Where are the jobs, Mr. President? Doc Thompson explains why progressive policies have destroyed America

On radio this morning, TheBlaze Radio Network’s Doc Thompson filled in for Glenn and excoriated the Obama Administration for its inability to do anything to solve the nation’s jobs problem. Doc asked one simple question: Five years later, where are the jobs, Mr. President? He proceeded to run through nearly a century of progressive policies that have landed us in the stymied economic situation we now find ourselves in.

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“Where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? Mr. President, where are the jobs? That’s all you need to ask. Where are the jobs? Where are they? How is the economy? How is that working out for us,” Doc asked. “It’s five years later, where are the jobs? Where are the jobs? You’ve been president for five years and you’ve had, despite what you’ve said, most of your agenda passed. So where are the jobs? Where are the jobs, Mr. President? Where are the J-O-B-S? Where are they?”

While Democrats in Congress pull all-nighters to discuss environmental concerns, gay marriage, and amnesty, Americans are losing their jobs, losing their businesses, and struggling to get by.

So where are all the jobs President Obama promises? They certainly are not in the United States. Why? Because of progressive policies.

“Do you know where the jobs are? Everywhere else. America stopped being a leader because of progressive ideas across the board years ago. It didn’t start with Obama. It started decades ago… Our high water mark was after World War II. Soldiers returned, and the economy started booming because people were buying houses and shiny cars out of Detroit… People had to make those things, and the people who made those things made money,” Doc explained. “And since that happened, with the exception of a few spikes, we’ve been marching to our economic death ever since. Slowly, steadily, a drum beat a day, marching to our economic death because we buy what we can’t afford. We ratchet up debt as a group… As a country we continue to overspend for what we don’t have and we hold nobody responsible.”

The manufacturing towns and cities that once made America great have dried up. The only people who remain are those who are unable to sell their homes and move out. The formula for a healthy country includes a strong military, a strong financial structure, and strong manufacturing sector. We have lost, to some degree, all three of those prongs.

“Drive through those rust bet cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee. The only reason people still exist in those towns is because they can’t sell their homes… That’s it. It breaks my heart to see the towns I love like that. I’m a rust belt guy. I grew up on the Great Lakes. My parents are blue-collar workers. I appreciate that. I appreciate anybody who works hard for a living,” Doc said. “Now I drive through these towns and they’re empty. This is the elephant in the room. The jobs are elsewhere because of those progressive policies that have sent them overseas. Oh, sure, the president wants to say we’re giving them tax breaks for sending them overseas. And yes, companies get tax breaks. There’s corporate welfare. Corporate welfare shouldn’t exist… But because of those progressive policies, they’ve sent those jobs overseas.”

Ultimately, Doc believes the American people should be asking one question of President Obama every single today because the lie has gone on far too long.

“Where are the jobs, Mr. President? This is what you should be asking the president each and every day, and Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner alike. Where are the jobs,” Doc concluded. “They’ve lied to you and they’ve manipulated you and you continue to elect them. As they march closer and closer to the midterm election, that’s where you need to: Where are the jobs?”

  • Anonymous

    The man residing at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue does not care about jobs. He never has, despite his “laser focus” on the economy and jobs back in 2008. He has an agenda and nothing trumps the agenda – and that is the destruction of our economy, the growing of big government to run every aspect of our lives including his laughably named “affordable care act” which is anything but, his piddling away trillions on green energy/money laundering schemes, ad nauseum. If anyone is still under the delusion that he cares about this country, our economy and the US remaining number one in the world, then there is no help for them. He’s right on track to bring us down a notch or two, and that is the sad truth.

    • Bonnie Somer

      u r right his agenda is to END AMERICA PERIOD. His literal takeover of hcare and his Hitler like gun control he wants his end of the constitution, God, our sovereignty and our military. Our God given nat resources mean nothing to him and JOBS is just a word. He has now THREATENED TO VETO A BILL THAT REQUIRES HIM TO FOLLOW THE LAW U KNOW THE US CONSTITUTION THE FACT HE THREATENS TO VETO IT TELLS ANYONE ALL THEY NEED TO KNOW. HE HATES THIS NATION LOOK AT HIS NOMINEES ALL MARXIST LEFT WING PROGRESSIVES AND THE SURGEON GEN HE WANTS OMG Read D’Souzas book obamas america a blueprint for what this nut does and read Alinsky that is obama Time for us, we the people, to unite and end his terror he does not make the laws and he does not want to enforce them so he ignores them or changes them OMG all of us need to get off the couch and march in DC

      • Anonymous

        A great presentation on jobs – need more of it! Here’s some January info on jobs – a month out of date, but the message is pertinent. It’s slightly better for Feb?

        BLS unemployment workforce data is misstated and historically disjointed! 12 year pre-recession (1997/2008) 66.511% workforce to eligible population averages puts January, 2014 unemployment at 19,001,000 (11.57%)! Full time January BLS labor @ $24.21/hr @ 2080 hours ($50,356.80) plus 30% (rounded) employer paid
        benefits & taxes totals $65,463.84/yr. productivity! That’s $1.24 TRILLION/year LOST PRODUCTIVITY! BLS’s 34.4/hr January work week means 86% of 145,224,000 reported employed was really 124,893,000 fulltime jobs and 20,331,000 (14% of them) and $1.33 trillion/yr. was lost! Combined, 39,333,000 (24%) joblessness costs $2.57 trillion/yr productive output!

        If taxes @25% employee and 30% employer total 55% of $50,356.80 wages, then $27,695.80 lost tax related revenue is $1.09 trillion/yr. vs. full employment! Our country is drowning (DYING) in about that much unpayable NEW debt & counterfeiting per year! That, with $2.57 trillion above is a $3.66 trillion/yr!

        INSTEAD OF WORKING THEY’RE PAID BY GOVERNMENT TO NOT WORK!!! (Welfare, food stamps, unemployment, non-incapacitating comp, housing, child support, health care…) Countless citizen benefit and welfare costs are paid by federal, state, and local governments. Other costs include adding unpaid medical costs to those who pay, etc. Pick a number… 39 million jobless with 11 million criminal aliens is 50 million… @ $37,000 each is another $1.85 trillion that is paid by federal, state, and
        local treasuries (taxpayers)! That potential reduction with $3.66 trillion above is up to $5.51 trillion turn around with full employment! The USA can turn around just like the world did immediately after WWII!

        If that isn’t bad enough, add 11 to 30 million illegal aliens, who are
        working in criminal tax evading $6/hr cash pay ($12,480/yr) employment! That $52,984 savings vs. the $65,464 per “legal” employee cost… ($583+ billion) goes to the criminal conspiracies protected by Obama’s DOJ Holder! Amnesty is treason!

        Bottom up, top down global socialism is more than treason, it’s a war we’re losing because we won’t demand prosecution to the fullest extent of Constitution and law, including anti-trust laws. Restore our Constitution, sovereignty, infrastructure, access to our resources, competition, free markets, education systems, and covenants with God, truth, and character! We’ll either crush treason and corruption or be annihilated by it!

        • Clara Robert


          ♞♞♞ ♞♞♞⯉ ♞♞♞ ♞⩺♞♞♞ ♞♞♞I want work and I am even seeing beggars on the street we never had that happen.

    • BlueMN

      “On track?” We won! “…progressive policies have destroyed Amerika.” We won! We won!!! When do we start rounding up anti-progressives for execu… um, “executive” reeducation?

  • Anonymous

    The government cannot create jobs without incurring a net loss in he private sector. This loss will always be greater than the benefits envisioned. These liberal retards will never learn.

  • Fat Lip

    Over sea’s Mexico anywhere but his arch nemesis America
    ON PURPOSE just like the special visitor’s from the south who are now no longer visitor’s at all are they . permanent residents of the debacle called I don’t want to do that dirty job I might get my hands dirty and i’m to good for that job !
    I believe it is a sign of biblical teaching’s AND YE SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a loud mouth and like Glenn clueless to the real problems at hand!

    • Anonymous

      Oh? Okay, so they’re clueless. Would you, then, kindly clue us in to the real problem(s) as you see it?

      And while you’re at it, please supply a workable solution to help out solving those other problems, as you see them.

      Laus Deo

      • Anonymous

        The real problems can be found in the children’s book the “Lorax” by Dr Seuss.


        This economical system that we’ve been apart of for thousands of years now has never worked for the collective whole and has always been very detrimental to the Life that surrounds us.

        The solution is far more complicated then the problem and will take all of us because in the end we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

        “Resource Based Economy” is the key for true equality for the collective whole.

        This PDF gives some insight on the matter


        This video will help as well


        This information is not about a utopia,but about a far more reasonable path then the one we’re on. Our children and future children are depending on us to do the right thing. We don’t need lawyers,or finical wizards in charge. We need scientist’s,engineers,real problem solvers that this system never brings forward because of the very nature of the beast that we now call our government.

        We go back to the beginning of this amazing paper proclamation that says

        “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

        We have the science to feed all the worlds people and provide a standard of living that most of us only dream of.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for replying. My present comments took a bit of time to gather, as I watched The Lorax as well as reading a bit into the TZM reference. For time constraints, I stopped at about page 37 or so. I shall likely continue later with the other references you give as well.

          Now, as a first approximation in reply, and my reaction to your viewpoint, the following.

          The Lorax is a bit simplistic (by its nature, of course), but looks at unbridled mechanization as “bad” and the implied capitalization as “bad” also. This is, of course, a simplistic assessment, on my part. The usual general takeaway from The Lorax is that capitalistic mechanization is bad, as it is damaging to the environment, and by implication, society as a whole. You say the problems and the solutions are more complex, and you are right, and I agree.

          Your solution, via TZM, is where I will disagree.

          I am going to provide a counter-proposal, that you and many will likely quickly recoil at, but a quote from TZM, page 28, will explain that reaction. The tenor of the times fairly well agree that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent, and point to various happenings, both in the physical world and the conflicts of nations, as prime examples. As a point of argument, assume it to be so, and will happen at some undetermined time in the future. The society, then, will be the perfect society, by definition, I suppose, with Jesus Christ as King. Such a society will be the fulfillment of what TZM desires, but accomplished by means that are at present said to be at complete odds with the scientific solution that TZM describes.

          Now, the quote from TZM, page 28:
          Such questions are seldom considered as people tend, again, to adapt to their culture without objection, assuming it is “just the way it is”. Such static orientations are almost universally a result of cultural tradition and, as Cohen and Nagel point out, it is very difficult to communicate a new, challenging idea to those who are “sufficiently determined not to believe it”.

          Now, a quick note on the subject of this clip: Under Jesus Christ, we all will have work to do, and it will be pleasant and agreeable to our individual talents and dispositions. “Work” as in something to do with our talents, as opposed to “Labor,” that is menial and distasteful. So yes, there will be Jobs for everyone.

          That will be in extreme contrast to Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” that never seemed to materialize.

          Laus Deo

          • Anonymous

            Quick postscript.

            From The Venus Project: He would send the military to school, instead of war, to find solutions to the world’s problems, via education. Try educating Islam to be “reasonable.” Good luck.

            But then, I think the *only* way that Islam will be made livable will be the Second Coming, and I don’t see anything short of that as accomplishing diverting them from their avowed destruction of both the Great Satan (USA) and the Little Satan (Israel). Why are they that way? I dunno. Just their religion, I guess. In for a surprise, as are we all.

            Laus Deo

          • Mike Nelson

            The Tower of Babel was not necessarily a strictly factual retelling of historical events; today, activists, union leaders, politicians, and various other professions may share a language, but their words to each other are nothing but babble, just the same.

            I’m not challenging your assertions, but I think you’re giving this guy way too much time and credit. He’ll eventually have to get out of college and one day will get hungry: physically, spiritually, or emotionally, and will then learn his proper motivation. Shortly thereafter, he may even discover God, or, barring that, nature.

            Even animals kill each other for prime hunting territory, mating privileges, or mere intrusion into marked territory. This is LIFE behavior, and that film bemoans nothing so much as What Is Wrong With Life Itself.

            Well spoken posts, though.

        • Mike Nelson

          This film’s most effective advocation is against its own premise; Mr Fresco is a low-brow technocrat whose target audience desires not to have to earn their own existence, and lack the self-awareness to acknowledge that perspective as a fault. Without a structure into which a person can fit, we would all otherwise have no option but to endorse personal survival on the most basic level – against which the film advocates so sophomorically when he says that soldiers are nothing but killing machines.

          The entire production could be summed up by saying, “We’re all going to die!!!”

          Well, no lie there, buddy, we’re all going to die, and that process begins at the moment of conception; it’s part of the human experience.

          Put down the indoctrination and step away.

          • Anonymous

            Mike the Venus Project,Zeitgeist Movement and all other web sites and people involved,Buckminster Fuller are not looking for a free ride. Its about working together for the collective whole and the “Life” that surrounds us. It’s a new way of thinking that can get us past the capitalistic,free market way of thinking where everyone only thinks of themselves. With todays technological advances more and more people in this system now are “without a structure into which a person can fit”. Yes we’re all going to die,but we don’t have to take down our children and their future life support with us.

            “Put down the indoctrination and step away.” indeed!


          • Mike Nelson

            Life IS preparation for death. I am familiar with much of Buckminster Fuller’s works and theories, and have watched the Zeitgeist movie twice, and what I cannot ignore is the fact that the “better way of doing things” is not “better” for everyone, because when you kill personal initiative in favor of collectivist UTOPIA you end civilization at the point where the original European Colonies (as recognized and indoctrinated by the official version of history) died.

            The proof of this is in evidence in any public toilet and most public parks.

            Without individual ownership on some level, there is nothing “better” about anything because it’s not everyone’s interest that is involved – it becomes no one’s responsibility.

            You literally endorse a society that kills innovation and creativity, which makes life futile on the level of individual human experience.

            So yes, “put down the indoctrination,” indeed.

            Every system has it’s “loopholes” or “evils” and no amount of “education” will ever equal the experience of learning these ways around responsibility, except the privilege of ownership, and the work required to achieve such benefits as one’s own private home, where one can be away from such collectivist BS as the tree of indoctrination, the proximity of which appears to preclude your recognition of a whole forest around you.

            We are all different. Period. That IS the diversity.

            And regarding soldiers being nothing but killing machines, that’s offensive as hell. Soldiers/airmen/marines/sailors are some of the most creative problem solvers you will ever meet, but you won’t see that until you take away the bureaucracy that tells them HOW to do their jobs.

            Standardization may have its benefits, but it can go to the extreme of a detriment as well, and technocrats utterly, by their arrogant nature, fail to recognize that they may not have the best answers.

            You want a real answer?


            It can be as simple as that… but no, no we send “humanitarian envoys” to tell people to keep living in malaria infested demographics, in mud huts, and burning dung to live, in order to promote diversity and the origins of ethnicity, so that we don’t lose touch.

            Your guy wants us to advance technologically so that we can get back to nature. This is the same juxtaposition as union members (who rely on manufacturing jobs) and Earthers (who want to kill corporations who hire manufacturers) voting for the same people.

            Choices are choices, and when you take those away, you kill individualism. I would sooner burn down the whole world than endorse that wholesale slaughter of what makes a man a Man.

          • Anonymous

            No one is talking about a “utopia” here. A RBE is another way of looking at the very real problems at hand. The negative things you say about a RBE could easily apply to this capitalistic,free market society we now live in. Most of us are spending our precious life experiences on menial jobs that do nothing to enhance our minds and keep us away from our families.

            I have no desire to go back and forth with you on the matter as I simply don’t have the time. Looks like you’ve done some homework and have made up your own mind on the matter.

    • Mike Nelson

      I KNOW, RIGHT!?

      Can’t we ask questions more reasonable, like the Washington Press Corps?

      “What have you learned since becoming president?”

      “What sports do you like?”

      “What do you think of Mark Basseley Youssef and his film, Innocence of Muslims,?

      How DARE anyone ask the PRESIDENT OF THE USA about jobs… absurd!

      • Anonymous

        Was one of the best shows I’ve watched in years. We need more “Where are the jobs?”… demanding accountability!

  • landofaahs

    They are lower paying and or part time, and or government jobs. All the numbers mean nothing except the labor participation rate and how much consumers are spending and saving. Those true numbers will give a good look at what is coming.

    • Fat Lip

      Amen what is coming will be going for us :

    • Anonymous

      Hit the nail on the head! That’s Progressivism; looking at all issues with rose colored glasses – let US reach Utopia! Hahaha!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The arrogant misguided apostles of monster gov-meant socialism act the same decade after decade in nation after nation…

    they fail to bring any utopia, just dish misery to millions…..all the while creating demons to blame and smearing critics to avoid ever facing the results of their naturally toxic policies…


  • Deckard426

    The manufacturing jobs will all return to America, when people here will accept wages lower than those paid to preschoolers working in Chinese factories.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    As someone who has been out of work for a year and even then nothing permanent. I have to say I know liberals are full of it. I want work and I am even seeing beggars on the street we never had that happen. They are not even asking for money but food for work but yet Obama and the left want me to believe that this economy is recovering. It pisses me off and I hope the Democrat party dies off this election as they should because they lied about about what is going on about the job market. We the people want to work not your handouts left. Get the idea or get the hell out of the way.

    • BlueMN

      Take a bath and get a job, dirty teabaggers.

  • Anonymous

    Love Doc & Skip! Says it straight-up!! Go get em guys – call them out!!!! We will too!!!

  • fire lion

    Jobs? Capitalism is sending them overseas because capitalism loves dirty poor people making shoes. ask Mittens

  • Jason

    Not just the “progressives” destroying our economy. Remember the Congressional Republicans teaming up with Bill Clinton to launch NAFTA and eventually GATT and WTO? Our wealth creation engines (factories) along with their middle class jobs were sent out of country along with our technology and investment capital. There’s plenty of blame for our sorry economy. IT WILL NOT IMPROVE UNTIL WE UNDO THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST!

  • Jason




  • WASP

    As was the progressive goal. Kill off humanity, by starvation, slow kill vaccines, GMO’s , biological agents, chemtrailing, whatever the hell works. I’m sick of the bullshit at every level. Talking heads included. There is no “discourse” other than outright KILLING the perpetrators. Talk is cheap. A good communist is a dead one.

    • Anonymous

      Ya think ? Spot on…..

  • Deb

    I finally got a job after a year and a half with no income. I get my first paycheck tomorrow, I now make in one week what I used to make in 1 day.

    • Anonymous


      • Deb

        Thanks, at least it’s something.

        • Guardian

          The average pay has fallen $7,000 per yr – yet Obama brags how he has created so many jobs. He won’t admit they are low level and part time jobs. Now he and the Dems want to allow the immigrants to flood in and compete for those. Anyone who votes Democrat in 2014 or 2016 needs their heads examined.

  • Anonymous

    Doc Thompson has hit the nail right on the head, He is right. This has all been in the works long before Obama was even born. He has had a lot of ground work done before him. Just ask the union members who have lost their jobs since he took office. Start with General Electric and The Presidential Job Czar, (And also head of GE) Jeffery Immelt. He has done more to create jobs in China than he has in this country.

    How many Union members lost their jobs when Obama helped his buddy Jeffery Immelt. at General Electric set up their light bulb operations in China and close their plant in this country? Today you can’t find a single GE light bulb made in the USA. General Electric also plans to close their divisions that makes X-ray equipment and jet engine manufacturing and ,move them to China. where there is cheaper non-union workers. More unemployed union members possible in the future.

    There are a lot of Union Oil Workers who lost their jobs when Obama put a ban on further oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.
    His attacks on the private jet industry is sure to put a lot of union members in the ranks of the unemployed.

    Even though he bailed out two auto companies, he didn’t stop them from closing some plants and relocating them overseas. Since the bail out GM has built factories and research centers in China. Now GM is building 70% of their cars and trucks outside the USA and a large percentage are built in China. Former GM owned Nextteer plants in Flint and Saginaw are now owned by AVIC, a Chinese company. Google it yourself and do your own research. Here is a good place to start. When you watch this video think about all those out of work UAW members that once built these models. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvl5Gan69Wo

    Next is the Keystone pipeline. His little side show in Oklahoma was just a scam. It hasn’t been approved yet. As a result, the union construction workers and Oil workers have yet to get the jobs that project would have made.

    I wonder how many union jobs in the coal mines, and the power plants that use coal, will be affected because of Obama’s little war on those industries?

    Do you know where Hershey is making their chocolate candy these days? Not in Pennsylvania. More unemployed union members.

    Now we come to Federico Pena and his role at Vestar Capital Partners. Pena has been a partner at Vestar since 2000. Pena is a former mayor of Denver and was also one of 35 co-chairs for the President’s 2012 campaign. Vestar laid off 1000 workers at Del Monte, closed three factories and laid off 540 people at Solo Cup Co and fired another 500 workers at Birds Eye food processor. More union workers gone. Not much different from what they accused Romney and Bain Capital of doing.

    Diane Sawyer of ABC News (NOT FOX) has reported that bridges in New York, California and Alaska are being rebuilt for several billion dollars. They will not be built by American contractors and workers using American made materials and equipment. The contracts have been given to Chinese contractors using Chinese materials, Chinese non-union workers and Chinese equipment. Over three thousand jobs American union workers will not get.

    And the list goes on. Will this make the union rank and file pay more attention to the issues of the candidates? Doubtful. This year and in 2016 they will get caught up in the rhetoric of the election. They may even help push the repeal of the Twenty-fourth Amendment and join in chanting “Four More Years!” I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them.

    I wonder how that hope and change is working out for all those unemployed union members who voted Democrat? TWICE!

    • Anonymous

      Great comment , thank you !

  • Anonymous

    The thing about the Obama administration probably is that people make their own life. Sometimes with government help, sometimes not. The jobs ARE around. You just have to figure out how to build one. Just like if everyone was as libertarian as you guys SAY you are. But then again yours truly is on my 10th income stream as of yesterday so what do I know?

  • Take 2

    What he does care about is packaging the JOBS Bill ie. Infrastructure Bill i.e. Highways Bill with a Banking function that circumvents Congress – as did Hitler in the 1930’s. What got through was a permanent Marxist/Utopian Health Care Tax or call it Affordable to the ones exempted under 19,300 per year. You know the group that it was originally so needed to lift them up. Then tell us where the bad green corp funds went or are parked. Billions in female G2 condoms? hum? like females will wear rubbers. I know, Adult conversation is crazy these days – with a child stuck in his teens running things.

  • Anonymous

    Doc Thompson is good. In fact, him and skip have been on a roll this week. I don’t usually hear them, but since they sat in for Glenn today,
    I did. Obama doesn’t give one rip about this country. He only cares about the job title, and the perks. The only person he cares about is BHO.

  • Anonymous

    We had a chance to elect a man who, whatever else he was, he is at least a very savvy economic man. He perhaps could have made a difference, providing Congress, the Senate, all the bureaucrats and the courts didn’t tie his hands behind his back, but no! We had to re-elect Barack0claus for free cell phones, and free gubmint health care!

  • Jeff Gabel

    This moron President walked into office with a glib lying mouth and has spent every minute on shoving us into a Socialist welfare nanny state. He has done nothing to foster growth in the private sector, to reduce costs or regs on business. His mouth has run on and on but his agenda has been Socialist/welfare nanny state. Nothing more, nothing less. The guy is a treasonous traitor to America and needs to be thrown out of office and prosecuted.

  • Hitched

    We have a single mission: Defend our sacred Constitution.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, from my understanding, our Constitution has been rewritten by the liberals. In order to save this nation, we must turn back to God’s Word!

  • Jayne Nielsen

    First, dude does NOT know how to create jobs. He was a community organizer. He has NEVER run a front office much less a lemonade stand so he has NO clue how a job is created. He thinks giving away more of other people’s money (increasing minimum wage, more overtime) will create jobs. Even I know that has an opposite effect on job creation. But then again he doesn’t think business owners “built their businesses”. Proof that Obama has NO, ZERO clue how to to build a business much less create jobs! Second, when does he have any time worrying about other people, the economy, or security briefings? All he cares about is his golf game, going on stupid Internet shows, being a Celebrity-in-Chief, and jetting off with his worthless family taking lavish vacations on taxpayer money!
    I was a bit out of touch when peanut farmer Carter was president but Obama is being hailed as being the worst of the two. The late, “great” Carter must love Obama for not only being a Democrat but being considered worse than him.

  • Bob Stauskas

    Today’s democrats are a joke.

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