Another Russia Today anchor with a death wish: Rips Putin, quits on air

A Russia Today news anchor made the bold decision to quit her job on Wednesday – during a live broadcast. The grandchild of Hungarian refugees who fled Soviet oppression, Liz Wahl said she is “proud to be an American” and could no longer “be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin” before singing off the network for good.

Last night, Glenn shared the story on Facebook, calling Wahl a “hero” and questioning whether journalists at American news networks would be willing to stand up in a similar way in light of the Obama Administration prosecution and targeting of reporters. He took a similar stance on radio this morning.

Check out Wahl’s on-air resignation in the clip below:

“I think that is remarkable,” Glenn said. “Now, if you go the easy place and say, you know, nobody is watching Russia Today, so it’s not really a big deal… No, no, no. She’s making an impact with what she said… because we are replaying it, and I think this is fantastic.”

While it might be easy to understand why an American journalist would cease working with an outlet like Russia Today, it is important to consider the state of press freedom in the United States as well. When the group Reporters Without Borders ranked the United States number 46 in the world for press freedom, citing the U.S. government’s investigations into various newsrooms, many gawked. But, under Obama Administration, freedom of the press is not what it used to be.

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As Glenn explained, wouldn’t it be nice if more journalists stood up and said: It is time for the government to stop interfering with the press:

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a journalist or two that cared about the Fourth Amendment or the First Amendment enough to say, ‘Hey… They were threatening my friends, my journalist friends. They are spying on their parents. The NSA is violating the Fourth Amendment, and I know what’s going on. But I’m an American first. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a progressive. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a TEA Party person. I’m an American. And there are certain truths that we used to hold self-evident. And here they are: You can’t spy on us… We don’t squash people voices in America. And it’s important that all voices are heard. Yes, even Al Jazeera. Yes, even Russia Today. Yes, those voices have a place and they can be heard.’”

Wouldn’t it be nice if a journalist said, ‘You know what? The New York Times won’t accept a picture from an outside source… and yet the President is boxing us out of the White House. We don’t get our photojournalists in. Our photojournalists aren’t going in and taking those pictures. Those are his photojournalists, and they’re not journalists. They are his photographers. We’re not getting candid pictures anymore. We’re getting set up propaganda film from the White House. We don’t get to go into the White House and tape these things anymore. Wouldn’t you love to hear a journalist stand up and say that?

  • Deckard426

    A woman who needs a job. Bill Clinton is already reaching for a cigar.

    • Christen Lawson


      ◆◆◆ ◆䷚◆◆ ◆◆◆ ◆◆�◆ ◆◆◆She’s making an impact with what she said… because we are replaying it, and I think this is fantastic.

      • Anonymous

        which porn site is this???

      • Paul Allen

        Just go away…

    • Mike Nelson

      What kind of asshat post is this? Someone declares themselves clearly and takes a respectful view, and the first thing you go to is porn for Bill Clinton?

      Talk about an attitude of war on women, pal, you take the cake. From your other posts, maybe I misunderstand your meaning, but seriously… what are you thinking?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t get all up tight. I read his comment as a pun or a joke. Get a life….

  • Connor

    That took a lot of courage seeing how this is the same country that has been known to kill journalist for less. Pray for her family and her friends because Putin will not let this go without punishment and just because she lives here does not mean she is protected.

    • Sea Rock

      … “That took a lot of courage” … “known to kill journalist for less” …

      Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust Hardcover
      by M. Dolot (Author) ISBN-10: 0393018865
      ISBN-13: 978-0393018868

      The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine by Robert Conquest (Author) ISBN-10: 0195051807
      ISBN-13: 978-0195051803

      The Great Terror: A Reassessment by Robert Conquest (Author)
      ISBN-10: 0195317009 ISBN-13: 978-0195317008

      The Gulag Archipelago Abridged: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (P.S.) by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
      ISBN-10: 0061253804 ISBN-13: 978-0061253805

    • Vienta76

      she has just as much to worry about domestically, especially if others follow suit.

    • Gary Knerr

      Obama and his crew will just as likely help Putin to track her down and arrange a disappearance or accident for her. The american media is owned by the guy who put Obama in office. We need to get an ENTIRE change of government before we can once again be the power we were.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting,and waiting—for an American journalist to stand up to the Obama administration—-Don’t believe we have any journalists in the USA or Canada.And I have never heard of a gutless journalist??foxwoman

    • Anonymous

      I give her a lot of respect! As her belief and integrity is worth more to her than her paycheck! Now that’s a true patriot, someone that is willing to sacrifice in order to retain her integrity!

    • BlueMN

      You should check out Fox “News,” or RWNJ radio sometime. Think of all the time you wasted waiting, and waiting…

    • Shane

      What about that White House reporter on Fox News, Ed Henry. He asks the tough questions.

    • karen

      if only at least one person in the mainstream media would do this maybe the others would have the courage to break the code of silence!!

  • NotAnyKenny .

    The thing that people truly need to understand ALSO is: It’s just not our current President, that has suffered these transparency issues, within their respective Administrations. Yes, I agree with your point, about the current Admn, but folks, hey, this stuff has been going on for 40-to-50 years, or more. What Ms Wahl did, our stateside Journalists need to do also, but hey, look who owns their Stations. Our Journalists are jelly-backed cowards, that have all given in for the almighty paycheck. Its extremely sad, what we’ve allowed ourselves to become.

    • Anonymous

      You have obviously overlooked the fact that the first thing Obama did when he took office in 2008 was to repeal the sanctions that Bush put in place in reponse to Russia invading Georgia. That was the first sign of Obama’s weakness and lack of desire to do anything against Russia.

      The second thing he did was to reneg on the missile defense systems that Bush had agreed to in Poland and Czechoslovakia to protect those people from Russia. Again, signalling he would do nothing to stop Russian aggression.

      Then, remember the “hot mic” episode where Obama told Medviev that “after the election I will have more flexibioity”….?

      Obama has shown weakness and a belief that if he approached any country with an open hand, they would reciprocate. Every foreign country has viewed this as weakness, as a childish viewpoint, and one that does not understand how the world works.

      Take these facts into account and in doing so, its very hard not to lay this at this weak and feckless Presidents feet who even now is trying to hide yet again saying such things as “we stand with the international community” when no one in the international community is speaking out and claiming they intend to take any action at all against Russia.

      “Leading from behind” is this fools favorite phrase, and all it really meands is hiding behind others. Blatantly declaring his weakness again and again for all the world to see, and emboldening those who wish to take aggressive action having received every signal that no one, least of all the US is going to do anything to stop them. .

    • Anonymous

      Exactly right. Ever since the early 1920s the US government became a secret society where only the rich could join and hose Americans for billions. We talk about the rich 1%, but the culprits are right under your noses….Washington! Your leaders don’t have a clue what it means to earn a living, pay taxes and be honorable. First thing on the agenda is to limit terms of public service.

    • mspatdev

      obammy owns CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC AND OTHERS. This is so they will tell lies about others and not themselves. Example: Benghaki and the Boston murders. The only way they had to do reporting was that they were there for the runners. If they weren’t there for the Boston runners they would not even have said anything. They have been really bad, especially since obammy has been in office. They think he is so special, well he isn’t.

  • chip griffin

    watch close glen, he jumped higher than you, she has a dr. to caught her fall. who jumps with only GOD to caught them are the greatest of them all…

  • Mike Nelson

    It’s not just that the NYT (as an example) won’t carry your photos, it’s that a lot of network sites (CBS is the one I notice most) won’t even link to or theblaze at all from Disqus. Check your past posts to Glenn’s sites via Disqus from one of theirs (look for one on Drudge, if you have no other reference) and you’ll get a “site not found” or other “can’t go there” type of message.

    The propaganda machine is alive and well, and this woman, whom I’ve never seen nor heard of before (go figure… Russian propaganda site = why go there), needs a job with a real outlet just for her willingness to SAY TRUTH and take a stand based on her own moral compass.

    If her background is true as she states it, she’d be a great guest on Real News or The GB Program, for example.

    Props to her, I hope her family over there doesn’t suffer for this act of courage.

    • Sarah Lake

      That’s a great idea! Glenn should give her a job on The Blaze!!

  • Dale Patterson

    which hockey team was killed in an aircraft accident this past week?…

    • Anonymous

      *cough* Russia *cough*

  • Kim Moss Westbrooks

    Grant her asylum and give her a job as a news anchor here!

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t need asylum. She’s an American, and she’s already here.
      Listen again at 0:38

  • jonsen

    she needs to be on the blaze.

  • deemilio

    These people, who are criticizing Putin are nuts. He is not trying to restore the Soviet Union. Do you know that Putin was baptized as a child in secret? Yes, he was KGB at one time, but not now. I hope I am not judged for things I did when I was young. How about you Glenn, have you changed? Do you know that he is a devout Christian and has restored more than 2000 churches Russia. The Orthodox church loves him. What he is trying to do is keep the UN from flooding the country with Muslims and trying to keep the EU/UN agenda from destroying the country and establishing a Muslim state right next door, remember Chechnya? If it weren’t for the UN friendly EU, Europe would not be flooded with Muslims now where there are so many problems. I wish Obama was as anti Muslim and pro Christianity as Putin is. We might then have our country back.

    • Anonymous

      Are you retarded?

    • Anonymous

      Now, that’s a very interesting point of view. Suffice it to say that Hitler, too, considered himself a Christian Please reference the nazis along with Hitler singing “silent night” on Christmas eve.

      • Anonymous



        That’s not a fair comparison. I agree that Putin isn’t a good guy, but on he’s not on the same level as Hitler. Putin didn’t invade Crimea, his troops were already there on Russian naval and air bases. He responded to that fact that a coup deposed the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Most of the people are upset by this turn of events especially in Crimea. What he is doing in the Ukraine is opportunistic, but is no worse than us supporting and arming terrorist in Syria.

    • Anonymous

      If he’s not trying to restore the Soviet Union then why march into Crimea? All he’s doing is agitating the former republics to side with Russia and himself. If he takes Crimea, Ukraine will follow very quickly, with the support of many “Ukrainians”.

    • John Cisco

      Sorry I do not follow. Please explain again why the UN would or could flood anyone with Muslims or anyone from anywhere for that matter. I am curious also to know what country you are from, too which it has been lost to Muslims.

      And what is the EU agenda, and why an Islamic state here would help anyone. There is not exactly a lack of sectarian states to choose from, which to necessitate such action.

      • Anonymous

        There are treaties being pushed at the UN that would destroy our soverienty and national security, and open wide our borders.

        • John Cisco

          Well I would assume that you mean the EU, not the UN… . I will read some more.

          Seriously you are not at all worried that the IMF will be soon in your country. There is a far more scary future than having open borders and that is owing the IMF money.

          I think last year that IMF cut off giving money to Ukraine as the government did not raise gas prices as they (IMF) wanted to cut the budget deficit.

          Do not be so worried about borders being loose, worry about the strangle hold of economic austerity.

          • Anonymous

            You’ll have no argument from me, the IMF is just as bad as our fed reserve.

    • BlueMN

      I know right? You’d think these people would treat Putin as one of their own! He’s doing everything in Russia the Tea Party wants to do here.

    • Anonymous

      Once KGB…always KGB. Please don’t be so naive. Anyone can be baptized and claim to be a Christian.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody thinking about the beginning timing of Gog and Magog and the fall of America – the modern day Babylon?

    • Anonymous

      Not over this, no. Obama has already shown he’s not going to do anything. He keeps saying “we stand with the international community”, hiding behind others, I mean “leading from behind” like the pipsqueak is, and finding a place to hide behind like he always does…. and no one in the international community is talking about doing anything. So, no, Crimea and the Ukraine are there for the taking and no one is going to do anything about it.

    • Scottie Payne

      Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill

      Stone, and threw it into The

      *Atlantic Ocean,*

      and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

      Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

      The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21


  • Tyler Durden

    Good for her. Putin is a cunt.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Wahl got a nice interview from Neil Cavuto, and she explained why she quit RT. A couple of days ago she read a news story about Russian soldiers in the Ukraine, and she referred to the Russians as “Russian military intervention”. That phrase was censored out.

  • dennis reilly

    the cowards they are, politicians and media

  • Mike Knox

    I think it’s safe assume ALL media (including the Blaze) and the information they report is controlled by their employer and/or their funding source to some degree. I watch RT occasionally (lately for Fukushima updates since no one else is) fully expecting to get a different perspective on their world view. The reality is there are NO good guys in the Ukrainian conflict except of course the Ukrainian people, who are caught in the middle of a huge power struggle between the Russian oligarchs and the US/Israel backed (and funded) European Union. They “the people” are likely screwed either way since becoming and independent country is not on the table. In my opinion they are probably “less” screwed with Russia than they are with the EU. Either way the US needs to stay out of it.

    • Anonymous

      Like, though I disagree that we are some puppet master of the EU, nor is Israel.

  • Russell Theilman

    I doubt she has many views that would go in line with The Blaze, but, it is refreshing to see someone in the news to have the courage to stand up for what they believe in. I pray for her safety. I just wonder how far Russia would go to silence her. It’s a shame that there aren’t many journalists in America working for the main stream media that actually has a moral compass or a backbone to stand up if their moral compass directed them too.

  • Anonymous

    Why was this woman working there in the first place? I’ve watched snippets of RT in the past and found it to be nothing but a left-wing, socialist megaphone. She’s surprised that she was censored? This is the m.o. of these people. She should talk to Juan Williams. Geez!

    • Anonymous

      I concur. Their shows would be at home on MSNBC, et al.

  • Glen Spicer

    “Journalism is dead and gone”. Those words from a Don Henley song are more accurate than anyone has the courage to admit. Propaganda is the agenda of today, not truth, not honesty, not even reality. Fantasy abounds, myths are touted as fact. Journalism needs a new face, one of truth that declares lies to be lies and hype as outright, calculated lies.

    The word “misspoke” needs to be stricken from our vocabulary and the word “lied” put in its place. Politicians “misspeak” numerous times and retract it only after they are “caught” and called on it. Liars lie and someone needs to remind them that we are not that stupid or that gullible to believe the yarns they spin. Maybe I will live long enough to see it.

  • Chris Chambers

    Glenn and Company, You guys are wrong about Russia Today not having viewers. RT has the most aggregate views of any YouTube member. They went over the record threshold of one billion aggregate views some time last year.

    • Anonymous

      But the average American hasn’t heard of them. I found them while perusing the upper channels on basic TWC.

  • GetRealin2014

    I give her a lot of
    respect! As her belief and integrity is worth more to her than her
    paycheck! Now that’s a true patriot, someone that is willing to
    sacrifice in order to retain her integrity!

  • Ben Kelly

    Good for her!

  • Anonymous

    I watch RT news, especially more often than the MSM. Granted, it is a Russian news network, but even though they may be more willing to show news and videos more favorable to Russia and the middle East, on American networks they don’t show the actions against the ousted Kiev government, nor the fact that it was an unconstitutional coup under Ukraine’s constitution, neither do our networks show that the new government in Kiev is in contact with a well known Chechen terrorist.
    Russia’s excuse for intervention does ring the same as Hitler’s, but the Crimean local government’s did ask for Russia’s “help”.
    We should not rely on one news network for our info, especially in light of what our MSM and government our doing. Good for the anchor for acting on their belief’s. We have no business interfering with this situation; it is between the EU and them.

  • Rose Ingram

    Only Fox tells it like it is…the others are either cowards or like the almighty dollar more than they care about their country..

  • Anonymous

    BTW, you would think that our MSM would be unhappy that an anchor spoke out on RT. If you ever watch their “news” shows: Boom.Bust, Keiser report, Break the Set, etc, you would think they belong on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc. I hear more pro-Palestinian, anti-west, anti-capitalism junk on RT, than many of our networks, and these are American anchors! Yesterday, this guy that founded the Zeitgeist Movement/Foundation, was describing “sustainable” markets, etc, but what he described was a communist command economy with central planners; what a d**che.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Well, if one thing is clear, it’s that Hussein Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

  • russellmuscle1

    Wait till she’s on live again, when she sings Putin’s praises in a shaken voice while missing several teeth…….or fingers.

  • abelincoln

    Wow. Well done young lady. Honest Abe approves

  • Charles Hurst

    Lies about Putin? Let’s talk about the lies about Obama. There isn’t much difference between Obama and Putin–except Putin isn’t a colossal wimp. That might be the difference. I would like to know why the MSN and CNN anchors and news people aren’t walking out as well? IRA scandal. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. Disregard of the U.S. Constitution. Still got that tingle Matthews?

    What is interesting about the Ukraine/Russia situation is the now
    oppositions after the Soviet empire crumbled. Does anyone remember the
    Soviet Union? No one thought they would ever fall. And they have had
    chaos ever since. Economic failure. Dismal future.Widespread poverty.

    Now let’s look at another empire. I’ve written about this in
    fiction. The problem with our attitude in the good old U.S. is we seem
    to think we cannot fall. We haven’t even been a nation for three hundred
    years. And let’s compare us to the Ukraine now. We have economic
    instability. Our economy, the stock indexes have been falsely inflated
    for years. We are not recovering. We are continuing to spend into an already
    catastrophic debt. Would someone, like maybe you Mr. Progressive, like to
    explain to me how 17 trillion in debt with no intention of resolving it is
    going to work out just fine?

    There are theorists that see a breaking of the capitalistic United
    States like the break up of the communist Soviet Union.People are
    already talking about that. The Northwest is beginning to have the
    attitude they would be well to be rid themselves of the rest of the
    immoral country. Colorado has a county that wants to secede from the
    state. There are a few in Connecticut about to call to arms. And an
    economic downfall followed by an invasion of federal troops just might
    do it. In my own works it was certain governors that used one asset to
    combat tyranny—the National Guard. Put a few states’ units together and
    suddenly you have a sizeable force. It could happen.
    And it wouldn’t be that far fetched.

    Barry sitting in the Oval Office might want to stop threatening
    Putin and pay close attention to what happens when a people have had
    enough of government corruption over in the Ukraine. And our media should be covering his corruption. Because the last I heard the Ukrainie’s genetic DNA isn’t any different than ours. And unlike the Ukraine we have this little thing called the Second Amendment. And once invoked in mass numbers my fiction may indeed become a reality. For it was incomprehensible at one time to defy King George
    as well long ago.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Gary Knerr

    Glenn, are you going to offer her a job? FOX at least should.

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