Glenn: I am not asking for your money; I am asking for your courage

On radio this morning, Glenn explained that there are some very exciting things coming down the pike for TheBlaze, and none of it would have been possible without your support. With the fifth anniversary of the 9/12 Project approaching, Glenn revisited the themes that made the so powerful as he described the importance of preparing for what’s ahead.

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I will tell you over the weekend, I wrote to TheBlaze Radio, and I said I wanted to look at a new slogan ‘Radio Free Earth’ for TheBlaze Radio Network because I believe that we, in the end, will be radio free America, radio free Europe, radio free earth. We have every intention of being that source of truth and putting the plain spoken and simple truth out because the truth will set you free.

But it will take a lot of things. We are currently in the midst of expansion again at the Blaze. I just got the note that today we are the 48th largest web site in the country… which is remarkable… This is all websites in the United States… This has been done not by huge finances because it’s been running, quite honestly, all on my finances… It has been all of the money that we make on this radio show, then all the money we make everywhere else. I haven’t been paid… in quite some time. We take the money that we make here and we pour it into TheBlaze, TheBlaze Radio, and all of the productions that we are doing. And then the money you are sending to us by signing up for TheBlaze, that money goes into it as well. And we are about to do a major expansion. I’ve got my eyes on a few things that I think will build this radio free earth, but we sure need your help. I’m not asking you for money. What I am asking you for is your courage. I am asking for your prayers.

I got an email from a guy who is currently under attack and never expected to be under attack… I correspond with a lot of people who are trying to stand up in their own circle of influence, and I wish I could get them all together in a room and spend a weekend with them and say, ‘Look, this is what you are going to face.’ I wish I could bring you to them because you have been standing up already.

The five-year anniversary of the 9/12 Project is coming up… We are going to be announcing some things on the five-year anniversary that I think are very exciting… We are going a special on the 9/12 Project… because I will show you where I think we need to go. I have not been involved in the 9/12 Project, and some people are pissed at me because ‘Glenn Beck just abandoned it.’ No, I didn’t. It’s not my project. It is yours. I have to do my job. You have to do yours.

But I will tell you: I see the road ahead very clearly, and I know who you are, and I know what you have done. And the road that we have ahead of us has been plowed before. A long time ago, it had never been done before. But it was time for it to happen, for as long as man lived, others had determined their fate. Others had told them what to believe, what to do, how to live. They were told to stifle their dreams, to follow the rules, rules made to control them. A small group of people knew it wouldn’t be easy. They knew they were risking everything, but they knew it was right. They knew it was their time – that they had been born at that time for a reason, so they wrote it down: We, the people.

They put a dent in the universe. They didn’t change the universe. They didn’t change everything. They put a dent in the universe, and because they put that dent in the universe, the world pivoted. They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and sacred honor. Many of them lost their lives, many of them lost their fortunes, but none of them lost their sacred honor because no one can take away your honor without your permission. That’s the only thing you truly own is your honor. They can take away everything, but not who you are fundamentally. Today, we can’t even begin to imagine what they went through because of the comfort in your own lives are comforts they couldn’t even have imagined, and we have all these comforts because of what they did.

Here we are, standing at the edge again today, and we know this won’t work. We know this won’t do. We know the slavery that’s coming, not just for us but all over the planet. We know. We know there’s a better way. We can see it, we can feel it, but we have to start saying it. We can’t get there in just one step. We can’t reach out and touch it. It is going to take a huge leap, a leap of faith, a leap so big that you can’t straddle the chasm. We have to jump. Can I have jump that far? Can I even make it? Who am I to say let’s all jump? Who am I to even take this leap?

You already know the answers to those questions. You can feel it inside of you. It is why you even ask the questions in the first place… If you are asking the question: Who am I to take this leap? You know the truth because no one else will. And there’s something inside of you that is telling you, take the leap. You are here for a reason. You are here for these times. There are no ordinary moments anymore, but there’s a continuum of moments strung together that have brought you here.

They wrote it for a reason. They wrote it for today. They wrote it for you. They wrote it for me. They wrote it for our children yet to come. We, the people. We owe it to them. We owe it to their sacrifices. We owe it to our children and to their children. They risked their lives for we, the people. They risked their fortunes for we, the people. They risked their sacred honor for you, for me, for we, the people. This isn’t a time to play meek now. This is not the time to play it safe. This isn’t the time to let others determine our fate. This is the time for bold ideas and bold men, bold women. This is the time not just to rise to the occasion but to rise above it. This is the time to humbly do what your heart tells you is true.

When all is said and done, stories will be written about us. What story will be written about you? What story will you write? Write a story of love. Write a story of freedom. Write a story of courage. Write the story that you know is true. The good guys do win in the end. The page is blank again for the whole world to see. Grab your pen and write your story.

But remember this: Just as I said to you five years ago, you are not alone. You are never alone. Reach out your hand He will grasp it. He is always with you. He gave you your life. He gave you your liberty. He gave you your sacred honor. Jump.

  • landofaahs

    I am laboring on my own end supporting the things I believe in and perhaps the two will meet some day. Until then you can sell stock to raise funds like other corporations do. If you keep 51% you still have control. Just a suggestion.

    • Cecelia Jones


      ♚♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚� ♚♚♚They put a dent in the universe. They didn’t change the universe. They didn’t change everything.

      • Fat Lip

        My sister’s friend has a dog who is the cousin to somebodies cat and it poop’s in the street.

        • Anonymous

          My cousin’s brother-in-law has a girlfriend who makes $63/hr for pooping on the street wherever a dog has done its thing too.

  • Republitards suck


  • Anonymous

    Honestly, we need to get back to where we were 5 years ago, when the “tea party” wasn’t controlled by politics, and wasn’t the foot soldiers of “the new GOP”, but were completely independent of politics! We were Concerned AMERICANS, and it wasn’t politicians who were going to fix Washington, but red blooded Americans!

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you were always GOP foot soldiers.

    • BlueMN

      “…completely independent of politics!” LOL HEY! Citizens United bought and paid for this astroturf movement, so put on your tricorn hat and get back out there!

  • ellievl

    New Discussion: Just read Justine P has been freed from the dark powers of evil that sought to “Steal, Kill and Destroy her and her family!” I praise and thank God Glenn that he used you, your show, your passion, but most of all your truth!( Which is God’s truth!) I can’t stop smiling as I love it when good trumps evil! This evil was so dark in the spiritual realm, you have really pushed back the devil and his team. I am praying to God to give to you and your team a hedge of protection against the the powers and principalities of darkness. That one of the ways this protection will evidence itself is with the gift of FAVOR. May God surround you with his FAVOR. Be advised the devil is not happy with this outcome! May God surround you, your team, your family and friends with huge warfaring angels that will give you supernatural protection and favor! Amen! ( I am blessed to be falling asleep with this good news that gives me hope, encouragement and power to prevail at the warfare I deal with daily) Praise God! The Almighty King of Heavens Armies! Peace out!:)

    • shellymic

      Just FYI, while your message is truly heartfelt and your passion is well-understood, your change of discussion is considered incredibly rude in internet parlance. Stick to the topic originally posted. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    “Glenn: I am not asking for your money (I’ve already have it and invested in The Blaze), I am asking for your courage (to believe I am a prophet, a dem-messiah, and do and think whatever I and The Blaze say.)”

  • Zachary Bulebar

    Where you get information about being ranked 48th largest website in country? On Alexa, is ranked 141 by rank in United States. I love what theblaze does and what it stands for, but it can’t be getting numbers like that wrong, especially when its a big gap like that. Unless I’m wrong I would like to know.

  • Bruno’s Beach

    To the liberty school, the liberty of a free country is a state of affairs where centralized power, control, and coercion are minimized.

  • B D

    Glenn Beck is a dangerous person. How do I know this? He uses the supernatural/god to assign himself authority and permission to mislead others. And he does it for profit. Glenn wants us all to forget all the end times, alarmist, the sky is falling, the Antichrist is alive on earth nonsense he’s been spewing over the airwaves for the past several years, so he can grow his propaganda network. Meanwhile, he’s created a core group of 300K followers made up of LDS members, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Creationists and other religious extremists who believe they’re all living in the Biblical End times. That’s a little frightening and it’s not a positive development for the USA.

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