What really happened at Ft. Hood? Watch For The Record: Broken Heart FREE

Last month, TheBlaze’s investigative news magazine For the Record returned for an all new season of fearless reporting with an in-depth episode on the 2009 tragedy at Fort Hood. Laurie Dhue and the For The Record team spoke to survivors and experts to discover the truth about the most deadly shooting on a U.S. military base in history. What really happened that day?

Because of the magnitude of the information uncovered and a desire to see justice for the victims, TheBlaze has decided to make the full episode of For The Record: Broken Heart available free of charge. Watch the video below and share it with your friends and family. In addition, TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent, Sara Carter, has written a companion piece to this episode. Read her fascinating analysis HERE.

Don’t miss For The Record Wednesday’s at 8pm ET only on TheBlaze. You can learn more about For The Record HERE.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    Glad you guys posted this on Youtube so the truth can get out.

  • Anonymous

    That was probably the most professional and concise media program I’ve seen on Fort Hood and the traitor/jihadist Hasan. Well done!

  • Anonymous

    This administration is just pathetic…..they disgust me for many different reasons…

    • Anonymous

      They are the enemy

      • David Croquet

        you should make sure to always post how you feel on message boards and comments sections, and suck a stranger;s dick in the bathroom stall of a Tea Party, that way you will get stuff done!

        • Clara Robert


          ♞♞♞ ♞♞♞⯉ ♞♞♞ ♞⩺♞♞♞ ♞♞♞That was probably the most professional and concise media program

  • Peter Anthony


    • David Croquet

      you realize that when Ted Nugent’s turn to serve came up, he shat himself intentionally to get a deferment?

      • BevM

        In what branch did Obama or Clinton serve?

        • David Croquet

          Wasn’t talking about either of those twice elected presidents

  • Republitards suck

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. Don’t you guys have anything new? Ft. Hood & Benghazi is old news that really didn’t matter well… ever. At least not the way you guys want it to matter.

    • Gary E Crittenden

      you are just a fucking idiot…..do you want truth and justice? if so, how about looking at this without bias, or are you islamic? if so, u better go back to the sand pit u came from, cause once you muzzies start this shit again….you will b hunted down like the dogs you are.

      • Republitards suck

        Be careful your white privilege is showing.

        • Dirk Agia

          And you are a race huckster.

    • BevM

      If it were YOUR family member that were shot up at Ft. Hood or murdered in a Terrorist Attack after repeatedly asking for more security in Benghazi, would it matter? Or would YOU just blow it off and just write them off? Oh well, they’re dead. Later! Hitlery is GUILTY of MURDER. She committed perjury when she said she never saw the cables – the ones that had her signature on them! Barry and Hitlery BOTH lied for weeks about “that video”, even paying millions of our tax dollars apologizing to the Muslim world for that video, when they knew from the beginning that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. The “3 AM Phone Call” that Hitlery campaigned on came but NO ONE ANSWERED. Barry had to get ready to go to Vegas for his never ending campaign tour and Hitlery CHOSE to ignore them. MANY are guilty of murder in Benghazi. And justice WILL be done. There’s no statute of limitations on murder or complacency of murder.

      Would you be okay with your husband, son, pregnant daughter, brother or father were aped, rmurdered, and dragged through the streets of Benghazi because their boss REFUSED their pleas for help? I’m sure you’d just let it go and NOT CARE what the hell happened to them. I bet you also believe that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. PERIOD.” You believe everything proven liars tell you? You have your “Patriotic” bikini on but could care less about Americans brutally losing their lives. Why are you holding that rifle? You people are anti gun. Your hypocrisy is showing. And that flag on that body isn’t attractive.

      Google “Hillary Plane Crash in Iran” and see how she REALLY got the “concussion” and “subsequent brain tumor” that stopped her from testifying at the first Benghazi hearings. Truth is an amazing thing.

      Hitlery and Barry are both guilty of treason and murder. But since you don’t care, someday when YOU lose someone, I’m sure you won’t shed a tear. You have no compassion. I pity you.

  • Anonymous

    So republicans are you going to MAKE it right…don’t let this “work place” label continue, or you are just as pathetic.

    • BevM

      Did you watch the entire thing? HARRY REID “runs” the Senate. Back room deals are how he does it. So how can Republicans do anything with Dingy Harry not allowing ANYTHING they pass to be brought up for a vote?

  • Robert Rollins

    I um think my profile pic says it all to the couple of libtards who at least learned part of the alphabet in public school

  • Robert Rollins

    What I want to know is why this puke hasn’t rode the lightning yet

    • BevM

      He won’t as long as a Muslim is squatting in our White House and a traitor like Dingy Harry “leads” the Senate.

  • BevM

    This is what we get when a bunch of uninformed idiots blindly believe the words of a now proven liar and vote for “Hope and Change” (which was also Hitler’s campaign slogan!) without paying attention to the man’s past associations or even reading his book in which he says “if the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand with the MUSLIMS.” There’s plenty of proof everywhere of what kind of a person he was/is, having been raised by Communist grandparents and mentored by “Uncle Frank” Marshall Davis (likely baby daddy if you look at pics of the two of them side by side), another Card Carrying Communist. Raised by Communists to hate America, the end result ISN’T going to be good for America. We need to raise the voting age. At 18, you’re still a kid and don’t know anything. We’ve all been 18 and know that. You should either be a WORKING taxpayer or a land owner. The entire dynamic of the country would change.

    When the govt. fears the people, it’s a democracy. When the people fear the govt., it’s tyranny. Which describes America NOW? I believe it’s the latter. And that has to change. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent program. It breaks my heart to see our military treated this way. We can spend billions on useless programs, but can’t honor those who sacrificed so much?

  • Organix

    The 18 tendencies imported by Stuart Chase included a centralized government with an executive arm growing at the expense of the others.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    our gov’t belongs to the house of Islam. it prefers to protect an arrogant jihadi over our military. Shame on Obama and the idiots who voted for him.

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