From Glenn: ‘Please look at what YOU HAVE BUILT’

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Five years ago we all felt alone.

No one was standing. So we gathered and changed ourselves and our country.

They claimed first that we were an Astroturf movement organized by Karl Rove. Oh, how Karl wishes we were. :)

We saw a media paint us into monsters all the while dismissing the NSA, IRS, Benghazi and journalists being spied on and intimidated by a growing government.

Three years ago we started TheBlaze. Please look what YOU HAVE BUILT. This is a measurement of the biggest websites in the USA. Not just news – but all websites.

We have only just begun.

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  • Anonymous

    Verrry interesting!

    1., 204.7M, to be expected. Everybody, but everybody, googles.
    4., 117.0M, surprising, until you consider that it isn’t just news, but for example, my homepage is Things like that bring their numbers up. (I may just change, out of spite — nah, don’t be mean.)

    But notice that the only other one above TheBlaze is 24., 43.0M. Then 40., 23.3M, above all the rest of the news programs. Close, but still below, is 44., 22.7M, and 52., 20.0M and 76., 15.2M, and finally, 99., 13.2M. Maybe it is Newsmin instead? Half of TheBlaze? And they/we did it in three years? Wow.

    Yup, numbers, when you look at them, can be really interesting.

    What do they tell you?

    Laus Deo

  • texastruthtweet

    I love The Blaze. I have been a loyal viewer since Sept.15,2012. Thank God for you, and Dish Network.

  • David Croquet

    Just think how big the numbers would be if the Blaze added what its viewesr really want: Man on Man CPAC videos!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve found this to be a useful beacon in the ever-shifting fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

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