people of the U.S., do have a vital interest in the Ukrainian situation.

          We can look at the conflict in the Ukraine as very similar to our future. Russia signed agreements that ensured the rights of Ukraine against interference and now they are unilaterally breaking those agreements.

          How does that relate to America? The states became members oif the Union based on the agreements in the Constitution and the federal government is unilaterally breaking those agreements in direct conflict with the Tenth Amendment.

          And just like Russia had a presence in Crimea before the current conflict, the federal government has a presence in every state in the Union via federal agencies like FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.

          Watch Ukraine to see what will happen here if any state should decide to secede.

        • DaKardii

          And according to John Kerry, we have no vital interest enforcing the Monroe Doctrine, either.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            Kerry refused to recognize the election in Venezuela and this administration is still working to overthrow the Venezuelan government. Hillary turned her back democracy when the coup in Honduras overthrew the left leaning Zelaya government. It makes a good story line that there is a fundamental good/bad difference between the political parties but they are both owned by the wealthy interest groups who fund them.

            Their interests are much closer than yours and mine.

          • DaKardii
      • Anonymous

        Also to mention, cutting spending for our military while drawing multiple red lines!

  • joe michael villa

    I thank the lord everyday that we have Barack Obama in the White House.
    No more sending our troops to wars that are none of our business.

    And to you Right Wing idiots, maybe you shouldn’t of supported Bush & Cheney on two wars put on a credit card.

    Ukraine, not our problem.

    • Crystal Marsh

      And you Left Wing idots don’t see how Russia invading the Ukraine indeed does affect the United States. Now, I am not saying we need to go right to war, there are other ways that we can force Russia’s hand. First off, we should approve the keystone pipeline immediately – since Russia currently supplies the majority of oil to Europe and we should immediately boycott Russian banks. The Russian currency is already in trouble – when faced is a complete economic downfall, Putin would have little choice. But, unfortunately, we won’t do anything! And make no mistake, China is watching closley to see how we react..or don’t react!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

      Now the world is on fire because of Obama. Please tell me how that is better?

      • Fat Lip

        He can’t answer that, that is all he had simple minded, he just listen’s to the master and heed’s to his masters call. : )

    • Mike Nelson

      To attack “the right wing idiots” who have learned from the errors we’ve made, while extolling and glorifying your personal carelessness and ignorance, is the height of hubris, and the most pernicious aspect of the incompetence of the far left wing, who does not realize the faction they support desires exactly the interaction you declare yourself against.

      War only ever benefits the richest of those who have ties on both/all sides, and the richest and most affluent in the world at this time advocate (as a generalization) for further consolidation of their own power, even as it is ultimately only the ripples of their own internal struggles to which we respond. We are ALL serfs on some level, and the bickering between us is stupid, and benefits only those whose pockets are already lined.

      For example, while I foolishly supported the bank bailouts, thinking the economic damage of financial collapse would actually harm more than help the future (wrong!), I learned and became angry enough from this propaganda coup in time to do some homework and NOT support the socialistic auto bailout, whose only beneficiaries are the unions, at the cost of both workers themselves, and the taxpayers at large, to say nothing of the capital investments lost by rightfully entitled bondholders in favor of bought-and-paid for political votes. However, the left’s reaction to the bank bailouts was generally about making a demon of GWB, while the attitude toward the auto bailout was largely to the tone of, “Well, too bad – it’s OUR turn to spend some money now,” only because their guy was in office. Don’t even try to lie about this.

      Many of us try very hard to be accepting of the (lack of unbiased) judgement of you and yours, and to show you that you’re doing what you have accused others of, but your constant and shrill exhortations of what, in your complete ignorance of where the money trail leads, is really wrong with the world/country/everyone except yourselves and your own reactionary behavior, is becoming only more combative at every exchange.

      As you may be aware, 1 mouth, 2 ears, 2 eyes – that’s 20% each, and yet all the left does is talk and talk and talk, never using the most important 80% of your communicative facilities to really try to make the world a better place by learning from the past, or even knowing basic history. Juxtaposed with the “SILENT” majority of Americans who try to figure the bull from the shit, after a while, it becomes evident who is the dog, and who is the wagging tail.

      Ukraine is just as much our problem as was/is Greece, Mexico, Venezuela, and Taiwan – amongst many, many others – unless you are so blind as to actually miss what is a world buildup to the open outbreak of WW3 as we downsize our military to the point of impotence. Special Ops groups can do only so much, but after a point, the traditional Chinese method of warfare (quantity over quality) does indeed win, and the modern day evidence of that truth is exhibited in Ukraine right now… and now it is an open fact that China and RUssia are united against the US, at least with Daddy 0 in the White Red House.

      Keep thanking God for Obama; just remember how he brought us into Syria, Libya, Egypt, and to a lesser extent, several other smaller nations in Africa that don’t get any attention – and that’s to say nothing of the encouragement he gives North Korea and Iran, and the servile manner in which he submits to the whim of King Saud. You should perhaps also view a map and become familiar with the shipping routes traveled throughout the Suez Canal and the Straits of Gibraltar (i.e. the ENTIRE Mediterranean Sea), and their strategic importance in both economic and petroleum distribution routes, and the countries to which these waterways grant access.

      In the meantime, I’ll continue to thank God for the Constitution, and pray that if/when we one day return to its basic principles of self governance, that we re-engage a new era of McCarthyism. See, the side you think you’re on is doomed to fail; the only question is how much suffering you can inflict along the path of your demise, and if it can be enough to instill the doublethink of which your doublespeak is indicative.

      You need to stop being motivated by the hate you perceive, because it’s not in others… it’s in you.

  • John Steele

    Leonard Brezhnev? I can understand misspeaking now and then but not sure I trust somebody’s ‘authority’ on foreign policy who clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    • John Steele

      btw your buddy Jerry Boykin was the operations officer during that disastrous Iranian hostage rescue. And Waco. And Black Hawk Down.
      And that’s just the beginning

  • Deckard426

    To solve this problem, Obama will end up sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, Russia, and probably China (because China gets a cut of the action no matter where the action is). Then he, Reid, and Boehner can go back to cashing their own big pay checks, swilling wine, and chasing whores all over D.C. like they’ve been doing for the past six years, without a care in the world.

    • landofaahs

      It really does not matter at this point because we will never pay off this debt. Probably a reset default is coming. So get into gold, silver and or gems. Guns and ammo is good too. Possibly whiskey also because so many people will be desperate to escape the reality of their crappy lives once the collapse comes.

  • landofaahs

    Obama’s only because Carter’s only lasted 4 years because people were smart enough back then because they saw his loser policies for what they were unlike the dumbed down democrats out there of today.

  • Hetero Lingo

    Although some claim that the majority should always have the right to choose its own powers, the liberty school recognizes that the collectivist superstitions which most threaten liberty tend to arise when people are suffering.

  • http://bhousley.wordpress.com/ Bill Housley

    Ukraine has been an issue for a long time, since the fall of the Soviet Union. The time to prevent any war is years before the shooting starts. We (on both sides of the political spectrum) have ignored Ukraine as an issue between the EU, Russia, and Ukraine. It always was and it still is. If we didn’t think that those players were grown-up enough to settle their issues peacefully, then we should have involved ourselves sooner.
    Now, if it becomes a NATO issue, then we are involved in a way that nobody wants us to be and there is not one of us armchair foreign policy advisers here that can do anything about it.
    Now, a lot of people are wishing that we had gone forward with that missile base in Poland recently, but more importantly someone should have offered to help mediate a resolution to the Black Sea Fleet issue two decades or more ago.

  • NK

    elect a president that hates americas way of life, studied marxism, loves gays, ok with killing babies. buddies up with radicals, and the muslim brotherhood. and expect things to go right. duh.

    • http://nebraskattitude.blogspot.com/ shellymic

      Glenn loves gays.

      On a side note: What happened to capital letters and punctuation in your world?

  • Fat Lip

    Sad state we are in when we have to choose between two superior numb nuts.
    TWO BAD what difference does it make

  • Anonymous

    So who wins the dumber contest? Beavis or Butthead? The question is rhetorical, the U.S. loses.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is far worse than Carter. The only difference is the electorate was smart enough not to re-elect Carter. However, it is a good thing that Obama will keep us out of a war over Ukraine. But that is a no brainer–any sane POTUS would not get involved in a war over Ukraine. Since Russia is not living up to their agreements over Ukraine’s sovereignty, there are other tactics to take…..

    • DaKardii

      You give Obama too much credit. How is he sane!?

  • Anonymous

    We’re worse – worse off for having elected both of them in the first place.

  • Robin Watson

    they laugh and have no respect for us anymore

  • Anonymous

    Now that think about it, we can look at the conflict in the Ukraine as very similar to our future. Russia signed agreements that ensured the rights of Ukraine against interference and now they are unilaterally breaking those agreements.

    How does that relate to America? The states became members oif the Union based on the agreements in the Constitution and the Federal government is unilaterally breaking those agreements in direct conflict with the Tenth Amendment.

    And just like Russia had a presence in Crimea before the current conflict, the federal government has a presence in every state in the Union via federal agencies like FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.

    Watch Ukraine to see what will happen here if any state should decide to secede.

  • Anonymous

    I recall the Carter years. Toward the end of his presidency, during the Iran hostage crises, he got on national TV and asked for “suggestions” on what to do. Enter Reagan next election, and the hostages were released very quickly as Reagan made it be known he was a determined and strong leader, not a namby pamby pushover. When comparing Carter to Obama, at least I think Carter marginally liked our country while in my personal opinion I think Obama hates it and all we were founded on and stand for. So, Carter can relax now.

  • BlueMN

    Carter: Support human rights, strive for world peace and reducing risk of nuclear war.

    Reagan: Saber rattling, heat up Cold War, support right-wing dictators and death squads, support Apartheid in South Africa, illegally fund proxy wars, ensure the US is hated around the world.

    GWBush: Start wars of adventure and profit, torture prisoners and hold them without trial indefinitely, use CIA to destabilize democratically elected government in Venezuela and install pro-US junta, use NSA to spy on everyone, everywhere; illegally use drones to kill people, ensure the US is hated around the world.

    Obama: Promise to end wars, torture, GTMO, spying etc, win Nobel Peace Prize. Continue wars, GTMO, spying, etc.; use CIA to destabilize democratically elected government in Venezuela and install pro-US junta, ensure the US is hated around the world.

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