Are we on the road to a new Cold War? Buck Sexton and Raj Nair break down the history of U.S./Russia relations

With the ongoing situation in Ukraine and tensions high between Russia and the United States, it is odd to think that these two great nations were once allies. But, during World War II, Russia and the United States worked together to defeat the Nazis. Despite their opportunity to unite, opposing ideologies prevented the two countries from agreeing on much. Today, as our relationship with Russia lies in peril over the ongoing situation with Ukraine, knowing our past becomes even more important as we make decisions for the future.

Take a quick look into the past with Raj Nair from Liberty Treehouse and Buck Sexton from Real News as they discuss Russia’s relationship with the United States and where this relationship can lead in the future.

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  • ken.

    the cold war never ended, it was only damaged and set back for a while. it was just hidden from view while it was being rebuilt. the leftists never give up.

    • Christen Lawson


      ◆◆◆ ◆䷚◆◆ ◆◆◆ ◆◆�◆ ◆◆◆Despite their opportunity to unite, opposing ideologies prevented the two countries from agreeing on much.

      • JENNY

        you are wasting your time with these comments-one check on google shows what a scam you are promoting-pay for your own advertising and leave serious comments to those who care.

  • Dirk Agia

    When will Beck talk about the Jews role in the overthrow of the Tsar and implementation of Communism? All you do is kiss Jewish @$$!

    • Connor

      He will not because it is not reality.

      • Dirk Agia

        Not reality. lol Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) begs to differ…

        • BlueMN

          Your point would be relevant if the Soviets had torn down the churches and replaced them with synagogues (which they also tore down). Antisemitism was rife under the Tsars, Jews were prominent in all opposition groups at the time.

    • SL

      It’s so surprising that there would be Jewish Communists (like all other groups in Russia) with Tzars who systematically murdered them. You know, like Stalin.

  • Gabriel

    Ukraine is now the modern symbolism of the wall of iron forming once again. Mr Obama you have lost and now you’ve become the spectator.
    We shouldn’t send money to Ukraine just because it will end up in Putin’s pocket.
    Mr Kerry stop poking the bear you have no leverage now. Sanctions are not enough to persuade Putin to withdraw. I blame Obama for taking away what leverage we had from the very beginning.
    If you disagree with me on this you need help big time.

  • landofaahs

    When countries are suffering economically especially because of the failure of the State. In order to create a scapegoat, they use war as their last resort. This goes for Russia and the U.S. The cold-war can quickly escalate into a hot war because these things cannot be controlled, especially when all the other nations of the world are in debt up to their eyeballs. Please people, do not fall for it like sheeple.

  • Connor

    Cold war never ended.

  • Tuatha De Danann

    Russia will simply take what they want. The US and the EU will not stop them. As I mentioned days before the Russians announced anything official I was notified by my source that the Russians would dump US treasuries and seize assets if the US and EU sanctioned them. Sure enough, they announced it. The US won’t do anything. If they dump our treasuries it could spark a sell off, not only that, but because we have a GLOBAL market, sanctioning Russia would cause the US and foreign markets to lose billions upon billions of dollars.

  • BlueMN

    It’s always 1953 in Glenn Beck Land.

  • Buro Cratz

    Since equal justice implies that laws apply equally to all, and the range of skills and talents varies between each of us, the same rules will naturally lead to a wide range of unequal results.

  • Anonymous

    It also doesn’t help when we have a president that is extremely weak in foreign policies, high national debt, cutting military funding, apologetic campaigns, drawing redlines with no intent to back up his claim, and you know the Middle East war is just a political machine that has been going on since 9/11… Yet on the flip side of the coin (World War II) lasted only six years.

  • Fat Lip

    Lines in the sand don’t scare real men .

  • Anonymous

    On the road to a new cold war? No, more like we were already barrelling down the freeway at 75 m.p.h.

  • Anonymous

    Communists are devious opportunists. They take and take from those who are weak. Our failure to be strong will be our downfall. They desire to dismantle the old with false promises. Communists use people and circumstances to achieve their plans.
    They should never be trusted. The biggest mistake the West made, was helping the communists win in the second world war. Because, from a tiny evil seed grew weeds, which spread all over the world.

  • Alexis Bannister

    Here we find a lamp of liberty, illuminating candid facts in the dark of our patient sufferance:

  • crcross

    It,s possible the usa will rebuild this country out of a major upheaval in world order..
    It should avoid the control of monatary involvement as it’.s appears to be a downfall to modern civilization.

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