President Obama might not have time for national security briefings, but he sure does have time to party. Thursday night, celebrities headed to the White House for a night to honor “women in soul.” During his speech, which highlighted the accomplishments of legends like Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle, President Obama proved his Motown knowledge is meager as he botched the spelling of one of Franklin’s most iconic songs.

“So I want to show you something. The president had another big fancy dinner at the White House. More celebrities at the White House,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He can’t make the cabinet meeting, and he can’t make the security briefing. But he’s got a big party at the White House he’s got to make it to. And this one is for Aretha Franklin, and here’s what the president read.”

Check out the gaffe below:

Ordinarily, a spelling mistake would be something everyone would laugh at and move on, But interestingly, President Obama doesn’t seem to realize the crowd is laughing at the fact that he mangled a pretty iconic song, and Glenn found that aspect troubling.

“First of all, and I don’t mean this as a slam on the President. He didn’t grow up here. And I’m sure he’s listening to Aretha Franklin, but he hasn’t had it drilled into his head,” Glenn said. “But the problem is not that he screws it up because it’s easy to screw that up… The fact that he doesn’t stop and acknowledge: I screwed that one up, huh? He doesn’t laugh at himself or anything else. He just goes in to this very polished prompter speech. He’s not speaking from the heart.”

President Obama may be an accomplished orator, but moments like this call his sincerity into question.

“Listen to him. He’s totally prompter. There’s nothing that seems real about him. There’s absolutely nothing. What is wrong with us? Seriously. How can a nation that has been marketed to their entire lives not see a marketing man from a million miles away,” Glenn concluded. “This guy is not real… He tries to sound like it is coming from his heart when you can feel that it’s empty and it’s not coming from that place at all. It’s spooky because that will all be edited and forgotten.”

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