GOP invades CPAC: Glenn reacts to Mitch McConnell’s dramatic entrance

Yesterday marked the start of the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made headlines after sauntering onto the stage holding a rifle while Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” played in the background. On radio this morning, Glenn questioned whether CPAC is really as conservative as its name suggests or if the big-government, progressive Republicans have invaded the event.

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“Like this is the most absurd Mitch McConnell entrance of all time… What a stupid, stupid entrance at CPAC. But CPAC is not for conservatives. It is the GOP. That’s all it is… They have great conservatives there… [but] it’s the GOP.”

In addition to the various speeches, a ‘minority outreach’ panel was also on yesterday’s CPAC agenda. In theory, minority outreach should be an important component of Republican strategy, but Glenn warned of the difference between big government and small government-minded outreach.

“And CPAC is doing things like minority outreach. You tell the truth, and then those who are attracted to truth will come,” Pat said. “Those minority outreach things go: What positions can we change or manipulate to make them think we are believing a certain thing when we are not.”

“Hang on just a second. I believe the GOP does believe those things. We’ll go to the communities and promise them all kind of stuff,” Glenn interjected. “Conservatives don’t.”

As Pat explained, there are plenty big government Republicans who pretend to be pro-small government. Even President Obama will masquerade as Ronald Reagan every once in a while.

“I’m fine with small government conservatives,” Glenn concluded. “But if you want to be very clear on making my point for me, this is CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference.”

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  • landofaahs

    Was it loaded?

    • Melissa William


      ❅❅❅ �❅❅❅ ❅❅❅ ❅❅�❅ ❅❅❅That’s all it is… They have great conservatives there… [but] it’s the GOP.

      • Feet2Fire

        Please knock it off; you are contaminating all the good sites. Go pester huffpo and their ilk for a while.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is such a tyrant with his Blaze subordinates and so self-righteous with his fellow conservatives… yeah, Glenn, every conservative must follow your lead, if not, they are not true conservatives, right? Right? Yeah, super-right.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry that like-minded people getting together for the same cause is offensive to you. You should know that it isn’t inherently a “bad” thing that people do this. You should also know that not only are we patrons of GB, but we support many other people that we agree with. Subordinate is the wrong adjective. Yeah, super wrong.

      Also, it should be noted that your comment is going to be perceived as being self-righteous.

    • Feet2Fire

      Glenn and Joseph Farah (and a few others) did enough damage in 2012, convincing people NOT to vote for Mitt Romney–then Glenn and Farah recanted at the last minute, after their damage was done. Some self-righteous jerks even persuaded their sheeple-followers to STAY HOME or SIMPLY NOT VOTE FOR ANY PRESIDENT if they did vote.

      Thanks a lot, to all of you who handed the 2nd term over to the “WON.”

      • Anonymous

        Feet2Fire, how much are you getting paid to troll conservative sites. You are free to spout your vial but you are not making any valid points worth listening to.

        • Feet2Fire

          Then plug your ears, A.H. Nobody asked you to listen. If you don’t like hearing the Truth, do what all immature juvenile types do: Plug your ears with your (no doubt dirty) fingers and sing LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! 😀

          Oh–guess in the case of READING the Truth, you’ll have to PLUG YOUR EYES. All the better! Hope you plug ’em good ‘n’ tight, because “NONE ARE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE.”

        • Feet2Fire

          “Spout your vial”! LOL!!! Thanks for the chuckle, knucklehead. “FD UP ” must not stand for “fed up” ! HAH HAH HAH.

      • Feet2Fire

        Clearly, some of the Glenn-loyalists (or should we say, “fanatics”?) cannot abide the truth. Does not change the fact that what was said is TRUE.

    • Anonymous

      You’re a troll right? Demeaning Glenn while offering NOTHING. Good job. Jerk.

  • Anonymous

    Beck: “The rich are going to find out they are in this exclusive little club, and they’re going to pretty much highjack the government and kick the door behind them”, that sounds pretty anti-Capitalism to me, pretty Socialist too.

    • Anonymous

      He is paraphrasing what Alexis de Tocqueville was saying. Fyi.

    • Connor

      Yes that is what happens in Socialism the rich close the door behind them so none of the poor can be rich.

  • Connor

    I think Mitch McConnell walked out on stage with that gun was to say look I am conservative I got gun. If he thinks that is the only thing that makes one Conservative than he is as out of touch as Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Mitch ain’t no Charleton Heston.

      • Connor


    • renda blue

      Rhinos need to RETIRE and go AWAY

  • Anonymous

    Why the heck was McConnell invited in the first place? They should have locked the doors. What a phony!

  • David Croquet

    for someone born with a butthole under his nose, Beck sure does talk a lot

  • Anonymous

    R… s-p-c-t… e i e i o. BO could buy some vowels from Old MacDonald.

  • Feet2Fire

    Glenn, do us all a favor and sit out this election and, even more
    importantly, the 2016 election. You and Joseph Farah (and a few others)
    did enough damage in 2012, convincing people NOT to vote for Mitt
    Romney. Some self-righteous jerks even persuaded their sheeple-followers

    You see where that kind of crappy advice got us! :-( Let’s not have a
    repeat performance in 2016 and end up with a Madame Cankles for Prez.

    • Anonymous

      Go away, You are tedious.

      • Feet2Fire

        * you. Take your “fdup”-ness elsewhere if you cannot stand to hear/read the TRUTH.

  • Republitards suck
    • Anonymous

      Go away, You are tedious, and totally uninformed.

  • David Croquet

    CPAC is just another place for “conservative” men to meet up and have sex with each other

  • David Wooldridge

    He’s been around so long that the musket was an original from his collection when he was in the Continental Army. This man is the main reason for term limits today. Bigger question; Why is Paul endorsing him?

  • MellowCat

    Not as bad as the sadistic idiot Matt Bevins, pro-animal fighting moron courting cockfighting troglodytes. It is disturbing that Tea Party Patriots endorsed such a filthy maggot as Bevins. It killed the deal for me.

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