Glenn explains why culture is ‘the dog’ and news is ‘the tail’ in new interview

The National Review published a profile Monday morning that examines Glenn’s ever-growing focus and influence on culture. Entitled “The New Glenn Beck,” editor Eliana Johnson headed down to Dallas to see what Glenn is building and why he is building it.

Check out the entire article HERE.

“We are in Beck’s office on the second floor of a sprawling movie studio in Las Colinas, near Dallas, Texas. His company, Mercury Radio Arts, purchased the iconic 72,000-square-foot building last June. Movies and TV shows such as Robocop, JFK, Prison Break, and Walker, Texas Ranger were produced here; it includes three main stages, outdoor shooting locations, and a lot of office space,” Johnson writes. “Beck’s personal office is a fusion of the antique and the modern. It reflects the range of his interests, from history and politics to cinema and technology.”

As Glenn has explained in great depth over the last several months, he believes culture provides the key to the future, and the article largely revolves around that theme.

“Though best known for his flame-throwing political commentary, he is turning his attention to cultural projects like plays and movies,” Johnson explains. “His years in TV, he says, have taught him that news is secondary to culture. ‘News,’ he says, is simply ‘what the culture allows.'”

From 1791 Supply & Co. to TheBlaze TV, American Dream Labs to Mercury Ink, the article makes sense of the various projects Glenn is working on and how they tie into his plans to influence culture.

“Beck is nostalgic for an America of decades past, and his cultural projects will aim to resurrect and revive it,” Johnson writes. “It’s an America where duty trumped desire and Americans were bound together by a sort of civic religion created by that sense of duty. ‘I want to impact the culture in the way that people see good again,’ [Glenn] says.”

Ultimately, TheBlaze’s new mission statement – We tell stories of love and courage where the good guys win – encapsulates Glenn’s mindset as he moves forward.

“Beck is nostalgic for an America of decades past, and his cultural projects will aim to resurrect and revive it,” the article reads. “It’s an America where duty trumped desire and Americans were bound together by a sort of civic religion created by that sense of duty. ‘I want to impact the culture in the way that people see good again,’ [Glenn] says.”

Read the profile in its entirety HERE.

  • Anonymous

    I still miss the Beck of old(Fox before he left and started out on his own)
    Then at least I felt he would tell us straight what the “heck”was happening,now his
    program is so different.

    • Fat Lip

      Agree may I show you why ! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Anonymous

      I honestly believe that what Glenn did then was essential and physically exhausting for him. At the same time, once the alarm is sounded, you have to switch gears to putting out fires.

      My feeling is that Glenn is being authentic and looking for a way to face the cultural challenges with solutions and not just complain about them. You or I liking how he does that is a whole different story.

      • David Croquet

        One man can only fart out of his mouth for so long. Beck’s mouthfarts will quiet down soon.

        • Mike Nelson

          You’d think so, but AlGore/Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Clinton/Cummings/Waters/ McKinney/Emanuel//Soros/Jones/Trumpka/Ayers/etcetcetc just… keep… talking…

          • Melissa Alberto


            ✿✿✿ ✿✿✿⮚ ✿✿✿ ✿✿⧂✿ ✿✿✿something different for sure from the other regular media goop…

        • Anonymous

          I have not met too many old, ignorant, gross toads in my life.

        • Anonymous

          You must have been thinking of the Democrats when you made this posting. Either that or you were smelling your own opinions rather than Glenn’s.

    • Mike Nelson

      I have watched him since back in the CNN days, and to an extent I agree with you, but it’s clear he’s learned a LOT since then, and made many advancements in both his associations and his ability to plan

      THere’s still relatively few outlets that provide anything outside the status quo, except for the Blaze, and Blaze is still amongst the biggest and best of those few.

      Back then he had questions more than plans, and imo alsbury got it right, including whether or not we like everything he does (and I do not, though I think he’s on the right side of most issues).

  • Anonymous

    I’m really looking forward to Glenn starting the culture types of programs. If he had done a station filled with uplifting, positive entertainment shows either before or instead of having a station filled with Conservative news and topical satire every cable TV system would have jumped at the chance to get Blaze TV. General entertainment gets loads more viewers than niche news programing does.

  • Connor

    Well keep fighting them.

    • Anonymous

      we need to spread the word…keep on doing what will wake us up…

  • Anonymous

    ” General entertainment gets loads more viewers …” because the present general programing is geared toward putting the after dinner couch crowd to sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Some think you are doing this work for the $$ but I don’t think so…you are giving us a glimpse at the America I want…truthful…and clean fun…and education all at the same time…and one more thing…serious commentary to get our brains to work…something different for sure from the other regular media goop…
    I still thank you…missed you today…thanks to Buck for his works too…

  • Ocean Sprayz

    While democratic processes attach value to each individual, collectivism reduces each of us to a vessel for the will of pernicious quacks and their utopian delusions.

  • Anonymous

    I miss the old Beck , too. While I think culture needs to be explored , I haven’t liked his choice of musicians , & , his over heavy religious overtones. I don’t believe these issues will snag the younger audiences. I do think tech., i.e., robotics , 3 D printing ,humor, Not the now sober comedian…he made me wince) & the like ,hold millenniums interests. Younger audiences like animations . Everybody likes a good story when done well . Morals & values can help be instilled by smart introductions into culture.

    Yet, now ,we need to retake Washington. This focus is worthy !

    Ditch the morning meeting. Quit rerunning programs while on vacation , ditch the two who do commercials. I’m sure they are very nice but they are irritating.

    Assets are Buck ,Laurie Dhue, Mike Rowe, Dana, without her falsetto reading of her hate mail .

  • henry

    i watched glen religiously for years , then stopped for 3 years , im now able to watch again . i find the blaze in general good viewing and informative. i got a subscription , but in the last 2 weeks , there has been nothing , glen isent on most of the time , someone else has replaced him it seems each night , so ….. subscription cancelled :( i know he is not that motivated by money as most here say , but he does have to remember ….. it wasent others who built his network … it was him, without his participation …. not gonna fly . I’m let down .. :( sorry glen but i pay to hear your views , your imput , not a hirelings viewpoint.

    • Betty Bryant

      The man deserves a vacation with his family sometime doesn’t he?

  • WASP

    What culture? It has been subverted.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    It is impossible to understand our complex, distributed, technologically-driven modern civilization without recognizing that each of us is ignorant regarding almost every facet of it.

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