Fishing with Raphe on vacation

Glenn’s been on vacation with his family all week, and he just sent the video below of he and Raphe out fishing. Did they have any luck? Watch the video to find out, and don’t forget to check the Backstage page of for more photos and updates from Glenn’s vacation!

  • Kevin Ensminger

    Is that a tattoo around your right leg above the ankle?

    • Anonymous

      Yep…he showed everyone a few years back. I guess it was from his wild years.

  • Anonymous

    There needs to be a law. Glenn can’t take days off when Rush does too. It’s not fun listening to both their fill ins.

    • Crassus

      The only time Rush is worth listening to these days is when either Mark Steyn or Doug Urbanski is guest hosting.

      • Anonymous

        Love Mark Steyn. I heard him say he wouldn’t want a talk radio show. Said he gets stressed out sitting in for Rush.

        • Laura Steven


          ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★but it turned out great. I enjoyed everyone that sat in for him.

    • David Croquet

      also it should be illegal for him to post videos of little boys

    • David Croquet

      You should try going out into the world sometime, rather than listening to those chubby dumbos every day

  • Robert Rollins

    Cool Glenn enjoy. They grow up so fast.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Mackerel

  • Anonymous

    I was pissed all week with Glenn gone in a.m. and p.m., but it turned out great. I enjoyed everyone that sat in for him. (I just knew Glenn didn’t bait the hook;) he’s not exactly Mr. Outdoors. Haha

  • Robert R. Lionshield

    Thanks! for sharing your vacation video with us, I feel like I’m part of the family now.

  • C Bauer

    Glenn has tatts? I’ll be damned.

    • Anonymous

      I just caught that too,GLENN whats the tat?

    • Paul Leanagahan

      Tits. He has tits.

  • KYinAZ

    Holy Mackeral!

  • melissa

    Good job Raphe and Glenn.

  • B D

    That poor kid. Having an emotional time bomb for a father must be a nightmare.

    • Paul Leanagahan

      And being called Rape can’t help.

  • Anonymous

    Whats the tat Glenn

  • David Croquet

    Does Beck have a tattoo on his right ankle?

  • David Croquet

    He tattoed a picture of a penis and balls in the place that would be on an actual man

    • Anonymous

      You have such a clever wit. Loser.

  • Paul Leanagahan

    What sort of pervert calls his son “Rape”? This makes me sick.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of pervert thinks this is a funny kind of joke to make? Go back to your Pedophiles Anonymous meeting, loser.

    • Connor

      What kind of pervert makes jokes about rape?

  • Anonymous

    This is such a beautiful vid, times like these outdoors with your kids are a priceless blessing!

  • Connor

    I love how the left wants our side to be respectful but they are turning a video about a father spending time with his son into rape and pennis jokes. Ladies and gentlemen proof that liberals got the mentality of an 8 year old.

  • Firey Hooks

    Marxism failed, in part, because it deprived natural human aggression of an outlet toward the internal channel of private property.

  • Deb Louise

    Ok is glen sick and why all the clothes plus who called there kid a name

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