On radio this morning, TheBlaze Radio Network’s Doc Thompson filled in for Glenn and excoriated the Obama Administration for its inability to do anything to solve the nation’s jobs problem. Doc asked one simple question: Five years later, where are the jobs, Mr. President? He proceeded to run through nearly a century of progressive policies that have landed us in the stymied economic situation we now find ourselves in.

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“Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Mr. President, where are the jobs? That’s all you need to ask. Where are the jobs? Where are they? How is the economy? How is that working out for us,” Doc asked. “It’s five years later, where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? You’ve been president for five years and you’ve had, despite what you’ve said, most of your agenda passed. So where are the jobs? Where are the jobs, Mr. President? Where are the J-O-B-S? Where are they?”

While Democrats in Congress pull all-nighters to discuss environmental concerns, gay marriage, and amnesty, Americans are losing their jobs, losing their businesses, and struggling to get by.

So where are all the jobs President Obama promises? They certainly are not in the United States. Why? Because of progressive policies.

“Do you know where the jobs are? Everywhere else. America stopped being a leader because of progressive ideas across the board years ago. It didn’t start with Obama. It started decades ago… Our high water mark was after World War II. Soldiers returned, and the economy started booming because people were buying houses and shiny cars out of Detroit… People had to make those things, and the people who made those things made money,” Doc explained. “And since that happened, with the exception of a few spikes, we’ve been marching to our economic death ever since. Slowly, steadily, a drum beat a day, marching to our economic death because we buy what we can’t afford. We ratchet up debt as a group… As a country we continue to overspend for what we don’t have and we hold nobody responsible.”

The manufacturing towns and cities that once made America great have dried up. The only people who remain are those who are unable to sell their homes and move out. The formula for a healthy country includes a strong military, a strong financial structure, and strong manufacturing sector. We have lost, to some degree, all three of those prongs.

“Drive through those rust bet cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee. The only reason people still exist in those towns is because they can’t sell their homes… That’s it. It breaks my heart to see the towns I love like that. I’m a rust belt guy. I grew up on the Great Lakes. My parents are blue-collar workers. I appreciate that. I appreciate anybody who works hard for a living,” Doc said. “Now I drive through these towns and they’re empty. This is the elephant in the room. The jobs are elsewhere because of those progressive policies that have sent them overseas. Oh, sure, the president wants to say we’re giving them tax breaks for sending them overseas. And yes, companies get tax breaks. There’s corporate welfare. Corporate welfare shouldn’t exist… But because of those progressive policies, they’ve sent those jobs overseas.”

Ultimately, Doc believes the American people should be asking one question of President Obama every single today because the lie has gone on far too long.

“Where are the jobs, Mr. President? This is what you should be asking the president each and every day, and Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner alike. Where are the jobs,” Doc concluded. “They’ve lied to you and they’ve manipulated you and you continue to elect them. As they march closer and closer to the midterm election, that’s where you need to: Where are the jobs?”