Tonight, Glenn will present an evening of programming to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the 9/12 Project. To help celebrate, we asked listeners and viewers across the country to send in some of their stories and how the 9/12 Project impacted their life. You’ll hear plenty tonight on TheBlaze TV, but here are some of our favorites.

Jan: I have met some really wonderful, like-minded individuals, in and near my own community. It has given my husband and me a renewed sense of purpose and a way to express our beliefs.


Angela: At that original march in Washington, I met some fellow Tallahassee 912’ers. They have become some of my best friends. We even went & got matching 9.12 tattoos two years ago (to represent the date of that first rally & when we all met, as well as what 9.12 stands for). We were from different walks of life: Matt is an engineer with a big firm, I’m a small business owner (private investigations firm – 5 employees), Jerome a college student (at the time). I’m a white female, Jerome a black male, & Matt a white male. Matt & I were in our early 30’s, Jerome in his early 20’s. On the outside we might not look like we “went together,” but on the inside we were kindred spirits. We have the same belief system, the same moral compass, & the same desire to see this great Country get back on track.


Jeffery: The 9/12 group that we’re a part of really turned us around. Our first meeting was on disaster/emergency preparedness, and there were probably 30 people there. We sat in the back, afraid to ask questions (for fear that everyone else in the room would judge us). By the end of the meeting, we had met a dozen or so other members who we’re still very good friends with and wow… suddenly we felt a part of something. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the 9/12 Project changed our life.


Leah: I came up with a group called “Kids Who Care”. I have planned service projects for the kids in the community to come participate in. The catch is the kids have to first, WORK and earn money. They can do chores, a bake sale, scoop poop for the neighbors, whatever they can do to earn some money. Then they DONATE the money for all the supplies. Our service project have varied. We have made goodie bags for kids in the hospital a few times. We have decorated a flower pot and then planted a flower in it and delivered to a care home for the elderly. We earned $350 (which is pretty good for kids earning the money) to donate to a boy who has disabilities and needed to buy a $10,000 service dog. Plus several other service projects. It has been an amazing experience and my kids who are only 8, 6 and 3 have been able to see how hard work and giving is so important. I know this isn’t exactly the 9/12 project, but that is what inspired me to do something similar on a kid level.


Molly: My husband and I have made preparations to provide for our family and hopefully a few others in need. I am courageous. I am not afraid. I know that God is with me always, wherever I may go.


Jackie: My husband says I came back from DC a changed person. My language, my patience and my attitude improved significantly. And when I talk about the love and giving that was there that day, my eyes light up…. Even though I flew there alone, I found immediate acceptance into a family of new friends.


Colleen: After the start of the 9/12 project I realized there were many just like myself… My husband and I attended the Restoring Honor Rally. We traveled from Wyoming to D.C. for the first time in our lives. We met some of the most wonderful people who we remain in contact with.

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