10-year-old suspended for brandishing ‘level 2 lookalike firearm’ (aka his fingers)

A 10-year-old Ohio student was suspended for three days last week after he brandished a ‘level 2 lookalike firearm.’ What constitutes a ‘level 2 lookalike firearm,’ you may ask? The student pointed his index finger and thumb like a gun at another student. This ‘violent’ act violated the school’s zero-tolerance gun policy.

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“I just want to ask you real quick,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “If I say to you: Somebody in this building has a ‘level two look-alike firearm.’ What do you think that is?”

“I’m thinking it’s one of those like my son has, maybe an AR-15-looking… air soft gun,” Pat responded. “[Something that] looks very real.”

“A water pistol, maybe,” Stu added.

While it is unclear how many levels of lookalike firearms exist, Glenn speculated as to why such a harsh term would be used to describe a finger gun.

“Why would they change the name from a finger gun to a level 2 look-alike firearm,” Glenn asked. “It’s a finger gun. Stop it! And when your kids come home and they say, ‘Johnny got suspended because he had a class 2 look-alike firearm,’ you get that in and you’re like, ‘What the hell is a class 2 look-alike firearm? I’m against that. What the hell is Johnny doing?’”

The school district has refused to back down from its decision to suspend the fifth grader. TheBlaze reports:

Jeff Warner, a spokesman for the district, told the Columbus Dispatch that Devonshire Principal Patricia Price has told students on numerous occasions that they’re not to invoke images of guns when playing and said the students should be aware of the rules.

Warner said warnings have been included in at least three school newsletters sent to parents.

The district spokesman said Nathan put his finger to another students head and pretended to shoot him “execution style.”

“The kids were told, ‘If you don’t stop doing this type of stuff, there would be consequences,’” Warner said. “It’s just been escalating.”

Ultimately, These fancy terms do nothing more than instill fear in a situation that is otherwise harmless.

“You know your hand can’t become a firearm, so the description is a lie,” Pat concluded. ”It’s just stupid. It’s just stupid.”

  • Mike N

    Typical left, liberal, reaction. Zero tolerance also means zero common sense. It takes ‘reasonable’ out of the equation. Zero tolerance policies are intended to lawyer proof disciplinary actions by the left. “We had to punish that student for anything that has anything to do with guns because guns are bad.” The left is demonizing guns, just like they have pretty successfully done in California. Brainwashing the people to support the disarmament of honest citizens. A disarmed citizen is one that can not resist anything the armed authorities dictate. History is repeating itself. Again.

    Renaming things what they are not is also a typical tactic to confuse and distort the truth, aka facts. Level 2 look-alike firearm violation? Sounds serious. When in fact, it is just children playing. Illegal alien becomes undocumented immigrant. Funny how the people in every “Peoples Republic” have no say in the rules they are forced to live under. It is a republic that is anything but for/by the people. Just like the “affordable care act”. It makes health insurance anything but affordable. It makes insurance unaffordable for 80% of the people. I am a pharmacist of 38 years. I have spoken with literally hundreds of people and have not found a single one that has benefited from Obamacare. But Harry Reid says the are ALL lying.

    • Melissa William

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      ❅❅❅ �❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅�❅ ❅❅❅Had he just flipped his middle finger he would have been lauded as person displaying courage.

    • Anonymous

      Simple! Political correctness equals control… Always has been and will be if left unchecked!

  • landofaahs

    Had he just flipped his middle finger he would have been lauded as person displaying courage. Unless of course he were flipping off a progressive then he would be classified as a racist homophobic hater.

  • Bonnie Somer

    this is what holder himmler said if they cannot get ur kids to hate guns they will brainwash them this is it. they want sheep not individuals look at connecticut and maryland they are sending confiscation notices to law abiding gun owners just that the prob is criminals getting illegal guns. they hypocricy is disgusting

  • Beth Burch

    When are the parents going to ask all of the other childen to join in and make finger guns, too? I bet when schools don’t have enough students to get their maximum funding (because they’ve suspended them all) then these stupid rules will be eliminated.

  • Anonymous

    If a finger is a “level 2 lookalike firearm,” what the heck is a level 1? Wait….don’t tell me….if you THINK about the image of a gun, that’s a level 1 lookalike firearm. Definitely a suspendable offense. After all, if a child’s thoughts are not controlled by the school system and a governmentally controlled society in general, they could potentially become a murderer.

    How, oh how, did we ever grow up normally or survive without the nannying of the government so that we would develop morals? Oh, sorry to all you liberals out there…I forgot…morals to you guys are relative, not absolute….it’s governmental CONTROL that should be absolute when you imagine the perfect world.

    • russellmuscle1

      Level 1 = pop tart, the ultimate symbol of death

      • Anonymous

        Good call. The question that I have is, does this “level” concept exist within the body of law or is it simply another “zero tolerance” policy gone awry? If so, the school district is trying to exercise power to establish a body of law within the law that is not subject to review by the public. Gee, I wonder which of our elected officials is trying to do that?

  • Anonymous

    A finger is not a firearm or gun. This person, P. Price, is devoid of any aspect of imagination or too burdened by regulations to have imagination or institute mind control. Certainly would recommend a lawyer’s intervention and damages to settle how deadly Level 2 finger pointing can be.

  • Deckard426

    On a positive note, if they suspend him, he won’t have to go to all the gay, lesbian, transgender, two-mommy, group masturbation classes that he’s supposed to take.

    • Anonymous

      Closed fist with pointer-finger and thumb sticking out = unacceptable behavior.

      Homosexual activities, physical gender mutilation, and self-sexual stimulation = acceptable behavior? And not only that, but they try to get kids to understand and accept these things as being normal and healthy?

      • Nathan Schmidt

        Seriously?? No my school never did that your being ignorant. Race and teen pregnancy is what they teach you is ok. Its everyone elses kids that make it about sexual orientaion

    • sharon ferguson

      How far south csn our society go!

  • CrapsDealer

    Level 2 Insanity

    • D. Kiiskila

      with Class 1 Morons running the show

  • Anonymous

    Are we sure that this Principle isn’t a class 2 lookalike human? Perhaps she is only a shell, without a brain, therefore she cannot leave the programming in her CPU?

  • russellmuscle1

    I think these people should be punished. They are dealing with the threat of armed psycho’s coming into schools and blowing innocent children away by taking it out on the very children being victimized. How dare they, how dare the schools, the states and our federal government treat our children this way. They can’t be bothered to come up with real solutions to protect children, they can’t be bothered to have some real security at the schools we are forced by law to send our children to. They can’t be bothered to put a little effort, spend a little money….or do anything other than use the deaths of our children to their political “advantage”. Now, they have the audacity to punish these children for their inability to protect them? It’s sickening. No wonder so many choose to homeschool.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    What next liberals are you going to cut the hands of children because they can make hand in the shape of a gun?

    • Fat Lip

      Keep up with the nonsense brother and you will regret my pop tart .

      • Candy Kriegel

        Idk. I’m known around these parts for being the fastest chewer in the West. I bet I could chew out the shape of a pop tart faster than you. 😉

        • Fat Lip

          Oh yea i’ll take that challenge I’ve been known to change a Milky Way into a snub nose 357 in about 3 to 4 seconds well that’s on a good day anyhow ; }

  • Billy Beefcaked


    May his tyrannical reign bring socialism, communism, through the means of Marxism!!!

  • Fat Lip

    Rocks and sticks are next and rubber bands are on the list also be careful kids .

  • Catherine Scerbak O’Brien

    Stop sending your kids to public school, for heaven’s sake.

    • Phydeux

      Public school was fine 30 years ago. Its up to parents to fix the mess and bring public schools back to something good.

  • Jennifer Brown

    Pewpew, pewpew. Rat a tat tat tat. Fall over, play dead. Oh my gosh, I am so glad my kids are grown and oh so glad my friends and I didn’t go to school in this kind of ridiculousness. What a bunch of baloney.

  • Richard Estes

    Dumb as it can get!

  • Joel G Wood

    It is absolutely amazing that the people that are educating our children have NO common sense. Unbelievably stupid.

  • Richard Estes

    If I point my middle finger straight up does it look like a knife!

    • sis_alright

      A “Level 2 Look Alike Lethal Weapon”…

  • Mark Ristau

    Every parent should tell there kids to go to school tomorrow and play cowboy and indians or cops and robbers overwhelm the system so they can see how ridicules there being

    • Dano Wright

      i think you have an excellent idea tthere —- better yet, line the street entering the school with parents pointing their fingers at the teachers as they show up for classes…….

  • John Johnson

    And it’s a concealed weapon, too. When he doesn’t have his hand folded into the gun gesture, you can’t even tell he is carrying a gun. OMG…they are all carrying concealed class 2 look alike firearms. And, by law, they must all be suspended. So…no school for 3 days, because there are no students. But what about the teachers. They all have them, too, and I bet only a few, if any, have a CCP. So, the teachers are all guilty. And the school administrators. In fact, shouldn’t the parents be able to sue the school because the faculty is carrying with out a permit? Where will the madness end?

    • Mike Jelinski

      I love it!

    • Bruce Fayter

      That is totally awesome and you are correct.
      They should also be charged with a loaded class 2 look alike weapon if they can say”Bang bang.”

    • karen

      Lol GREAT comment!

  • Guest

    I totally wish I went to school these days…I would be giving “level 2 firearm” shots every damn day…lol How stupid!

  • Candy Kriegel

    The idiocy is overwhelming. I was home schooled all the way through 12th grade.
    When I started attending college, I was astounded to have teachers that were for the legalization of marijuana, that were comfortable throwing around curse words in the classroom, that didn’t have a prepared syllabus prior to the start of term, that had absolutely no clue they did not make any sense at all to their students or to my college-educated parents.
    I’m being courted by a man whom, in his teenage-years, out-smarted and out-witted his pro-marijuana teacher during classroom hours in front of his peers. His teacher wanted to preach to them about why marijuana should be legal, but he effectively rebutted every part of his teacher’s argument to the point that she was speechless.

  • Joe Lineman

    the inmates are in charge of the asylum…these nutcase teachers and administrators should be fired…where is the outrage from parents??

  • Dano Wright

    i can think of a “finger gun” i would give the idiot school official in the next parent/teacher discussion, it would involve a different finger than a “class 2″

  • ebooksdog

    who ever orchrestraets this shit needs to be taken out and give them an old fashion ass whuping

  • smarterthanthat

    Are we teaching our kids that taking your fingers that can be shaped like a gun, or a Pop Tart that can be chewed to look like a gun, to school is on the same level as bringing a real loaded gun to school? Well, this is craziness. I have carried both of those “weapons” with me and never had an “incident” with either one. Will someone please grow up and leave these kids alone……….

    • Bill Tilghman

      Well you can’t be too careful now… that pop-tart could detonate and blow someone’s level 2 firearm look alike clear off!
      Heaven forbid is some kid balls up his fist in class – that would be a level 3 hand grenade.

      Seriously, this insanity is beyond belief.

  • Anonymous

    Ah no wondering it’s a woman in charge

  • Heather

    I guess that limits taking a graham cracker and munching it so it looks like a level two look alike firearm LOL

    • OpenMinded

      someone got suspended for just that thing. I wish I could remember where but its so crazy it sticks in your mind.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Lot of people need to start killing themselves. If level 2 lookalike firearm is in your vocabulary you’re one of them. This is pathetic. Add this to the list of the thousands of things that we’ve done for decades that are suddenly against the law because they’re fun, or are simply not regulated, which is not acceptable to Libs. So some group/douche decides they want to have some sort of control over their peers to feel power so they get some harmless activity outlawed. They didn’t even have car seats when I was born, I got home fine as did the billions of other babies born before me. Hate freaking liberal hippies.

  • John Reiley

    Come on, we all know Maxwell Smart, secret agent 86 use a 22. caliber finger gun!

  • Anonymous

    Parents in this school district should be showing up at the school board meetings brandishing level 2 lookalike firearms until this policy is changed.

  • Anonymous

    parents need to have an overflow crowd at the next BOE meeting & DEMAND the principle & every other twitt involved in this be fired

  • Anonymous

    The school administrators are level 2 look-alike teachers!!!


    • R90

      Level 1 morons.

  • Rose Ingram

    Will the stupidity of the schools ever stop???

  • idahospud

    Can you say indoctrination

  • Cindy

    My son was suspended way back in 1999 in middle school. Back when these weren’t as common but right after the Columbine shooting. A bunch of girls were teasing him as girls will do to the point of bullying and he turned to them and looked at them real mean and said “I’m gonna kill you!”. Now, we have all said this at least once in our lives to someone who was doing or saying something to aggravate us to the point of distraction. However, the principle did not find it so benign as that. He sent Logan home with a note saying he was suspended for 3 days and why. We talked to him and asked him what he meant by that and he had no idea the implication of it as he never paid attention to news so didn’t understand Columbine at all. We explained his error and told him to never utter such phrases again and he went on through his school career without another problem. He still had this on his record but it never was used against him, thank goodness. But I do believe that Columbine is where all this kind of thing started.

  • Anonymous

    Schools are becoming more and more like little Socialist camps than institutions of learning.

  • Heidi

    I think it is dumb – it sounds like they don’t want kids playing violently and need to make an example out of someone.

  • ACA

    These are the people charged with educating the next generation. By time
    these kids become adults they will be ignorant, worthless, pacifists, who are
    confused about their gender and will commit suicide from the stress of being
    yelled at by their boss.

  • ladyjae

    I cant believe this, what a bunch of crap. The public school system is as corrupt as our government. Oh ya the schools are controlled by government now. But realy? A finger gun? It in no way resembles a real gun how can they do this and get away with it? This is just one more reason for me to continue to home school my children. We dont have stupid rules against finger guns.

  • Anonymous

    HOW MANY PARENTS WENT TO THE SCOOL AND PROTESTED THAT IS WHAT I WOULD DO EVEN IF I AM ALONE GREAT GRANDPARENT WE MUST STOP THIS FROM HAPPING AND HOW MANY OF THE IDIOTS WHO DECIDED TO SUSPEND CHILDREN PLAYED COWBOYS AND INDIANS AS A CHILD, WE MUST-MUST PROTEST FOR HALOWEEN I WENT WITH MY GREAT GRANDKIDS WARING THE constitution in front 2nd Amendment in back with paper, finger, bubble, and pop tart guns printed and glued on card board. I am saving them if this happens in a school near me or to my grand kids I will put on my bill boards and use my finger guns nearest legal spot to protest. This is control to get these kids against guns for later when they are older in order to rid the 2nd Amendment stand up protest peaceful and legally, while we still have the right.

  • Anonymous

    Common sense has died in this country. I would sue that school if I were the parents. This is truly outrageous.

  • sis_alright

    This is Ohio… Ohio is large Saudi/Islam population, I wonder if that played into it at all.. John Boehner is from Ohio. His website is green, not red, white, and blue, American colors. Green is the Saudi national color… think about it…

  • sharon ferguson

    Take the video games off the market! When I pass by the games at the theatre, KIDS POINTING A GUN at “human figures”, it is truly stomache turning!

  • James Bletz Jr

    dont know.. flip flopping over this one.. Never know.. even though he is 10 years old. how do u know if he would take it farther and bring a real gun into school…. the way these school shooting have been going on and all the bullying going on you just never know and they have to be prepared for it.. After seeing parents teaching their kids at what 3 or 5 years old i seen the other day shooting all types of guns.. if they can do it at this age then 10 years old they surely can.. If they wouldnt do anything with this kid then a week later he or she came in with a real gun and did a mass shooting and this came out that he or she did this finger gun.. then the school would be getting in trouble

    • Anonymous

      You’re looking at this wrong. You’re assuming parents shouldn’t teach their children about firearms because they’ll become violent and use them to solve problems. That is not how it works. Children who are trained in the safe use of firearms are SAFER than children who are not when there are guns in the home. Those children do not rely on video games for learning what guns do.
      Regardless, assuming that a child that draws a gun, makes a gun with their hand, plays cowboys and Indians, etc, could be a child that should be monitored for violent tendencies. This is ridiculous unless there are significantly more indicators of violence in the child’s life. The vast majority of children who have used guns at school are either the product of homes in which no father is present or where a father is uninvolved in the child’s life. Schools need to stop trying to transfer their feelings of hysteria and fear to children. They have a FAR higher chance of being taken out by a tsunami or a tornado than being a victim of mass violence in a school setting, yet, children have far more training in school lockdowns than they do in weather safety.
      We need to stop acting like this is a common problem that we can somehow legislate away. It’s not. This, at it’s core has absolutely nothing to do with safety. It has everything to do with control. Schools are trying to condition children, through fear, to inform on each other and to think of guns as an indicator of either mental illness or violent personalities. This is ludicrous. As I said before, by all indicators, we should be indoctrinating children to fear weather, or cars far more than guns, because the chances that they will encounter a violent situation with either one of those is statistically far higher than a student committing an act of violence at school.
      Knowing that, it is obvious that many school district administrators believe that they can create a body of law not subject to the legislative process and wield punishment for violators with impunity. We should be far more concerned about the widespread abuse of parental and student rights.

  • Nathan Schmidt

    Comming from a chicago public school its not the schools fault. Its the pathetic parents who expect the school system to teach them right from wrong. Grow a pair be a good parent and stfu about pointless shit and focus on whats important or did everyone get a baf case of congress??

    • Anonymous

      You believe you’re a good parent with the kind of foulmouthed trash you spew? Don’t tell me…you don’t talk that way around your children. Perhaps before telling someone to shut up you should look in the mirror and consider what effect your words are having on your own children.

  • Hutch King

    Although some have been seduced by the fallacy that scientific knowledge growth shrinks our ignorance, most people realize that the ocean of our ignorance grows much faster than the island of our knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    How we can fight back with things like this is: “I own my body and I do with it what I please, as long as I am not harming anyone else.”

  • Anonymous

    This si the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…..

  • Bill Tilghman

    I have an idea; lets put all these administrators on double secret probation for being idiots in public! These hysterical reactions that have been the result of nonsensical ninnies over-reacting to kids being kids, and are just a sign that this nation is in decline. Anyone who is responsible for this kind of ruling should be summarily terminated by the school board, and if the board is behind it or unwilling to act, then you need to replace the board with people who don’t have PhD at the end of their names! All this idiocy is the result of liberal academia trying to dictate how people are to live their lives and it completely ignores common sense and human nature – especially among children. I sometimes wonder if there are any adults in charge. It seems that we are seeing ever more ridiculous cases of this kind of out of control behavior on the part of the so-called adults in our school systems. This is fear mongering – it must be stopped and that needs to commence immediately.

    If there has been an incident similar to this in your school district where your children or grandchildren attend the public schools, it is time for some serious calls for sanity in policy making. They won’t protect kids in the schools and won’t allow common sense solutions to do so, yet this moronic garbage continues to surface every day in schools all over the country.

    We need to have a new organized effort to rid the schools of these over-titled and witless fools who have too much power and not enough sanity behind their policies. We as the residents of every community need to assert our will to start treating this kind of stuff for what it is, and that is insanity.

  • David Croquet

    anyone else extremely uncomfortable with stories about what Glenn, Pat or Stu feel about little boys and fingers?

    • Anonymous

      No, guess that’s just you – so perhaps seek therapy today.

      • David Croquet

        They just come off as creepy and pervy, like that Superrepublican Sandusky

  • Chris Hammond

    Ohio used to have sanity…but it’s quickly going the way of the Dodo…along with Indiana courts systems. Jesus help us.

  • Anonymous

    These leftist, liberal loony tunes absolutely hate children and and want to hijack their childhood and traumatize them. They should be removed from their positions, barred from having contact with minors, and be prosecuted on child abuse charges.

  • Anonymous

    What it merits is permanent expulsion……of the Superintendent of Schools!

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