Sen. Ted Cruz calls out ‘career politicians’ in both parties for putting politics before the people

On radio this morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined TheBlaze Radio Network’s Chris Salcedo to discuss the state of politics in Washington, D.C. From the Republican victory in Florida’s special election yesterday to the problem with career politicians in both parties, Sen. Cruz explained why Democrats are running scared and why he is actually optimistic about the future.

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Despite Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s (D-FL) assurance that Democrats will be able to proudly campaign on a platform that includes Obamacare, the results of Florida’s special election yesterday proved the President’s healthcare law may be more of a hindrance than anticipated. Republican David Jolly won the hard-fought congressional election to replace the late Rep. Bill Young (R-FL). Voters in the ‘swing’ district were flooded with ads, phone calls, and mailings about Obamacare, and the Republicans ultimately came out on top. Chris asked Sen. Cruz if the outcome is a sign of things to come.

“I mean this was a race the Democrats repeatedly described as a ‘must-win’ race. Over $12 million was dumped into this one congressional race. It was a full-on battle. They had Bill Clinton involved, and… they had a very strong Democratic candidate. Nonetheless, Republicans won,” Sen. Cruz explained. “And the central issue in the race was the disaster that is Obamacare. And that’s going to be the central issue I think in just about every race across the country in November. And I think the millions of people who are hurting because of the train wreck that is Obamacare is going to lead to Democrats losing control of the senate in November and Harry Reid being retired as majority leader.”

There is an obvious divide in the Republican Party between the establishment and the more conservative wing. While it is clear the Democratic Party is completely out of touch with the American people, Chris feared the leadership of the Republican Party is equally devoid of reality.

“What when I see a deficiency – almost universally on the Democrat side of the aisle, but it’s crept into the GOP side,” Chris said. “It’s not about doing what’s right for the American people. It’s about keeping my power, keeping my authority, keeping my little fiefdom. That seems to be the priority of a majority of law enforcement in DC.”

“I wish I could disagree with you, but I can’t. Washington is broken. Career politicians are not listening to the American people, and you hear that from Republicans, Democrats, libertarians, over and over. They say these people aren’t listening. They aren’t focused on my priorities,” Sen. Cruz agreed. “Instead, they’re just trying to hold on to power. You know, a lot of Republicans – the D.C. consultant class – they say, ‘Well, the way you win elections is you put your head down. You don’t rock the boat. You don’t stand for anything. You just kind of do nothing, and that’s how you win… Every time Republicans have done that, we get clobbered.”

Ultimately, Sen. Cruz cannot help but be optimistic about the future because the American people are waking up and realizing the Washington elite cannot and will not solve the problem.

“The Washington establishment is scared. They’re scared of the grassroots. They’re scared of the people who are rising up and who are holding elected officials accountable,” Sen. Cruz said. “And the reason, Chris, that I am so optimistic, so hopeful for turning this country around is that I think all over the nation, people are waking up. They’re waking up. They’re getting energized. They’re realizing we can’t keep going down this road.”

“There is an urgency right now to politics… And that urgency is causing people to rise up and demand of elected officials stop the madness, stop bankrupting this country, stop taking away our constitutional rights,” he concluded. “Let’s get back to free market principles and our constitutional liberties. Let’s bring back economic growth and job. Let’s bring back the principles that made America strong. I think that’s the direction we’re going. But sadly, a lot of the Washington establishment doesn’t get it. And what little they do get terrifies them.”

  • landofaahs

    Tell em the truth Ted. Not just politics before people but self interest before the individual right of each person to be unmolested by government.

    • David Croquet

      Yawn. Ted Cruz is an oily smarmy huckster. Mainstream America can’t stand him.

      • Glen Saunders

        You do not speak for America little friend and have no clue what you’re talking about.

        • Emily Roberts

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          ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭� ☭☭☭ ☭⟸☭☭ ☭☭☭If the clinical definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over and expect a different result, then it is a fact that Democrats are ALL clinically INSANE!

      • landofaahs

        And yet amazingly he stands head and shoulders above any democrat and all the liberal republican RINO’s.

        • David Croquet

          wrong, he’s a ball-licking narcissist who does not really do anything except grandstand and whack off. He’s David Vitter with more brow-sweat

          • landofaahs

            You are nothing but an insecure democrat Q who needs his dirty mouth washed out with soap. Ted is not just defined by those who like him but by the disgusting foul mouths like you who hate him. Thanks for exposing yourself.

      • Libertarian Tom

        Really? If you think that about Ted Cruz, what do you think of Obama, Reid and Pelosi? The must be bottom of the barrel scumbag, used car salesmen/saleswomen. If that’s not your answer, then you should stop reading Howard Zinn’s rewrite of history.

        • David Croquet

          I think Cruz is a cocksucker and grandstander who gets nothing done but jack off in public, I think Obama was elected President by Americans in a land slide, dont think much about Reid or Pelosi

          • Daryl Charriere

            David, you are one sick fuck.

          • Anonymous

            Please report to Bellevue. There is a permanent room awaiting you after your lobotomy to increase you mental capacity 200 percent. Wait. 200 percent of zero is still zero.

          • Kim

            and you have done what for your country, other than show off your limited vocabulary on public blogs?

      • Kim

        yea, all of about 50 people I know can’t stand him. he resonates with those on the left and the right, even if some on the left can’t admit it. he is the voice of the people while those long timers in Washington ignore the people.

    • joe michael villa

      What a joke the tea party has become.

      • Anonymous

        Sour grapes. It was funny and right on target. Then someone filibustering on their global warming joke also made up a green eggs and ham reference. Copy, copy, copy.

      • landofaahs

        The joke is the democrat party and a bad one at that. The reason we Tea Party folks use the kindergarten level is because we are talking to democrats who otherwise could not follow an adult conversation level. It also shows that even children can grasp how bad Obama care is. The liberals are scared sh-tless because it is effective. Jokes on you dupes.

      • Anon Merc


  • Difcan’s Avatar

    You can tell that they see the awakening by the dizzying pace at which they are stripping the people of their wealth and freedom, aka power. These goons are not going down without taking as many down with them as they can. They think we are stupid enough to vote away our voice in return for our governments promise of fairness and security. Unfortunately democrats are that stupid. I wish some of you pin heads would consider your heroes track records for once. If the clinical definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over and expect a different result, then it is a fact that Democrats are ALL clinically INSANE!

  • Anonymous

    This the same as I have told and written my corrupt politicians. They no longer represent the people that elected them. But, represent the Washington D.C. Establishment. I have found them both Senators and Representative to have no Integrity, Honesty and are Morally Bankrupted. That is both parties. Why, would they sell us out? Well, all seem to be just how much Payola crosses their Palms. Why else would they install over 500 Federal Agencies with no controls or over-sight. Totally operated by Corrupt Bureaucrats who think that they are above the laws and the new ruling classes of the Elite. These Agencies are like a total cancer which destroys it host and that is our Republic. The FDA Approves (for a little Payola) approve many high profit drugs that kill and not cure to about 100,000 deaths each year. Also the FDA for a price approves thousands of toxins to be laced into the foods that make your children sick in mind and body. Then too there is EPA which rules by Decree and no common sense, like the wood burning stoves ban. The list goes on and on, yet these Totally Corrupt Politicians rant and rave and create havoc upon the citizens. I only hope that we can vote in someone to help and reduce the size of the central corrupt government and power back to each State. Chef Robert here in what is left of the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico.

  • Anonymous

    Fear runs rampant by members of the DEMGOP party. For there truly is only one party, at the top: the DEMGOP’s. The rest of us play favorites pretending the GOP and DEM’s have different strategies and goals regarding national order and national policy. Reality over more recent years, with aid of the Internet, shows there is no difference in DEMGOP goals and strategies, other than feathering their nests into perpetuity. Tea Party goals create an unwelcome focus on DEMGOP behavior. Budgets, deficits, immigration, national debt. Who gives a rip! Just get me re-elected. The Founding Fathers would never have imagined an entire Congress of aging geriatrics with “real” wigs and make-up. Term limits are absolutely necessary. Knowing you may not stay in D.C. for the rest of your lifetime will encourage candidates with a different mind-set; more altruistic, and less concerned with becoming a millionaire. Dump the DEMGOP’s!

  • LessGovMoreFun

    Senator Cruz says it like it is — and I love the guy for that.

  • Hugh Jass

    If Cruz really believed what he said, then why did he say he wouldn’t support up and coming candidates if they were running against incumbents? He’s looking out for his job.

    • Anonymous

      You might want to go back and listen to Cruz’s answer again. What he said was that he probably would not get involved in incumbent races. He did not say he absolutely would not. Rand Paul, on the other hand, said he would absolutely not get involved in any incumbent election while sitting right next to Ted Cruz when asked that question by Sean Hannity. However, Rand Paul had already broken that promise before he made it by endorsing McConnell.

    • Anonymous

      Cruz is looking out for us. As Christie said so wisely, if you don’t win you can’t govern. If you primary incumbents, you have a high risk of wasting precious funds in a primary and damaging both candidates. If the incumbent is a 80 to 90% conservative, either could lose to the Dem. I answered a oll and saw the results. Most voters would rather win than expect their own brand of perfection from every candidate. Perfection is impossible. Why? Your perfection is not my perfection or your neighbors. Weed out the non-performers after the mid-terms.

  • Anonymous

    Cruz 2016.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that people want honest politicians but…. in a country that is almost 50/50 split, only the cunning and manipulative side will win. All other things are just romantic imaginations. You see that Obama won by sweet talk and promises. That is what politicians do. Promise something to somebody. It sucks but that is the reality. Conservatives have to get somebody behind the scenes like Jim Messina who is a brilliant guy. He comes up with a phrase and throws it into public and it catches like fire (something like flip-flopping Romney was his idea).
    Next step, open non-for-profits but with conservative core. Something like helping poor with some jobs programs etc. When the time comes, you have the engine running. That is what democrats do. After each election none of their election offices close down–they just make them into something like “acorn” “moveon” “americans for something something” etc etc. When next election cycle starts they are all ready with people and equipments and phone numbers.

    Americans love cry stories. The whole Olympics was about whose father died and whose leg broke and who was saving the dogs. Choose a candidate that is not deeply connected to big money and military but has a little cry story attached. Choose somebody who can win over the enemy. Obama is more disliked not only for liberalism but because he has zero ability to pull in the other side.
    My 2 cents.

    • coblazeco

      I would rather be honest and upfront and that is what the majority of Americans want out of their representatives. Only the dishonest would want to be represented by a manipulative person like you described.
      Keep your two cents.

  • ajfkdem

    I would vote for Cruz over ANYONE else. And, if he could get rid of the likes of Boehner and McConnell, He would be the recipient of my very first ever man kiss! Well, at least a hearty hug!

  • Anonymous

    You’re the real deal, Ted ! Ted Cruz for President !

    • Anonymous

      Ted Cruz is the only one I trust.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right. It’s very difficult who is a true conservative who really shares our moral and constitutional values. You’re a true Americanist.

  • PJ Eck

    WELL SENATOR CRUZ remember obama care you did what nobody could do you go home get your armor on and do what you do best you know were behind you .we the people know you can

  • Jayne Nielsen

    I know for me, as a Conservative woman, I want and love STRONG MEN and Ted Cruz, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Allen West, Tim Scott (and others) are at the top of my A-List! GIVE ME MORE!!!!

    • goodwater

      Jayne, do every thing you can to enlighten your gender about the difference between the Democrats and the compromising, don’t rock the boat RINOs as compared to the Founding Fathers dream of America.

    • Glen Saunders

      All but Carson Jane. He is anti-gun and will pick up the gauntlet and start beating the gun control drum….

    • Kwright

      Any WHITE men in your fantasy Conservative woman???

      • Jayne Nielsen

        Not lately, Kwright.
        Glen Saunders…I truly believe Dr. Carson is more pro-gun than any fricken Democrat. I would place my bet on him any time and any day of the week.
        Goodwater….I am enlightened. I’m more impressed with MY A-List than I will ever be with the Establishment GOP. They have let Conservatives down and have hung us out to dry.
        And quite honestly, I could care less what you both (Goodwater and Glen Saunders) think or say about me. If I’m wrong, than so be it. But I’m sure you were both so right with YOUR choices of McCain and Romney.

  • Anonymous

    god I hope so!!! “”And I think the millions of people who are hurting because of the train wreck that is Obamacare is going to lead to Democrats losing control of the senate in November and Harry Reid being retired as majority leader.”””

  • Anonymous

    Funny timing for this when the 90year old Texas rep.just announced he’s running for another term, he’s already been in office 33 years.

  • Anonymous

    Ted Cruz has been my first choice for a Presidential candidate. At this point there is no point in making a career out of bashing establishment R’s in general, but individuals. painting all R’s as wimps and losers is irresponsible and destructive to winning the Senate and widening the House margin. McCain has already been sanctioned by the R’s in Arizona, and polls at 30% as the least favorite Senator. Lindsay is feeling the heat. Those who are not as articulate as Cruz but still have a 80 to 90% conservative voting record should either be praised or left alone. Criticize justly and save most for the Democrats. I’m finding Rubio to be better all the time.

    • Anonymous

      Rubio got in trouble because he came out too strong and too soon on Immigration.
      You have to understand, His Family’s past acquaintances, was driven out of their Homeland, because of Communism, while having to find Asylum here in the U.S.
      Not everyone understands the difference between “ASYLUM & ILLEGAL”.
      Many of those Cubans are treated like they came into this country illegally.
      Rubio was trying to come up with a solution that was not good for all circumstances.
      I believe he would make a great POTUS!

      • Anonymous

        We already have a Constitution and laws dealing with immigration. We do not and can not change our laws to suit every disgruntled person in this country. I’m no historian but I believe there were huge fights between Irish, Italians and others when people came over on boats. What’s next….Sharia law to suit MUSLIMS? I don’t think so. I will never ever forget how Mexicans stomped all over our Flag when they were aloud access to Washington when Obama locked out the Veterans and the rest of us during the shut down. They also disrupt hearings in Congress to demand they be let in. Other countries jail their aliens. Remember what Iran did to 3 young hikers? Wake up.
        Oh, and by the way, I also will not cast asside the sacrafice so many made with their very lives to make this country what it is . NOT WHAT OUTSIDERS WANT IT TO BE. I will fight to protect that sacrafice.

        • Anonymous

          PLEASE! Your attacking the wrong person, I agree with everything your saying, I was only saying that Rubio is passionate about Immigration, not because of other Nationalities, but because he is a 1st generation U.S. Citizen showing empathy to; an Oppressed Group who had to “FLEE” Their Homeland, never to return.
          The fear among those Cubans, are that they will be grouped with “ILLEGALS”.
          His compassion is misdirected, but honest.
          His own parents left Cuba, before Castro took over, they could never go back, if they wanted to.
          Many of their friends and family were part of “THE MURIEL BOAT LIFT” and was thankful to become a part of The U.S.A.
          Rubio would be the first to fight for this country, because he knows exactly where we are headed under our New Fascist Government.

          • Anonymous

            I understand Rubio’s and Cruz’s passion for Cuba. They also have voiced opposition to illegal immigration. They are reaching the Hispanic community. Most Cubans are solid on the importance of citizenship, the honor of citizenship, and the importance of divided government. Most migrant citizens want what most American’s want, freedom. Most do not want illegal immigrants to take over their freedom by voting illegally and destroying our freedom. Other issues are more important such as jobs, over regulation by the EPA and dozens more infractions to freedom. Mexico has more available jobs and a better economy than the U.S. right now. So those making the noise are phony. They do not want jobs, they are being stirred up by those trying to take over the U.S. Lack of education drives uninformed people to do what they are told.

      • Anonymous

        I watched the hearing. Jeff Flake, McCain, Lindsey, all stood fast with the Dems, as did Rubio. Rubio has admitted the bill was flawed. Gave our Country to foreign Nationals. In committee, they voted with the Dems. to reject any common sense amendments to the bill. Thank goodness the House would not pass it.

        • Anonymous

          If Rubio had it to do over again, I bet he wouldn’t vote for the first thing that came along.
          If you held everything against all Congressman, and Senators for their impractical votes, we wouldn’t have a Government at all.
          Eventually you have to look beyond 1 Poor Judgment event, and go on.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for Jolly, he’s out of my district. While blogging on the local Cable News site, people were blogging about why they weren’t voting for whatever candidate.
    One person had commented, She voted according to the person they heard from the least, (She didn’t want the Robo Calls or to be nagged by mail) that was the person who she voted for, she actually said, (I could care less what that candidate was about). THINK ABOUT THAT REMARK! Our Country is being determined by Color, Who’s Cool, Infidelity, Wealthy, Religion, etc. What happened to: “QUALIFICATIONS” or even Ideology???…………..
    Half the people who are voting don’t even know what “SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM” really is.
    What really has to happen, is to give some History Lessons about what Government does not for “WE THE PEOPLE”, but (TO) “WE THE PEOPLE”……………

  • Connor

    I would vote for him.

    • red55bird

      how about a ticket of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul

      • Crassus

        I won’t vote for ANY ticket that has Rand Paul on it. Even if it’s for my local dog catcher.

  • Anonymous

    The Democratic Party is no longer The Democratic Party, until we expose who they have morphed into, The American People will be fooled all the way.
    Politically Correct was established, so truth can’t be told.

    • Difcan’s Avatar

      Established by Stalin’s Russia if I’m not mistaken.

  • Aj Kern

    And if they don’t have a career politician to protect and push… they find an empty suit who will make establishment republican special interests their priority. In MN the establishment republicans have found Mike McFadden who has never ran a political campaign in his life nor shows up to forums… but, has announced that he will win the seat because he has the money. And guess where he gets the money… Let’s start with Karl Rove.

    • Anonymous

      Aj Kern. Karl Rove does not have enough money nor can he legally find a Campaign. Club for Growth which is partly funded by the libertarian Koch Brothers. It is all LEGAL! You write as if is a grave sin and Mike is committing a crime.

  • Anonymous

    This is what you get with career politicians and voter apathy. In the past elections, less than 50%, of those eligible, even bothered to vote. A politician’s worse nightmare is if everyone eligible voted. Then they would have to work for their constituents and there is no money in that. Republicans as well as Democrats all get contributions from special interests lobbies. WE have the best politicians money can buy. This is all that most of the career politicians care about. “$”

    • Richard StJohn

      Apathy is the result of being given a choice between a candidate that sucks and a candidate that sucks worse. By voting you are stating you believe your choice will do the job. If 2016 rolls around and it’s Christie vs. Hillary I’ll stay home. Because they both suck and I endorse, support or trust neither.

      • Anonymous

        People like you are part of the problem. There are many reasons people like you refuse to vote. Just when I think I heard them all someone always proves me wrong. Here are a few:
        “Your vote will count for NOTHING. It is rigged and the winner has been selected. Watch and see.”
        “I don’t like any of the candidates on either side so I’m not voting.”
        And My favorite:
        “I don’t vote so you can’t blame me for the way things are now.”

        Every time I hear statements like that I want to puke. People who don’t vote did just as much to put Obama in that White House as the ones that voted for him. Most people who don’t vote in the General Elections, also do not vote in the Primaries. I believe that is one of the reasons RINOs like McCain and Romney got the Republican nomination and Obama took the nomination from Hillary. I also believe that is how Christie and Hillary could get the nomination. In past elections, and the last one was no different, less than 50% of people eligible even bothered to vote. If greater numbers of eligible people vote the harder it would be to stuff the ballot boxes. Don’t blame the clowns that voted Obama into office twice. At least they voted. The real culprits are the ones who don’t vote. They did just as much to put him in office as the clowns who did vote for him. The people who stay home on election days deserve the government they get and have no room to complain. If the day ever comes that the minority of the people have voted all our rights away, don’t come complaining to me. I will have one question. Where were you when there was still time to do something about it? If Christie and Hillary get the nominations I will vote for Christie. I don’t want him in the White house either but not as much as I don’t want Hillary in there. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS! NOT LIBERAL DEMOCRATS OR RINOS.

        • Difcan’s Avatar

          Agreed. For all I know he is a dem strategist. They know that if we turned out, they would not have a prayer. So that is the strAtegy. The dems tell the media who to pick for our side, the media creates the premise that that person is a shoe in by releasing tons of bogus poles. They do this to depress us into staying home. Comments like this fellas seem more like diversion tactics than common sense, or sense at all.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your service, sir. This is actually in response to jeananne below too.

      In talking to a friend, I found out voting is considered both a right and a duty in Brazil, registration and voting are compulsory between the ages of eighteen and seventy, and there can be ramifications for not doing so unless formally excused. All very complicated but they get an 85 percent turnout. I wonder about such a system here. Would go a long way toward solving voter fraud and it might even generate enough interest in the process to make voting every-day convertsation so people like jeananne mentions get called out more readily before they do stupid and irresponsible things. Per Wiki, “A result of this setup is that it is therefore more difficult for extremist or special interest groups to vote themselves into power or to influence mainstream candidates…. Because if ” fewer people vote then it is easier for smaller sectional interests and lobby groups to motivate a small section of the people to the polls and thereby control the outcome of the political process.”Wiki has other pros and cons on compulsory voting at . Also I read (US Libr. of Congress, circa?) that Brazilian law requires that all candidates who hold executive positions resign six months before the election. Kinda love that.

  • Richard StJohn

    The leadership of the RNC is as out of touch as the Democrats are. Conservative win elections by standing on principle. RINO’s lose elections because if voters want a Democrat they pick one who at least is honest about what he stands for. Yet the RNC is paying for and supporting RINO’s in every race they can against true conservatives. They’re just the opposite side of the same coin. They vote for bigger government, more spending, higher taxes just like the Democrats. The just do it at a slower pace.

    “A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget.” Think those words will ever be accepted by a Democrat? Not likely in this day and time. Ironically the quote isn’t from Reagan. The man sounding like a TEA Party member is JFK. In 50 years the most obvious and common sense approach to fiscal strength has been abandoned by one party and scorned by the other.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s rise up America. Let’s get out there and spread our message that we are really pissed-off and we aren’t going to accept this government any longer. We have a constitution that is being obliterated by Obama and the gang of criminals that comprise his administration and we have Harry Reid, perhaps the biggest impediment to constitutional government that ever served in the US Senate. Impeachment is the only answer for Obama and a jail cell is the only solution for Reid. Come on people, time for the ‘torches and pitch forks’!

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know if there is a “take back our government” march on Washington, March 16? Heard about it but Googling didn’t have updated information. Site I found had some potential gun slinging going on. I’m not up for that – not just yet anyway. I have one but if I actually had to carry it around I’d likely do unintended harm to myself or others. I appreciate the sentiment I found there (ultimate frustration). If the next set of elections don’t change the face of things, well, who knows, may have to get some training on my little peashooter………..

  • Veronica Lace Kruckeberg

    when ted talks i get goosebumps and a good feeling.. God will use him to strengthen this country

  • kay Lisenby

    again i have to say we have to get the jerks out of the White House now ,take care of the criminals that are there now and keep working on getting the bad out even if we have to do it ourselves because it’s quite obvious that nobody has the balls to do anything to get Obama out of the White House ,look how many laws he has broken, Yes we need Cruz or somebody like him there but we need to take care of the other problems first. Stop that so called president and senate and congress and house from making up more and more communist laws , kick them out of there now we don’t need them all they are doing is turning us into a communist country and further and further in debt , they have thier money and everything they need ,they don’t care about us , Obama wants us to die , just look at obama care, anyone needing medicine to keep them alive ,they don’t get it. WE THE SMALL AMERICAN GOD FEARING PEOPLE HAVE LET THIS GO ON LONG ENOUGH, IT’S TIME TO MAKE THEM STOP

    • Anonymous

      Obama was the perfect weapon against The U.S.A., Because he knows that if Congress tries to Impeach him, there will be a Revolution here in The U.S.
      Voting The Democrats out is our only hope.
      We have to do it this time, people have to understand what “SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM” really is, Too many don’t believe Obama is that evil.
      Everyday he shows more and more of what his real “AGENDA” is, hopefully America is waking up.
      “WE THE PEOPLE” have to work harder making our Family, Friends and Neighbors understand the parallels between Obama’s America and Socialist / Communist Europe and Asia.
      We only have 8 months till the Mid-Term Elections.

    • Anonymous

      STOP GIVING YOURSELF SUCH PITY! When you try to remove every person who is not Ron Paul YOU LOSE! What you state you want cannot be done by the constant blah, blah, blah. As Chris Christie said, You cannot govern if you don’t win! I would vote for him. You are either wearing blinders or you do not want FREEDOM. You are an obstructionist to regaining the Senate.

  • Exodus2011

    I believe lines of demarcation are being drawn ….

    outside Capitol Hill we have the Big Radio/Media Leaders, Rush, Levin, Hannity, Beck, leaning toward siding with Tea Partier America against the Status Quo, America-Killing Cronyist GOP Establishment ….

    On Capitol Hill, Senate side, we have Senators Cruz and Lee who are leading and showing daily that their FIRST Allegiance is to WE The People who elected them, and not ‘The Party’, not Chamber of Commerce Cronies, not Big Donors, not Media …..

    In the HOR we have a substantial faction of solid Conservative Boat-Rockers who are LISTENING to their Constituents (who have them on speed dial **__**) and are bucking the Status Quo DEAD END leadership of the GOPe’s Speaker Boehner

    The terrain for the 2014 Primary Season is being prepared … I believe a hugely important Battle for Constitutional America will be fought there, before the Nov Midterm Elections are held

    This year, it is Group 3 against the groups up ahead

    Bite those A$$es, #FreeAmerica **__**

    #BeClingers —————————> #AmericaRISING

    #WAR —————> #CrushROVE (in the 2014 Primary Cycle Patriots)

  • Jose Luis Garcia

    Say what? Hey Ted! are you trying to deviate the Idea that politicians like you should be believable on what you say? when all you are doing is pushing the agenda of the big interests to continue supporting you? and keep it coming ??? you are dillusional !!

    • Anonymous

      No, no, no, Jose, You are delusional. Cruz chastised Harry Reid on the Senate Floor Thursday for lying and spreading false info. Cruz knows what he is talking about.

  • Trrffya

    You democrats that are determined to destroy our Republic, remember what you’ve done,we will and will repair as much of the damage as we can. All we ever asked of you was to be honest and you weren’t able to do it. You people know in your hearts that Obama lied his way into office, the whole world knows it, you people just refuse to be honest about it.

  • Daniel A Roberts

    I’m a believer in Ted Cruz as well, but I hope he never runs for office of the President. Why? I remember a politician who used to speak about how broken Washington was, and every time he spoke, supportive messages by the droves would appear, like they do here.

    Then the day he did run for the office of the President, everyone but a handful turned on him. He was a candidate who may have had one or two questionable stances, but got everything else right. Obamacare would have never, ever happened. A ton of those Progressive issues would have never, ever influenced our way of life.

    Even Glenn, whom I care for like a brother, turned on that candidate. The results were that a RINO Republican who would have been as bad as Obama got put up in the race, and it was Obama who won, giving us the nightmare we are now trying to wake up from.

    It’s your fault, people. Totally your fault. Look at the USA today, and go back in time and revisit Ron Paul’s campaign and his message. People like you blew him into obscurity. That was our best chance, and your greatest failures.

    No, Ted Cruz, please don’t run for President. These folks are waiting to “Ron Paul” your campaign to death, no matter how much money you raise from the grassroots people such as myself. Stay where you are, and do the most good you can in the office you have already filled, and I hope many others follow in those footsteps.

    • Anonymous

      Grow up and see the problem. Romney was and is not a rino. That word is sick. You are one of the stubborn people who will not bend an inch and insure that Obama and his destroyers stay in power.

      • Daniel A Roberts

        If Romney had won, we would be dealing with Romneycare instead of Obamacare, and not much would be different right now. Grow up? Take your own advice, pal, and learn the difference between a Progressive Republican, aka Republican In Name Only, as the acronym RINO stands for. Sick? Why do you think the truth is sick?

        Read it and weep. I didn’t want Obama in power anymore than Romney, and I sure as H e L L did NOT vote for Obama. I was forced to go with the lesser of two evils. Here’s a shocker for you. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Remember that.

        • Anonymous

          Romney is not evil. I did not read dealing with dummies so I guess this conversation is not worth having. Romneycare? You did not do any homework concerning it or Romney’s actions concerning it. Anything you say is laced with idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Good Grief! Whose fault? The Stubborn Daniel Roberts of this world. IF IT’S NOT RON PAUL I won’t vote. He got an average of 15% of the vote. he was not the candidate! Had he been I would have voted for him. Romney was, is and forever will be the best candidate, Most capable of understanding ours and the worlds economies. Farther from being a RINO than Ron Paul. Paul is a good man who would leave us wide open for attacks from other countries as Obama has done. This world gets more dangerous every day. So stuff your RiNO junk and wise up before we are blown off the face of the earth.

  • Three Friends

    Except in rare instances, such as military bravery in defense of liberty, merit is incompatible with liberty because merit requires that each of us be subjectively judged by those who hold coercive power over us.

    • LEonard Lee

      Rand Paul over Rubio anytime

  • Glen Saunders

    Obama and his band of criminals are waking America up so you could say he accomplished something…..

  • Anonymous

    What a refreshing breath of fresh air. Ted Cruz speaks for me!!! And he speaks well, and clearly with an unapologetic attitude, refusing to couch the reality of the sorry state of Washington today. Both the media and the Senate have a LOT to answer for. As more Americans feel the pain of what these policies are causing, we will see a return to sanity and respect for our Constitution. THANK YOU TED CRUZ!!!

  • Charles Hurst

    So let’s see GOP. You have lost the last two elections. Why is that you wonder? Didn’t you say the right things at the debates and speeches?

    Yes you did. And we have been listening to that litany since 2000. And then you do
    the opposite.

    You expect us to believe that you are any better than the Democrats? When did you reduce spending? Oh that’s right you didn’t reduce it—you massively increased it all through the Bush era. And then when the Democrats do the same thing you shrug your shoulders, yell at Cruz and state it isn’t your fault. If only we
    would vote you in again. Never mind we have and you continue the treason. Then
    you think that traitor McConnell standing with a rifle raised is somehow going
    to make us forget that you have no intention of solving the border invasion or
    reducing a debt which will be the downfall of the country. Because a collapse
    will be less painful when you’re sitting in the Oval Office. Sure, we all buy
    that. That’s why you took second place for the last two elections.

    Try this GOP. It’s called following the law and doing the right thing. You start
    massively deporting illegals. And you tell La Raz to get out of your face. You
    don’t meet with them you don’t negotiate because they cry racism or color. You
    follow the law. And if half of southern California is offended then they are.
    Then you cut the spending—as massively as you deport illegals. You reduce
    benefits. You reduce Medicaid. Because most of those permanently disabled could
    find a job of some sort. You say that—out loud. That you’re not going to let
    a forty-five year old live off the rest of us because he is obese and has an
    anxiety disorder. Try that. You’d win in a landslide.

    If you’re not going to say that then be prepared to lose the third election.
    Because a lot of us aren’t useful idiots that think the impact of the car going
    off the cliff will be less if you’re at the wheel. And we’ll be staying home or
    voting third party when you put a Jeb or McCain in. You’ll lose again. Because if
    you are going to continue the corruption then we will collapse anyway. Don’t
    just trust my fiction—take a look at history. It agrees with me.

    You want our vote. Tell McConnell to put down the rifle, shut his mouth and start
    voting for America.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Anonymous

    Before the Republican Party can even hope to win the White House they have to take some serious inventory. The Republican Party has to unite and stop fighting against each other. As much as I hate to say it, Senator Schumer hit the nail right on the head when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats. How right he is. The Democrats do their fair share of mud slinging at each other during primaries but nowhere near what Republicans do. In 2008 and 2012 when Republican candidates were competing for the nomination, their debates seemed to be nothing but big mud fights. To me that is a big turn off and I know I am not the only one who thinks that way. I think that the Republican candidates should have stopped throwing mud at each other in the debates and focused more on putting a Republican in the White House. When a Democrat wins the nomination, the rest of the party put their differences aside and they all give support to the nominee. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Party since Reagan. If you remember, a few million Republican crybabies stayed home on election day because their candidate didn’t get the nomination or they voted for a useless write-in or independent. Most importantly, the Republicans need to go back to the conservative principals that has served them so well in the past, and need to give full support to who ever wins the nomination instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled crybabies. Democrats Beat out Republicans by government dependency, ignorance, spitefulness, misguided party loyalty and apathy. When you research all these factors, all they had to do was sit back and watch the Republicans cut their own throats.

  • Anonymous

    Sen. Ted Cruz “walks his talk” with confirmable facts, passion and conviction, qualities of character that are sorely lacking in so many politicians today. The funny thing is that the inane nature and the detrimental results of this president’s policies make it so easy to point out the Dim-Dems total FAIL:

    3/6/14 — This week, President Obama released his Administration’s 2015 budget — 29 days beyond the legal deadline for submission. To put it succinctly…it’s ridiculous. It proposes to generate a new level of debt that is even more unsustainable than it already is; it will make our nation more susceptible to default; and it shreds the very fabric of our national economy.

    On top of the proposed $7.5 trillion of NEW debt, there is NO effort to balance the budget, NO effort to control our nation’s long-term spending problem, and NO effort to get America back on a solid financial footing. And all of this comes at a time when our national debt is over $17 trillion. (That’s nearly $55,000 of debt per American.)

    Barack Obama has shown no semblance of economic responsibility, even though he has already saddled the American people with 64% more debt in just the past five years since his Inauguration. Unless Congress can stop this out-of-control plan, it’s YOU, but primarily your posterity that will be paying the bills, because he’s surely not!

  • Anonymous

    Vote up for a Paul – Cruz 2016 ticket.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree with Ted Cruz, it’s important to understand that the race in Florida was for a traditionally Republican district. One, in fact, that had always had a Republican representative. There was no way in the world that Alex Sink could have won that election. So, before we get all excited that the Democrats are in trouble, (which I hope is true), we need to be aware of the facts. And that race isn’t a fact that you should hang all your hopes on.

  • Ricky Dale Jordan

    All of you Ted Cruz supporters are so stupid!

    • Anonymous

      Cruz is a great communicator who gets his point across without raising his voice and destroys Democrats who lie, such as Dick Durbin. The Liberal Sunday Talk shows will not have him on any more because he embarrases them by telling the truth.

  • Wise words …

    Patriots and Citizens: Slice through the illusions conjured up by clowns like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart:

  • Tyler Carraway

    Oh gosh yes on that whole “ideological bigotry” thing.
    Without taking the time to actually get some perspective on the issues, they accuse the political right of being hateful of just about everything. And in doing so, they become SO HATEFUL themselves.

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