Progressivism’s new fight: The war on excellence

Self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has waged a war on charter schools despite the remarkable track record these schools have in successfully educating low-income minority children. On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton broke down the ‘war on excellence’ leftists have waged across the country in order to ensure their collectivist notion of success is achieved.

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“So there is a war that I want to talk to you about today here on the program,” Buck said. “No, not the fake war on women, not the war on drugs – although sometimes I like to talk about that. It’s the war on excellence. It is the war on achievement.”

De Blasio’s anti-charter crusade should come as no surprise to those who paid attention to his words and actions during his time as NYC public advocate and his campaign for mayor. After all, the ‘everyone deserves a fair share’ mentality of progressives like de Blasio really isn’t as egalitarian as it may seem.

“A war on excellence. It sounds ridiculous… [But] there really is a war on excellence right now… I want to point out to you first that it is actually very instructive for a lot of left wing ideology policy positions. The reasons they act the way they do can be traced very directly to this concept,” Buck explained. “Class warfare, envy, all of that put together is also another form of it, an attack on those who achieve, an attack on the individual who strives and succeeds… You didn’t built that. You have to remember that. You didn’t build that. It was a collective, and this is of course at the heart of collectivist ideology.”

You may be thinking: Why should I care about what is happening in the progressive utopia that has become New York City? But, as Buck explained, what de Blasio is attempting in New York is a blueprint for what progressives hope to implement around the country.

“We need to understand now why it is they are willing to sacrifice advantaged children’s futures, a human sacrifice, for the purpose of staying true to a left wing radical ideological impulse,” Buck said, “which is equality above all else, equality at the expense of excellence, equality at the expense of freedom, equality no matter the cost, the pain, the hopelessness it inflicts. You see success born of skill and talent is inherently tied to individualism.”

Ultimately, the government – at the federal, state, and local levels – is working to make inroads into your child’s classrooms as a means by which to spread left wing orthodoxy.

“Progressives don’t just wage class warfare. Now they are waging classroom warfare. This is an assault on your rights as a parent… your rights as a student, or if you are a teacher who wishes is teach the way you see fit,” Buck concluded. “President Obama has shown his hostility at every turn to school choice… But it is resentment of success, a war on excellence, and it is a thread that you can stretch across the entirety of the Democratic agenda in this country right now.”

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  • Draxx

    Of course they want to Dumb Down Americans, it is Easier to Enslave the Undeducated and those without Religion…!

  • landofaahs

    I still insist divorce is our only realistic option because the majority are too stupid to see they are being cheated. Demorubes.

  • Radical democrat

    Anti-higher education, Glenn Beck, railing about “the war on excellence.”

    That’s rich! No one in America undermines excellence more than Glenn Beck, except, of course, when it comes to the “excellence” of making money off gullible fools too lazy to do any fact-checking of Beck’s claims. On that, he excels.

    • Mike Barnes

      “[Charter] schools have given thousands of low income minority children their only shot at a decent education, which often means their only shot at a decent life. Last year 82 percent of the students at a charter school called Success Academy passed city-wide mathematics exams, compared to 30 percent of the students in the city as a whole.

      Why would anybody who has any concern at all about minority young people — or even common decency — want to destroy what progress has already been made?

      One big reason, of course, is the teachers’ union, one of Mayor de Blasio’s biggest supporters. But it may be more than that. For many of the true believers on the left, their ideology overrides any concern about the actual fate of flesh-and-blood human beings.

      In various parts of the country, educators who have succeeded in raising the educational level of minority children to the national average — or above — have faced hostility, harassment or have even been driven out of their schools.

      Not all charter schools are successful, of course, but the ones that are completely undermine the excuses for failure in the public school system as a whole. That is why teachers’ unions hate them, as a threat not only to their members’ jobs but a threat to the whole range of frauds and fetishes in the educational system.”Charter schools take power from politicians and bureaucrats, letting parents decide where their children will go to school. That is obviously offensive to those on the left, who think that our betters should be making our decisions for us.–Dr. Thomas Sowell

      • Radical democrat

        Sowell is almost as much of a reactionary liar as Glenn Beck. Almost. No one lies more CONvincingly as Mr. Beck.

    • Anonymous

      What is the flavor of today’s shot of Koolaid?

      • Salina Kaye

        I don’t know what is the flavor of the dumb down Kool-Aid you are guzzeling?

        • Radical democrat

          Flavor Beck. It tastes the way Bruce wants to believe it does.

          • Fat Lip

            The way people have tore you apart you may want to take another bump idiot .

          • Radical democrat

            What is it with reactionaries and name-calling?

            Oh, right; Beck does it, so it must be OK.

            Talk to the mirror Fat Lip.

          • Fat Lip

            Ok Betty thank you it is great to no its ok with you to .
            By the way how do you know where the sun don’t shine ,never mind I remember you.

    • tverle

      You realize, of course, that that’s not Glenn Beck railing about ‘the war on excellence’, right?

  • Anonymous

    I find it somewhat incredible still that NYC actually bought into this fat phony de Blaiso and made him a mayor, it just proves you had better be careful what you vote for, you just might get it……..What now NYC? Are you going to allow this socialist joke to be another tiny tyrant and continue to make you a laughing stock?
    You made him and you can take him out….

    • Radical democrat

      “…you can take him out.”

      One of these days, one of Beck’s gullible minions is going to do just that. Hopefully, the authorities throw Beck in jail for fomenting murder.

      • Anonymous

        Worry about the communists, socialists and other radical liberal groups. They (or their followers) have no remorse in killing and destroying for the “cause”.

        • Salina Kaye

          And how many have been exterminated in mass murder in the 20th century for socialist purity? The killers are Pol Pot – Stalin – Mussolini – Hitler – Lenin – Mao Tse-tung – Radovan Karadžić – Tito – and on and on……

          • Anonymous

            Stop making rational arguments, your racism is starting to show through…

        • jefferysikes

          Its called Antithetical War but Americans don’t understand it as war even though John Kennedy warned them of it in April of 1961, in a speech to the press corps.

      • Anonymous

        …and you for your misguided hate speech!

      • Mike Nelson

        Can you name even one gunman who was convicted in the last 40 years of taking this action and declared himself anything other than left of center?

        Maybe they’re out there, but that’s really not the norm. It’s ALWAYS communists, jihadis, or the mentally unstable progressive following who are susceptible to such irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

        Take you, for example, who instead of thinking ONTIME was referring to a recall, or the next election, or moving out of the city and allowing the policies to fail, immediately assigned a crosshairs on the man. No wonder there is so little civility in our society, with such brainwashed, baseless convictions as yours.

        Shame on you.

        • Tyler Carraway

          Hi. I have a question for clarification.

          Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what you’re saying, but I got a bit confused when you included the “jihadis” in “left of center.” Could you explain, please?

          • Mike Nelson

            I may have been somewhat limited in scope in the context, or unclear in my assertion; I’m a wordy guy already, but I’ll try to be more clear in the future :)

            I associate the jihadi movement as it exists in the US with the progressive Left because they exist on the same side of the anti-Constitutional political paradigm. As such, in this post, I took a position of their activities being relatively associated along the lines of “enemy of my enemy”, in regards to their aims of damaging the psyche of the US population at large, based on the apparent support by the Left of the jihadi movement.

            After your respectful query, I realized that it could be perceived that I was smearing anyone “left of center” of being pro-jihadi, and that was not my intent, though there does exist evidence to make that case in some (many?) circumstances.

          • jefferysikes

            You missed it
            The Progressives are of one doctrine (Stoic Philosophia) especially Hegel and his students version which includes Marx & Engels

            The Jihad are of Mohammed their prophet

            Both of these are at war with the Hebrews (Christians and Jews) and especially the Caucasian Hebrews. They are out to destroy them. Using any means possible.

            The Progressives of philosophia don’t like to get their hands dirty so they use the law and public opinion as their methods of attack and and destroy the Caucasian Hebrews (Christians and Jews). when they need dirty work done, they employ the Jihad of Mohammed’s folks who are more than willing to murder Caucasian Christians and Jews. Ever wonder why the officials of the Obama administration ignored the Boston bombers, when they had been provided credible evidence that these Jihadists were dangerous? Well… Now you know

            Look how these same “Progressives” (Stoic Philosophia) used the Jihadists of Egypt and Libya to create a state of crisis there in order to oust the traditional Western allies. Their failure was to assume Russia and Iran was on their side which they were not, and Putin slammed the door on Mr Obama and Ms Clinton once those Western Allied leaders were ousted. Now Russian and Iran have Saudi Arabia surrounded and eventually it will surrender to them.

          • Anonymous

            A salient point: Leftists and Jihadis have been collaborating since at least as far back as Hitler. Today, they work very closely together to achieve the ‘progressive’ agenda of wiping out Western Civilization and the notions of individual liberty fundamental to Americanism.

            It was Obama’s leftist buddies Ayers and Dohrn who spent a year training the Islamists to overthrow Egypt and put the Muslim Brotherhood in power.

            It is the Leftists bringing Islamists like Huma Abedin into the highest positions of power and access in our own government.

            Leftists and Islamists hate Christians equally, since Christian morality is an obstacle to both of their agendas.

            Leftists probably calculate they can keep the Islamists underfoot once they’re done working together to eliminate the opposition.

          • jefferysikes

            Very close except those you call leftists are actually (Stoic Philosophia) who believe in Hegel and his students version of Stoic Philosophia doctrine. its interesting to note that Hegel’s students include Bauer, Sterner, Feuerbach and Marx & Engels who wrote the most vile of all hatred against the Hebrews (Christians and Jews). Hitler was a socialists and believed in Hegel, and Feurebach’s version of Stoic Philosophia doctrine.

            In the grand scheme of things these Philosophia and these believers in Mohammed are all those who stand against the House of Israel, to destroy it.
            Paul spoke of the Stoic Philosophia in Acts 17 and Colossians 2
            Or Fathers order to Abraham was “In Isaac shall the seed be called” which infuriated Ishmael and the children of Keturah

            The ishmalites (believers in Mohammed) and the believers in Stoic Philosophia have banned together to eliminate the House of Israel (Caucasian Christians and Jews). Who leads the Stoic Philosophia? Well you will find Christ identifying those folks in John Chapter 8 , because they are the same folks who had him killed …. They are the sons of Cain ,,, the Kenite’s, Christ will make it clear who their father is.

          • jefferysikes

            You are exactly correct. People fall into this trap of left vs right when in fact what is actually going on in America, is a battle of the wills between the Zealots of several doctrines. In all doctrine there are Zealots (called far right) and liberals (usually called left). America used to be of one doctrines which on principal could get along (Most are of Hebrew origin) . But now there are three major doctrines with one vying for the destruction of the other two.

            First there are Christians, I mention them first because they are the first to land at Plymouth Rock and they actually established America.

            Second are the Sotic Philosophia (often called Progressives, Socialists, Communists) who believe in Hegel and his students version of Sotic Philosophia doctrine. Those often referred to as the Left or Liberals will often congregate under this doctrine

            Third are the believers in Mohammed’s doctrine often referred to as Islamists

            The problem ensues when the Zealots of these doctrines engage. With the worst of them being the philosophia who view themselves at Antithetical war with the remainder. These Zealots are ideologists who tend to want to force America under one doctrine or another and who are not interested in respecting the ability of Americans to agree that its ok for different doctrines to exist together in one place. These ideologists are compelled to destroy the doctrines of others and the philosophia are currently the worst as the use covert means as their method of Antithetical warfare. These Philosophia have been in America for about 150 years, but they have only been fully engaged since the early 1900s when they attempted to implement Marxism-Leninism using communism. John Kennedy wrote a speech about them in april of 1961 and read it to the press.. mistakenly the press thought he was talking only about Russia.

        • Laura

          Exactly, every single mass shooter has been a democrat.

      • Anonymous

        I believe ONTIME meant a more fitting analogy, as in…….take out the trash. You know, removing the refuse, flinging the flotsam, catapulting the crap, launching the load, pitching the poop, emptying the ashray, flushing the toilet, dumping the democrat (feel free to join in)……..

      • Connor

        I am sorry the last 20 mass shooters have been Democrat even calling themselves Radical oh wait a minute.

      • Connor

        Why do you hate poor black children getting education from the best schools? Racist much?

        • Radical democrat

          It’s the black kids having special programs cut in order to make room for the for-profit greed heads using kids’ education to make $$.

          Let me know when you get informed rather than misinformed by reactionary propagandists like Beck and Buck.

          • Connor

            No it was liberals thinking they know better.

      • Fat Lip

        Very excellent post for an idiot look at our record on hatred and then look at your foolish comment , the scale sure goes to the side of stupid . one of these days stupid will be a crime Worry idiot.

        • Radical democrat

          Let me know when you master the English language. Until then, you ought to take your insults and shove them where the light doesn’t shine.

      • jefferysikes

        Your comments would be the thought of an Antithetical warrior who is acting in Applied Dialectics and believes that all means of warfare are open to use against those who do not agree with your doctrine.

        You are lucky that those whom you oppose in the hatred of your Antithetical war, are Christians who’s law prohibits Antithetical warfare and murder.

        The issue you have with Glenn is that he is allowed to speak ideas which don’t align with the doctoral beliefs of those you worship (Marx & Engels). The last I checked America is a Constitutional Republic of Free Individuals and not a State Democracy of Marxism-Leninism. Therefore Mr Beck and others have the right under that constitution to state what they feel is the truth, just as you have the right to purvey your own ideals of Marxism-Leninism. What you do not have the right to do is call via Antithetical war, for the destruction of those who don’t believe as you do. America is not a “group think” nation and never will be.

    • jefferysikes

      People who live in massive cities tend to align with the ideas of the Philosophia especially those of Marx & Engels and their commune of people who are controlled by the great State. They tend to accept the their role in the commune not as a free individual but as a member of the commune who’s life is for the good of whole of the commune and has no value as an individual. This is why is so easy for the believers of Marx & Engels doctrine to control cities. People in cities will give up ALL their rights for what they perceive to be safety or acceptance. Notice how many people who live in cities are people of “Group Think”.
      Most American cities were overrun by the Marxists decades ago and the majority of them run on the principals of Marxism-Leninism. But their day is short as they are nothing but consumers constantly, who have not allowed for themselves any means of agriculture or natural resource as they have consumed with their concrete and tar expanse, all of that land which could have supported them. Imagine shutting down the trucking traffic that moves into a city such as New York for a period of two weeks. The people of New York would literally starve to death in that timeframe. Now try to imagine a monetary crisis which will extend that timeframe into months and even years. It will devastate the vast cities of America. This is why our Father gave the order “Don’t build house upon house”

      Cities are the looming disaster of America which are the haven of Stoic Philosophia (Progressives, Socialists and Communists). but which stand contrary to free and independent people (the rural areas of America where the whole of its city may only exist within the confines of the local grain and feed store). Cities who do nothing but consume, can not and will not last forever. Sooner or later disaster will strake and when it does, cities will become the place to avoid.

      Its the idea of the Philosophia to have ALL Americans live in cities (agenda 21) , where the government owns all land, modes of travel, and means of production. In that world (their perfect world) there is no room for the free individual to exist. This is why you see these Philosophia constantly supporting the vast cities and all that takes place there. But cities are consumers and the evil which which cause America to financially falter and Americans are better off to shed themselves of cities now other than face the pan of their continual consuming later. I would suggest Americans start to break their cities up into smaller pieces and dissect them down as far as possible, starting tomorrow. I would suggest everything be moved out of cities and divide equally across the vast expanse of a state. I would not approve as the people of a state, one more inch of concrete or roadway be invested in any city. It would behove Americans to outlaw cities and have as their smallest divide, counties only.

  • Mike Barnes

    Successful, independent people are not dependent on government. The Left can’t stand that. These charter school kids, given a helping hand rising out of the ghetto, are a threat to them.

    • Anonymous

      The liberals want everyone to “excel” at mediocrity so we all become equally worthless.

    • Doc Savage

      Gotta keep-em in the ghetto or the Obumers of the world can not rule. Hillary is the next dictator apparent.

    • jefferysikes

      These people are neither liberals nor people of the left they are specifically a people of a doctrine. These are the Stoic Philosophia and they are Applying Dialectics in Antithetical war against the Free people of the city of New York.

      Their Antithetical battle is not about providing effective education its only about them possessing control over ALL means of Education. Calling them Left or Liberal, hides who they actually are and allows them to wage their Antithetical war under the cloak of those deceptive terms.

  • landofaahs

    Democrats don’t hate success and excellence as long as it’s their own and those that support them.

  • Salina Kaye

    Well if New Yorkers want to elect these nanny state dictators to turn their city into a collectivist Animal Farm let them destroy themselves.

  • Anonymous

    War it isn’t….more like a victory lap.

    Calling this a “war” only serves to distract us from the inconvenient truth (much like Jeff Daniels’ “liberals are such losers” line in his rant on The Newsroom) that we have gotten. our. butts. whipped. by our betters who gave us the courtesy of publishing their manifestos, movies and editorials on the paper we pulped, printed and distributed. How many of us can quote the Venona Papers? Why does spontaneous generation still rule science? Maybe we should be writing checks to history and sciene departments instead of circuses.(athletics)

  • Connor

    I love how liberals call us racist on one hand and do this crap to minority children on the other hand. Dems have not changed from the days of slavery and here is the proof.

    • Doc Savage

      One can not educate Black, Hispanic and poor White children and expect them to cowl to the King. Slavery was an institution of the Democratic South the Democrats in Congress voted against every civil right actions and they claim the opposed and the stupid Republicans let them. Dems control education so black children never learn the truth so the Libs. can keep them in line. I saw the uneducated black woman cheering because she got a free Obama phone. I wonder if a black slave woman when she received a ham bone from the Mass’s house smile as broadly? I image the slave had more of a grasp on reality that the woman getting the Obama phone. Every Black person I spoke with except one loves Obama and all the free gifts. The government gave mirrors,knifes, and beads to the Indians and then took their land. At least the Indians kept their nobility.

  • Anonymous

    An all out assault against America’s exceptionalism to clear the slate for global cookie cutter tyranny to the highest bidder.

  • Fat Lip

    Homeschool its the only way you can give your children the truth that is why they want to go after us now to .

    • Anonymous

      I would agree. I am a public school teacher, 27 years, and my youngest son was home-schooled from Jr. high on. He started taking college courses while home-schooling. He graduated high-school one month after his 16th birthday, and a year later had his AA degree, because he was taking college courses at the Jr. College across the street while being home-schooled. I will say that even though he didn’t attend high-school, he did have an instructor assigned to him to make sure that his work meet high-school graduation requirements. He would have preferred working to college classes, but he was 14/15 and couldn’t get a work permit. Another interesting thing that happened to him while home-schooling is that he had to fulfill a PE requirement during those years so he had to write his own routine and submit it to the high-school instructor. Some kids would have left it at that, but he stuck with his plan, lost about 30 pounds. He even researched and wrote a nutritional diet to go along with his exercise routine and stuck to that. I was real impressed with him. This was all on his own.

  • Anonymous


  • mudslide

    Silly Glenn – progressives cannot declare ‘war’…they don’t believe in war – right??

  • Doc Savage

    One can not let the populous be better educated than the keaders oops leaders

  • Anonymous

    Deblasio is a nincompoop, another Communist Subhuman Mongrel. A Sandinistas or SATANAS(SATAN) Mayor of New York ! A Pinchi Chuntaro(F*&KIN’ Dumb Indian) A horse with no head, no direction at all.

  • dennis reilly

    everyone wants to be mayor DeBlasio, so step down and let someone less fortunate take your place, to make them equal

  • Janice Crowe

    This began years ago. And it is all based on lies! First of all, the National Tests that they use to compare to other countries in order to convince the public that the schools ALL need fixing. They come into a school, with a list of the kids they will test. They take a fixed percentage of: Low Income, Blacks, Hispanics, Non English Speakers, Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disabled, a few Gifted, and the balance in the “normal” population. So, sorry, but the deck is stacked at that point. Furthermore, they compare it to the other countries, when we are pretty much the ONLY country that educates the entire population of kids. The other countries begin “weeding out” the low end kids early on, and they are never tested in those countries, only their higher end kids make it to the tests! If they even tested from the top 50% of each school tested we would be at the top of the list. As it is, even testing so many of the lower end kids we do not rate all “that” low! (non English speaking kids do not take the test in their home language… but get to use a dictionary!) But they have the majority of Americans believing their kids are so low, and that the government needs to step in to insure a “better” education! Now here we have a mayor closing Charter Schools. As a former (now retired) teacher who has taught in both parochial and charter schools, I can tell you that the charter schools are excellent.

    • Anonymous

      Interestingly, this is the same way our infant mortality rates are skewed. We in the US count every live birth. Many other countries do not count as a live birth a baby that doesn’t survive for 24 hours after its birth. Thus, many weaker, ill babies are never counted as live births for the sake of their country’s infant mortality rates.

    • Anonymous

      I am in my 27th year as a public educator, and am taking courses, finally, to get my masters in education. I would, and will, agree with you on your comments above. A couple of the courses I had to take for my degree sickened me. They are the courses on multicultural education. What surprised me the most is that these courses are required in many of their degree programs, not just education, perhaps just under another name. Also the theme of these courses is found throughout the entire program by way of, I suspect, carefully chosen text books that align with their beliefs. But they teach the same thing: (1) Whiteness, all white people have it and it is an evil thing that they can do nothing about, they are all haters and bigots, no matter what their actions are and not just white people have it, apparently Asians have it (I suppose because they are often successful people who try to assimilate themselves into the societies they move to, and of course this term applies to any other race that does the same, (2) History was written by white people and so it is all wrong and needs to be revised to reflect the truth about the white peoples evilness for being white, and (3) education is not a tool of freedom when in “white hands” but rather a tool of “dominance” over races like blacks (their term, not mine). They also include “brown” in that category when it is convenient to them, but they come right out and exclude Asians because their scores are too high.
      I encourage you to read the information out there on “whiteness,” starting with this article: The Faces of Whiteness: Pitfalls and the Critical Democrat
      by: John T. Warren and Kathy Hytten. See how it makes you feel regardless of your color. I am not racist. I don’t discriminate. If I were the article would not offend me so much, I suppose.
      Well, this is what higher education is mostly about now-a-days I’m afraid. This is where many of these liberals are coming from, and why the hatred is so intense. Class after class teaches it to them.
      I took multicultural education before I started teaching (actually concurrent with my first couple of years in the classroom) and back then it was somewhat offensive to me, but I could stomach the material. It is so, so much worse 26 years later.
      Janice, you are right about the things that you say. I am eligible to retire soon but want to keep working. I am looking for charter schools as a way to do that.
      Another thing, I believe that common core is going to be a very bad thing. Right now it is just an infrastructure that looks like it is addressing some of the problems in education, and that is why many teachers support it, even many conservatives. But it is coming from the Federal Government and supported by other questionable sources (microsoft, and google). Once the infrastructure is in place, the Federal Government will have total control over what goes on in schools (public) and they will dictate the curriculum. It will be ugly. States, counties, and local school-boards will have little say at that point, especially if they want their federal monies.
      Sorry to go off here but your comment brought up all these concerns of mine.

      • Janice Crowe

        Read your comment and it just breaks my heart all over again. I do not know what this is all going to bring about, and it frightens me. No one should be teaching hatred for any group, and for our schools to be doing so just boggles my mind. May I ask which state you are looking for a charter school in? I have a lot of friends in charter schools still, and perhaps could help you find a good one!

        • Anonymous

          I live in CA but am looking for homes in southern Idaho or northern Utah, near my grandchildren. I am already receiving emails from districts in Utah, but they are mostly (all) public schools. Question: Do charter schools require credentials from within the state where they are located?

  • christopher mahoney

    The Left’s opposition to school choice in Harlem and DC proves that it is not “all about the kids”. It’s about protecting incompetent teachers. The reason Rasheed can’t read is because his teachers are illiterate.

    • Radical democrat

      It’s about protecting public education. Buck is cherry picking the facts. He’s learned from the master of deception, Glenn Beck.

      • Connor

        No not really. #liberalswaronblacks.

    • jefferysikes

      The Democratic-Marxist Leninist want totalitarian control over education, that is why they are against Charter schools, because if some other system was to work better than there public system then their sphere of influence would dry up. Where do you think children and young adults get these ideas of entitlement and state control of everything? It comes from the public education system, which the Marxist-Leninist currently control. America would be better of to eliminate all forms of publicly funded education.

  • Janean Guy

    Common Core is aimed to spread medicodrity throughout all of America’s classrooms so that’s where the Proressives want all of America’s children. They will eventually try to find a way to do away with all private and charter schools along with homeschooling. Common Core is also going to be used to spread Progessive propaganda while twisting history to suit their ends.

  • Phillip Goin

    Simply put, these young people are escaping the Ghetto’s created by and for the Liberal Democratic party to server as their Serf’s and to ensure their Voting Block. Should any escape by being given a good education and being able to achieve, being taught to think critically, well we just can’t have any of that. The democratic party is at stake here with that. If they let one child succeed, that might lead other minority children to think they too do not need the Slave Master State to oversee them and provide for them.

    • jefferysikes

      you are close… The Democratic Marxist-Leninist party use them for one thing only, they represent Democratic-Marxist party votes, plan and simple, and they want to keep them representing Democratic- Marxist party votes for ever.
      Democratic-Marxist always speak about how they are for the poor the down trodden and how the stand for the middle class and every now and then one is allowed to escape the downtrodden and become something so they can perpetuate that false hope. But the rest are kept in their place by the very Democratic-Marxists speak great swelling words about how its their nobel cause to solve the wretched conditions of the poor. And in the end nothing ever gets solve to those ends.

      Our Father stated the poor shall be with you always … see to it that you rake care of them, and that is what Christians do. Without great swelling words and without notoriety . Day in Day out and even on weekends.

  • Steven Satak

    C.S. Lewis saw this coming in the 1950s and wrote about it in “Screwtape Proposes a Toast”.

  • Steven Satak

    I love NASCAR. Does that make me a racist?

  • Sauger_stockBC

    Warren is too beholding to the teachers unions to allow any competition irrespective of the fact he is hurting the future of many children.

  • Bill Colley

    Miss Glenn on TV. A lot.

    • Anonymous

      Get Dish TV and subscribe to Blaze channel. Glenn morning and evening.

  • Lindsey Romack

    This is precisely what is wrong with America. We shame the successful and make them feel like they owe what they have earned to those who would rather take a handout. If this disgusts you as much as it does me – follow me on Twitter @TableTalkAmer and check out my blog at

  • Anonymous

    They don’t want intelligent, independent, original thought people. They would be the end to the left agenda. They want co-dependent herd think cattle that they can control. Common Core is the way to that end.

    • Anonymous

      It is amazing how incompetent and unreliable college graduates are today. The government has destroyed our country without missing a single element of society.

  • Fat Lip

    The American Diploma is well on its way to be just as strong as the American Dollar .
    Again ON PURPOSE people many lies are in our midst its way beyond time for people to distinguish the difference between the illusion driven down our throats for more years than oblunder has been dictator give the last 20 yrs a fair grade if its above a C- your lying to yourself and a C- may be a little steep.

    • Anonymous

      Talk willl not reverse the damage the progressives have already done, nor will stop their sustained attack on everything good that remains of the U.S.

      • Fat Lip

        You are right on spot history tells us exactly where we will go from here , i’m afraid a major war will be in the near future it seems that when people have had enough Governments always turn the knob on the darkest of doors. Thank you for the response god bless ya

  • PatriotGal

    On top of ruining the kids and killing their chances to succeed in charter schools, remember the union payback is in this deal. Unions do not want charter schools because they constantly show that the public school education is failing to educate students, while most charter schools students are surpassing them nationally. Look at the statistics. Add to that the fact that unions then have fewer sheep to milk dues for their humongous salaries and their political pacs that go unchecked. NY, you voted him in, now your kids will suffer.

  • Snorri

    The liberal progressive view seems to be that in a world of 7.2 billion people going to 9+ billion people, rationing of resources by sundry means will be / is necessary to avoid chaos, breakdowns of societies and wars. Having unarmed and ignorant citizens who are “trained”, docile and accepting is a prerequisite to a managed / controlled / ordered society structure. North Korea is an example of the worst result from such thinking and planing. The Baltic States under the now defunct Soviet Union were another. Parents must educate themselves and their children in addition to and in spite of formal schooling. Having a home library and being politically active is a MUST. The world may experience a pandemic, a nuclear war but more likely it will experience a dull and duller apathy, except for some who are prepared to make their own way.

  • miketcar

    This clown DeBozo will NYC into the trash heap it became under liberal icons Dinkins and Lindsey.

  • Jenn

    I guess the reason they are shutting down these charter schools is because the sex education is not good enough….got to get planned parenthood in there…what a joke…these kids deserve better than that….this has the stink of Satan aka Obama all over it…

  • Anonymous

    I would encourage people to really take a listen to what Evan Sayet has to say about this, re. “How the modern liberal thinks”:

    He gives some really key insights. He reconciles with clarity how liberals can, at the same time, not be stupid, and not have evil intentions, yet still support what is stupid, evil, and morally and practically wrong. It is a world view characterized by what he calls, “mindless indiscriminateness,” and what I’d call (from what he’s said) a philosophy of “indiscriminate neutrality.”

    One of his key insights is that they believe that the very act of believing in something, whether it be American exceptionalism, individualism, rationalism, a religion of any sort, or a political philosophy, even socialism or communism (which is why they don’t like being “labeled”) is just a fool’s errand, because any attempt to be “right” about anything is going to be tainted by your prejudices, and that all attempts to be “right” have only led to the few benefitting at the expense of others who suffer under oppression. The way this comes across is some have “privileged” themselves above others. Your attempt to be right, and succeeding at it, is an act of bigotry and oppression against others! They not only think of themselves as against ideology, but also against any form of thought. They believe that the biggest moral sin is to discriminate, in any fashion, even if it’s to think rationally, because discrimination in any form leads to differences between people, which leads to conflict, and ultimately war, which leads to poverty and injustice. They believe that any and all actions *should* have the same results. It shouldn’t matter whether you go to a good school or not, whether you do drugs and sleep around, or wait to be sexually active until married, whether you work or don’t work. You should have the same success in life. Therefor the very idea that some end up being more successful than others is abhorrent to them. They believe it means that the successful stole something from the others.

    Another key point he makes is indiscriminateness of thought does *not* lead to indiscriminate policy! Since all actions should have the same result, and since some have “clearly” stolen their success (their positive difference in life station), the successful must be brought down, and the impoverished, and the degenerate (I do not equate the two, but they lump them together in their plans) must be raised up. They must take from the successful and give to the ones who did not succeed.

    Their ultimate goal is to so dishearten and confuse those who believe in anything whatever that people give up and believe in nothing, saying like Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make?”

    He says if you listen to John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” it’s all there:

    “Imagine no countries”

    “Imagine…no religion”

    “Imagine…nothing left to kill or die for”

    “Imagine all the people living for today”

    • Anonymous

      I especially like what he said at and near the end of his speech. Thanks for posting. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony Weiner’s starting to look like a reasonable person for the job.

  • Anonymous

    It never ceases to amaze me that leftist ideology espouses, at its core, the idea that society can be made better by pulling down anyone who excels over others. Disincentive to success is inculcated into every leftist progressive tenet. At all levels, punishment is meted out for excellence and disdain is heaped on those who stand out, the implication being that, somehow, work ethic and pure talent has somehow stolen something from the proletariat.

    Children are now, daily, indoctrinated into the belief that there is something noble to be found in laziness and mediocrity, while those who are dedicated to tireless effort are vilified as thieves. Worse, those who are born with special talents must be made to feel as if they, too, have committed a shameful act by developing those talents because there are those who simply cannot compete, implying that this is inherently unfair. They imply that these children, in utilizing their talents, exhibit a level of cruelty requiring correction through alienation and indoctrination.

    The end result of all of these ideological fallacies is a society that believes that true enlightenment can only be found in conformity and mediocrity, achieved by pulling down those who, through work and talent would otherwise surpass their peers.

  • Anonymous

    People like Diblabbio love to pretend they are for the people, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised. This while living high on the hog, feeding at the public trough and raking in the dough. Diblabbio and his ilk seem to have a venomous hatred for our country and all we stand for. They are racist to the core, only supporting black people that tow the party line and step and fetch. They like victomhood people. They loathe educated, articulate, conservative, brilliant black people like Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and businessman Herman Cain. The fact that Diblabbio now wants to close down the charter schools, which have been a success and a means of escape from the miserable, failing public indoctrination centers in NYC shows his true colors. A statist and a communist. If people like Diblabbio do not like our country, hate our founding and what this country has historically stood for I invite them to leave the country and go to one more to their liking. I would gladly give him a one way ticket to one of his faves – Cuba. He and his comrades need tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, no benefits on our backs to take along with them.

  • jefferysikes

    I amazes me that people have still not figured out that Progressvism is simply a methodology just as its sister methodologies called Socialism and Communism. Its the purpose of these methodologies to allow its purveyors to force the people of a nation to believe upon a single doctrine (let me explain).

    All of these methodologies are implementation methods which are bases upon the Applied Dialectics and Metaphysics as defined by believers in Stoic Philosophia doctrine. Most modern versions being based upon the metaphysics and dialectics as defined by George Hegel and his students, especially the Bauer Brothers, Sterner, Feuerbach, Marx and Engels. These were all students who believed in the same doctrine as Hegel was a professor of Stoic Philosophia doctrine. They who believe in this doctrine, use Applied Dialectics as their method to wage Antithetical war against whom they have personally identified as their enemy. Dialectics have three parts (Thesis and Anti-Thesis which argue against each other) and then Synthesis, which is the one who wins the argument.

    Its interesting that the Apostle Paul witnessed believers in this same doctrine deceiving early believers in Christianity in order to destroy the church. He engaged them while in Athens (see Acts 17 concerning the Epicureans and Stoics of philosophia). Later Paul would warn Christians in Colossians 2 that these believers in philosophia doctrine were deceiving believers in the churches established by the works of the Apostles through the use of dialectics and metaphysics which were used to twist the words of the gospel deceiving the people . Paul referred to the deception as warfare as he used a Greek word which was translated simply as spoiled (Colossians 2:8), which in the Greek is the word 4812 – which is pronounced soo-lag-ogue-eh-o, its a combination of word 4813 and 71. It means to lead away as Booty (prize of war), through deception or seduction.

    The modern philosophia use the same tactics as their forefathers, however during Paul’s time dialectics were only a form of argument used to deceive and confuse., where today dialectics are used as a method of warfare as Hegel’s students defined their use. Hegel’s students did not want to wait for long periods of time for dialectical argument to win over people, they wanted immediate action, so the moved to APPLY DIALECTICS as a method of physical warfare calling the process being called Applied Dialectics. Those believers in Stoic Philosophia apply dialectics in order to fight in a war of Antithesis (Antithetical Warfare). The tactics used in that Antithetical warfare are the tactics of Lenin and Saul Alinsky. Since progressives are believers in this philosophia doctrine, they wage Antithetical war against whom or what ever they have identified as “The Thesis”

    This war being waged by the Mayor of the city of New York is to destroy the Thesis (the efforts of the independent people of the constitutional republic and their control over Education) VS the Antithesis which is “The State” control over education. These folks don’t care that there is evidence which stands in support of Charter schools, they only care that “The State” controls all forms of education. This is considered warfare by those who use Applied Dialectics, and Americans must understand these Antithetical warriors consider their battle as serious as any other warfare and any tactics which allow the war to be won are acceptable to be used during the battle.

    This is known as Applied Dialectics and Antithetical Warfare and if Americans continue in ignorance of them they will fall prey to them…. However those educated to them can defeat them as they are and always shall be based upon doctrine.

  • Radical democrat

    It amazes me that people have still not figured out that Beckism is simply a methodology, just as its sister methodologies called Limbaughism and Hannityism. It is the purpose of these methodologies to fool some of the people all of the time (let me explain).

    Reactionaries believe what they want to believe, no matter how far from the truth about reality their beliefs are. Glenn Beck feeds on this willingness and preys on folks in the process. Beck’$ Succe$$ is the country’s failure.

    We will not go back. Forward = progress = justice. That is, as MLK explained, the direction of the long arc of history, no matter how much Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh try to bend it back toward slave wages, toward corporate, environmental destruction and corporate sales of poisonous and toxic “food.”

    Beck hasn’t woken anyone up: he’s hypnotized folks to support the 0.05%, the plutocrats.

  • Francisco Ringoli

    If our decision-making is to be free of interference, boundaries must be set to establish limits inside which external forces cannot meddle.

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