Pat explains why Harry Reid is the worst human being on the planet

On Monday, Pat published a contributor piece on boldly titled: “Harry Reid is the Worst Living Human Being on The Planet.” That might sound like a pretty hyperbolic assertion when you consider the actions of, say, Kim Jung Un, Vladimir Putin, or Robert Mugabe, but Pat lays out a pretty convincing argument.

On radio this morning, Pat provided further evidence of Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) general horribleness with this audio compilation:

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“That’s incredible. Isn’t that something,” Glenn said. “He said all of them are untrue. This guy is not a good guy.”

While Glenn wasn’t quite ready to commit to Sen. Reid being the worst person on the planet, Pat did not mince any words.

“He’s the worst living person,” Pat concluded. “You can find [the article] on TheBlaze.”

Check out Pat’s entire argument HERE.

  • ken.

    there are plenty of other leftists still alive who are just as bad or worse. what about vlad the invader.

    • Christen Lawson


      ◆◆◆ ◆䷚◆◆ ◆◆◆ ◆◆�◆ ◆◆◆but Pat lays out a pretty convincing argument.

      • Anonymous

        How can this be allowed?

        • Bippo

          Darned if I know. Apparently no one is filtering posts because they appear immediately. The site really needs a “flag as offensive” option to alert those in charge to delete stuff like this. Hopefully no poor souls fall for this garbage..

          • bumpkin

            Oh, her monniker is spam, but they let her stay because she comments on the articles at the bottom of her bucket. Try to just overlook the LONNNNNG name…

          • ken.

            no, HE gets deleted and banned but comes back under a new name and account. over and over and over, etc,..

          • ken.

            he is the same dude that after being deleted and banned he comes back under a new name and account. we do have a flag option, at the top right hand corner of each post there is a small flag you can click on. it only shows when you move your mouses curser anywhere directly on the post.

        • BlueMN

          What do have against entrepreneurial capitalism? I would think spam would be welcomed here, of all places.

          • Anonymous

            This is just my thoughts! These discussions are pertaining to important events that are going on in our lives, if everybody here replied to this or any other discussion with an advertisement.(Spamming) nobody would want to comment on anything because they would have to filter through all the spam garbage,(and nobody here! has anything against entrepreneurial capitalism, but just like anything there is a proper time and place for everything! Most people are aware that this person/s are peddling a fraudulent scam! It’s based upon a pyramid scheme,

          • Anonymous

            Here’s an example that I wrote once before!

            Well let’s see here. Uncle Zachary and uncle Michael got a Mercedes-Benz, uncle James got a Mazda, uncle Harrison got a infinity, and uncle Gabriel received a Dodge charger. How many uncles do you have! Obviously you can’t keep your story straight! Spam elsewhere!.

        • ken.

          he gets deleted and keeps coming back under a new name and account.

  • Deckard426

    Behind every loin cloth is Reid’s face.

  • landofaahs

    What was it that Dirty Harry Reid said a few years back about common people coming in to the Nation’s Capital as tourists coming into the Capital building? “You can literally smell them” is what he said. If that doesn’t show the disdain Reid has for the common American citizen, I don’t know what will.

    • bumpkin

      Well, that smell of vulgar politician, like a smelly dog, DOES rub off if you get close enough. Perhaps that is what he is smelling. Its said that a fox smells his own hole first. Nothing like the smell of home, eh, Reid? You sleazy little man!

  • AG Dot Com!

    It is staggering that Harry Reid has been allowed to continue serving in the United States government. He is very seriously the most incredibly brazen liar I have ever seen in my life, and I have been around politics since 1978.

    • Bippo

      I totally agree with you. Harry Reid is absolutely and definitely the most incredibly brazen liar I too have ever seen (with the possible exception of you-can-keep-your-insurance-period Barack Obama), and I have been around politics so long that my first presidential vote was for Barry Goldwater in 1964. The reason Harry Cockroach Scumbag Reid always gets away with spewing lies and slanders, which I heard yesterday on Fox, is that when he does it on the floor of the U.S. Senate, he has total immunity from any and all legal consequences of being the world’s biggest liar and slanderer. He is a rotten, pathetic excuse for a human being. I don’t think he has a shred of human decency anywhere in his entire body. And notice, he is always in the immunity position at the podium on the U.S. Senate floor when he hurls his filth – never anywhere else ever. He never sits for an interview about his lies and slanders, and he never says a word about his lies and slanders to all those reporters who follow him around the capitol building. He is the ultimate spineless coward!

      • bumpkin

        Dang. I wish they also had a button here that said “GOSPEL TRUTH” on it!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Harry Reid was looking into a mirror while saying (lies)! I don’t believe Harry Reid is misinformed or ignorant, just a flat-out liar… It amazes me at how low some people will go to further their own and others’ agendas!

  • Connor

    If this was back in the days of our founders Reid would of most likely joined Benedict Arnold in stabbing our country men and women in the back an call Washington a liar for pointing it out. It is a perfect example who these liberals can care less how the bill hurts people because they will just shut you up by saying if you do not support us your lying racist homophobe traitor. I am sorry the only traitors to the Constitution are the one’s demanding loyalty to Obama instead of to the Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    The only way to get rid of Harry Reid is for all Americans to stop going to Las Vegas. If we don’t send a message to Vegas, Reid will hold that seat until he dies in office just like Byrd (KuKluxKlan) and Ted Kennedy (drunk driver who killed a young girl he planned on having sex with).
    All American should boycott Vegas until Reid is gone, period. There are plenty of other places to gamble now. Decades ago, Vegas was the only option, that is not the case today. Boycott Vegas until Reid is removed from office, he is clearly one of the most obscene, embarrassing individuals to ever serve in public office. And that includes the Barney Frank’s of the world. Reid is even more despicable.

    • dennis reilly

      I love Vegas but this is a good idea

    • Anonymous

      Thats never going to happen Beamer.

      • bumpkin

        Hey. I (underline and bold that I) am right now hereby stating that I am boycotting Vegas until Reid is recalled! There. Done. You wont catch me in Vegas until then.

      • Crassus

        In case you haven’t noticed the economy of Nevada has been in the tank for quite a while now. People are already staying away from Las Vegas in droves. Harry Reid still got re-elected.

    • Curly Mudgeon

      This is an idea that smokes!
      Put the pressure on that lying piece of excrement by boycotting Vegas – no place in the country is more venal than Vegas …. except Washington.
      Stay away from Vegas until they upchuck Reid.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Dirty Harry is the epitome of a Liberal Loon…mean-spirited, bitter, nasty, intolerant, and a Pinocchio ninny who couldn’t tell the truth even if his life depended on it. I hope Republicans win the Senate. That way Americans can finally close the casket on this poor, demented soul.

    • bumpkin

      Oh, I wish to be a butterfly on the wall of Heaven during judgement. Let he who is without sin…. But still, Reid is CLEARLY hard to take because every lie he tells is a misrepresentation of those who hired him to represent them. Its a shame they don’t boot him to the curb. Bears false witness…daily, he does.

  • Anonymous

    This man is a spineless puke.

  • Anonymous

  • Melanie

    And he can’t understand how Mormons can be Conservatives

  • Anonymous

    Obamacare seems to be a sneaky way to cover the costs for illegal aliens because hospitals are required to treat them, it’s a tax whether penalty or signup for the Obamacare. Harry Reid is not human, a human cares about people . He is a man paid to say certain things, he talks to the public like they are ignorant children who have no say. He doesn’t care what this is doing to people, he is happy to be getting his check and probably like Pelosi not involved with the program. I read where people are paid to attack people in blogs or facebook that criticize Obamacare. Folks, when you see that — a group of you should go after that person verbally until they give up condemning the people who openly criticized Obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt in my mind that Reid is a rabid communist just like Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Nevada is a “union state” so that is why this excuse is still in DC. One would
      wish for the magic fairy to come and fly away to never land with him.

  • Anonymous

    The Socialists use ANY TACTIC that furthers their agenda,regardless of who they ACTUALLY HARM,but I also disagree with respect…Before I came to America my Uncle”disappeared” for speaking of GOD,and was turned in to the Stasi….never to be heard from again.
    Native born Americans take SO much for GRANTED.
    But Reid,Pelosi,and Comrade Obama…WILL NEVER SUFFER or experience what they claim they are”fighting for” for Americans and America.
    IT is the GREAT Foresight of the Founding Fathers,and the U.S.Constitution,that is keeping the SOCIALISTS from the COMPLETE RUINATION of the Greatest COUNTRY that the WORLD ENVIES,and we immigrants ASPIRE to be part of..and it is almost Always because we’re escaping COMMUNISM OR SOCIALISM….WE CAN SPOT IT A MILE AWAY or in the Congress and White House.
    Thank you America,Americans,and the U.S.MILITARY!!!

  • dennis reilly

    does anyone live with this evil, please stop him with the whole cloth,just the sound of his voice is sickening

    • bumpkin

      Not as bad as Obama… but close

  • dennis reilly

    Harry would never go so far as to say he would pay the bill himself if the truth weren’t lies

  • Anonymous

    Pat, Harry Reid can’t be the worst human being on the planet, you just don’t like him is all. Politically he may not be much since he might be talking up the party line but as a human being, well, you would have to know who he is personally. Maybe you do and he is. But hardly anyone else would know about that.

  • sickandtired

    Those of you having these problems send your bills to Harry Reid and let your healthcare provider know where your payments should be coming from. Perhaps if he receives enough of them he’ll grow a brain. One could only dream.

  • spockmckoy

    I keep hoping harry assumes room temp asap………..

  • Tuatha De Danann

    Harry Reid should have been indicted back in the 70’s by the FBI for working with organized crime… never happened. Why the good people of Nevada allow the unions and certain organizations to push for the re-election of Reid is beyond me…

  • con_c_kwense

    Where vile evil-ness is concerned, there’s not much to choose from between holder, bummer, pelosi, reid and the female clinton – they each are compulsive, congenital liars, crooks and perverts, who between them haven’t done a day’s honest labour in their entire revolting lives yet each is a millionaire – but there are a lot of qualified challengers for the MOST evil in the ‘crat cabal – jackson lee, waters, turbin, the entire black caucus…and on and on…
    …but remember, being called evil, liar, crook, devious, pervert by normal, decent patriotic Americans, is considered, and worn as a badge of honor by these mentally defective, criminally insane cretins…
    …but as wicked, disgusting and revolting as these crooks are, how about the morons who voted for them…time after time…?? how dumb and crazy are they??

  • BlueMN

    Harry Reid makes a good point about the lies being told on the right about the ACA. Kudos to him for pointing out the truth!

    • jk

      That must be sarcasm. No human with a functioning brain could make that statement.

  • Robert Doell

    Are you Americans really this stupid? pres Obama has been repeatedly lying to everyone from Bp gulf oil too dangerous but uses US $ to Brazil Oil and Soros company, Benghazi killing Americans, Obamacare killing people because it stopped peoples health coverage, supports partial birth abortion, people losing gulf jobs despair and commit suicide IRS targeting of Conservatives More than tampering in the Free Speech and Democratic political process and then because your Fellow American Idiot Leader of the Senate Harry Reid makes an evil comment and further supports the Presidents Lies you decide Reid is the bad one. WAKE UP you bunch of Moronic fools and see your President is acting as the Devil and Reid is one of his Demonic minions.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Robert we know – this whole thing is one lousy hand dealt friggen POKER game with the Devils Democraps. There is only one way out TERM LIMITS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    … “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.’ ‘Lies.”

    The only true statement from Dirty Harry Reid.

  • bumpkin

    I am so sad to say that I believe he is a liar and a shill of Satan’s. And that is harsh. Very harsh, but I have watched him over and over. -Well, it COULD be that the man is one of the dumbest men on the planet, but I am not sure about that. IF he is just stupid, then – well, a person can be easily misled, but Reid would have to be REALLY dumb to believe everything he has said. I think he speaks for money. The root of all evil is the love of and the lust for money. You would think since he is professed to be a Christian that he would KNOW better than to misbehave like he does. I suppose a con man’s cover could include professing to be a Christian.

    • ken.

      it’s not just the money but also the power and control.

  • Glen Spicer

    I looked up “Liar” in the dictionary and there was a picture of Harry Reid there. (Okay, don’t call me a liar, but it should be there.)

  • suz

    i agree w/pat.

  • Anonymous

    Harry Reid is not the worst human being on the earth, nor is he a liar, nor is he misinformed. To be any of them he would have to be a sentient man.

    Like most of you on this forum I am conservative, but for those more leftward leaning who contribute let me say that I have respect for the honest opinions of the left. I like Joe Lieberman – and even Dennis Kocinich. I could name many more on the left, both in government and the media whom I respect, but disagree with.

    Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and others – I think they are sincere in their beliefs although I think they are patently wrong and don’t understand the world. Take another California female, Nancy Pelosi, and we have a junior Harry Reid.

    Harry and Nancy (and Alan Grayson and others) seem to have lost their brains somewhere. Harry, according to his history, was a boxer. Nancy, also in her history, was a San Francisco flower child. Too many blows to the head in the former case, and too many “blows” in the latter – no sentient brain left. They are automatons of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

    When one has no sense of reality one cannot lie. That is different than having a sense of privilege that allows a lie. I knew Teddy Kennedy, I skied with him fity years ago.

    A digression, that I’m sure many of you will enjoy. In the winter of ’61/’62 a group of us rented a failed hotel for the winter at Sugarbush, VT (the “jet set” went there, but we were known as the “Piper Cub” set). We rented out rooms and held parties to cover our costs for the winter’s skiing. Teddy and his entourage arrived just after midnight one Saturday night (he was Senator elect, not yet in office).The fancy place he hung out in had closed at midnight under Vermont law, but they had all heard of the parties at The Brook’s Place. At about the same time one of the toilets on the first floor overflowed. My friend Clive Michaels and I did the cleanup. I had a big wide push broom and was moving the mess across the linoleum floor toward the front door, which was a half flight of stairs above the ground. Once I got it all close to the door and moving I signaled Clive to open the door and I started shoving the offal out the door. It was just than moment when Teddy, leading his contingent, had his hand up to knock on the door. No time to stop, I had my slush moving. Caught Teddy smack in the face with the muck.

    OK, so I got off topic – but I thought you might like to know that I’m the only man who has swept piss in Teddy Kennedy’s face. And for those who liked him or his politics, I happen to know more about him as a man who knew him, and as one who knew the diver at Chappaquick first on the scene,than has come out (the diver called on the Monday morning at my office).

    For all the failings of the old left, and many of the new left, there is nothing like the the incredibly brainwashed failure of what is becoming a majority of the new left. They don’t lie, they aren’t misinformed – the Reids and Pelosis’s have no concept of reality so have no understanding of truth.

    They are not living persons, they are automatons. I object to the Democrat representatives that offer only talking points, but I understand them. Chris van Holland is a regular excuse maker on Fox News, and although I hate to hear him he is at least parroting a text. Others express and argue views I disagree with, I respect them. The automatons like Reid, Pelosi, Grayson and others have no identity other than their programming.

    • Crassus

      Dude, you lost me when you said you had some respect for Barbara Boxer. That alone negates your entire post.

      • Anonymous

        Crassus, on reconsideration I accept your comment. I’ll stand by Feinstein and Leiberman – but not Boxer. I was trying to make the point that I can respect those with different viewpoints if I feel they are honest. I think I went a bit too far in including Barbara Boxer.

        I’m on the east coast, in NJ, and we have a local who wants Reid’s job. Chuck Schumer of NY is dishonest and personally ambitious. He is not as far to the left as some I respect (Dennis Kucinich) for their consistency, although disagree with their opinions, but Schumer is a weasel playing the game. I respect Bernie Sanders of VT, an avowed Socialist, for standing by his principles – although his principles are totally wrong in my opinion.

        I stretched it by including Boxer – I wasn’t thinking of the details of her career, just tossed her in.

  • BOB

    We get the government we ask for. Maybe the rest of the country should look at boycotting the state of Nevada until those people remove Harry. Lets put pressure on those that can most effectively and swiftly fix the problem.

  • John Scott

    The real problem with Harry Reid is that he hates Republican’s so much that he has convinced himself that everything coming from a non Democrat is a lie. Its really pathetic and its not just Reid that thinks this way. We know politicians lie, we know they selectively choose facts and figures. Its one thing to call another politician a liar. Its much worse to call American’s liars. Harry Reid does no American any good. He is a disgrace to himself and America. In my mind, he may be mentally unstable. I am not sure he knows what is reality anymore?

    • Anonymous

      The way I see Mr. Reid is: as a normal citizen he would have been sent into retirement 20 years ago. (all the “others” too btw.) But because of him being such a “lip-licking” old fool they kept him around for the time being – you never know when you need another dirty Harry? he acts, talks and probably is SENILE for all to see and hear. Time to go home Harry – get on your wife’s nerves for a change – Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Expanding democratic processes can be achieved by increasing the number of persons eligible to vote, expanding the scope of issues determined by democratic methods, or both.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Dirty Harry is a bottom of the sewer lowlife, but WTH are the people who keep electing him?

  • Anonymous


  • Merry Lou Masonry

    The Catholic church spoke out against the Kennedy’s taking communion because of their stand on abortion rights……Why hasn’t the LDS church taken similar action against Harry Reid???????

    • Anonymous

      The Kennedy’s professed their Catholicism, Harry Reid is a nominal Morman. I understand your question. The Roman Catholic church has strict rules as to the ability to take the sacraments – and belief in all the doctrines of the church are required. I have no idea as to whether the LDA has similar rules, or sacraments – but it is clear that Harry Reid wouldn’t satisfy them.

      The real problem is those who profess to a religion for political purposes but don’t abide by that religion. Nancy Pelosi also professes to be Catholic. Mitt Romney gave away his inheritance to the LDS charities, Harry Reid keeps what he has made.

      I am Episcopalian, at least by birth and training. To paraphrase Will Rogers (“I belong to no organized political party, I’m a Democrat” – he said that before they became a monolith) – I belong to no organized religion, I’m Episcopalian. Actually I”m atheist (not an Atheist) in that I don’t have the knowledge (I’m agnostic, without knowledge in translation from the old Greek).

      The Kennedys chose, and still choose, to profess those parts of their religion that fit their life style and political ambiitions. Harry Reid does the same, were he to move to NYS and run again his Mormnism would disappear. Love him or hate him, Mitt Romney has lived his Morman religion.

      The Episcopal church is not going to take action against me for my heresy, I don’t profess my belief (or lack of it). The LDS is not going to disavow Harry Reid, and shouldn’t, as he doesn’t profess their faith. Harry Reid is not asking for the LDS equivalent of communion, he is just saying that he was brought up in the Morman church.

      Oh my, what a lot of stuff. I guess I’m saying that we can all pretend to a church or belief by saying it – and the church can’t say that we don’t. But the church can exclude us from its sacred ceremonies. In my long life I’ve attended many services in the church where I was baptised and confirmed.(not the specific local church). I have sung the hymns and anthems I learned as a choir boy, I have recited the general confession. I have not gone to the altar rail to take communion.

      It is my very respect for the church and its rituals that makes me want to participate in the celebrations and also not take the sacraments that involve a commitment to the strict beliefs of the church.

      The Kennedys could easily maintain their religious belief by converting to Episcopalian or Anglican, after all Henry VIII did that when he broke with the Vatican. They want to keep their Irish/American base – but the old Irish Christianity until the invasion of the English “Romans” of the 12th C. was not Roman Catholic, it was the Christianity of the old Jewish idea of the direct relationship between a man and his God – the very issue that brought Christ to the cross in his confrontation with the priestly class that had grown in Judea.

      Wow, do I ramble – and I could go on for hours. The simple answer is that there is no answer – at least in this life. Is there a God, and if there is then is he Catholic, Morman, Methodist or Muslim (we Episcopalians don’t really care, we seem to accept the latest fad). The real test of a man is how he deals with his beliefs, does he bend them for political purpose, or perhaps claim them for political purpose.

      I have but one belief – the Ten Commandments may have been given by God to Moses or may be a bunch of social rules evolved in the evolution of social mankind over the millennia. Either way they are good rules. The first two seem to involve a belief in one God, but also could be interpreted to say that the God is totality of man. Frankly I don’t give a dam (and that is not a mispelling, the old phrase comes from a “tinker’s dam” which was a bit of clay a tinker used to form the molten metal he used to repair a pot or pan). Respect for all, no matter their God, if they follow the good words and principles of the Commandments (and some don’t).

      Harry Reid shows no principles, his claim to the LDS is not reciprocal. Were the LDS to take action against him they would be denying their own principles – that their church is voluntary and the members are of a philosophy rather than a list. .

  • WASP


  • Daxton Brown

    I wrote the only bio of Reid. I used to work with the guy who was his campaign manager 65 to 75. Picked up bags of cash for pimp Joe Conforte at Mustang Ranch for reid. Go here for reid/bundy ranch dirt. www dot futurnamics dot com / reid_bundyranch.php

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