How have you changed in the last five years?

Tonight, Glenn will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the 9/12 Project with a special night of programming. At 5pm ET, Glenn sits down with an audience of 9/12 members to discuss the evolution the movement has undergone these last 5 years. The evening continues at 8PM ET as Glenn narrates a special presentation of Meet John Doe starring the legendary Gary Cooper.

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On radio this morning, Glenn poignantly reflected on the transformation he has experienced and he asked the audience to consider the same.

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Tonight at 5 o’clock is the five year anniversary of the 9/12 Project. I invite you to join us. We have asked for people to tell us: How has your life changed. Have you gotten married because of the 9/12 Project? Are there any kids that have come from the 9/12 Project? How are you a different person than you were? And I really want you to ask yourself that question: How have you changed in the last five years?

If you haven’t changed, maybe you should look into that. Because I mean, really? All of these things in the world have been going on and you’re still the same person? I will tell you that many of the people who voted for Barack Obama would say, ‘I’m the same person.’ The people who are going to lead the world in the next phase, are the ones who have dug down deep right now.


So how have you changed in the last five years? The TEA Party, I know has changed a lot of people and changed a lot of people politically. You’ve become more active but that wasn’t really the main focus of the 9/12 Project. It was happenstance that the TEA Party went to Washington for the very first march on 9/12. That was the date that I issued five years ago next week. Five years ago next week, I said, ‘We’re gonna meet again on 9/12. And I’m gonna tell you what I’m doing. And I want to see what you’re doing.’

You showed me what you were doing. You went to Washington, D.C. That’s what you were doing. I told you then we were going to Washington, D.C. for Restoring Honor because that’s what I was doing. I was working on the 40 Days and 40 Nights Challenge. I was working on: Let’s be Americans. You went and said, ‘I want my country back. I don’t want to slide into socialism.’ You became politically active. You knew who you were. You started teaching your children. And the 9/12 Project was a big part of that.

But also the 9/12 Project was about more than just parties. It was about much more than, at least to me. It was about values and principles. What are those values and principles? Tonight, we are going to go over those again. And I’m going to do something else… At 8 o’clock tonight, I invite you and your family to gather around the TV and watch our first Blaze movie. We have never played a movie on the Blaze before. Tonight we’re going to. Tonight, we’re going to play an old Frank Capra movie. Frank Capra is the guy who did It’s a Wonderful Life. If you liked It’s a Wonderful Life you’re going to love Meet John Doe.


This is such an amazing story, and a lost Frank Capra film that you need to see. Maybe you have already seen it. Watch it again. And I want you to watch it with new eyes tonight. I want you to watch this movie and realize where you were five years ago. You were at the beginning of this five years ago.


I want you to watch it not just as a history lesson, not just as a good movie, but I also really want you to watch the last scene because I’m going on vacation this next week. When I come back, we’re gonna tell you about something. You know the phrase ‘let sleeping dogs lie’? They didn’t. They didn’t let a sleeping dog lie. They kicked the sleeping dog over and over and over again. Beware of dog. The dog is awake. The dog is on guard. And if we have each other, if we really understand the principles behind Meet John Doe, politics go into its rightful place. Politics is only a reflection. Done right, politics is only a reflection of the people.

What does that mean? That’s why the 9/12 Project was about values and principles… We knew that somebody had to stand guard and say, this is the truth – for the record. Let history mark for the record this is what happened. We knew that TheBlaze had to exist because nobody was giving you the truth. I’ve seen the boardrooms from inside. I’ve seen the news and how it’s made from all sides. And I knew there had to be someone.

Please, please watch this movie tonight. You will understand so much of what I have been cryptically saying to you for a long time. You will understand so much. I knew we had to start TheBlaze to tell the truth, but there is another component. It’s not just the news. It’s not just a political movement. It is cultural.

And so when I come back from vacation, after you have watched this movie tonight, I’m coming back with a new challenge to you. And you will understand in the next 6 months where we’re going and what we’re doing. Where I’m going, what I’m doing, I will make the same challenge to you. Except it won’t be a 6-month challenge. This time it will be in one year. I will show you exactly where I’m going. You will know it. You show me what you’ve done. We win in the end.

  • landofaahs

    5 Years ago I did not like liberals, now I can’t stand them.

    • Christen Lawson


      ◆◆◆ ◆䷚◆◆ ◆◆◆ ◆◆�◆ ◆◆◆The people who are going to lead the world in the next phase, are the ones who have dug down deep right now.

      • landofaahs

        There will always be cockroaches(democrats).

        • David Croquet

          so, you exclusive suck the cockmeat of republicans? That makes you a superrepublican!

  • Connor

    I have change 5 years ago. I was not awake and could careless about politics now I know that to ignore power hungry people and you get screwed so it is better to watch them.

  • suz

    cave canem.

  • Robert Starkand

    I don’t know why Glenn keeps calling “Meet John Doe” a lost Frank Capra film. It’s been playing on TCM every year several times a year and especially during the Christmas season.

    • David Croquet

      Beck had never heard of it, so that makes it a lost film. Beck also won’t watch R-rated films, so “12 Years a Slave” does not exist

  • Francisco Ringoli

    While confused about reason’s origins, collectivists claim that society must be controlled by small groups of intellectuals and academics.

    • 7tom7

      I hope that Glenn for his movie night gain release rights to the movie The Mortal Storm made in 1940 with James Stewart , resemble what going on in our country today which is a perfect match to Nazi Germany in the mid 1930 !!!!! Maybe it will wake up more people where this country is going !!!!

      • landofaahs

        An excellent movie which I have.

  • 7tom7

    The dirty trick of cutting the mike wire, it may of happen before for real ,?? When Netanyahu of Israel in his first speech to U.S Congress on his warning of threats to U.S from terrorists and Muslims radicals it was carry on C-SPAN believe it was during Clinton Presidency !!! I wanted to listen to this speech ,had Comcast at time right before the Israel President about to speak I loss the sound ??????????? This went on for the whole speech of no sound switch to other stations quickly for a few second sound was ok to check my TV and Comcast in general !!!! I don ‘t how large of a area that was affected , town,state,region or all of the U.S?????? I don’t put anything pass the politicians of both party to do anything to keep the people in the dark to fool them on their party agenda !!!!!!!! Maybe it was just a technology malfunction ??? ,or that what they want you to believe ???????????????????? The area that this took place was in the area of Boston ,Mass

  • landofaahs

    I’m against liberal republicans too. I am not a shill for any party as you seem to be. But I could care less about your vapid opinion anyway.

  • Joe Dokes

    MEET JOHN DOE used to be a favorite in my younger, stupider days, until I matured enough to see what an anti-captialism, pro-socialism film it is (at points subtly, at others rather overtly). The worst part, though, is the modernists’ blasphemy of reducing Christ to the first John Doe who came and died to keep alive the John Doe movement [read: the “social gospel” that was gaining steam in those days].

    Superimposing the Tea Party onto MJD is clumsy, lazy and a complete 180° from the film’s actual message. Most TP members would be insulted by the comparison.

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