Glenn reacts to the insane story of the spoiled NJ teen seeking child support

There is a bizarre story out of New Jersey burning up TheBlaze today. A high school senior from northern New Jersey took her parents to court to demand they pay her child support in excess of $650 a week and pay her private school tuition. The catch? 18-year-old Rachel Canning moved out of her parent’s house after deciding she no longer wanted to live under their rules. Yesterday, Canning’s parents enjoyed an early victory, with Judge Peter Bogaard ruling the parents do not need to make any payments for the time being. He scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require the parents to pay for their daughter’s college tuition.

“I will tell you that I think the world is absolutely upside down,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “When we give you the full details on what has happened in New Jersey and what this girl is claiming. We are living in a world that’s upside down… [where] kids think they deserve it. You can’t cut them off. The government is saying you’re a kid until you’re 26. And you know, what’s next? We’re suing for the right to have television sets in our bedrooms? What’s next? Can they say this is cruel and unusual punishment four not sending your kids to college? Can the state take your kid?”

TheBlaze offers the following summary of the case thus far:

  • A New Jersey senior is suing her parents for support and college tuition, claiming they kicked her out of the house.
  • Rachel Canning’s parents though say she left their home last year of her own accord, not wanting to follow their rules, which included keeping a curfew, doing some chores and reconsidering a boyfriend relationship they disagreed with.
  • As a result, they stopped paying her private school tuition and took away the car they paid for while she has continued to live with a friend’s family.
  • A New Jersey judge heard the case Tuesday and ruled against forcing Canning’s parents to pay weekly child support and put off the decision regarding college tuition for a hearing next month.
  • Parents: “… what do you do when a child says ‘I don’t want your rules but I want everything under the sun and you to pay for it?’”

Read the entire report from TheBlaze HERE.

Canning claims her parents are abusive, contributed to an eating disorder she developed, and pushed her to get a basketball scholarship. The parent’s, meanwhile, believe they were supportive – helping her through the eating disorder and paying for her to go to a private school where she would not get as much playing time in basketball as she would have at a public school.

During the court proceedings, vile text messages and emails sent by Canning to her mother emerged. In one email, Canning tells her mother: “I f***ing hat you, and I’ve written you off, so don’t talk to me. Don’t do anything. I’m blocking from you just about everything. Have a nice life.”

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“Oh, my gosh,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “And this kid is suing the parents saying she demands a college scholarship. In the trial the father said, ‘No matter what she says, no matter what she says, we want everybody to know, we still love our daughter. We are embarrassed by the choices she’s making. We wish she wasn’t making the choices she’s making, but she is making them, but we still love our daughter.’”

Ultimately, Glenn believes these parents should sue the father of their daughter’s friend who offered her legal counsel.

“This judge should say: Restitution needs to be made by this girl’s friend’s father. Her friend’s father was the attorney. Instead of an adult saying, ‘You know what, sweetheart… They’re your parents. Go back home. You’re not living here’… He didn’t do that. This parent was dragged through court. And I personally think these parents should sue him,” Glenn said. “And I know they probably won’t want to do that because they’ve had enough. But boy, oh, boy, what kind of society have we turned into? And if you happen to be in a situation right now, where your family and you don’t know what to do… We’ve been there. Hold on. It gets better in the end.”

  • Anonymous

    This spoiled brat needs a very good lesson. I’m glad the judge ruled that she doesn’t get a dime but concerned that he is either going to give her the father’s money for college and support or perhaps he’s just giving the family time to work things out.
    I think the man who is paying her legal bills needs to be prosecuted for custodial interference. I’d take the car they got for her and sell it plus stop paying for any cell phone, computer service etc., no new clothes, no movies, no mall, nothing and she would have to do enough chores to pay for the parents legal bills.

    • Anonymous

      How can there be custodial interference when she’s 18? That’s what makes absolutely no sense about this. The girl is an adult.

      • Jeremy Luallen

        She’s not an adult by NJ law. 18 doesn’t mean you are an adult according to the state laws.

        • Anonymous

          When is the cut-off for independence in NJ if not at 18? After high school? Upon entering the military or marriage?

          • JeremyLu

            From what I read earlier, as soon as you are self sufficient and can support yourself you are considered an adult.

          • buckybone

            So…people are children as long as they choose to not be self sufficient? What the hell kind of state is that?

          • BAB

            New Jersey, lol

          • JK

            Buckybone – THAT is exactly why we left! NOTHING about NJ makes any sense, other than you don’t have to pump your own gas!

          • Watch it

            That is what Obama thinks – he has them on mommy & daddy’s insurance until they are 26 years old!

          • Anonymous

            My understanding is that by moving out she established herself as independent under NJ law. If she was still at home it would be different. In short – she screwed herself in multiple ways.

          • Anonymous

            She also wants the Court to declare her NON-EMANCIPATED, but only on the Financial part of her life…of which she has zip, squat, zilch, nada….nothing

          • Anonymous

            That’s way too ambiguous, as it could mean that some people don’t become adults till 50!

          • LauraLaPorte

            In the eyes of the law, this spoiled young lady is an adult at age 18, which is a good thing because she will most likely NEVER be self-sufficient. She needs to learn a hard lesson about taking responsibility for her actions. And I suspect, so do you Jeremy.

          • RichardandJan Bawol

            I looked it up and 18 is adult in NJ!!

          • Anonymous

            According to 0bamaDem0CrapCare it’s 26 years old…and if that’s the case you shouldn’t be allowed to VOTE either or drink alcohol !!!

        • RichardandJan Bawol

          Jeremy, you better check your facts b/c the age of Majority in NJ is 18…..look it up!! You couldn’t be more wrong………

          • JeremyLu

            RichardandJan, Glad to be wrong. I guess what I was reading was an opinion piece rather than law. Thanks for the update because that “non-law” was making me mad!

        • Anonymous

          Hello…yes you are!!!

        • Jon W Colson

          Sorry. You are incorrect. 18 is adult in NJ.

        • JK

          Well Jeremy, I lived in NJ for 23 years and I don’t care what the laws are! If you can go into the military and die or be maimed for your country at age 18, you are an adult. Most of the laws in NJ don’t make any sense – and that is why we moved back to America!!

        • Ole SC

          I don’t live in NJ nor do I know anything about NJ Law, but if in NJ you can Vote to put liberal idiots like BHO in office, you are an adult. If you can at 18 sign a legal contract for credit or get married without parental approval, you are an adult. If you can join the Military without parental approval and fight and possibly die for this Country, you are an adult! Therefore, if you can decide on your own to leave your parents home and claim that they have no rules or say so in your life, you are an adult! She made the bed that she is sleeping in, so let her sleep in it regardless of how hard is becomes!!!

      • JK

        Missplace – you are correct – she’s an adult and as such, needs to go through the ramifications of her decisions – it’s called “growing up”. I was married at 17 and had my first child at 19 – of course it was a different world in the early 70’s. But she should get nothing from her parents until she comes back apologizing for the stupid mistake and live under their rules – it’s THEIR house! Our grown kids had to do that when they lived with us past high school! Kids nowadays are just given way too much to easily and don’t appreciate anything – and are learning nothing about growing up!!! Oh and if the friends father wants to help so much, HE can pay for her college!!

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it was a different world. You had a sense of responsibility. This is something this 18 year old lacks COMPLETELY. It hard to tell what her friend’s father, da lawyer, is getting out of this other than publicity in the liberal world.

        • RichardandJan Bawol

          I was married after coming home from Viet Nam and the Marines in 68. After 18 months we separated and I moved back to my Parents. At 23 yrs old, I still lived by their rules and paid rent. They’re both gone now but this girl has no idea the pain she’s going to feel later in her life.

        • Song of Grace

          Please don’t think all young women from this girls generation are comparable to her. My sisters and I all were married in our late teens and running the home with children in tow before age 20. Perhaps I am still too new to this parenting thing to make judgments here but I do know scripture and the Bible teaches that you reap what you sew and that if you train up a child in the way they should go when they are old they will not depart from it. These parents failed to discipline their daughter and are responsible for spoiling her into the brat she had become. Now it is coming back to haunt them and they are being held accountable. When I was a kindergartener I witnessed a kid at my school pitching a tantrum and was horrified at the display this older kid was putting, on kicking and screaming. I asked my mother why he acted that way and half expected to be told that the kid had a demon but my mom replied “His Mommy doesn’t love him enough to give him spankings. You’d be no different if you weren’t disciplined.” I responded by giving her a hug and tanking her for every time she spanked me. Now that I’m reading about this girl who is practically my age I’m thinking I’ll make the drive and thank her again!

          • Shawn Moser

            Song of Grace,
            Careful about placing blame on the parents. It is possible you are correct but since you mentioned the Bible, consider the prodigal son. Was this the fault of the parents or the son? Some children simply choose wrong paths no matter how good the parenting is and in some cases you can find a perfectly great kid and a kid like this brat coming from the same family which argues against your charge that this must be the parents fault. You are correct, many parents these days are raising their children to be entitlement thinkers but don’t cast that assumption on all parents that have wayward children.

          • David in NC

            Song of Grace, you are correct your don’t have the experience or perspective. You are judging those parents on the actions of their child with no knowledge of their parenting. You will find that children grow up independently of parental efforts in many cases. The same exact parenting methods often get entirely different results. Further, parenting only goes so far. Peers, childhood heroes, media, society, school, etc etc. have as much or more influence depending on the home, the child, genetics, psychology, order of experience, etc. There is no magic formula to raise a responsible, loving, obedient, respectful, child or to guarantee an outcome. Some children are naturally leaders, other naturally followers, and many in between.
            The preponderance of the blame falls on the girl and her friends father. Did he try talking to her family first or did he just swallow her version of the truth hook, line, and sinker? Why does she think she is due anything now that she voluntarily left home and is legally an adult? Even if the parents weren’t the best, once she is of age, they have satisfied their duty to raise their daughter and provide her the foundation she needs to succeed. They owe her nothing else.
            I’ve encouraged each of my children to continue their education from the time they were infants. Once graduated from high school, we signed a written contract with each of them. Their responsibility was to attend class and maintain passing grades. If they lived in our home, they followed our rules (e.g. courteous behavior, keeping their area clean, respecting our home, etc.). So long as they did these things, we paid for their college. As soon as they didn’t, they knew we were serious about cutting them off and leaving them to pay off student loans, etc.
            My first two broke the contract and didn’t get college paid for. It has been tough, but both eventually realized they needed the schooling, and both eventually got their educations while working. It was much harder, but perhaps more satisfying. We have good relations with all our children, and they all realize we were correct in the end. They have their own families now, and try to emulate our methods in raising up their children.
            My real point to you is you can’t judge these parents based on their grown child’s actions. You can’t predict how any child will turn out. I’ve seen children from war torn countries survive horrible childhood experiences with very Spartan existences come to America and become wonderful parents and successful members of society. I’ve also seen loving, caring, responsible parents have kids who became drug addicted criminals and murderers. You can’t predict how anyone will turn out.
            If you could clone someone like Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein, you couldn’t guarantee you’d get either person in the end, because you can’t replicate the life, times, experiences, or the order of events that made them who they were.
            This is my two cents. You can’t even pay the tax on a cup of coffee with it.
            David in NC

          • Tina Thompson-Leonard

            You have a wise mother…..who has made you into a respectable young lady. Kudos to you both

          • Anonymous

            It’s illegal now to spank in most states. Yelling is considered as bad. The rod is spared and the children must legally be spoiled now. Or the parent can be jailed, fined and children taken away. This girl is evidence of things to come. She has the formula to instigate domestic violence a few years from now when she has a husband who says no.

      • Boo2

        Gee ya think the judge is a BO appointee?!

        • Oddly Normal

          Not a chance – it’s not a federal court. More likely a Christie man!

      • Anonymous

        Obama’s national health care laws invoke the language ‘dependent’ and ” to age 26 “. 8 years beyond voting age, high school, military eligibility and 5 years beyond legal drinking age. I think the courts will have to redefine the intent of Obama’s broad sweep and what juvenile, adult, dependent and legal age mean.

  • Anonymous

    BTW: In N.J. – if this brat was already in college the parents would be forced by the court to pay her way through to her undergraduate degree. But she hasn’t finished high school yet. Don’t see how the judge could rule that the parents have to pay. Meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing if she bows her head, apologizes and makes amends with her parents before the next court date.

    • Anonymous

      I would not hold your breath. The BFF’s parents will not support her indefinitely. They will either ask her for room and board money or tell her to leave. If she does not go home, you can bet your sweet ass that she will apply for Welfare, food stamps and free medical care. Her “lawyer” will help her with that.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      If you read the law in NJ btw you’ll see it pertains to divorced parents and child support issues that take a lot of circumstances in to consideration. It’s not as cut and dry as you make it out to be!! You should read up on our laws a little before you make such broad statements!

  • Anonymous

    The help needed here isn’t college tuition.

    • Jennifer J. Martin


      ✪✪✪ ✪�✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪ㆥ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪no new clothes, no movies, no mall, nothing and she would have to do enough chores to pay for the parents legal bills.

  • Lyssa Zimmerman

    I agree, who is this Friend’s Parent that is pushing this?! And the lawyer?! He should be disbarred!

    • Anonymous

      The father is the lawyer.

      • Lyssa Zimmerman

        Oh from what I’ve read, He doesn’t represent her in court. that’s who I’m talking about.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      The person she’s living with is the Lawyer but is not representing her!!

    • demonichate

      they are one and the same

  • Libby

    Is the only answer you have to everything “it’s the governments fault” That’s getting old. You don’t think parents have any fault for how their children act? How is being able to keep your children on your ins. the cause of this kid acting this way…Get a grip Beck

    • Anonymous

      Because the government now says that your are still a “child” at the age of 26. Give me a break. Parents live in fear these days that if they do anything to discipline their children the children will call the Police. And their fears are warranted. Schools encourage children to do this as does our government. Hell, my own daughter tried that on me when she was a teen ager. I told her that if she was going to call the police on me, then she should get ready for a good beating because if I was going to get arrested, it would be for a good reason. Shut her up real fast,

      • RichardandJan Bawol

        My daughter did it to me in 1985 b/c I caught her smoking and skipping school. I spanked her 4 times on the butt (in the report) and the next day she turned me in to her teacher who in turn notified the authorities and when I got home from work they had taken both my son and daughter. I told them they could keep them b/c I was not going to have the state of Mich tell me how to raise my children. It took her 2 days only to start crying she wanted to come home b/c she didn’t like foster care. Never had trouble again!!

    • Aradragoon

      Libby why are they FORCED to provide medial coverage. Why isn’t 18 adult in NJ? e has the right to out etc. The real point here is hat obligations are you gong to force on arents with this case? Last I ccked it was only to provide the NECESSITIES until 18.

  • Anonymous

    So , 15 years of seeing to her every need , food , cloths , doctors , room , board , soft bed , changing diapers , Christmas gifts , 7 , 24 , 365 day constant care are not worth spit ???? Ungrateful brat and this jackass helping her should have to be the one to pay her way (to the loan office to get a collage loan Obama is so keen on giving away). Sometimes you have to lose it all to realize what you had !! Also , PLEASE , DON’T HAVE ANY KIDS OF YOUR OWN , THEY WOULD STARVE !!!

  • C Alspaw

    You are so right about the father of the friend, the judge should have him pay their legal fees as well. I m a little surprised Gloria Allred isn’t representing the child.

    • Anonymous

      The case isn’t over yet, she still has time to join the fray! 😉

    • LauraLaPorte

      Just wait…if the court tries to make the friends father pay court costs, Gloria Allred will step in.

  • Tasha Bush

    If I am not mistaken, the father of the friend she is living with is a lawyer. HE should be made to pay the court costs and a frivolous lawsuit fine because this was probably all his idea! This little brat is going to learn the hard way about burning your bridges. She is just lucky that it is her parents and they still love her. Get a J-O-B and pay for your own college just like a lot of other people have to do and quit thinking the world owes you anything. You are an adult now cupcake and with that comes responsibilities, decisions, and consequences for those decisions!

    • JK

      Right on Tasha! According to some people, they appreciated their college education more (studied harder to get their monies worth) when THEY paid for it themselves. And some people actually join the military or get a job because they don’t want their parents to HAVE to pay for their college. Yes, she is very much a spoiled brat – AND this lawyer she’s living with should be sued by her parents!!

  • Connor

    What a whiny little brat. I mean my parents are like if you want it buy it with your own money and earn your keep. If you want to go to school you pay for it. This is just truly sick.

    • jim

      Obama and entitlement. It goes hand and hand. There is still 2 more years of America to get worse under this idiot. God help us all.

  • Anonymous

    No one ever said parenting would be easy but for your own child, at the worldly age of 18 mind you, turn and kick you in the groin for not getting her way? Sorry, it seems she’s had a pretty good run of it. She’s excelled in school, had a car, etc. Now, she’s going to the well again? If I were the judge, I’d pull all parties together and give them a full wringing-out. Her home life had to have contributed to this but her friend’s parents, setting this legal action into motion, should be fined and her lawyer should be made to sweep the streets. Literally, sweep streets for wasting everyone’s time.

    • Anonymous

      Check again….. she’s rebelling against having rules at home. Sounds like the parents are doing it right, but the child has an enabler outside the home.

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      Personally, I think he should be pulled in front of the Bar and made to explain his actions!

  • steve b


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      She’s the typical American entitled woman.

  • Josh Jordan

    Glenn Beck has exactly the same opinions on this matter as I do.

    • Anonymous

      Who the he!! Is Glenn beck?

      • Anonymous

        come on people! it ‘s sarcasm… Jeffy will come looking for those who downvote me…….

  • CrapsDealer

    I pity the man who marries this little witch.

    • Anonymous

      She’ll probably wind up being an alcoholic bull dyke.

  • Anonymous

    I would send her to her room!! Wait! Wtf ? She doesn’t have one cause her parents aren’t buying her one. Bwaaaa haaa haaa! What a dope! Fail

  • Rhonie Briley

    The Army is up the Road, Salvation alamode and a cup of tea for this girl. They will fix her, and the US Government will be happy to support her for the next six years, pay for her education, give her all of the food she can eat and a place to live, without any help from mom and dad. The judge in this case should have looked at the suit, and told her she will get everything she wants, hold her and transfer her to the local recruiter. She is apparently broken, but that will fix her real fast. Oh, I forgot healthcare!!!

    • BAB

      love your reply, love it


      Sorry but the Army has enough entitled privates running around. They don’t break people in basic anymore. After 10 years in the Army I can tell you that unless she wants to change, she will not. Not to mention the army likes to treat female soldiers with the kid gloves, so she won’t have to work all that hard for her paycheck.

      • William Henry Bowen

        Tony, I’ve heard that same observation from folks I know in the current Army. What in the hell are we going to do if something like WWII happens – we’re in deep yogurt. We’re going to have to pull all the Vietnam-era retreads back in.

      • Jenn

        eh….send her to boarding school….especially the ones here in UK…they don’t take the kind of rubbish this spoiled brat gives…

  • Anonymous

    I can see where this 18 year old spoiled brat has a future in the Obama administration or possbily as a Democrat political candidate at some level. She has the proper “YOU OWE ME” attitude for the liberal base. YOU GO GIRL! You got it made as a liberal.

    • BlueCornMoon

      No political party in their right or left mind would want this stupid brat. She’s a menace to the world. Her parents raised this monster & now it’s come back to bite them in the butt. This is the result of bad parenting

  • Slayer88

    I saw a pic of her, she’s pretty hot. Im sure she will have no problem finding a benefactor at her local “gentleman’s club”….

    • Anonymous

      I think she needs a spanking.

  • WWI Flying Ace

    So, if the daughter wins the case, (sarcasm mode on) what if they requested a very late after-birth abortion due to supporting their daughter placing a financial hardship on the family? 😉 😉 😉

    (Sarcasm mode off)

    If I pulled this crap, I would hope my parents disowned me!!

    • RichardandJan Bawol

      I know mine would have and I had a lot more respect for them. Id give anything to have them here now. Unfortunately both have passed away!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Mr Beck, the parents should sue the father of her friend. I am HIGHLY suspect when an older man takes such an interest and becomes so involved in a young girl’s life.

    • Robyn Harper

      Thank you. I found his involvement a little more than creepy.

      • Anonymous

        You sound real creepy yourself.

  • Rhonie Briley

    All judges should keep the phone number of the local “Armed Forces” recruiter’s on their podium. When I was in the military it was not unusual to find people that were sentenced to the military by a Judge.

    • Dwight Purdy

      As a retired service member I can report that I encountered a few of these rebels. I don’t know if they were sentenced to be in the military or not, but the attitude is one that results in ultimate failure and I participated in identifying one or two for further processing by the “system.” If you don’t have cohesive action by everyone then everyone can be at risk. There is simply no room at all for people like this.

  • Anonymous

    She made the choice to leave and now has to pay the consequences. And I agree with Glenn – the parents should sue to the other girl’s father for creating this nonsense.

  • BAB

    Why would any court even accept such a nuisance case?

    • William Henry Bowen

      The court should sanction the lawyer (I preseume New Jersey has the equiv. of Rule 11(C) in the Rules of Federal Procedure, where a lawyer can be fined and/or jailed for filing a bullshit law suit).

  • Anonymous

    She deserves a trip to the jungles of Venezuela, so she can learn to live with nothing except for her mind to help her survive being without anything.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Darling Rachel’s punishment for her frivilous lawsuit should be a four-year stint in the Peace Corps – that will be a real education.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad people can’t sue their kids.

  • RichardandJan Bawol

    Se doesn’t want to have anything to do with them but she’ll take their money. Any Judge that rules in this idiots favor needs to be taken off the bench. When I was 18, I was in the Marines and headed for Viet Nam, not trying to mooch off my parents. Talk about an ungrateful brat. You want to be on your own but you want Mommy and Daddy o pay for it. I’m glad she’s not mine b/c I’m afraid of what I might do to her and the idiot Layer she’s living with giving this kind of advice!!

  • Anonymous

    Someone ought to kick that lawyer in the butt for putting these folks at risk, the judge needs a mental exam and the first thing kids realize in a sane household is:
    1) The house the called home is the home the parents provide it is not a democracy.
    2) My House My Rules, is the way it works and if you don’t like there is the door, now do your homework, your chores and eat the dinner made for you and keep smiling..

  • Anonymous

    It kills me how they use the “adult” rule when it benefits them. They’re old enough to make their own decisions and do “adult” things, but then “adult” responsibilities arise, all of a sudden they’re not so “adult” anymore and they need mommy and daddy to hold their hand. Screw that! Either you are an adult or you’re not. You don’t play the field back and forth when it’s convenient in certain situation. Deal with it!

  • Anonymous

    On short note;…..
    We have;…..NSA, IRS, APA, Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obamacare project,…no to mention horrendous economy, poor national security, ,illegal immigration,..massive illegal practices and fraud surfacing at virtually daily basis..etc,…etc.

    Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material to expose, accuse, convict, arrest, remove from power, and ultimately sent to jail the members, associates and affiliates inside and related to this un-American, unconstitutional , corrupted and fraud-base current administration?…..Yes?….or….No?


    The already legal ensemble should and must team-up with Rep Trey Gowdy to launch the massive impeachment – way expected for log time and well deserved – against the un-American, corrupted, insidious and fraud-base current administration that for long time has been conducted the ongoing brutal attack – in so many ways,…at so many levels – against the good people of this great nation.

    The action is way overdue,…no more talking no more waiting.

    Doing this now, will serve to create a much better scenario for cleaner 2014 and 2016 incoming elections.

    What we should, could, and must do is….MASSIVE MEGA-IMPEACHMENT against the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.

    And on this, since the congress does not have any teeth , much less stomach for it, (for they are bribed and intimidated and so in fear) we, the people have, should , must hire external powerful legal array (and we all know they are there) to get the job done.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Take me home, country road! I was raised in the 1950s/1960s. Even if my mother weren’t a widow by the time I was ready for college, I would have applied for a government loan, grant, private loan and a part-time job to make my way through Rutgers. It’s my education, and I was responsible for all facets of it. This wannabe princess needs a dose of reality mixed in her morning oatmeal. And we thought we’d heard it all !

  • dturbo6go

    Sadly, reminds one of the early and continued attacks by the radical feminists against fatherhood.

    The ex wants all the goodies with independence and have the father(s) pay for them. Been going on since the 70’s.

  • Anonymous

    The parents may have separated for a while because of the daughter. They would do well to stay together, because New Jersey law is sticky.

    This is a huge issue for non custodial
    parents who cannot afford payments for college expenses. The state does
    not have the right to tell parents how to spend their money for their
    adult children-who are over the age of 18. This does cause hardship.
    New Jersey has unfair and discriminatory laws that require divorced
    parents to pay for COLLEGE, because the state says that it is the right
    of the child to have a college education.

    This is about COLLEGE TUITION, not child support payments for children under 18.

    Parents-if you divorce and have children, make sure that when you sign
    that college agreement you read it and understand it thoroughly because
    you will be on the hook for large sums of money. Make sure when you
    sign the agreement that you spell out whether your child needs to attend
    college full time, whether they need to maintain a passing grade point
    average, whether they should exhaust all available scholarship and
    financial aid opportunities, whether you will have a say in whether they
    choose an expensive private school or a state school-just make sure you
    iron all these things out-because if you don’t it will all be open to
    interpretation. All decisions made by the courts are based on case law.
    This is a cottage industry for NJ family law attorneys. If the the kid
    takes 4 years or 8 years to finish school the courts will most likely
    side with the “child”-even if this child is 25 years old and attending
    school part time–and even chronically failing in some cases– at
    community college.

    The state takes away your right to determine what you will pay for, for
    an adult over the age of 18, because you are divorced. These NJ laws
    need to be amended. The state should simply not not be determining these
    things for families.

    • Anonymous

      what if neither parent makes issue of funding (or not) a child’s college education in the divorce decree? are you saying NJ law mandates children of divorced parents are guaranteed a higher ed and children with married parents are not? If so, that is indeed insane!

  • Anonymous

    She really needs a spanking. A spanking! A spanking!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    I am so glad the judge rendered the ruling he did. She appears to be a spoiled, rotten b***ch. I don’t know all the facts (she accused her parents of abuse) so I should try to keep an open and objective attitude but it is very difficult to do after I heard the vile email she sent her mother (and then she apologized).

  • Anonymous

    Q: what do you call it when you have 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start. I know, all lawyers are not bad, just those with a Democrat agenda. If we didn’t have Democrats and lawyers we would have a tougher time identifying evil in the world.

  • Steve Eriksen

    Legally, she has proclaimed that she now is an emancipated citizen, thereby fruitfully responsible for her won well-being as a free woman —

  • Anonymous

    This child is completely out of line, however, I don’t think she turned 18 and suddenly decided to be a narcissistic, self-centered, entitled brat. These parents raised this child and there was some dynamic that led her to think she’d get away with this. It is unclear if she has siblings, but they raised a brat. As far as the “family friend” is concerned, the Bar association needs to hear about this idiot. As if lawyers don’t have a bad enough name, this moron thought this spoiled twit had a case. Shame on him! I sincerely hope her 15 seconds of fame is long enough so that any young men who may be interested in a future with her have a big ole head’s-up. She’s going to be quite the nightmare wife if she continues this behavior.

    • Anonymous

      likely the parents’ divorce and reconcillaion had something to do with the situation. But like Mr. Purdy expressed above, this can all turn into a valuable lesson for the little darling. The judge should simply dismiss the case.

  • Anonymous

    personally i think this kid(or adult) is doing drugs.

  • Dwight Purdy

    Just a couple of decades ago we had a grandchild that we had raised who reached 18 and developed that attitude of “I’ll do it my way.” I gave him a week to find a new place to live and let him find out what it was like out in the cold cruel world on his own. It took about six months and he returned a different person – I could not be more proud of him than I am now. He acknowledges it as the best thing I could have done for him. Fortunately, there was no bleeding heart society then that interfered with the learning process.

    • William Henry Bowen

      Dwight, that is what is called “tough love”, and some times it is the only way.

  • Anonymous

    Very soon the liberals will try to claim “higher education” as an unalienable right…

    God so help me….

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t of said it better…Love You Glenn!

  • Mary Larsen

    In a lot of states if the child is still in high school she is not considered an adult until she graduates. In Ohio this happened to my husband. His daughter turned 18 in march and he had to pay support until june even though she was 18

  • Deckard426

    Only a girl who sees her father as weak, would dare sue him. He lost her respect by letting her get away with things again and again as she was growing up.

  • John

    It is time to dust off and update barratry laws as applicable to the legal and judicial professions.

  • Anonymous

    What a selfish ungrateful child. I feel so sorry for the parents. She wanted her way she should live with that decision. Alone without parental support.

  • Anonymous

    The brat needs to go to Duke and confer with the Girl that does “Blue Movies” to pay for her college. At least she will get the attention that she wants.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to the School of Hard Knocks, Rachel – your bad decision got you the customary kick in the teeth. Now you want a judge to unemanicapte you? A suggestion that you go begging to your parents on your knees until they bleed is all you’d get from me.

  • splinter48708

    My question is this: Why didn’t the judge take one look at this case and toss it with prejudice? Judge should have told the now 18 year old that she is not ENTITLED to any sort of child support whatsoever, nor entitled to have Daddy pay tuition and that he is fining her treble court costs plus a $5,000 fine plus attorney fees for the parents for filing a frivolous action in the courts. It would send a stern message that this is not an entitlement society and that once the child is of age, the parents are no longer legally bound to provide them a penny. And, that her leaving home because she didn’t want to abide by what would appear to be common sense rules…let’s see her weasel out of the court orders and financial levies.

    But, this judge is allowing this farce to continue and could set a dangerous precedent if it continues.

    Last I knew, a judge had the right to toss a case that is obviously a matter best handled outside the courtroom. They don’t have to hear every case that is presented to them and this should have been one of those cases.

    And, Glenn’s right…This is a spoiled brat in attitude while the parents are still trying to be supportive despite this difficulty. But, if she’s saying to the mom that she’s disowned, then, as much as it would hurt the parents, they should give her what she wants and say “You are not our daughter. Our door is forever closed to you. You are DEAD to us and you can go to he** for all we care. Don’t come back.”

  • Brian Bahbah

    In most countries (even first world *not just 3rd world*) you are considered an adult at 16, NOT 26. Most kids at 14-16 are fully capable of being independent by that age. They are still expected to finish grade school and have all of the duties of an adult. Can you only imagine what other counties must think of us when they hear things like this? There are reasons America is having so many problems and this is a real example of one of the top reasons.

  • Bob Helmig

    When I was 20 I needed to move back home for a short while. I had to live by my parents rules and didn’t even get a key to the house, so if I came home after 10:30 I had to make other sleeping arrangements – more than once on the front lawn.

  • suz

    tough love.

    two things:

    how ridiculously stupid to dress her up like a parochial student — whoyakiddin?;

    how WRONG STILL is it for the judge to not render an immediate decision on college tuition. the obvious answer is a big fat NO. the girl gets no ‘paid-for-by-parent’ college until she complies w/the rules of the house.

    • Adam J. Bernay

      Actually, she IS a parochial school stuident. Standards are apparently slipping…

  • Anonymous

    That’s one dumb girl, all right. Her parents don’t need to pay her anything at all. She left the house. Even if they did kick her out. It might be one thing if she was underage and not living at home by consent but she’s 18. That’s old enough to be a legal adult.

  • Anonymous

    My family had a tradition: you went to school, you kept your curfew, and when you went to work, you paid rent to the household. Not a large amount, but you were expected to contribute until you left the household, usually to get married or perhaps take a job elsewhere. If you didn’t obey the house rules, you didn’t get financial help for college, etc. You thought you were an adult? Well, be one and pay your own way.

    This girl wants to have it both ways. And the friend’s father is interfering in their family business.

    Unfortunately, from what I saw by looking it up, in NJ if there are divorced parents, the non-custodial parent is obligated to help pay for the children’s college. Does that mean the parents may be obligated to pay this girl’s college costs, despite her “f****** hate” for her mother?

  • William Henry Bowen

    I agree with Glenn – the Cannings should sue the friend’s father (the attorney). He needs to get his ass kicked for interfering. If he thinks this spoiled brat is entitled, let HIM pay her way.

  • Anonymous

    our rule was, if you worked, you paid to the house!!! when i was 11yo, in ’61, i delivered the long island press, and even though i made just about 8 bucks a week, i gave 5!!! i’ve been paying ever since!!! a side note, when i graduated hs, my parents gave me $500, and said, you didn’t think, we’d keep. it all!!!

  • Jennifer Guthrie Packard

    I just hope the judge doesn’t force the parents to pay for her college. Nowhere in the parent handbook of rules does it say that it is a parent’s responsibility to pay. If an individual wants a college education, they should pay for it themself.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Ramsey said similar – that the lawyer for the brat should be disbarred and the teen should sit in jail for 30 days just for bringing this stupid lawsuit in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens wen a society makes everyone think they are entitled to something at someone else’s expense, and encourages children to grow up with no core of morality.
    I came from a large family. Every one of us kids was expected to have summer jobs from the age of 12 on, and full-time jobs and/or college starting at age 18, and we were expected to either move out on our own, or help our parents with the bills. We did it gladly with no questions asked.
    The thought of any child using such foul language to her mother is horrifying. If this girl has even a shred of decency in her, some day she will look back and hate herself for the way she is acting. She deserves nothing from them, except maybe to have her fanny tarred and feathered.

  • Dagny

    These parents are lucky. My granddaughter, age 15, decided to solve the problem of her father’s “rules” by going to the school counselor and accusing him of sexual abuse. On her word, he was arrested and had to spend thousands on an attorney before the prosecutor was convinced there was nothing to the girl’s story. Meanwhile, she became a rock star with the social workers and therapists, who to this day have not suggested to her that maybe she should tell the truth. This abuse thing is an industry. And, oh yes, the family is shattered, but she did get rid of her Dad.

  • Chad Wise

    This is one of most ridiculous lawsuits. The parents probably just figured if they cut their daughter off she would probably come to her senses and just come home. That might have worked if her friends father was a more humane person that didn’t most likely have an hidden agenda probably just benefited him. Also, where was her friend while all this was happening, did she try to do the right thing and convince her that the lawsuit was wrong and not to go through with it, even if her dad disagreed. My opinion, I think the parents were more than justified in cutting her off, and it was noble for them to say they still love her. This goes to show you how much good people her parents are and, how cynical the attorney is. I wish that they would countersue him for something like pain and suffering, as long as it is a legit lawsuit, and not a bogus lawsuit in which they were wrongfully sued for. Since she’s 18 she’s legally an adult and her parents aren’t oblicated to pay for anything for her anymore. I think that the State Ethics Commision should have him disbarred him wasting the courts time. Lawsuits like this is what tears down the system that so many people fought to perserve. I just hope everything goes well For the parents, because they were victims of this evil, twisted joke of a so called attorney.

    • Pressley Stutts

      Great assessment, Chad. I also agree with what you have written.

      • Chad Wise

        Thank You, Pressley.

  • Pressley Stutts

    Hey Glenn and Blaze Team! I agree with your assessment of this brat. However, I was quickened in my spirit as to how judgmental we have become. Now, don’t confuse judgmental-ism with good common sense judgement. Yes, this brat was put in her place by a wise judge and rightly so. However, she has also been ridiculed and ostracized by many in the Christian community. Here’s my challenge, Glenn and Blaze staff…reach out to this young lady. See if there is any way that redemption and restoration with her family and the national community can come about. She has obviously been colored by the sickening. progressive educational, er, indoctrinational system that has taken over our schools. My prayer is that this young lady can be salvaged, and we are the ones to do it. Glenn, please have your staff reach out to her and see what, if anything can be done before her heart becomes even more hardened and twisted.

    • Anonymous

      Only thing that will teach her is getting no money and living on her own. She has to pay for her actions or she will never learn. Her eyes are cunning so she might pretend to be a victim (which you continue to profess) to get people feel sorry for her. Why? there are kids with cancer that need help not her.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on the leech of a father that took her case! He should be disbarred! What a piece of filth!! She’s an adult….not a minor. End of story!!!

  • Anonymous

    Legally, a person is an adult at age 18 in all 50 states. However, in family court, new precedents have been set in recent years.

    My business partner was divorced. His ex-wife walked away with a huge chunk of assets, their home, alimony and a ludicrous amount of child support. He has an adult child who, under her mother’s influence and tutelage, sued her father in court for continued support payments to allow her to live in manner she had become accustomed, as well as college. He had already paid for more than four years of college, which she chose to waste, changing her major at least four times, and never completing enough credits to qualify for a degree in any major.

    Nearly six years after the divorce, he received a court petition informing him that he was being sued for support and tuition by his daughter. The catch….she was 23 at the time. She won the suit.

    At that point he decided enough was enough. He challenged the decision in superior court and won. Part of the reasoning for the decision was that the court recognized that the case could potentially serve as a legal precedent in which existing law was simply ignored in cases of familial disputes without ever having amended the previous body of law.

    The bizarre thing was, he never changed his communications with his daughter. She continued to visit him, sometimes staying for months. I’m not certain that I could be so partitioned in my feelings.

    This case sounds very similar to what my partner experienced. We are moving, as a society, in a direction in which adulthood is rarely, if ever, achieved and in which children, for nothing more than having been born into this world, feel entitled to everything their parents have provided indefinitely. While this has become accepted practice during the economic downturn, the danger of legally codifying this into law could do irreversible harm to society.

    • Anonymous

      What you are describing is parent’s fault no less then the kid’s. Whatever it is, there is karma and it will get them sooner or later.

  • David Croquet

    Maybe Glenn can give her a full ride on the old Beck University gravy train

  • Anonymous

    and what, the parents are supposed to keep this child/adult on their health insurance plan, so she can get free contraception. It doesn’t get any funnier/sadder than this case.

  • bought

    Kids today are just ungrateful…

  • Anonymous

    I think people are shocked because they don’t often hear such cases. It is really silly to think that it is rare. There are lots of nasty bad people and teaching them morals won’t work. There has to be stick punishment for suing for anything that has not caused bodily harms or major financial problems. Lawyer fees have to become as a set price and not percentage. I am all for free enterprise and not regulating prices but lawyers are also who make the laws as they are strongest lobbing group. bandaid solutions are just that-reaction to a one case. It has to be major change.

  • thedogwalker

    The parents said they still want their daughter to come home. If that kid were mine, she would never see the inside of my house again. Loving your child is one thing, but come on.

  • Song of Grace

    You know there’s a bible passage about “kids” like this bratty female. Deuteronomy 21:18-21

    • USNbubblehead

      That’s hardcore.

  • Ginny Rebyak

    My exact sentiments. If I were her parent it would make me less willing to help. She owes her parents respect. If the judge gives in it will open Pandora’s box for other children to sue their parents and an opportunity for unscrupulous lawyers to make a buck!

  • chadsexington

    this story is beyond insane and is yet another reason not to have kids. not just because you might end up with an ungrateful spoiled brat like this idiot, but because i wouldn’t want any child of mine to live in a society where stuff like this can happen. if this girl doesn’t win her case, i guarantee that another case is bound to happen where some liberal judge will rule in the kid’s favor. with the way things are going in this country, it’s inevitable.

  • USNbubblehead

    My youngest son had similar attitudes, although he certainly wasn’t spoiled. We didn’t and don’t have the resources to spoil anyone. If anything, he would get mad and disrespectful BECAUSE we didn’t have enough to spoil him. The community I live in has become a bedroom community for Boston executives (which made Boy Scout meetings somewhat unpleasant), and they hand their kids everything. He thought that was the norm and that his mother and I were just defective somehow.

    Anyway, its interesting how these things work out. My son just called home for the second time from Navy boot camp. You could tell by his voice that he has just learned about the concept of ‘home’ from an entirely new perspective. Excuses don’t get very much mileage in the enlisted military. This is the best thing in the world for him.

    And, as an added bonus, my wife and I can actually see the floor in his bedroom now. I think it will make a nice office.

  • Jeff Dombrowski

    I’m 24, served in the United States Marine Corps as a 0351 Infantry assaultman. I have a background with the things nightmares are made out of, trained to be a killing machine, schooled to save lives, and have a level of philosophical thought on par with Descartes, but because of my physical age I can’t rent a car, and the government, to whom I was contracted to fight our nation’s enemies and if necessary sacrifice my life, consideres me a child. Glad to know what my service ment to this government, and to this country as a whole.

  • Antoinette Workman

    Fact: Rachel Canning had her eighteenth birthday on November 1, 2012. She will turn twenty this year.

  • tambria

    Teens do unwise things, do to a lack of maturity and wisdom. I left my parents house when 18. I made it on my own. But it was a stupid and hurtful thing that I did. I hurt the people that loved me most. Fortunately they loved me enough to allow me to make my mistakes and loved me in spite of my bad behavior. We don’t really know the problems this young lady has, mental illness maybe. Maybe we should let this family alone to work out their problems. The ones in this that should be ashamed are the friends parents. They handled the situation poorly. Train up a child in the way they should go, and they will not long depart from it. We should all be praying for this family.

    • ValueSet

      Rachel has an EATING DISORDER, which is a MENTAL ILLNESS. Both ANOREXIA and BULIMIA impair proper nutritional intake to the body. These illnesses will impair the brain, and are potentially LIFE-THREATENING. Critical thinking and cognitive function are severely impacted. She literally may NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING. The judge should order a PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT , to determine if she is currently manifesting her illness. Recovery from these illnesses are not fast. Indeed, recovery may take years. GET HER TO A HOSPITAL, with a staff that knows how to deal with these hellish mental illnesses. SHE MAY DIE if not helped.

  • Anonymous

    This is all very sad. My question to the friends father is, how would you like it if your daughter put you in this situation when she was suing you and a friends father was helping her do it? I’m sure he wouldn’t like it and think it was interfering in his relationship with his child. Does he indulge his own daughter so much that he has no rules in his house? If so he is in for a run for his money.
    I do not blame the Canning’s, they have 2 younger children in the house and if they allow the Rachel child to get away with disrespect toward the parents then the younger ones will think it’s okay and the parent will want to run away from home and justly so.

    I hope all this works out and the young lady sees her wrong doings and go home and have a good and respectful relationship with her parents.

  • dolly

    What’s next? Adopted kids suing birth mothers?

  • John Scott

    I bet money the parents enabled this for far too long. Now she is out of control.
    Be a parent to your kids, not a friend first. Bring them up to be self providing citizens. Not dependent or feel a sense of entitlement. She is a spoiled brat now. So now what?

  • Anonymous

    Did the household the teenager is living in tell her, ” you can’t live here for free. You’ll need to come up with some money, move out, go home or get a job “?
    Maybe they suggested she ask her parents for support?
    Maybe her lazy friends did?
    Maybe she’s a conniver.

    Mom and Dad might just text back; ” Amen ” ( so be it ) ” You lack position to run our household; you may make no rules for your parents, we are over 18, 21 and 26; all rule makers contribute with hard work or money. You have neither and are older then the legal age to go to work. Basketball and it’s scholarship is now off the table; you will be working 9 -5. You will run your own life. There are no privilege’s without responsibilities. Sleep well with your bitterness. “

  • dolly

    I moved out of house barely 18 to Denver from a small town in Iowa – I didn’t get to go back home for 9 months as I was paying for my first job (In those days you paid two to four hundred for a full time job if you signed up). Then I worked 3 jobs to save for a car which I bought by myself – then I started night school still working full time. I only asked my parents one time for a small loan which I repaid using some of a student loan within 2 months. I was the first one in a family of eleven kids to graduate from a University. It took 6 years but what was the hurry? I ended up with l0,000 in student loans and most of that money went to spring breaks and I learned to scuba dive (something told me I would never get to do much scuba diving once I settled down!) I didn’t mean to start a family right after graduation, but my husband and I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary next month. I decided to make some sacrifices and be a stay at home mom those early years. They are now grown with great jobs and college educations of their own – you learn to appreciate so much more when you work hard for something which is what goes on in this family. I now work at a convenience store in a small town and a co-worker was amazed I had a college degree and working at the place – I am not afraid of hard work but I am afraid of the younger people’s attitudes and their addiction to phones, tattoo’s, body piercings,no concept of saving money and loss of morality.

  • KJ 21

    Why doesn’t her wonderful boyfriend take care of her???

  • Anonymous

    An adult until 26? I don’t think so. That only applies under Obomination Care regarding coverage age on parents insurance. Well before that age you are cut off by law from discussing anything regarding medical, insurance, financial, etc.
    If you can vote, drive, buy booze or cigarettes or die for your country – you are an adult – Period!

    Sounds like she has some enablers behind her vicious quest. She should have her boyfriend support her . But if he thought with his brain he would run away from her as fast as could.

    • Dan Kozlowski

      Although you have to be twenty-one to buy alcohol, and some states are talking about raising the age to but cigarettes to twenty-one, also.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody should have taken that little lady to the woodshed a long time ago. I think the Dad spoiled her rotten instead of being a strong Father figure. Too late now.

  • Channel One

    This 18 yr old adult woman is one ugly human being, and I feel bad for the jerk who ends up with her. There’s a pic of her and her two girlfriends on the Blaze page. What an unattractive litter they make. And her friends father needs a good lesson as well. Let him bear all the costs incurred to date, as well as all she runs up in the future. BUT, IF SHE WINS, AND REMAINS UN-EMANCIPATED FINANCIALLY – THEN I WANT TO SUE THE STATE FOR RETROACTIVE ADC FOR MYSELF AS AN ORPHAN.

  • Tina Thompson-Leonard

    I agree and disagree with a lot of the statements that have been made. We live in a world that is teaching people they don’t have to be responsible for themselves. Parents are no longer disciplining their children ; which in turns rears them up to be manipulative in support. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the true fall out we are about to see take place in the generations that are growing up today. UNLESS parents step up and man up and begin to infiltrate Biblical standards back in the family unit.

    • Dan Kozlowski

      Doesn’t the Bible say that wives should submit to the decisions of their husbands?

  • Rose Ingram

    Most likely the friend’s father encouraged her to do this with his help. It is not telling what the girl has told him and he chooses to believe her. He should have told her that he was not going to get involved (at her age)..maybe told her she could stay there with her friend but nothing else. He also could have spoken with her parents to see if there was any truth to her story. mind is starting to wonder about some things. Yep,at least they should make him pay for their atty fees …

  • SantaClaus

    Bet the little lady was not expected to: Cook, clean, garden, do dishes, care for farm animals, for family of 5. I was expected to all that at the age of 12 through 19. What happened to me? I grew up and became the controller of a $50 million dollar corporation. When much is expected, much is done. The little lady needs duties like that expected of me.
    Oh, and I took care of my younger sister also.

  • SantaClaus

    And when I was 18, my parents told me what my rent was; I had no job, but got one and paid them the rent while still in high school. I paid rent to my parents until I left home, paid all my living expenses: car, insurance, clothing; any cost that was mine.

  • Anonymous

    So this is Obama’s fault how… ? oh, ah, okay… Obamacare. Simple.

  • Anonymous

    when i turn 18 my parents gave me the choice. i still live with my parents but i have to
    pay rent and my own bills. and go by their rules. this 18 year old girl a brat.

  • El Capitan

    While democratic processes are capable of supporting liberty, centralized bureaucracy and administrative socialism must inevitably restrict it.

  • Dalene Kolk

    Bravo to these parents! Tough love!

  • Anonymous

    Pitty the parents whose children get their way with authorities. It destroys families.

  • Dan Kozlowski

    I wonder if Glenn Beck paid the college tuition for all of his children.

  • ValueSet

    RACHEL has an EATING DISORDER which is a MENTAL ILLNESS. Both ANOREXIA and BULIMIA impair proper nutritional intake into the body. These illnesses will IMPAIR PROPER BRAIN FUNCTION, and are potentially LIFE-THREATENING. CRITICAL THINKING and COGNITIVE FUNCTION are severely impacted,
    She literally MAY NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING .
    The judge should order a PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION to determine if she is currently manifesting her illness.
    Recovery from these illnesses is not fast: Indeed, RECOVERY may take years. GET HER TO A HOSPITAL with a staff that knows how to treat and deal with Bulimia and/or Anorexia. If left untreated, SHE MAY DIE.

    The singer Karen Carpenter died as a result from complications of Bulimia.

    There is a very high incidence of RELAPSE in those patients recovering from EATING DISORDERS.

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