UPDATED: Obama Administration wins fight to have German homeschooling family deported

UPDATE: In a surprising turn of events, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)  announced this afternoon that the Romeike family will now be allowed to stay in America. A post on the HSLDA’s Facebook wall signed by the organization’s chairman explains the change:

Today, a Supervisor with the Department of Homeland Security called a member of our legal team to inform us that the Romeike family has been granted “indefinite deferred status”. This means that the Romeikes can stay in the United States permanently (unless they are convicted of a crime, etc.)

This is an incredible victory that can only be credited to our Almighty God.

We also want to thank those of who spoke up on this issue–including that long ago White House petition. We believe that the public outcry made this possible while God delivered the victory.

This is an amazing turnaround in 24 hours. Praise the Lord.

Proverbs 21: 1 “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord, He guides it wherever He pleases.”

~~Michael Farris  [Emphasis added]

This is a developing story. TheBlaze will be posting updates as they become available. Check out TheBlaze report HERE. Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association will be joining Glenn on Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss the latest developments in the case. Don’t miss the Glenn Beck Program, Tuesday at 5pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial HERE.

Original story below:

Last year, Glenn shared the plight of the Romeike family, who were seeking asylum in the United States because their home country (Germany) does not allow homeschooling. The family moved to the U.S. in 2008 after facing fines and threats for refusing to send their children to a state-approved German school. The Romeikes believe Germany’s law violates international human rights standards. But the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected that claim last year under the guise that U.S. law does not grant asylum to “every victim of unfair treatment.” Yesterday, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, and the family now fears that if they go back to Germany and continue to home school, the state will take custody of the children.

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“Can we go back to the Romeiki family here for a second? This is one of the worst stories I have heard yet from us,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The Romeikis came here in 2008 seeking political asylum from Germany. You can’t home school your kid. They wanted to because it is a total godless society over in Germany, and they believe deeply in God. So they came here to raise their kids in accordance with their Christian beliefs. They were initially given asylum here, and then the Administration told these pilgrims, ‘You have to go home.’”

The reasoning of the Department of Justice and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals proves this case is about much more than the rights of the Romeike family. It is about the rights of parents and families to educate their children the way they see fit.

“Well, the justice Department went after them, went after them hard, said we are going to ship you back because you don’t have a right to home school your children – that is not a universal right,” Glenn said. “I warned you, this is not about the Romeike family. This is about your family and your right. If this family does not have a right to be able to home school their kids, neither do you.”

In a recent op-ed for the New Republic, Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel admitted “insurance companies as we know them are about to die.” And Glenn sees home schooling facing a similar fate.

“What are they doing right now to the insurance companies? They are collapsing the insurance companies… Some would say it is a Trojan horse, but it’s not. It is just right there,” Glenn said. “So now some would say this is a Trojan horse on homeschooling. But it’s not. It is just right there.”

“There’s no reason to take on this family… There’s no reason to treat people the way they have treated people on Common Core,” he concluded. “There is going to come a time when you are not going to be able to get your kids out of school. There will come a time when you are not going to be able to home school your kids… The Romeike family is just the beginning of it.”

MORE: What’s next for the Romeike family? TheBlaze’s Billy Hallowell and Amy Holmes will join Andrew Wilkow Tuesday night to discuss this story and more Tuesday night on Wilkow!​.

  • B D

    As usual, Beck is going overboard on this and crying wolf, again. His entire gimmick involves finding some extreme case, framing it as a calamity and then predicting a nightmare scenario that “is coming, gang.” If this case was researched in detail, it most likely wouldn’t be seen to be the way Beck is selling it. And we’re all still waiting for Glenn to go after the FLDS religious extremists for forcing young girls into polygamist marriages. Those poor kids need some national attention focused on their plight just as much as anyone. He could start by asking what happened to Ruby Jessop. http://helpthechildbrides.com/

    • MOGUS226

      B D, why don’t you do the ‘research in detail’ or go after the FLDS extremists? And why do you give Beck your time and attention if you think he is so off-base?

      • S. Ploughman

        Maureen, (my middle name!) :-)
        Great suggestion!

      • B D

        Mogus, why don’t you do some detailed research instead of swallowing every drop of hand-wringing paranoia that your Prophet Glenn spurts out? Tell me one thing Beck ever said that you didn’t believe as the gospel truth. Just one.

        • B D

          And still nothing from MOGUS…just one comment out of her in her entire history on Disqus and it’s an attack on the messenger. Interesting.

    • rae palmer

      As a homeschool parent, I can tell you that Beck was not crying wolf on this case, and I HAVE researched it in detail. It is true that Germans still abide by a Hitler made rule which prohibits homeschooling because he wanted to the ability to propagandize all children. The Romeikes did not want their children fed the doctrine of the state, and homeschooled their children. A quick google search will show you that numerous families in both Germany and Sweden have fled their countries, been heavily fined, and/or had their children removed from their homes because they attempted to homeschool. One family was on a plane to move to India (the mothers home country) so they could freely homeschool, when Swedish authorities boarded the plane and seized their son. They have been fighting in courts for years for his return (unsuccessfully). As far as America is concerned, homeschool families face across the nation are intimidated and bullied by school districts and social services. Some districts file truancy charges even when the family is doing everything legally, some districts attempt to force children back into their schools so they can get the federal funds for that student. The day IS coming when not only our rights to homeschool will be gone, but our rights as PARENTS to decide what is best for our children will be gone as well. It’s not hard to see the progress if you are observant.

      • marlene

        hope hope and more hope. doesn’t have to be that way. we-the-people can keep fighting. we’re already gaining ground on striking down common core – state by state because education is, constitutionally, a power given to the states, not the federal gov’t. . we’re fighting neck to neck against this administration’s global ideology. keep fighting for our kids, and yours. they’re worth it.

      • B D

        Oh please. There are underage girls being forced into marriage in the US right now and the government is doing nothing and you think they’re going after homeschooling??? Hilarious.

    • Betty Sines

      crawl back under your rock hater

      • marlene

        betty, what comes out as hate, most of the time, is merely unchecked and pent up anger – mostly against the myriad of issues and non-issues we read about every day. our youth are overloaded, we’re all stressed out over feeling helpless against crimes committed against our citizens by a tyrannical government. however, though many of us were asleep when all these injustices began, we are now wide awake and fighting back. pick an issue that bothers you most and join a like-minded group and fight back. you will feel more powerful. if it bothers you, know that it bothers other people too. we need people like that in america – especially now. peace.

      • B D

        Sticks and stones Betty. Jesus would be disappointed in your venomous snarling words.

    • marlene

      why demand that Beck do everything – do it yourself. frankly, everyone has his/her own priorities. and yours is not about this article. try another site that has articles on child brides. you have a lot to say and that’s where you’ll most likely find more support. right now, we’re celebrating the vulnerable victory right here. by the way, i will check out your link. that’s all you needed to post. got any opinions about the Romeikes? peace

  • Bonnie Somer

    absolutely right this admin wants 12 or so mil illegals to b new dem voters and citizens no less this family wants to b treated like Americans are or i should say the way it was founded. If he wants real freedom then the court shld have granted this family the freedom they seek instead of worrying abt illegal persons and their needs

  • landofaahs

    The laws and rules are what odumbass says they are don’t ya know. He has his pen and phone. I wonder how that will put fear in Putin. Anyway, thugs are all alike where ever you go whether it be The New German Fascism of intolerance, Putin or odumbass.

  • Deckard426

    The Romeike family should have moved to Mexico, and then walked into the United States illegally with their children. End of problem. They just weren’t thinking.

    • Cecelia Jones

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      ♚♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚� ♚♚♚If he wants real freedom then the court shld have granted this family the freedom they seek instead of worrying abt illegal persons and their needs

      • livefreeordie

        Please keep your advertisements off of our site.

    • Shane

      I think Obama did not want to embarrass the German government by giving refugee status to the family, although I think the family deserved it. The family was being persecuted for their religious beliefs by the German government.

      • Anonymous

        Or they didn’t want to embarrass themselves for fighting extradition of every illegal immigrant in the country, only to throw out these Germans. Thank God it’s an election year!

      • livefreeordie

        You give him WAY too much credit. Have you not been paying attention the last six years??????

      • jackw97224

        And ohbutthead the magnificent and holder and the “supremes” then pesecuted the Romeikes.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Right, Obama didn’t want to risk having a flood of reasonable white people coming into the country.

      • Anonymous

        The administration cares nothing about these people one way or the other. If anyone thinks that someone had a desire to move THIS family out, they are mistaken. This is a much bigger picture where the administration wanted this fight in name only because now it will be twisted as a license to attack home schools.

        Home schools represent a threat to this administration because most of these families are quite conservative and they train their kids that way. No common core standards or liberal propaganda can be injected into these kids brains, and they can’t have that. Plus, it’s people acting autonomously from the government, something else they cannot tolerate. They want the state educating and indoctrinating them all.

        Over the next several years, we will start to see the demonization of home school families as extremists, cultish, and a danger to their own kids. Financial and political pressure will be put on these families to close their home schools and send the kids back to the state for indoctrination.

    • wolfinshdo

      Dang-it you took my idea… LOL

    • JerseyJoe

      Wow – great point! Geez what we have become at the hands of the Marxist-Socialists. God Bless this country – resist!

    • marlene

      haha i said the same thing on another website. agree with you. do you who’s decision it was to give them asylum – homeland security? that’s okay. but it should have been congress, exercising their legislative powers to say no to court’s opinion, and put a law or bill on the table. the judiciary gives opinions only – their opinions do not become law unless congress agrees with the court and drafts a law. so where was our congress during this ordeal? anyway, i couldn’t be happier for this family of two parents and 7 kids. by the way, remember when our gov’t returned that gonzalez child back to cuba after his mother risked her life and died to bring him here, where he also had another loving family? that was a horrible travesty and i was hoping we weren’t going to repeat that. kudos to whomever is responsible for doing the right thing is this csse. peace

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it defies all logic.

      The only possible explanation is that the administration only wants Democrat voter-stock in America…………..

      • Joan

        You hit the nail right on the head!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    So let me get this right left wing nuts it is ok for illegals to come here but it is not ok for people to come here because they what to homeschool their children when they came here legally. Liberal logic everyone.

    • Anonymous

      This adminstration would love to outlaw home schooling. Home-schooled kids learn critical thinking and are not subjected to the socialist indoctrination taught in gov’t schools.

      • Fat Lip

        You got that right ! the complements are the best part , it show’s I did my job as a father.
        Great post !

      • marlene

        SPOT ON!

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        It’s never rocket science determining the motives of the left

    • Anonymous

      Sounds about right. They came here LEGALLY and want to home school their children which will not cost taxpayers any money for teachers, school lunches, tutors, I mean it won’t cost taxpayers a dime. Illegals come here, can’t speak the language which makes classes for English speaking children frustrated because they’re held back, taxpayers pay for their books, lunches, transportation, interpreters (who do not work cheap), etc. Sounds like Liberal, Socialist, Marxist logic to me.

      • Difcan’s Avatar

        Sure, but when you have a debt that can never possibly be paid back, it’s important to take as much money from people anyway. So shame on them for not electing to throw their money down the crap Shute like the rest of us, or like a bunch of us, I should say.

  • reggiemay

    Yet it’s okay for the President’s illegal auntie -who’s living in public housing and collecting welfare – to stay. It’s okay for the President’s illegal uncle – who has been arrested for drunk driving – to stay.

    • Anonymous

      And your point is…….

      • marlene

        the point is, munchkin96 (what a cute name) is that it would be pointless to explain it to you at this point. haha

  • Republitards suck


    • S. Ploughman

      Okay, lets get this straight, you pose like a ? and you want us to take
      you seriously. Seriously?

      • marlene

        she’s a victim of mental abuse and need a mental flossing.

  • ItalianScallion

    If they would have been Mexican they would not be sent back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • livefreeordie

      Or muslim. Obama is bringing over either 30,000 or 50,000 more muslims. They have already started arriving.

      • ItalianScallion

        God help us. We are done.

      • Anonymous

        They will be joining the other 80,000 in Minn. Bachmann’s own Muslim assylim homeland.

  • Anonymous

    Query, why did DHS intervene?

    • marlene

      i asked a similar question. let me know if you find the answer. thanks.

  • Tracey

    It is an election year, enough said. I think Beck pointing to reverse discrimination in such a brave way, also may have contributed.

  • karlec

    Good work!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad they are going to be able to stay, but this should NEVER have been an issue in the first place.

    • marlene

      CORRECTO MUNDO! you’ce got it right.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Marlene. It’s true. They should NEVER have had to go through this fiasco in the first place.

  • Robin

    Per Obama Administrations DOJ…homeschoolers are not a protected class. but gays, bi sexuals, and pediaphils are…hmmmmmmmmmmm. Speaks volumes about their agenda for the USA and the children of her citizens.

    • marlene

      good point!

  • Fat Lip

    Seek ye first ! thank you FATHER !

  • Paul Pyle

    That’s great, very happy for them! But this is Obama’s test case, and it does not remove this administration’s hatred toward homeschooling or the SCOTUS indifference to the matter. We must continue to be diligent and fight all attacks upon our freedoms, including homeschooling. Also remember there are many families being persecuted in Germany.

    • livefreeordie

      He just knew too many people were watching. Watch the other hand.

      • marlene

        cynical, but true…

    • marlene

      thanks Paul, we needed this pep talk. hopo next time (and there will be a next time) we come out fighting right from the beginning. gotta let Beck know we have his back too.

  • CAV

    A good turn in events. Thank God. But with this AG and this POTUS they will be convicted of a misdemeanor or worse with in a year. Talking back to a Union thug or something. I am sure the works are already in for this family. German pressure against this Admin and they fold like the…….. (fill in the blank) they are. Weak comes to my mind

    • marlene

      you make a terrifying, but valid point CAV.

  • Anonymous

    Praise to the Lord thy God for His love is ever lasting. Welcome Romeike family, you can apply for citizenship do you know? Oh yes, we have the King of Prussia here, General Baron Wilhelm von Stueban of our General George Washington’s Army.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God, Glenn Beck, and freedom-loving Americans!

    • marlene


  • vigilant2012

    Normally you have to be a Muslim from Somalia to be granted “asylum”…. in Obama’s America.

    • marlene

      right. another bitter truth. but let’s celebrate now, while we can – until the next time…

  • wolfinshdo

    Who knew Romeike was a Mexican name?! Lucky for them…

  • Live Free or Die

    Praise God!
    I called all of my “representatives” today and only one staffer new of this case at all.

    Thanks, Glenn! Thanks, Blaze!

    • marlene

      you’re kidding??? reprehensible – they’re lying. they knew, they didn’t act, they didn’t care – and they lied.

      • B D

        Paranoid marlene. wow

  • jackw97224

    This “indefinite deferred status” was the “supremes,” ohbutthead the magnificent’s and holder’s weasle way of escaping the firestorm of public anger and rebuke. These politicians and poitical appointees are the dirtbag scum of planet Earth and need to be terminated and sen to prison.

  • jackw97224

    I love the German volk, but Merke and ohbutthead the magnificent and holder are all wrong. In the 1930’s people wanted to escape Germany and were denied exit visas and when then managed to escape the tyranny, the French, Swiss, Austrian et.al. refused them asylum. Read the Eric Maria Remarque books to acquire some perspective i.e. Arc de Triomph or A Night in Lisbon.

  • helen brown

    If it were a Muslim family O’Vomit would have bent over backwards to kiss their asses!

  • Anonymous

    If they wanted to teach it, they could. They just would not get credit for it. Granting ‘asylum’ for something like this makes a mockery of the children whose genitals are mutilated for their god, married off at 9 to 60 year old perverts, as well as people being beaten and/or burned for their beliefs (because they don’t happen to be christian or muslim) … you know, the ones who actually DO qualify for religious asylum. This isn’t persecution, it’s inconvenience. SMDH

  • Robert Starkand

    I think a deal was made between the judicial branch and the executive branch. If so, there will be no way to prove it. I don’t believe in coincidences.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Now how could he let people teach there children at home? They may learn the truth about the history of our country.

  • Anonymous

    Our Benevolent Dictator has spoken, so shall it be….
    It’s NOT Asylum…”The Department of Homeland Security has granted the family
    “indefinite deferred status,” their attorney confirmed to Fox News.”
    See, this way they are always subject to deportation…AND more importantly for 0bama…it takes Homeschooling, being banned in any Statist Nation, as a reason for
    Asylum, off the table…

  • Anonymous

    Now we just need #JustinaFree and with her family. Please. PLEASE!! Get involved. Justina needs her family. Humanity must prevail.

  • Audrey Thomas

    Doesn’t Homeland Security work for oBama? Is it not possible that this was nothing more than a scam by oBama to show that he will not only bypass congress but will also override the supreme court on a whim? That family has an anchor baby. How were they ever going to be deported?

  • arlene1

    I am from Germany and I live in Baden-Wuerttemberg, which is, where the Romeike family comes from. It’s good to know that they have been granted the right to stay – as the situation is getting worse over here. At the moment we have got a significant fight here with our Baden-Wuerttemberg government, because they want to introduce obligatory teaching on homosexuality, bisexuality etc. into every single subject taught in school – and from day one, i.e. also for first graders. This includes school books being rewritten to read something like “Daddy and Daddy (do sth.)” instead of “Mummy and Daddy…”. It also includes actively introducing children to gay organisations, lifestyle and practices etc. While sexual education always has been obligatory, that’s going to be far worse.
    Christians are a minority here, but we at least have succeeded to keep the media busy so for the last months every newspaper nearly daily reports on this issue. Unfortunately there is little chance to win the fight.

    • Justsayin…….

      May God be with you and all those who worship him. This will be dealt with in his time. Stay strong and faithful. You will capture the prize at the end. :-)

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    the reason scotus wouldn’t take the case is because they would have to make a sweeping decision about homeschooling. scotus has now been compromised, so they didn’t. that’s why homeland security dove in and said QUIETYLY, okay, the romeikes can stay. this way, they don’t have to say OUT LOUD ‘YOU CAN STAY’ which would be too much of a decisive factor when the feds begin arguing against homeschooling in the near future.

    i disagree about the ‘opt-out’ scenario. if you have millions opting out — i don’t see that as an issue for the people — for the government, yes.

    where are the teachers who oppose commoncore who’d be willing to home school a whole block of kids? we’d need a whole lot of that to reverse this.

  • Elwanda Whitehead

    Why is the Headline Titled

    UPDATED: Obama Administration wins fight to have German homeschooling family deported?

  • Anonymous

    Deckard426 has it exactly right. As a home schooling parent for the last 21 years, I find the arguments used by Eric Holder’s office very disturbing. I still remember the epic battle here in America that made it possible for American parents to exercise our GOD-GIVEN right to educate our children.

    Government schooling would not be such a heinous option if it actually provided education in true academics. Since it is a known fact that American schools are colossal failures as places of academic learning and are, instead, systems of indoctrination in extremism, I prefer to do the indoctrinating of my children myself. At least, in my “school”, my children actually learn the real history of our nation and her founding documents. My children get to learn real mathematics…not common core rubbish. My children are able to read close to 100 books (many of which are genuine classics) each year.
    Every teacher who chose the profession with a desire to truly educate young minds ought to be rebelling in the streets over the shame of our educational system.

    And just in case anyone wants to reply with accusations that my children will grow up to be social misfits…if by social misfit you mean my children will not be exposed to the peer dependency that is rampant in government schools, you are correct. If you mean my children will not embrace wickedness in the name of “diversity” or “equal rights”, you are correct. If you mean my children will not see themselves as “global citizens”, you are correct. If you mean my children will not be threatened by school shootings, the lewd advances of predators posing as teachers, the enticement to do drugs, the mindless acceptance of political correctness over the enforcement of the Constitution…you are correct.

    If you think my children will be locked in our home to become prairie muffins or babbling idiots due to the lack of government schooling, you could not be more mistaken. My three oldest sons each began their own business ventures by age 16. My children are far from perfect, but they are well-versed in the Constitution, the Bible, the classics, the flaws of society as we know it, mathematics and how to be productive citizens in a desperately-fallen culture. I don’t know about most of you, but I would far rather encounter students like that than the cookie cutter results of a failed political indoctrination system.

    One person can make a difference. We can each strive to be the next Adolf Hitler or the next Sophie Scholl. I know which one I’d rather be. Do you???

  • Anonymous

    This is also all about Obama setting himself up to be the go-to guy for everything. So he has the DOJ argue against the issue so that they can get precedent for Homeschooling issues… and then after the judgement, Obama swoops in and defies the Supreme Court and with such benevolence allows the family to stay in the USA. Our Supreme Leader is so compassionate, so benevolent and now has the power to overrule the court. He now ignores the Legislative and the Judicial branches of government. What is left? A dictatorship… oh but he is so benevolent; well, sort of.

  • John Kenner

    In this YouTube video we find a delusional Barack Obama claiming that he will magically impel the earth to heal: http://youtu.be/_AvqORJpKxU?t=5m2s

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Glenn…this made my day!

  • Cornelia Cree

    I called Governor Perry and suggested he offer this family asylum in Texas, We are free and have jobs too. They will be safe here.

  • David Croquet

    It looks like Glenn has his magic underwear on the outside in this clip

  • Anonymous

    I agree this is about the bigger picture. This is about the government interjecting their agenda into the kids minds. If they get them young enough and brainwash them, they wil have conquered society. They will have won. You should have the right to homeschool your children if you want to. Hand off government. These are my kids not yours.

  • Anonymous

    obama a wuss.

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