According to State Department records, Hillary Clinton logged nearly one million miles during her tenure as Secretary of State. But what did she actually accomplish? According to Democrats, not much. A new video, produced by the conservative Media Research Center, shows several attendees at a Democratic National Committee meeting who are unable to “think of a single Hillary achievement.”

When you consider these are probably politically active Democrats (given that they are attending a DNC gathering), the lack of substance speaks volumes.

“What’s crazy is these are Democrats at a DNC convention? These are political Democrats,” Pat said. “These are the people who are going to be voting for her, and they have no idea why. They can’t name one accomplishment?!”

Glenn could not get over the man who claimed there wasn’t a lot of focus on foreign policy during her time as Secretary of State. While you can certainly argue the Obama Administration has done nothing to strengthen the United States’ reputation abroad, there certainly were foreign policy issues on her watch.

“Are you kidding me,” Glenn asked. “The Responsibility to Protect… Libya, the Arab Spring, Benghazi… Remember she’s the Secretary of State, so our foreign relationships are dependent, really, on her.

In the spirit of Clinton’s now infamous Benghazi testimony, Glenn concluded that he would have had a simple answer for the reporter: What difference, at this point, does it make?

Sadly, it seems like many likely 2016 voters seem to feel that way.

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