President Obama is preparing for his third taxpayer funded vacation of 2014. After spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Hawaii, the President flew to Southern California over President’s Day weekend to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan and play a few rounds of golf at a posh estate. This latest trip will take the Obama family to the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

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“The president is about to go on vacation,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “First of all, the man works nonstop. How does he do it? Seriously… He sometimes gets in at nine and sometimes stays as late as five… If that sounds like we’re making it up, we’re not.”

Last weekend, TheBlaze reported the President skipped out on a briefing with his national security team about the devolving situation in Ukraine. But, not to worry, President Obama somehow figured out all of the necessary information ahead of his phone call with Russian President Vladamir Putin.

“I mean he tries to work on the weekends, but you know, he is so busy,” Glenn joked. “Like if there’s a national security meeting that happens on a Saturday about the Ukraine and Russia, he doesn’t have time for that. He’s tired. He just gets right on the phone with Vladimir Putin. He does not need to talk to any advisers. He knows it through osmosis.”

Beyond the ludicrous financial burden these dalliances put on the American taxpayer, the optics of this particular trip are not good. The President is on a nationwide income inequality tour, and yet he is spending the weekend at a gated community that requires the sponsorship of a member in order to play golf on one of its three courses. As the Miami Herald’s Blog cited, Ocean Reef is “about as far away from middle class as you can get in Key Largo.”

“He’s such a warrior for the middle-class,” Pat quipped. “[He’s] in a gated exclusive gated community. You know because there’s some people back there I think he wants to chat with for being so wealthy.”

“Thank goodness somebody is doing,” Glenn added. “So he’s going to this gated community to chastise rich people.”

Ultimately, Glenn, Pat, and Stu questioned how President Obama will function once he is out of the White House for good, and he no longer has private planes and security shortcuts at his beck and call.

“What is it going to be like when they don’t stop all traffic lights and all airport traffic for him? What’s he going to be like,” Glenn asked. “How is he going to deal with it? I’m concerned because he’s got such a grueling schedule now, can you imagine how grueling that schedule becomes when he doesn’t have to work?”

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