“Here and now, breathe and relax.”

Those six words are what Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes, and he would know. After all, this is the man that Glenn credits with helping him turn his life around.

“When I first read this book, I was an absolute wreck. An alcoholic that was just trying to find some truth someplace,” Glenn told the audience in Dallas. “This book empowered me. It was one of the first steps in empowering me as an individual.”

But why does Millman suggest taking a breath and being in the “here and now”?

During the show, he asked the audience to stand, stretch, then sit back down. Then he asked if any of them took a breath when they stood – noting that most people during the day people hold their breath or breathe shallow without realizing it. Millman said by breathing more consciously, they will “plug a leak of energy” that people experience during the day.

“By coming back to the body we get grounded again…it’s a way of regrouping,” Millman said. “There’s no lack of God, spirit, beauty around us. We’re not paying attention because we’re preoccupied.”

Millman encouraged people to get sleep, balanced nutrition, and rest in order to have balance.

“Here and now, breathe and relax,” Millman said. “We’ve all heard it’s good to live in the present moment, but this is the other way to get a grip on your life.”