Self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has waged a war on charter schools despite the remarkable track record these schools have in successfully educating low-income minority children. On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton broke down the ‘war on excellence’ leftists have waged across the country in order to ensure their collectivist notion of success is achieved.

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“So there is a war that I want to talk to you about today here on the program,” Buck said. “No, not the fake war on women, not the war on drugs – although sometimes I like to talk about that. It’s the war on excellence. It is the war on achievement.”

De Blasio’s anti-charter crusade should come as no surprise to those who paid attention to his words and actions during his time as NYC public advocate and his campaign for mayor. After all, the ‘everyone deserves a fair share’ mentality of progressives like de Blasio really isn’t as egalitarian as it may seem.

“A war on excellence. It sounds ridiculous… [But] there really is a war on excellence right now… I want to point out to you first that it is actually very instructive for a lot of left wing ideology policy positions. The reasons they act the way they do can be traced very directly to this concept,” Buck explained. “Class warfare, envy, all of that put together is also another form of it, an attack on those who achieve, an attack on the individual who strives and succeeds… You didn’t built that. You have to remember that. You didn’t build that. It was a collective, and this is of course at the heart of collectivist ideology.”

You may be thinking: Why should I care about what is happening in the progressive utopia that has become New York City? But, as Buck explained, what de Blasio is attempting in New York is a blueprint for what progressives hope to implement around the country.

“We need to understand now why it is they are willing to sacrifice advantaged children’s futures, a human sacrifice, for the purpose of staying true to a left wing radical ideological impulse,” Buck said, “which is equality above all else, equality at the expense of excellence, equality at the expense of freedom, equality no matter the cost, the pain, the hopelessness it inflicts. You see success born of skill and talent is inherently tied to individualism.”

Ultimately, the government – at the federal, state, and local levels – is working to make inroads into your child’s classrooms as a means by which to spread left wing orthodoxy.

“Progressives don’t just wage class warfare. Now they are waging classroom warfare. This is an assault on your rights as a parent… your rights as a student, or if you are a teacher who wishes is teach the way you see fit,” Buck concluded. “President Obama has shown his hostility at every turn to school choice… But it is resentment of success, a war on excellence, and it is a thread that you can stretch across the entirety of the Democratic agenda in this country right now.”

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