image001“I want them to feel a connection to something greater than themselves.”

—Lori Bain, owner of Heritage Jewelry

When she joined The Marketplace just over a year ago, Lori Bain brought along not only her skills in metalworking and gemstone craftsmanship, but also a passion for the history and cultural legacy that shaped our nation.

Lori’s desire to help people build deep and lasting connections with their heritage influences every piece of jewelry she creates.

Whether it’s a bracelet celebrating the accomplishments of Texas oil riggers and cattle drivers or a necklace that pays tribute to the first American astronauts to land on the moon, each piece of jewelry tells a story.

“Meaningful jewelry that instills pride.”

After being laid off as a special education teacher, Lori decided to fall back on what she did best—being independent. She began teaching herself new methods of creating jewelry and at the same time studying her own genealogy.


“It just seemed natural to combine the two, so I started researching what stone came from the countries of my heritage,” Lori says.

By successfully tracing her own family history back hundreds of years, Lori discovered ancestors who had fought for freedom, tamed wildernesses and crossed the Great Plains, shaping the nation we now know. Now, she’s adding her own chapter to this amazing legacy as she works hard to bring these precious pieces of history to life through the jewelry she creates.

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