Author explains how the Obama Administration is involved in a Soviet-style disinformation campaign

Over the last few days, Glenn has been talking about a fascinating book he has been reading by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, and historian and law professor Ron Rychlak. Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism exposes some of the most significant and largely unknown disinformation campaigns of our lifetime, and Rychlak joined Glenn on radio this morning to talk about some of the most eye-opening information shared in the book.

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“I spent some time this weekend reading a book called Disinformation. It is by Ion Mihai Pacepa and Ron Rychlak. General Pacepa… came over in 1978 and defected… and Jimmy Carter wouldn’t listen to him. Instead he decided to listen to all the Soviets,” Glenn explained. “And then Ronald Reagan got into office and started listening to the good general, and that changed the course of history… Now we have another Jimmy Carter in office. When you read this book… it will change your perspective on just about everything that you think you know in history.”

The Soviets perfected the “science” of disinformation, and General Pacepa witnessed it first hand during his time as a leader of communist Romania’s equivalent of the CIA. General Pacepa has remained in the United States, living undercover, since his defection. As Rychlak explained, “he watched and he saw from the inside how they built up the false leadership and false greatness.”

The danger of disinformation is that it comes from within, which disrupts cultural norms and trust in a way that is irreparable. During the Cold War, the Soviets worked to infiltrate ‘trusted’ sources around the world to begin to plant those seeds of doubt.

“The worst harm is implanting false ideas. You implant doubt, cause people to question their values, their beliefs by tearing down Western values, you create a vacuum that allows Marxist thought to expand,” Rychlak told Glenn. “When you know it is coming from your enemy, you don’t trust it. If they can get it to come from the United States, if it comes from Washington, if it comes from The New York Times or one of those sources, people tended to believe it. We are starting to be suspicious of those [sources] today, but they tried to intentionally implant false ideas into trusted sources [at the time].”

One such example is the how Pope Pius XII transformed from being considered someone who personally saved Jewish people during the Holocaust to being considered a Nazi sympathizer.

“I had written books about Pope Pius XII. He was people during World War II, recognized as a hero during the war, after the war, at the time of his death… a concert was played at the Vatican by the symphony from Israel as thanks of everything he had done… That was not really doubted until the 1960s,” Rychlak explained. “And in the 1960s, there was an active campaign, a play was at the heart of it, but the play wasn’t the only thing. There were books, lectures, speakers, and articles implanted. It’s not because they cared about the Pope. It’s because they cared about Western values. For example you take down a
Pope, associate a pope with the Nazis – how can you trust that church? How can you trust Christianity itself? How can you really trust religion at some level?”

In order to take control of the Catholic-dominated European countries, the Soviets needed to fracture the Catholic Church. More broadly, they needed to fracture religion in general.

“It is absolutely fascinating because it opens your eyes,” Glenn said.

In the book, Rychlak and General Pacepa explain that disinformation is alive and well under the Obama Administration, and Rychlak explained why the aftermath of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi is an example.

“Disinformation begins within a nation, and it is all about building up the current leader and criticizing the previous leader. You have to control the flow of information to do that, and you implant false ideas,” Rychlak explained. “Benghazi, what do we have? We have a false story coming from our government, coming from a trusted source. They cared about this video. I was teaching a course on terrorism and the law when this all happened. I came into my class next morning and said, ‘Let’s pull up the video.’ In 30 seconds I said, ‘Turn it off. This isn’t it’… It was a preposterous show, and my students knew that. We all knew this couldn’t be it. That’s the lie we got from our government. A trusted source, pushing us in a different direction, so we don’t notice in fact what is happening.”

Rychlak will also be joining Glenn on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program to further discuss some of the more recent examples of disinformation in our country. Don’t miss the Glenn Beck Program, Tuesday at 5pm ET only on TheBlaze.

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  • landofaahs

    Chevron is fracking in Poland and other countries for nat gas to replace what Putin wants to sell at a fixed high price to Europe. The whole Ben Ghazi thing and Syria had everything to do with a natural gas line from Yemen and other countries through Syria and hook up the line for Israel’s new found nat gas in the Mediterranean. Follow da money. At least in my opinion although there are other ancillary issues there also.

    • Cecelia Jones


      ♚♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚� ♚♚♚he watched and he saw from the inside how they built up the false leadership and false greatness.

    • Anonymous

      It was a stupid thing for Germany and other nations to become so dependable on the Russian energy source. Now, they have to play along. Whatever Putin wants, he’ll get and all the West can do is wring their hands.

  • Connor

    Well with Obama running things World War 3 will start any day now because you know his ego cannot take the fact Putin is making him look like a fool as he breaks the law right in front of the world to invade a country he always wanted.

    • Anonymous

      I share the same thought on this matter! Obviously I don’t like Putin, but I have to admit Putin does not play games and is very strategic unlike our president that we have now, we all can see what his progress has been in the Middle East for the last five years,(more harm than good) and now our president wants to be in control of a superpower country! Putin will walk all over Obama! Perhaps if Obama draws just one more redline and apologizes to Putin the liberals will probably say the president did everything he could do!

      • RogerThat

        “Perhaps if Obama draws just one more redline and apologizes to Putin the liberals will probably say the president did everything he could do!”
        ummmm….you mean pink line don’t you?

  • Elizabeth K.

    I so appreciate his work, and your broadcasting of his work, on Pope Pius XII. This comes up often, and is so frustrating–especially as the truth is pretty much the opposite of the lies that are told about him and about the Catholic Church during World War II. It’s interesting to realize this is part of a larger disinformation campaign re: European states. Looking forward to reading the book.


    I learned of this in Navy boot camp in 1961 and I’ve been trying to tell you people about this movement for the past 5 years! You chose to keep your heads in the sand and now you’ll be paying for it, possibly with the loss of your freedom. The online video: “Agenda, the Grinding Down of America” will give you a precise, “preview of coming attractions” that are here now. “Agenda” covers exactly the same material we learned in “61.” For the past 50 years our, colleges, public schools, media, both civic and Governmental – (See: “List of 80 Communists in Congress”) – groups have been infiltrated by the very people this man is trying to warn you about. The ACLU is nothing but a Commie front working with, “Liberally Planted” judges who are more than happy to help further the cause of socialism. Joe McCarthy and President Reagan were spot on when they tried to expose the “Red Menace” for what it was back in the 40’s. Now the Red Menace has become the “Commie Fact” and if they’re confident enough to publish a list of their members in our own Congress you might want to take a look at: “COMMIEBLASTER dot com” There you’ll find not only more names, but the names of groups who are operating under the socialist umbrella. WAKE UP AMERICA

    • Anonymous

      I bought a dozen copies “Agenda: The Grinding Down of America” for distribution to friends and also bought a dozen of the accompanying posters/flow-charts. Get the word out! Another Source you all need to read is “The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations And The American Decline” by James Perloff (ISBM 978-0-88279-134-0). If you don’t know about the Council on Foreign Relations ( CFR, circa 1921) you need to understand that they advocate for One World Government.

      “The best way to fight Communism is by a One World Socialist State governed by “experts” (themselves). The result has been policies that favor the growth of the SUPERSTATE, gradual surrender of United States sovereignty to the United Nations and a steady retreat in the face of Communism”

      Does this look and smell at all familiar? Bill and Chelsea Clinton are members and so are George Soros and sons as well as Katie Couric, Tom Brokaw and Rupert Murdoch (FOX). Nothing like self-appointed overlords is there? Their membership roster is available online (Council on Foreign Relations/Roster) and changes yearly so they can hide their affiliations when needed or convenient.

      Get busy

      • TOTLAM

        U R a Great American! Thank You

      • melissa

        I’ve been on the CFR website, and am very aware. I’m also aware of Agenda 21.

    • melissa

      I have seen Agenda and have been on Commieblaster too. I’m aware. I’ve woken up.

  • Anonymous

    Weird. I just saw the e-version of this book on sale last week and bought it on an impulse, even though I rarely read, let alone buy, political books like this.


    This is going to be much worse than the Carter years were. We will have to deal with both Communists, AND Muslim radicals! God, help us!!!

  • Anonymous

    People should also check out what Yuri Bezmenov, another Soviet defector, had to say about the deliberate Soviet campaign of cultural influence on our society. You can find videos of his lectures and interviews online. The take-away I got from him is that people in society come up with a lot of bad ideas, and it’s up to us to challenge them. Something Yuri emphasized is how the Soviet influencers encouraged societally counter-productive activities from the 1950s onward. One example was encouraging government to become an intermediary between people, where they would otherwise deal with each other face to face, and work out issues. I think one step some could take to dismantle this in society is encourage people to eschew government intervention and deal with each other in a mature fashion, and show how that relieves conflicts in the lives of neighbors and towns, for example.

    I agree with Ron Rychlak that some courage is required in this. I think this is helped a lot (though this alone will not make you “fool-proof”) by being involved in a line of work where you work with your own thinking, where you realize that the truth matters, and believing in false things is counterproductive, or destructive. I imagine that being involved with a faith, where these are values, also helps.

    I suspect that often in our information society that a lot of people get by on little white lies, or by hiding the truth from others, or by not helping their fellow human beings, but looking out for themselves alone. Secondly there’s so much information out there it’s easy to become overloaded and not be able to distinguish information grounded in reality vs. information that misleads.

    What I’ve found, as have others, is that it’s really rare when awakening can be done by one person to someone else. Usually, if it happens at all, it happens by individual realization. It happens within the person, where they come to see that what they believed didn’t work, and for some reason that matters to them. Then they make a decision on their own to try to be more grounded in reality. They have to own the process of disillusionment. It’s hard to watch other people act out of illusion, because you know it leads them to harm and heartache. You can try to be there to tell them where they’re going wrong, but ultimately they have to make the realization, and the decision. All we can do is pray that they do.

  • Josie

    Wow all these years and all I have heard is that the Pope and the Vatican turned their backs on Jews and on some reports how the Vatican helped the Nazi’s. I came from Italy (not long after the war ended) and even though I knew different and had heard from adults the truth I began to sway to the dark side of misinformation. I didn’t believe it at first but as the years came and more of those stories were told I thought it was true. I’m happy to learn the truth before I die. Amazing how easily we are duped. But why haven’t the church leaders told their side in all these years. Why have they remained silent? Surely there were many witnesses that survived to tell the truth.

    As for the bus driver being beaten and no one helping, it took awhile but I did see someone trying to help. Sure there should have been more that helped but that’s what we have become.

    • Anonymous

      Repeat a lie often enough and people will see it as truth. That is why Liberals have such an easy walk. Most people will not research what is told to them.

    • 2nd admendment vs evil govt

      the smear on the pope is a blood libel………..many christians died helping the jews. godless bolsheviks are pushing this story line too……catholic church usa was only thing standing in the way of the homo’s, that is why the evil godless sodomites manufactured that priest/boy crap. its all disinformation used against the dopes/morons who watch the world series or super bowl.
      the us and england did the same thing to Gen Draza Milhailovik during ww2…..and he saved over 550 B-17 bomber crews who had to bail out over yugoslavia……they went with that filthy commie tito instead………..and look at the mess we have. patton was correct we fought the wrong country. the morgenthau gang/FDR/eisenhauer used disinformation to kill over 9 million germans post war ww2…….all evil scum who rule the world….nothing new under the sun.

    • Angel P

      The Church has always defended Pope Pius VII; it is the “Catholic” in name only that smear his name & the Church. The liberal Catholics have their own disinformation agenda going on. To find out the truth about the Catholic church turn to EWTN & The National Catholic Register. The Church has always aired its dirty laundry in a truthful way. It is twisted by the liberals for their own agenda. Don’t trust what you hear in the mainstream media.

  • Anonymous

    So many people saw the writing on the wall shortly after the Democrats took over, especially those who knew what a Communist power grab looks like. Still, there were not enough well informed people to turn the tide. Now, the water is up to our collective necks and if we won’t have a miracle, we all shall drown.

  • SantaClaus

    The pitiable thing is that our youth really believes the source that taught them evil-public schools. Always wondered how the world would look at end times and now I know.

  • Anonymous

    This one may sound a bit off topic, but the principle is still there. Hello all you “flat earthers”, we all know that the anti-science Catholic Church maintained the common belief that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it and we who deny anthropomorphic climate change are as archaic as the Church.

    Oops, almost forgot to mention that the circumference of the earth was calculated about 2500 years ago (was it Erastothanes?) within about 1% of the current estimate. That required both a heliocentric theory and an awareness that the earth is round. Also almost forgot that the Vatican had an observatory (not long after Gallileo). Disinformation to denigrate one’s opponents is not a new thing.

    Find an extreme opinion from one man and lay it on all your opponents or if you can’t then create a straw man. I have to disagree with Totlam on Joe McCarthy. I got out of the Navy in 1961 as a Lt.jg. having done four years of college, plus OCS, plus 3 years with the fleet – I only say this to show I’m a bit older (and to say that I chose to serve). McCarthy was a nut, but he was also right in that there were many communists in government. I watched the “Army/McCarthy” hearings (with the future Liberal Bobby Kennedy as counsel for McCarthy). McCarthy’s mistake was to go after an Army dentist (as well as other minor characters) rather than the overall problem. It didn’t help when it turned out that “tail gunner Joe” hadn’t actually been in combat.

    And that is the problem of the straw man. The left was able to divert attention from the important aspects of the infiltration by attacking a Senator who came off as a fool. The Red Menace was there, but not represented by a communist Army dentist (unless he was saying “convert or you don’t get Novacaine”.

    I am in full agreement that America has to wake up, but let us concentrate our efforts on the radical left rather than on those may be just to the left of us. In the sixties I was a “Rockefeller Republican” (now would be called a Rino). I voted for Rockefeller in the primary, then for Goldwater in the general. I’ve since become more conservative as I’ve seen the results of progressive policies. I voted for Kennedy in 1960 (as a Republican) as I thought Nixon would do the wrong thing and Kennedy would do nothing – Boy, was I wrong! We live and learn, and some of those 1930’s Commies who were on the “list” had learned (far from all of them).

    One last comment on the topic. Norman Thomas, the perennial Socialist candidate for President, was a family friend. When I was missed at an annual Christmas party he asked my mother where I was. She said I was at Princeton (which wasn’t Liberal in those days). He said “I may be a Socialist, but I’m awfully glad I went to Princeton”. He added “everything I advocated in 1920 is in Mr. Eisenhower’s platform”. Unlike the far left he never changed his views, I spoke with him when I sang for his PU Reunion in the late fifties. He felt that we had gone far enough in the area of “social welfare”. The old lefty Daniel Moynahan got a lot of flak in the late sixties for saying “we have gone far enough, now let’s see if it works”.

    My point is this. The left had a point many years ago, when capitalism was an individual thing. That ended with the advent of the stock corporation with infinite life. “Engine Charlie” Wilson was castigated for saying “what is good for General Motors is good for the country”. The press left out that he had first said “what is good for the country is good for General Motors”. The capitalist of the 18th C. had to exploit his resources in his lifetime, and the future be damned. The corporation’s stockholders can pass on their shares forever (by sale or inheritance).

    But that has ceased, in a sense. the modern large corporation has succumbed to the short term – the crony capitalism we see today. Oh my, I could go on forever on that. I’ll merely say that it is another entire article, and it basically started in the sixties with academics and go-go funds (that’s a teaser). Time to knock off.

    • Anonymous

      Very well written post and thank you for your service.

    • Sea Rock

      Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies by M. Stanton Evans (Nov 24, 2009) ISBN-10: 1400081068 ISBN-13: 978-1400081066

  • WASP

    Talking points at this juncture in time is vanity. Those that need “waking up” and not go into denial at this point, have so. We tried “vote the bastards out”.

  • John Scott

    North Vietnam used a lot of propaganda to try and break down American military. Sad, but they used the news from the US on protests about the war. When you control the media you can instill almost any control you want. I truly believe this is why to this day a lot of Democrat’s still support Obama. They have been in essence brainwashed to reject any argument as a lie. This is why I kind of reject Google’s notion that the internet will free people of propaganda. No, it just adds another layer of opportunity to anyone who can control it.

  • landofaahs

    Obama is a neocom (neo communist).

  • trustandobeyalways


  • trustandobeyalways

    ‘brave new world’ and ‘amusing ourselves to death’ are two older books that show exactly why our society is so apathetic about the corruption and incompetence rife in our government today,…the entertainment industry is our ‘soma’

  • Sea Rock

    Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job / Popular Yuri Bezmenov videos As posted at: 1:21:28

  • Mike Schneider
  • BlueMN

    Another Beck Red Scare story.

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