Have you heard this theory on what happened to Malaysian Airlines 370?

Glenn returned from vacation, and immediately dove into one of the biggest stories of the past week: the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines 370. A number of theories have emerged about what actually happened, and Glenn invited TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton onto the show to discuss a theory that ties the disappearance to terrorism.

Buck told Glenn that East Turkestan Liberation Movement is actually more likely to be behind any kind of terrorist attack on the plane than a group like Al Queda.

“The Uighurs are … a Turkish-speaking [ethnic] group that live in what is southwestern China … They don’t want to be a part of China proper, so there is a terrorist group that operates there — it actually has ties into Pakistan as well — called the East Turkestan Liberation Movement,” Buck explained.

The Blaze’s Erica Ritz wrote:

Sexton said the group has engaged in horrific attacks in the past, including killing at least 29 people and wounding 143 with knives and daggers at a train station in China earlier this month.They have also made at least two attempts to either bomb or hijack an airliner in the past, though neither was successful.

Furthermore, Uighur leader Abdullah Mansour, who heads the rebel Turkestan Islamic Party, recently described China as the “enemy of all Muslims” and said “we have plans for many attacks in China.”

Sexton explained that Chinese nationals are “not usually high on the target list for Al Qaeda,” but they certainly are for a group like the East Turkestan Liberation Movement. He added that there was one known Uighur on the missing plane.

So, was a member of  East Turkestan Liberation Movement responsible for hijacking the plane? Glenn asked Buck, if someone put a gun to his head and asked him what he thinks happened, what would he say?

“If I was forced right now…the highest likelihood here, it involves the pilot’s, and tragically everyone lost their lives. But if we’re going to look at terrorism it has to make sense from the perspective of the terrorist, and this has to be directed at either the Malaysian government or China based on the passenger manifest. And then you cut out a lot of options there. You cut out the majority of jihadist networks operating around the globe,” Buck said.

“We’re working with information that we don’t have enough of it, but we find out the information we have is wrong. It’s false,” he concluded.

Watch the segment below:

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Buck also discussed the flight, as well as some of the other big issues of the day, during the morning producer meeting:

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  • Deckard426

    Any chance its still waiting at the gait for clearance to taxi, like they do in Atlanta?

    • JakeTheSnake

      Wow. you did a fantastic job of making fun of yourself. thanks for making it so easy!

      • vanco


        • Katherine John


          ♛♛♛ �♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛�♛♛ ♛♛♛Kind of is dramatic…the not knowing is what is driving the story.

  • Chris J Herrmann

    Maybe you meant Filly ?

  • Cliff E.

    Does this splinter group have any 777 drivers…. its not like some yokel with a pilots license can jump into one of those things and fly it somewhere

    • Bethany Airhart

      Cliff- You would be surprised. you can get the manuals for these things, and learn it with a bit of studying….

  • Anonymous

    didn’t finish watching… anyone with such poor choice of eyewear doesn’t keep my attention very long…

    • Chris Micek

      Wow seriously that was your best dig? I mean that was the best you could muster! Forget the story or anything relevant…. His eye wear is weird so! Like all troll douches this was your swan song congrats!

  • David Weiss

    I have a hard time believing any terrorist group was responsible for this one. Usually they are proud to take responsibility for terror attacks. What is more, their highjackings are usually very dramatic for all the world to see. Planes don’t simply disappear in terrorist attacks. Since nobody has taken responsibility for this plane’s disappearance, it seems more likely to me that either; A) The pilot acted alone in his own personal vendetta; B) There was something about that specific flight not being disclosed to the public which caused another country to sabotage it and cover their trail without causing a war with China; or, C) both.

    • Barbara Long

      I agree, we don’t know what the plane was carrying , nor has anyone shown the manifest

      • Mark Huston

        Kind of is dramatic…the not knowing is what is driving the story. The ultimate terror act…and no one taking responsibility, well that could be the next twist, who ever though they would fly a plane into a building. They change tactics often… so don’t count out anything.

        • Walter Hewitt

          The fact that neither the public nor the govt could hide their incredulity at terrorists hijacking loaded airliners and flying them into tall buildings like guided missiles has always amazed me…
          ‘Had none of these people every read Tom Clancy novels?

          All one had to accept is that muslims are quite willing to be suicide errand-boys for Allah … an’ that audacity is a critical tool when carrying out acts some would label “unthinkable.”
          Oh, ye of little imagination…
          Those least surprised by the tactics of the 9/11 suicide hijackers should have been the CIA, but they adopted the almost universal mantra of NO imagination…’wonder how imaginative they are NOW over in Langley?

      • Anonymous

        The manifest is quite detailed and available.

    • Anonymous

      David, the event has yet to happen. Taking the plane was just part of the plan. Imagine if it is in Iran and being turned into a nuke thanks to Owebama and his jelly fish back bone.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Look at what is in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia. Our forward supply storage base for that area of the world. Just exactly how badly would our response op plans be inhibited if the mooslims exploded a dirty bomb on that island?????

    • Mindy Robinson

      Ever hear of black boxes? A plane doesn’t vanish into thin air without a trace, that’s the bottom line, therefore , the powers that be are in this up to their corrupt , filthy necks. They know what happened.

      • Anonymous

        So apparently the black box puts out a signal, why can’t they follow the signal? Was this what was disabled?

  • Cindi Spohn Markham

    I heard the plane was carrying 20 scientists who made the tagging chips for humans? Is this true?

    • Anonymous

      Probably not. But who knows?

    • Anonymous

      Yesterday Glenn talked about 20 passengers who worked for a company out of Texas working in China on technology about something to do with how to make a plane so radar could not pick it up and probably other things..Lots of countries would like to get their hands on the knowledge these people have…Why did Glenn stop talking about it is my question…

      • Anonymous

        Maybe too hot to handle????

      • mr_bad_example

        this video was posted a week ago…

      • Karin

        The company is called Freescale Semiconducters – they had a revenue of 4 Billion in 2012 … owned by Blackstone – which is owned by the Rothschilds …. it’s because of them that smart phones can be tracked … they do work for commercial aviation, military defense .. & rumoured to be working on a cloaking project …. fishy …

    • Anonymous

      More like military applications. Those scientists are mostly Chinese, travelling to China. Connect the dots…..

    • mr_bad_example

      i heard it was 20 electronic warfare specialists, here’s a video to back that up…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-GSCuD3o7g

  • Ray Stetler

    Has anyone considered the possibility that this plane was taken, landed, the passengers taken hostage or killed and is being readied for a 9/11 style attack on somewhere in China (i.e. Beijing, Hong Kong)? Hearing about this group has tripped a very disturbing trigger in my mind and suggested the thought that this is why there has been no group claiming credit for the plane going missing. Why else would the on board systems be shut down/reprogrammed?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been told that there’s easier ways to get a plane for that kind of terrorism than hi-jacking one. Just buy one. There are dozens of airliners out there for sale, sitting on tarmacs waiting for a buyer. You buy it, fly it out, and do with it what you want. After hearing that, the idea of refitting the plane for a 9/11 style attack is low on my list of possibilities.

      • Ewilk

        But this one comes with 239 shields, whom someone must decide to shoot down if it’s used as a weapon.

      • Walter Hewitt

        Hijacking might be considerably cheaper, an’ while riskier in some respects, it has the advantage of not being traceable (as we are learning), unlike the (legal?) purchase of a used airliner would be…
        After 9/11, wouldn’t one have to assume that sales of an airliner would be a transaction that would involve considerable red tape?…’not quite the same as waltzing onto a used car lot and plunking down cash for a late model clunker…

    • JanieDfs

      or the Petronas twin towers at KL? A Malaysian airways jet close to KL airport, out of the blue, at a later date, wouldn’t seem so out of place, until it was too late. As soon as it was suspected the fllght had turned back, I had a bad feeiing about the Petronas towers.

      • Ray Stetler

        The reasons that I suggested that there may be strikes in China is #1- The group that Buck mentioned is fighting to get freedom from China. What better way to make a statement to them than crashing a jet into their capital or into the downtown area of their international financial “capital”, Hong Kong? #2-If they do crash it into the heart of Hong Kong, what would that do to the international financial community? With Hong Kong being a city that has a lot of financial “power” (exchanges, monetary exchanges) that could throw the world into chaos with the possibility of a world wide crash and depression with what is termed as “hyper-inflation” looking like a better deal.

    • mr_bad_example

      well, you have to land it somewhere, you can land “anywhere” once, getting it up again, that’s another story.. the pilot is a muslim whack-job, you got 2 more muslims with stolen passports on the same plane…coincidence? i think not…

    • Guest

      Many have considered that as an option that is why Israel went on high alert. With obama and kerry’s capitulation to Iran, and the fact that it is within the flight radius and the other Iranian connections of the case, there are suspicions that Iran will load a Nuke and try to fly it into a major Israeli city before detonating the bomb, the same could be tried on the US, China, or Russia since islamists want everyone not Islamic dead.

      • Walter Hewitt

        ‘Excellent points…
        The US govt has become so politically correct an’ muslim-friendly of late, I wonder if they would actually give the order to shoot down a plane suspected of being (or known to be) piloted by muslim extremists with possibly a bomb on board (are we OK with calling them “terrorists” now that Obama has declared the war on terror to be over, an’ that we (cough) “won” it?).

    • Ognar

      Many have considered that as an option that is why Israel went on high alert. With obama and kerry’s capitulation to Iran, and the fact that Iran is within the flight radius and the other Iranian connections of the case, there are suspicions that Iran will load a Nuke and try to fly it into a major Israeli city before detonating the bomb, the same could be tried on the US, China, or Russia since islamists want everyone not Islamic dead.

    • Anonymous

      Another possible use could be to use it against he US. It has been reported that our head turkey in charge, king Kenya recently ordered five of our nuke carriers to return, from ongoing duties, to a central east coast shipyard for “routine maintenance.” My point being that this just isn’t done, simply because shipyards need at least a couple of years to prepare and man up for even one or two such projects, no to mention the availability of dry docks that are big enough to hold such large vessels. Those five ships are now reportedly sitting side by side in an east coast facility, a situation that hasn’t ever been repeated since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor destroying much of our Pacific Fleet, an against in 1941, and against Navy protocol ever since. Now we fast track to present day and consider the possibility of Flt 370 being hijacked, refitted with nuke weapons, and being used to take out those five carriers. Perhaps a little far fetched you say? Give a little thought back to December, 1941, and then consider any of our sworn enemies worldwide, who would sell their souls for just such a debilitating strike. No reasonable high level brass of any branch of our military would even consider such a move, and that should especially include the person at the top of the command, unless he has some devious intentions. After watching his actions and the events of the last five, and his systematic removal of the highest levels of seasoned command, I’d be more than just a little concerned for the safety of our country, but then I’m just a peon in the pool.

      • Walter Hewitt

        Frogman17 said… “My point being that this just isn’t done, simply because shipyards need
        at least a couple of years to prepare and man up for even one or two
        such projects, no to mention the availability of dry docks that are big
        enough to hold such large vessels.”
        The only way one can imagine this scenario is by also accepting that Obama be convinced of his own superior intellect and ability…that he is all-knowing…that he is (in his own mind) infallible.

        Do you think for a minute that anyone in his administration would seriously say to him something along the lines of your assessment of how ridiculous such an order is coming from the Commander In Chief?
        Your argument is compelling, but if such were voiced in the Oval Office, I’m afraid that it would fall on deaf ears, and that whoever expressed it would be joining the ranks of the unemployed…(‘Hard to believe with ears like that, that Obama can exercise selective deafness…)

  • vanco

    Didnt something similar happen over Cuba? During the cold war, us government intentionally shot down its own plane just so we can blame Castro? ?

    • Walter Hewitt

      Being something of a life-long student of those times, I don’t believe that there is any credible evidence that we shot down one of our own planes as a ruse to move against Castro…but then, there were numerous plots flying back ‘n forth to take out Fidel, both under Eisenhower and especially in the Kennedy years. The absence of any credible evidence notwithstanding, it would not be surprising if we did pull such a stunt to generate a reason to strike Castro openly…but it never happened…’even the failed Bay of Pigs attack was not in response to such an incident…

  • Diane

    I’m wondering if no one is taking responsibility for it because it didn’t go as planned….whatever the plan was. Maybe when it went to 45,000 feet, ALL of the people on board died, including the pilots. However, that does not explain where it ended up. Very, very weird. And were the pilots muslim? That part of the story is getting NO attention, at least I’m not hearing that brought up. And since I don’t believe in coincidence, I’m still not counting out the two who had stolen passports…..with their one-way tickets.

    • Erika K Moureau

      The pilots were both Muslims, with the younger co-pilot being described as very religious. There was a very short interview I saw with his Imam who spoke highly of him.

    • Sutherland Robin

      Well yeah, because it was a Malaysian airline and Malaysia is a majority Muslim country.

      Ministry of State the Bleeding Obvious

    • Walter Hewitt

      Both the pilots are (were?), indeed, muslims…Malaysia is a muslim country, and both these men were known followers of Islam.
      …’Doesn’t necessarily make them terrorists, or radicals, but certainly they are no friends of communist China, either…’not that THAT has any bearing on whatever actually happened to this flight.

  • Anonymous

    Owebama says “Mission Accomplished”

  • Russell Larson

    Never waste a crisis… what is going on in the other hand

    • Anonymous

      YES, that’s the thing with ObombUs! He’s getting ready to Bomb Us!

  • Dixie Wright

    Another theory of many. Dang…they are able to track a cell phone but not a plane?

    • The March Hare

      Because we are walking around among a forest of cell towers and are always connected. That is why you know how good your signal is. Drive through some of the western states where there is little population and you get no signal. 10 years ago I drove across Kansas and no Sprint coverage from Kansas City to Colorado. If you show 4 bars signal, your phone has connected with the towers around you to determine the signal quality. The plane was hundreds of mile out to sea. Radar doesn’t cover the earth. It only reaches out so far and doesn’t even exist in sparsely populated areas.

      • Mindy Robinson

        Lol! March , without intending any offense at all, you are incorrect in your statement. I am not going to argue with you , do your homework March.

    • Mindy Robinson

      You know better Dixie, planes do not disappear without a trace, not even the smallest of them.

    • Chris

      Your phone has more computing power than that B777!

  • Flynny

    They were abducted by aliens and brought into the hold of a giant starship.
    They will be returned in like 40 years and won’t have aged a single day…lol

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe you think it was aliens! Didn’t you see the docudrama, ‘Millennium’ ?

      • Billy Bob

        I can’t believe you think he was serious. But let us say it was aliens. Do you think any government would release that info. After all, they think we could not handle the truth.

        • sc

          i guess we can’t or barry would have released his college records and arrest records abut when he was in new york city.

        • Walter Hewitt

          “After all, they think we could not handle the truth.”
          I’m not so sure they aren’t right about that… … it’s been so damn long since the government tried using the truth with We, The People…we may NOT be able to handle it..(LOL!).

      • Walter Hewitt

        C’mon now…I think we can all rightly assume that Flynny made that comment with tongue firmly in cheek…:D

  • Anonymous

    If they were smart, they could track at least the passengers easily. Tell the government that one of the passengers owe child support, they’ll find the guy and the plane.

    • Bethany Airhart

      Tell the government that on of the passengers owe child support… REALLY? I have spent 6 years trying to get my son’s father ‘found’ for child support. I have told them every month exactly where he is and will be- 6 years x 12 months= 72 months to simply SERVE him papers…. you honestly think Child Support will cause the government to find them??? No… no… nooooo. For the government to find them it will take the IRS.

      • Anonymous

        More likely scenario than child support, is telling the gov one of the passengers is owed a EBT payment. They will know where to send the $ and probably send a new Obamaphone so we can stay in touch with the other passengers.

        • Mindy Robinson

          Lol! So true.

    • Walter Hewitt

      …’Now THAT’s funny !!

  • Jimmy D’Chef

    So…going even further down the rabbit-hole; Perhaps the reason we’ve heard nothing from the terrorists is because this was nothing more than a dress rehearsal for five or ten planes to be hijacked in just the same way.

    Again…just going down the rabbit-hole and leaving room for “crazy”

    • Walter Hewitt

      Only time will tell if your notion is just that, or much closer to the truth than is even remotely comfortable…

    • Ray Stetler

      My thought on that is that if they wanted more than one plane they would have made an effort to grab all the planes at once since the security is maybe increased to avert such a grab right now. Also, if they wait for another chance it would take a long time to amass that many planes.

  • landofaahs

    I’m willing to bet the government(s) know what is going on and are not saying anything for their own reasons. Time will tell though.

    • Walter Hewitt

      Indeed…the troublesome part of what you wrote is “for their own reasons”… that usually means bad things, given that it’s the “government(s)” who aren’t being transparent –
      but then, opaqueness is part of what governments do, isn’t it?

    • steve button

      I don’t think they are legitimate government officials behind any of this…even if they think they are…right now the U.S, U.K Canada, Australia governments are under occupation from an international criminal Zionist cabal that is pushing for full spectrum control…but they’re failing…

  • william richard

    I have a theory too. The group behind the takeover of the flight has 239 hostages. The plane has been out of sight. Anything, including bombs, could be loaded on it. OR, nothing could be loaded on it. It flies towards its target with the passengers aboard. Do we shoot it down and kill tbe passengers? Or do we let a potential bomb land? It could be thelargest suicide bomb, or an embarrassing episode uf we kill the passengers andno bomb exists. Either way, it makes a fool of what ever country is forced to figure out what to do. The high profile of this would be considered a victory fof whoever is behind it.

    • Walter Hewitt

      Based on that scenario, America wouldn’t be the target. Why?… …
      The United States has already achieved worldwide full-blown gonzo embarrassment courtesy of our present (cough) “leadership”…’no assistance from terrorists required…

      • william richard

        I would include Israel on the list of obvious targets, but the hate groups hate many people. The list of potential targets is endless.The US doesn’t need outside help for embarrassment given the clowns that you have already referred to, but sometimes it’s easier to kick someone when they are down.

  • Brazo Onofre

    The pilot(s) stole a 250 million dollar airline and sold it to the Chinese. That’s the bottom line. The Chinese have been trying to enter the airline manufacturing business for some time, they want to compete with Boeing and Airbus, but they’ve been having troubles with the technology and the safety components that are necessary for their planes to pass muster in order for them to be allowed to operate in most countries. In the past, the Chinese paid full price for three MD airliners, and they disassembled one of them in an attempt at reverse engineering, and they developed a substandard plane that was heavier than the original and required far more fuel to operate. I’m sure that any subsequent sales of airliners to China are contingent upon a restriction that they may not disassemble them. So, steal one of the most advanced airliners ever built, let the world believe it was any terrorist faction they want, while the real thieves can quietly go about their business.

    The pilot had made a number of previous flights to China, and it isn’t difficult to imagine that Chinese agents approached him at some point with the proposition; deliver us a plane and we’ll pay you 50 million, and set you up for a lifetime of luxury. The Chinese would be very capable of engineering such a theft, and they would even be able to divert the World’s attention during the operation.

    This was nothing more than corporate theft. The passengers will probably show up safe and sound somewhere, never knowing where they had been or who their captors were, and the world will continue to worry about terrorists using the plane for some kind of devastating attack.

    • Billy Bob

      More like give us the plane and we’ll give your widow 50 million, we promise.

    • Anonymous

      China already operates at least 49 777s, so what would be the advantage.

      • Brazo Onofre

        They’re not allowed to disassemble them, the status of those planes is strictly regulated.

        • Anonymous

          They have to work on them and understand the engineering behind them. There would be much easier, cheaper and safer ways of gaining the information than hijacking one. Consider the ramifications. What would be the point of a knock off anyway; there are patent laws. In the long run it would be far more economical to just purchase the aircraft from Boeing.

  • Sue

    There wouldn’t be anyone claiming responsibility if the purpose was to get their hands on a plane to use for terrorism at a later date.

    • CrapsDealer

      Here is something that those same authorities involved in the investigation have not told us but has been verified; 1) there were 20 individuals on board who worked for a Texas company named ‘Freescale Semiconductor’ 2) all 20 were working on technology that involved aviation navigation, weapons technology, and stealth technology that would make aircraft invisible by blocking radar 3) all 20 were experts in their field.

      • Denna Freed

        THANK YOU! I have been saying for several days that I don’t believe that it is the PLANE that they wanted but rather SOMEONE or SOMETHING that was on the plane. It seemed obvious to me that if it was a SOMEONE it would be the Freescale team due the work they were involved with – which ALSO includes satellite reconfiguration and study of the earth’ magnetic field.

        It has surprised me to no end that, to my knowledge, not ONE talking head has mentioned that kidnapping the Freescale team could be a possible motive.

      • BUD

        Great introduction, keep talking.

    • Zhangy Z

      no terrorist would jack a plane and save it for later purpose

      • CrapsDealer

        And what makes you think so? Simply because they haven’t done it before? Do you really believe terrorists are predictable?

  • Lancey

    Since the Malaysians and the Uighurs are both Moslems this might be a joint attack by both groups in which the Uighurs were getting an aircraft with Moslem Maylay pilots to avenge the death of their Turkish brethren by the Chinese government.

  • Billy Bob

    The only possibility I don’t buy is suicide. No need to fly around looking for a hard spot in the ocean. Just push the throttles and stick forward. Game Over.

  • Clinton E Hufferd

    Savage talked about the Weeger’s last week. Where have you been.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    Obama stole the plane and will use it to cause mass chaos so that he can declare martial law and stay president.

    • Linda Woodcock

      Your reply is the most likely one!!!

      • Curtis Renshaw

        Yes, of course. That makes perfect sense.

    • Roxzum

      I agree, as, I keep on warning, he is a manic that will destroy the u.s

  • Anonymous

    Opinions are like a$$ holes everybody has one.

    • Walter Hewitt

      Indeed…but that DOESN’T make the theory of Guy Fleegman1 any less plausible…
      One of our big mistakes here in America has been the constant underestimating of the person in the White House an’ the agenda being pursued by him…

  • Wilson Kwong

    Malaysia is a majority Muslim country, but we’re secular.
    The plane is filled with majority Chinese, they’re mostly not Muslims.
    Please get your facts right.
    I’m sorry, but your show is a joke.

    • Anonymous

      The Malaysian pilots are Muslim. Who knows about some of the passengers. Everything is speculation at this point.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know more about the 20 passengers who were working for a Texas Co. out of china..Working on how to make a plane radar proof and stuff like that…Glenn talked about it some yesterday . What country wouldn’t like to get their hands on the information these passengers have..I think Glenn was probably told to keep his mouth shut.

  • Anonymous

    “LOST” anyone?

  • landofaahs

    I don’t recall who said it because my memory is not what it used to be. “The simplest answer is usually the right one”.

    • Anonymous

      it’s called Occam’s Razor :)

      • landofaahs

        Thank you very much. I recalled it as a quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I don’t trust my memory so much anymore without qualifications.

    • Walter Hewitt

      “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how
      improbable, must be the truth.”

      ~ Sherlock Holmes…or Commander Spock

  • guest 1

    Why are they believing reports out of Pakistan that they have no information on that plane? Have their government spokespeople been honest and transparent in the past? Maybe investigators should revisit that northern route?

    • Walter Hewitt

      I doubt that they are believing anything officially reported out of Pakistan… they are simply reporting what has been stated by the Taliban-friendly govt there.

  • Karen Marino

    I have a really bad feeling that we’re never going to find out what happened to this plane, it’s crew and it’s passengers. My heart goes out to the families as this would be by far the worst outcome for them. I truly hope for their sake I’m wrong.

  • Chris

    There is the MOST obvious that explains the missing plane, as well.
    I myself am not a pilot – however, I used to work in Aviation and picked up on lingo used by pilots. I’m NOT a genius, only a person who likes to look at the obvious….which is right in front of our faces.
    It’s know that the plane made a sudden left turn shortly after signing off to the Towers. This tells me one thing – something mechanically went wrong. Pilots are trained to know where all nearby airports are during any flight. That way, when something happens, they can act in a “proactive” response vs. a “reactive” response. I believe they were heading toward a major airfield that had a 13,000 ft runway not too far from this turn.
    Pilots are also told to navigate, aviate, communicate – in that order. If there had been some fire, say from a landing gear tire (which isn’t abnormal), that could have caused smoke in the Cockpit. If that had happened, the pilots would have disengaged all power to isolate the problem. That in turn, would have cut off all communication as they were trying to isolate the problem. Smoke could have filled the cockpit so much that it knocked out, or killed, both pilots. If the cockpit door was locked, nobody could have gotten in the cockpit…..nobody.
    The plane could have flown on autopilot for the next 6-7 hours until it crashed into the Indian Ocean.
    The landing gear fire is a filler – insert whatever malfunction you’d like. But I think it was a malfunction that went horribly wrong, and the plane flew on autopilot until it’s final fate.
    That is more arguable than aliens, conspiracy theories from crazy Glenn Beck, or whatever other national conspiracy that’s been told.

    • BirdOnTheDrumz
    • Roxzum

      this would work, but… They would of opend the lock door before passing out you DOOMKOFF

    • Anonymous

      What about cell phone use by the passengers? Even if there are no towers in range, if you send a text doesn’t it get sent when they do reach a cell tower? If they flew for 8 hours =-, you would think at least one text would have gone through. mabye I’m wrong about the text waiting to send – maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Good try but that doesn’t explain the climb to 45,000 feet and the subsequent descent. Somebody was flying the airplane. And I doubt it was either of the two pilots. Not unless they were complying with orders from an armed cockpit intruder.

      • charles moore

        Exactly. I read an article where the idea of a quick descent was to cause the passengers to black out or die so there would be no resistance. The same article quoted a source high at Boeing that the plane was in Pakistan. Why so specific . Why not Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan. .Is it possible that sometime after 2001 that the Government ordered manufacturers to install some sort of GPS etc that only they could access without public knowledge?

        • Walter Hewitt

          I heard on one news broadcast that the ascent to near 45,000 feet briefly would not have automatically killed anyone…so long as the time spent at that altitude was brief…’same for the descent to, say, 22,000 feet…
          …maybe widespread unconsciousness and a heart attack or two, but not necessarily widespread death in the cabin area.

    • Carrie Goodwin

      If this is the case and there was no human malice involved and it flew on autopilot, why haven’t they found the wreckage or signs of the wreckage along the planned flight path??

  • Chris

    Do yourselves all a favor – stop listening to this quack. Remember, he gets paid $$ to cause emotion and disruption – which sells advertising. It’s just that – entertainment. I quit listening years ago and feel much better.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting. You quit listening years ago, yet …. you are still here. A distracting fly in the ointment of truth? Glenn openly claims entertainment. He also claims enlightenment.
      In addition to hearing Glenn’s thoughtfulness, don’t underestimate the worth of open brainstorming from visitors. We are free to express ourselves and consider alternatives. Not all countries and societies have that freedom. You would do better to value it instead of jackboot it.

  • Yoikes

    Malaysia military accidentally shot down the plane and are covering up their mistake.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

      Or did it on purpose to pin the deaths on the pilots.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    If terrorist did take this plane I bet they turn it into a bomb.

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    While there are a thousand theories as to what happened, there is only one way it actually did happen. If they find the plane we’ll know at least part of the story. If we don’t find the plane, eh!

    Meanwhile, there is a new video of Christians of being beheaded in a slaughterhouse in Syria and being hanged by their ankles. The executioners are the ones Obama wanted to help via Benghazi. Seems like that would be a bigger story.

    But we get 10 days or more of MH370 stories as the lead for the news. How many times will the beheading story be discussed – even at all?

    All the conjecture about the plane is a big fat waste of time.

    • Anonymous

      I, too, am tired of hearing on the news about this plane. There is no new and factual information and NO evidence. Fox is about the worst. Shut up until and unless you have concrete info and move on to other stuff.

      • Mindy Robinson

        There is a problem in your thinking, planes don’t just vanish without a trace , the powers that be are counting on the people of the world to believe that or forget about it. No offense intended , at all, if Fox does not keep this story alive, all will forget and whatever evil is behind this will walk away, scott free. Our gov is in this up their filthy, smelling of death , necks as well.

  • BirdOnTheDrumz

    Tragically, this seems to make the most sense about what happened to the plane: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/

  • DUKE007AM

    I wonder if Snowden stolen info was used by Russia, given to terrorists, as an experiment to see if they could pull this off. Evade detection using our tech info against us, fly to Iran, unload prisoners, paint plane, arm plane, insert into passenger service, fly normal rout out of Iran, strike the unlucky with plane and weapon. Scary stuff. Anyway why has Snowden connection never been brought up? ????

    • ACE NYPD

      While I also think the plane landed somewhere, a gov’t entity like Iran doesn’t make sense to me. Couldn’t they take one of their gov’t planes and do the same thing? Why go through the scrutiny other govt’s have undertaken to find the plane? A terrorist organization makes more sense to me. I don’t think too many of them have access to large aircraft.

  • Tolque

    The best case at this point is that it crashed somewhere. (condolences to the families and crew) The worst case is a 777 would make an excellent vehicle to deliver a nuclear bomb into the skies of a heavily populated area. This is why neither the Taliban, or Al Queda taken the credit for it’s disappearance, they aren’t finished yet. Scary times and the terrorists are getting better while US leadership is too busy getting everyone on welfare and really expensive free healthcare.

  • Kimora Trem

    Hmm; I think something to do with Ukraine? Russia or maybe; divert attention to Malaysian Plane yeah so obvious !!!???Ask Putin !!!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    How about the plane landed somewhere! It’s obviously not in the ocean! If it would’ve crashed in the ocean they would’ve found something by now!

    They should start looking for a landing strip with a building big enough to hold an airplane!!!

    • Fleur

      you mean, landing on a non-descript, remote island with a left-over but workable landing strip, vintage WW2?
      That occurred to me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      At what airport? There is the question on if the plane had enough fuel to make it.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        The plane just left the airport, fully gassed up………………….I hope!

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          It would have had enough fuel to make it to Beijing, plus about another hour or so on board. To get to Iran’s nearest airport capable of handling a 777 would have required at least 9 hours of fuel on board, and possibly close to 10, since a plane would be flying into the wind.

        • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

          Normally, planes only are filled with enough fuel to reach the destination plus an extra hour or so.

  • Anonymous

    Just another theory based on what evidence? That plane is in one piece somewhere an is being used for secret militay purposes, probably using certain passengers for their intellectual secrets

    • Anonymous

      Well within the realm of possibilities.

  • Laura

    Just another excuse to blame the Muslims!!! Don’t blame a whole religion for something if there are errors in just a few of them. There are terrorists who belong to different religions!

  • Gяαƴ ℱυʟʟßυᔕтεя

    Why is he looking at the names and sarcastically saying “Definitely not terrorists!”? Not all muslim people are bad

  • David Thaler

    WOW….break out the peg board and hang these guys from it. Such tools….

  • Alyssa W

    I love how we can track a pizza from dominos and time when it will get to our house but we can find a giant plane what is going on here! seriously!

  • 7tom7

    The reprogram course correction in computer did it align up with a another air port for emergency landing ???? What about tracking all the passengers cell phones or satellite phones that were on or off mode can be track?????? During World War Two our ships radar was use to make correction to main gunnery if the shell exploded short or long by picking up explosion on radar with enemy ship ping radar distance !!. Question would any land base or ship radar pick up a exploding aircraft in flight or ground explosion in a crash ???????? Or a overhead satellite would pick it up on it’s frame ??????

  • Anonymous

    Or…………..the plane is sitting on the tarmac in China, the passengers are hostages while China makes demands of the U.S.. Considering the weak kneed narcissist we have in the White House, God only knows what he will give away.

  • Anonymous

    As I have said before………….. stay away from the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur.

  • the truth

    I don’t know how you guys getting all the absurd alien theories from. It is quite obvious to me that US air force commandeer the plane with something like electromagnetic interference. One theory is that there is a Chinese spy with valuable intel on the plane. another is 20 engineers on the plane. although the motive of such action remain unknown, I’m pretty sure that this plane was first escorted by a warplane to Diego Garcia then from there move to US mainland after refueling. high officials of both US, China, And Malaysia are aware of this but keep as secret

    • the truth

      no see this?

  • theelviscerator

    muslims did, thats the answer, always has been the answer.

  • Anonymous

    This plane was already headed to Beijing. If the purpose is to terrorize China, why not just continue onto Beijing and fly it into a building? Why go through all the trouble of surreptitiously disappearing the plane?

    Another scenario: Take the plane, kill the passengers, land on a predetermined, out of the way air strip, paint it to resemble El Al airlines and fly it into a building in Iran. Panic, terror, destruction and death, all blamed on Israel.

  • Lisa Lewis

    This makes about as much sense as anything I have heard. http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/

  • Anonymous

    What plane?
    Terrorists don’t keep things, they destroy All that we live for.

  • Anonymous

    One thing to seriously consider is that as bad as it is to mistakenly blame the pilots or flight crew the terrorist hypothesis is the only one that would seem to hold out any hope, however slim, that the passengers are still alive. If this was mechanical failure or pilot error then everyone on board is dead. Pursue the terrorist theories as time is of the essence. I’m sure this is already being done but you wouldn’t know it from the media talking heads.

  • erik thorne

    I have always thought that their were many clueless people in America. Reading the comments here has proved it.

  • johnny

    Missing nukes, missing plane, 2 stolen passports by Iranians, flight simulator in pilots house with practice landing strips on islands off India. Sounds sinister for future events and in plain sight to me…

    • Deckard426


  • Barb

    Malaysia has more Muslims than any other country on the planet. Hmmmm!!!!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Yeah! It’s kinda funny seeing all of these chinamen with sheethead names!!!

  • Matthew

    boeing knows where the plane is because of the internal status and error reporting system of the engines, their satalite connection still received engine information, long after the plane left malaysian and thia airspace. so either the plane continued to fly for the next 4hrs+ or it was on the ground at some remote landing strip, with the engines still powered up and sending status info to boeing.

  • Deckard426

    None of this should surprise anyone. Clearly, the plane was little more than a flying mosque.

  • Luis D. Rey

    All this is speculation, nobody really knows anything yet,
    By the way, Glenn Beck looks terrible with that silly hairs on his face !!
    My opinion is based simply on what I have heard from “non reliable sources” :
    Obama ordered the high jacking of this plane and now is hiding either in Pakistan or Easter Afghanistan and maybe in Kenya, where Obama’s devils live, this plane will be fitted to carry something to be detonated in one big US city, hopefully it will be Washington D. C. so that Obama will fulfill his “Mudslime” dream of dying and quickly getting his 72 virgins/slaves, lol…

  • Walter Hewitt

    Anyone who has kept up with the mind-numbing non-stop media coverage which this excruciatingly slow-to-develop story is receiving has heard every theory from A to Z.
    The pain and lack of any meaningful closure for the families of the passengers an’ crew of MH370 is unimaginable…an’ troubling to even contemplate…
    The Indian Ocean is the third deepest on Earth, and (I understand) is over two miles deep in many places…if this airliner is not on land somewhere, it may well be under two miles of murky ocean water…possibly never to be seen again…or not in our lifetime, anyway. ‘Not to draw any uncomfortable parallels, but it took three-quarters of a century to locate the Titanic in such waters (although to be fair, much of that time was spent waiting for the technology to be developed that could find it…).
    With each passing day, the fate of the passengers and crew becomes more dire, an’ more certain to be already written in nature’s obituary column…I hope their demise was swift an’ painless, and that their souls are in a better place now…they didn’t ask for what happened to them.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still not convinced that this plane crashed, but rather that it found land, and that the people on board will be used for terrorist demands (if not killed outright). Further, the aircraft may be used in a similar 9/11 fashion for a future mission. Call it a hunch, but from day one I was skeptical aboul any crash theories, and immediately said “Hyjacking.”

  • Anonymous

    Eventually this Islamo/American War will be fought on US Streets and in US neighborhoods with help from foreign powers (and/or even US Government Officials) with a vehement hatred for the US. Please tell me I’m not off my rocker?

  • Anonymous

    The plane was obviously snatched up by a UFO.

  • Anonymous

    My husband served in the Marine Corps, 2nd Air Wing. He worked on military jets, has aviation and navigation experience, and is an electronics engineering technician. We’ve been doing a little research on our own, and put together a plausible theory. Somebody said, “in the age of technology and with 30,000 satellites, somebody, somewhere must have seen something.” Anything anyone wants to find or know is now available at our fingertips, our computer keyboards, and the internet.

    We found the airliner WAS tracked using the ADS-B GPS tracking system that is now standard in all Asian countries, because it’s cheap to install. But hardly anyone is talking about this. This is the secondary radar system you keep hearing about (see links I provide below) Not discounting the Muslim theory, but there’s ALSO the possibility that China itself stole the jet to attack the US, possibly New York City, the seat of the Federal Reserve and world financial center? That way China would emerge as the world’s economic super power and no longer be controlled by the Federal Reserve and the dollar as the world’s reserve currency OR “the petrodollar”. AND, China has been buying up tons of gold lately to reach over 4000 tons. Why? We are so wrapped up in thinking this is terrorism, that we don’t stop to think that there’s another kind of war going on right now, and that is, “the currency wars”. China is part of the BRICs nations. (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) They have been threatening to drop the dollar as the world’s reserve currency for quite some time. AND, we owe them approx. $2.5 TRILLION dollars. So who stands to gain the most by stealing the jet?

    Next, there are those 20 Texas-based tech employees aboard MH370. The Texas firm has contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. (12 from Malaysia and 8 from China) The fact that the pilots are Muslim may also have something to do with it. However, the Muslim world does not have technical capabilities to refit a jet with new transponders or new jet engines with a different signatures (once it’s landed) and other new technology in order to mask it as a normal commercial flight. The only Muslim country that we know of that has a nuclear bomb is Pakistan. But that is far off course and unnecessary for this purpose.

    China does have nuclear bombs and the technical know how. They couldn’t just attack us with their missiles, because that would immediately be picked up by our nuclear weapon defense systems. So they steal a jet, refit it, and mask it. Maybe throwing us off, making us think this was Muslim terrorism? And gee, it’s not like someone hasn’t used commercial airliners for weapons to attack a city before. Remember, China has been sending us on wild goose chases. They even made that dumb statement that their seismographs went off when the airliner crashed into the South China Sea. Of course this is ridiculous. But the South China Sea just happens to be where Flight Radar 24 tracked 370 to where it disappeared. That part of the sea is very shallow. There was no debris found, that we know of. By why is China acting like this, unless they are trying to throw us off?

    it looks like the jet went to China. It WAS tracked. The jet was tracked by ADS-B GPS system and an online tracking program called Flight Radar 24. Anyone can go online and access this. The jet had TWO transponders systems. The one that was turned off uses strictly radar (if it really was turned off), but the other, ADS-B uses GPS. ADS-B does not need to be turned off because after a jet drops down to 5000 feet, the GPS can’t track it, then it could regain altitude and reappear on the radar (which it did) as recorded, on this flight tracking system that is available to the public shown in the YouTube video I provide below. But the disappearance off the Malaysian radar is because once the jet passes that 200 mile distance, Malaysia loses the signal. Then it’s handed off to Vietnam who ALSO has the ADS-B tracking/transponder system.

    Flight Radar 24 recorded the flight path to the point where it disappeared as it left Malaysia, then it appears again, climbing to around 37,000 feet, then drops suddenly to 10,000 feet. After the jet left the 200 mile air space of Malaysia, then it’s handed off to Vietnam’s ADS-B system to continue tracking the flight. 370 appears to change course, but then again regains it’s original flight path along the coast of Vietnam, then east toward the Chinese Island Province of Hainan (which WAS part of the original flight path) then disappears.

    But what is really weird, is that while it was flying past Vietnam, ANOTHER aircraft is shown possibly flying along side 370 to Hainan, then BOTH aircraft disappear from the radar just inside the 200 mile radius off of Hainan. They could have dropped below the radar and flew right into China to some secret location as the jet had plenty of fuel to do so. There are TWO major airports with long enough runways on Hainan where a 777 can land easily. Many aviation experts and pilots are saying the plane landed and did not crash. There is NO debris in the South China sea or anywhere else. There were no distress calls. No calls from the passengers’ cell phones. The 45,000 feet has been debunked. The plane heading west was debunked as the Malaysians admitted they never said that.

    Another saying, “Where’s the best place to hide something? In plain site.”

    Here are the links on this if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJk0x0lS4CA

    Watch this video first, toward the end. Commercial airliners were fitted with this new technology starting in 2009 see link below. Again, all of Asia including China and Vietnam use the ADS-B technology because it is accurate and very inexpensive to install on their jets. Once a jet leaves the 200 mile airspace of a country, it is then handed over to next country where the flight path is.





    And finally, GPS in the cell phones of the passengers CAN be tracked even when the cell phones are turned off, unless you disable the battery. Unless the jet did go into the ocean and they are at the bottom. SO, somebody, somewhere KNOWS where this jet is, and just aren’t telling us.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Excellent theory, and much more plausible & intelligent than anything the “talking heads” and “anal”ysts have come up with!!!
      I’m going to check this out! Thanks for the intel!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! But we recently got more data on Flight Radar 24, and it appears that the flight that was tracked by ADS-B on Flight Radar 24, may not have been MH370 to our disappointment. But another flight taking the same route which is a common flight path. But that still doesn’t change the theory that China may be involved. Also China’s radar systems are not as advanced as people thought they were. We read it’s not unusual for China to lose flights for an hour or so, then the flight reappears on radar. Still more new information seems to point to the reprogramming of the flight instructions and the airline may have turned slightly northwest. But still no confirmation. Another general has come forward on Fox News and said he believes the jet landed and could be used for some terrible purpose, and also stated that the US Government knows more than they are telling us and we will know more in about 48 hours. Apparently, although the pilots turned off the navigation systems/transponders, they left radio communications open. This is why they don’t think the jet crashed but was flown to some secret location.

    • African

      Americans think everything is about them… China is buying gold because the America OWES China money…. so the $ isnt a store of value. USA is all credit credit credit… and WHY will China steal a plane?
      Americans stole the plan to get Ric Snowden and to continue their war in Afgan (America’s GDP is dependant on arms and ammunition – they dont want peace, peace means a broken economy)
      so Americans are going to find this plane somewhere with oil, gold, natural resources and start a war. and all nice people of Islam/muslim (i donno the religion) will get blamed for stuff they didnt do and we happy go luckys think America is a saving grace.

  • Brian Pierce

    Glen, I like you a lot – but the weird beard, strange glasses and turtleneck make-over is odd. Go back to your “aw shucks” look. More real & endearing.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Every nerd knows that the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 beamed them up! And now they’re being studied by the Vulcans!

    There’s no mystery!!!

  • Dopple Gang

    While some claim that majority rule is absolute, the liberty school knows that legitimate power is not derived from fleeting opinions.

  • Anonymous

    quack quack quack is all i hear from crackpot glenn who is raking it in selling conspiracy snake oil. step right up, it’s the cure that all that ails you.

  • shaaban

    If it is the Turkmenistan terror group why they did not clear there responsibility in public or demand a ransom

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