Glenn breaks down some of the theories surrounding Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

Glenn is back from vacation, and he opened the radio program this morning with an overview of mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Why did it take several days for seemingly crucial information like the radar pings to be released? Why were the backgrounds of the pilots not immediately investigated? Why is the reporting of credible news sources being dismissed as conspiracy? After rehashing some of the facts in the case, Glenn chose to focus on a report from the International Business Times that sheds light on who was on this plane.

“I’m thinking to myself, one of two scenarios: One, this is a plane that is going to be used for something else entirely different… and two, who was on board? We have spent a lot of time talking about the two with the passports, who are definitely not terrorists. But who else was on board that plane or what else was on board that plane,” Glenn asked. “Last night it came to my attention, a group of 20 passengers that were on this plane that will blow your mind that you didn’t hear about.”

Last night, Glenn came across a story by Samantha Payne of the International Business Times entitled, “Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370 Latest Conspiracy Theory: Who were Freescale Semiconductor Experts on Board?” The article explains the value of the technological expertise the 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas-based technology firm that were on flight MH370 could have for groups with nefarious intentions.

“I want to read to you what the International Business Times is reporting,” Glenn said. “These people… were on the plane, however, the theory around it is being labeled as conspiracy theory. But just about everything in the world today is being labeled a conspiracy theory.”

The International Business Times reports:

On board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 were employees from Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas-based technology firm.

They were based in several manufacturing sites in Kuala Lumpur and Tianjin, China; 12 of the employees were from Malaysia and eight were from China, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed.

Links between the plane’s mysterious disappearance and the radar-blocking capabilities of some of the aeronautical hardware technology produced by Freescale have been pushed by citizens news site Beforeitsnews.

“It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is ‘cloaked’, hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used,” according to the site.


“The general public might not hear about how far the US has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” noted firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy Seal. “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.”

Freescale Semiconductor has been developing microprocessors, sensors and other technology for the past 50 years. The technology it creates is commonly referred to as embedded processors, which according to the firm are “standalone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems”.

The passengers on board were engineers and other experts working to make Freescale Semiconductor chip facilities in Tianjin and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, said Mitch Haws, vice- president, global communications and investor relations.

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said.

“It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

Read the entire report HERE.

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“Now, the reason I want to bring this up is because I don’t know what happened… I don’t know if Freescale is actually making this technology. It appears that that is what they do. But again, it is classified,” Glenn said. “If they do make it… This is something that a country like Pakistan would grab. If we could make airplanes completely invisible and disappear, how great would that be if you’re a terrorist?”

Glenn tied this theory into another one that has been floated around all week, which involves the plane being landed intact in an area like Pakistan.

“Let me give you another theory and this is a theory that I was working on last week… I think that plane is grounded someplace,” Glenn said. “Then you start to realize, well, to land that plane, you have to now hide the plane. I mean, how do you land something like that without anybody knowing it? You have to be someplace like in Pakistan where you can land a 777 and then pull it into a hangar where nobody is looking. That’s really difficult to do.”

So what would be the endgame in a situation like that?

“Couple of things: One, what was on board in the cargo hold? Maybe there was a lot of cash… Maybe there was computers or some sort of software or hardware that… was being transported to China… Maybe it was the people on board… That would fit into Freescale,” he explained. “Or the third option… how much would you pay to have a plane that could be cloaked and knew how to fly the jet ways… [It] could be repainted to look like another 777 that you could fly it apparently for seven hours… without being detected… That’s an awful lot of effort for something. What is that asset? It was either something in the hold, in a seat, or the physical plane. And, possibly, two of the three.”

Part of what makes this story so sensational is the lack of reliable information available. One week after a plane mysteriously disappeared, the public still seems to have no idea what is actually going on.

“See, this is the problem. Once you lose trust as a government, once you lie to your people over and over again, this is what happens. Conspiracy theories go crazy because I don’t trust our government at all. Remember, they were the ones who rushed to say, ‘It’s definitely not terrorist.’ Well, how do you even know that,” Glenn concluded. “Because you rushed out to say that… I no longer can trust you. You could say, ‘We don’t think it’s terror. We hope it’s not terror. But the investigation is still ongoing. And we don’t even want to speculate.’ That would be the responsible thing to do. Instead, they’re acting like a talk show host… You’re in a position of authority. You probably should zip it.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Deckard426

    The plane landed at Barnstable Municipal Airport, and the 239 passengers are now being forced to haul empty gin bottles out of the Kennedy compound.

    • Bonnie Marc


      ✦✦✦ �✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦�✦✦ ✦✦✦When everyone is forced to see that the events of 9-11 were structurally impossible because ONE WORLD TOWER will remain standing.

  • landofaahs

    I always did think an a-bomb loaded into an airliner over an American city would be the most logical attempt by terrorists.

    • Anonymous

      @landofaahs:disqus Or put a nuclear device on-board, fly over Chicago or the like, pull the pin, EMP results -and say hello to 1892 America.

      • SirDanMur

        Bring it on, I’m tired of the internet.

        • landofaahs

          Go ahead and unplug then if you’re tired of it.

          • SirDanMur

            I conveniently work in Internet Marketing. 😛

          • landofaahs

            Retool and move on lest you go over the deep abyss.

          • Anonymous

            Obama is trying to give up our [US] control of the internet as we speak.

          • landofaahs

            Then use the internet with more gusto and determination to the exposure of this evil cat. Don’t give up.

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t mean to imply that it would change my tactics in the least.

      • Anonymous

        1892 America may not be that bad, in fact, just maybe a great way to start all over again, and a good reason to dump every politician out there. If they all run to a bunker, then good, just don’t let them out.

        • Mike Nelson

          A repeat of the bank panic of 1893 IS immediately in our future, it would seem…

          • Winston Blake

            Gold Standard Act of 1900… McKinley was assassinated for it…

          • Winston Blake

            Looks like…

      • landofaahs

        In 1892 America had a bright future.

  • Connor

    I bet it was a terrorist group that want to fill the plane up with explosives and come after Israel of us.

    • Fat Lip

      Conner my friend there are a lot of nuclear material dirty bombs from a few very well known X-GOV’ this is probably the one we need to watch closely .

  • Kellie Kraeling

    Here is one of my conspiracy theory regarding the missing Malaysia 777 jet:
    What if it was hijacked, offed the passengers somehow, the plane has landed and in hiding until everything simmers down and other shit has our attention at which time it will unexpectedly be flown into the new ONE WORLD TOWER (new trade center & 3rd tallest building in the world) to WAKE UP AMERICANS by showing them the 9-11 attacks were controlled. When everyone is forced to see that the events of 9-11 were structurally impossible because ONE WORLD TOWER will remain standing. ha ha

  • Jeannine Torstrick Martin

    Put a nuclear device on board and land at Regan International airport. Take out all of Washington, DC!! No time for bomb shelters!

    • Philip b

      Somebody is going to jail

  • Toby M.

    They could have bought an airplane through a front company…no reason to hijack. Pilots must be involved. Would explain the flying at 45,000 and then reports of flying at 5,000 feet. Knock out or kill passengers with hypoxia…no time to react. It’s sitting somewhere and most, if not all, the passengers have already been destroyed. .

  • Anonymous

    Two Muslim pilots, two Iranians on board with stolen passports that looked photo chopped. The pilot himself attending the trial of a Muslim radical just before the flight. Maybe something is amiss. Da Ya Think!!! It took everyone I know about 30 seconds to be properly suspicious. The politically correct media is still considering and conjecturing. Simply unbelievable.

    • Rob

      The pilot wasn’t attending the trial of a “Muslim radical,” that’s preposterous. You’re referring to the politically-motivated trial of a democracy advocate who has been battling the corrupt Malaysian government. And of whom the pilot was a staunch supporter. He’s about as polar opposite of a Muslim extremist as you can get. Try reading instead of making it up as you go.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not making anything up pal. Anwar Ibrahim is a Muslim and a radical. Not that he is more or less corrupt than the Malaysian government in power but that he is opposing the current power structure thus the term radical. This tends to support justifiable “suspicion” and a beginning to a possible motive. I used the term radical not extremist. Muslim extremist would imply that he is on a certain end of the Islamic spectrum. I wouldn’t know about that. You should learn to read without making unnecessary assumptions. My whole point is that the media was very slow to be rightfully suspect.

      • Fatane Cotr

        Thanks Rob, thats a great one. :)

        • Anonymous

          You should pump up your reading comprehension also.

        • Anonymous

          You crack me up!

  • Olmono

    Finally a well-written piece. Thank you, Mr. Beck.

  • Fat Lip

    All in all we here mostly agree on most things.
    I think as one of your fellow bloggers here it really may be best for us all to do a double check on the things we have prepared to help each other .
    Not that i’m not concerned as you all are but if they already have a plan then it is probably in our interest , I just want to keep that in the minds of you all to do the same just in case .
    May the Lord let his face shine down on you and yours my friends !!

  • Chris B

    Here’s an “interesting” timeline for you:

    8/21/2012 – Boeing warning the FAA that USB ports in the inflight entertainment systems are vulnerable ––300-and–300er-series-airplanes-aircraft-electronic-system

    4/15/2013 – Hacker presents PlaneSploit app that can take over fly by wire systems and spoof ACARS data at conference and to FAA…gotta love the “visit the ground” feature or the ability to falsely report an altitude of say 45000 ft or 22000 ft.

    FAA pretty much laughs it off saying it would never work on a real plane or with real tracking systems:

    3/8/2014 – Now fast forward to MH370, what about those those 20 Freescale employees:

    Nah….they couldn’t possibly have the collective brain power to hook up a USB cable to the back of their seat and use an app a hacker already wrote…nor could they have improved on it given their knowledge of advanced radar systems, Motorola components for a smartphone, etc, etc.

    • Mike Nelson

      You are an insane person, with your “hackers” and your “altitudes” and your “brain power”.

      These things are all fantasies fit only for a broadcast of “War of the Worlds”.

      As if people would ever take THAT seriously…

      • Chris B

        Not insane…I completely realize its VERY far fetched (and borderline pointy hat) that all of the conditions would come together just right to make that scenario true…and I take a rather sarcastic tone in my style of writing. But each point is based on facts from what are considered credible sources:

        1. A hacker did write an app that can exploit the control systems of a Boeing aircraft. Well published from a variety of sources. The FAA did discount him when he warned them of these vulnerabilities.

        2. Boeing did go to the FAA the year prior and request special permission to rapidly address vulnerabilities it discovered in the in flight entertainment system.

        3. There are 20 passengers who are employees of Freescale Semiconductor who as a company specialize in systems that can evade radar and other tracking systems. They would likely have the expertise to pull something like this off given the vulnerabilities and available resources.

        That information can be taken and spin into endless theories just as crazy as mine or worse. My real point, is that there are vulnerabilities in various systems and there were people on board with the know how to exploit them as well as produce data to throw off those investigating this.

        I feel horrible for the people on board, their families, and as a frequent traveler the whole thing really disturbs me.

        • Mike Nelson

          …and here I had thought my post was sufficiently sarcastic…

          You know that people DID take the WotW broadcast seriously back in 1938(?), yes? 😉

          If you want a truly nuts theory, try this one on for size:

          This set of circumstances came about JUST as the Crimean crisis/event/issue came to a head, and is receiving more attention than that country’s political future, Putin’s drumbeat for war, and 0bama’s failure to have even 1 hair on his Baals to do anything about it, as the NSA spies on the Congressional Security Council, while even progressive Democratic senators rebuke the White House for so doing.

          I’m on your side man; I just thought the “” around words like “altitude” would give away the sarcasm.

          After a while, we’re not conspiracy theorists… we’re coincidence observers.

          • Chris B

            True…very true!! Since they seem to have been pretty much guessing so far…maybe they should roll the dice and look for the plane in Sochi….there’s a remote place with new infrastructure where no one would probably notice a jumbo jet. 😛

          • Mike Nelson

            ROFL, even I in my tinfoil hat hadn’t thought of that…

        • Anonymous

          The USB hacking app was proven to not work on a commercial flight.

      • Dennis Bullard

        Whatever Man can imagine he can achieve Don’t be too cocksure of yourself. The world is flat, to exceed 16MPH pwople will not be able to breathe. Space travel is impossible. Man will never be able to fly, Pictures through the air? impossible! Speaking on device to another country? Fantasy.. So be careful what you say, because skeptics all said things were science fiction, today they are now fact

      • cozybop

        And yet the NSA exists.

      • Scully B. Kracken

        where did the pilot’s family move to the day before.. and why? also why did none of the pilot’s close friends know he was “moving”. and why would your family just pick up and move but leave your flight simulator? it’s a chinese black op.. thats why… wild goose chase while china positions itself for imminent conflict.

      • Anonymous

        it is interesting what you say, yet i wonder how you opinion falls on the 9-11 day here in the US, many people who leaned Obama the last few elections, many more left leaning liberals i know did not believe that 9-11 was what the end conclusions were given after investigating – that it was in fact, Bin Laden lead terrorists ( Al Qaeda and/or Taliban kissing cousins etc.)= Islamic take over beginning,,,etc So i was just wondering if you settled on a no conspiracy with 9-11? I mean if anything remotely “not” what the media has been telling us is true we been screwed for a long long time now and nothing is as it seems as far as society is concerned, thats not my faith either way but it does create a variable and factor in how citizens will become loyal and what they believe at the heart of country and contribution and loyalty etc.

        • Mike Nelson

          Hey there, just a note to let you know I’ve read your thoughts.

          I used to fall solidly on the side of 9-11-01 being a foreign attack on sovereign soil… but now I wonder. That’s not to say I am on any particular side of who is the insider, but I can see how it could have been a false flag; there’s just too much muddy water (building WTC7 and the ‘off’ broadcasts and reports of its falling despite no significant damage, and the congressional talks of missing $billions the very day before come to mind…) at this point for the average person to “know” for sure – which means “they” won.

          Regarding 9-11-12… that was, from the start, quite obviously a planned attack that we dishonorably attempted to obfuscate; 0bama and Clinton, at least, deserve Treason charges and tribunals [NOT trials – they were acting in a military capacity and ought be treated as such in that regard], and all the rest (Rice, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, the major network execs, and every departmental head of the CIA and State Dept who deal with the Middle East or weapon acquisition in that region, for starters) should be next on the list.

          If you haven’t seen it, I recommend the new Captain America (Winter Soldier) movie; it is a fair commentary on the state of our State, World, and the “leaders” who control Leviathan on a worldwide scale. It’s a fair movie, too, and I’m a notoriously harsh critic of action films; this one was comic book-ish, but not out of line, like soooo many others.

          • CyPontuo

            Wow , a year has passed , that is crazy just back at this article again, somehow got back to the Malaysia plane discussion again , Thanks for your response, wish i had seen your post in response. Great insights,appreciate your input… Guess the conspiracy theory is still on being it remains still unfound, Did you ever read the Popular Mechanics study on the 9-11 conspiracies?

    • Winston Blake

      “It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is ‘cloaked’, hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used,” according to the site.

      If this was so “top secret” it would have a self destruct mechanism.

  • Anonymous

    I have a reliable source tell me that it is the Klingon’s that have taken the plane as they have run short of cloaking devices for their Birds of Prey.

  • faxxmaxx

    Lignet just broke with a story naming Pakistan also. Israel is now on high alert ready to identify this plane & shoot it down in case it’s now nuclear.

  • Tim Chalk

    My theory…one pissed off pilot bent on taking that jet back and slamming it into some building as revenge for jailing his beloved leader. But, he chickened out and flew away. Probably ran out of fuel and ditched in the Indian Ocean and went down with it. What an idiot. Took all those innocent people with him.

  • Unknown Soldier

    Dear ” Conspiracy Theorists & Delusional Denialists ”

    One simple fact remains;

    China will now go into the Middle East to search for their
    now missing citizens in a much more finite and brutal manner
    than when the US went looking for WMD’s.

    Mark my words.

    Unknown Soldier

  • Donna

    I found this article very interesting. Dated back in December last year, it talks about cloaking. It is very possible!

  • Bobby S

    Clues are on pilot’s home computer.

  • Jnewts

    Catastrophic loss of cabin pressure, cockpit widow perhaps, pilot/ co pilot has presence of mind to reverse course and engage auto pilot before becoming overcome by lack of oxygen. Passengers and rest of crew could also have been overcome by same. Airplane then returns to departure point, with nobody able to intervene, it just carries on the same heading until fuel shortage. It flies over its departure point in the early hours, when there is little or no airport activity, apart from long haul flights passing at altitude. Nobody would even pay it attention Out it goes over the Indian Ocean, little or no Primary radar, I fear it lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean some distance west of Australia. As for the Military radar tracking the plane, and accounts of sharp changes in altitude, would this not have set off alarm bells? Flying over Multi-national airspace again without detection, flying low level to avoid radar, remote control? Lets apply one simple logic, Common sense, which I do believe s not that common. As regards the Pilot, and for that matter the co pilot, I would praise their effort and offer my heartfelt support to their families and also to the families of all the passengers too. Let’s pray we get answers soon.

    • Anonymous

      Presence of mind would mean he would first put on his breathing mask and use radio contact. How come transponder was disabled before *** last voice transmission. The first priority wouldn’t be course reversal.
      *** within minutes——Edit by jwilco

    • Larry Potter

      Forward left cockpit windshield failure would result in off center force on airplane, hence turn to left. Rapid decompression at 30,000 and very cold air would create problems for crew. If autopilot and electronics were knocked out, perhaps the trim tabs and throttle were all that was flying the plane.

  • suz

    on board: potential hostages; lithium batteries; 20 people who were working on the ‘invisible cloak;’ two pilots — one a malaysian opposition fanatic w/a flight simulator at his home whose family moved out of the house a day prior; two iranians w/stolen passports; three quarters were chinese.
    some one/group will take credit when they are READY. it’s not unheard of for a terrorist group to wait and make that claim, but remember, their goal is to repurpose the plane, that will take some time.

    think about what they have if this plane were to land safely in hiding w/helping hands on the other side — the mother payload. it’s been 12 years planning and it makes perfect sense. now is the time for al qaeda, et al to up the ante on major attacks – every 10 years or so.

    israel is correct in worrying about this and preparing.

    • MuddyRunnerGirl

      …or….Colonel Mustard in the Study with a Pipe Wrench …. :-/

  • Anonymous

    I thought Texas outfits were just hiring Texans or at least Americans. Oh,that’s right you have to pay Americans higher wages and perhaps benefits.

  • Leigh Carter

    I believe the target was ZTE employee Li Yanlin and the two unidentified passengers from Huawei Technologies. Huawei Technologies and ZTE Inc., were declared a national security threat because of their attempts to extract sensitive information from American companies and their loyalties to the Chinese government.

    Also, ZTE has been selling information to Iran. I think Yanlin was with the Iranian men and was brokering another technology deal with Iran. He and the Huawei employees on board were likely stealing (or being given) information from the 20 Freescale Semiconductor employees also on board. If it had landed, perhaps Iran and China would have top-secret and extremely threatening military technology.


  • steamn

    Would someone please check satellite photos for “French Southern and Antarctic Lands”, a couple thousand miles SW of Perth, Australia. Looks not that much farther than the intended flight to Beijing.

    • Eric Hope

      Thank You! I’ve been wondering about this all along! I find it amazing that seemingly no-one in conventional media has asked the obvious question of “OK, if the plane was last detected way out in the remote, southern Indian ocean, what was it DOING way down there? Where was it headed?” Seems an obvious question to me. No one is asking it (not in conventional media, anyway).

  • Lancey

    Stealth technology has been around since the late 1950’s. It has and was incorporated into our spy planes since then (AR 3 ?). It’s based on graphite compounds which absorb radar frequency waves and deflect microwave radar waves so they aren’t detected by an enemy radar systems. Our ships are also being given stealth technology as well to deflect radar waves from pinpointing them as well. Our new planes such as the F-22 raptor are contoured so that the radar “signature” is small compared to non stealth fighter jet without these technologies.

  • Schlittel Billet

    Freescale Semiconductors investors are part of the US Military Industrial Complex. Diego Garcia is a US Military Base in the Indian Ocean within flying distance.

  • tyler d

    remember when north korea threatened to use their nuclear missiles on us? what if north korea cloaked the plane to make it look like a 777, when in fact it could be used to carry something else. For example like a bomb.

  • Michael Nunez

    Well, always keep in mind that defeating the foul and cankerous blight of marxism requires serious knowledge firepower. Arm yourself:

  • Anonymous

    MA370 didn’t need cloaking technology; the current technology was sufficient to (a) turn EXACTLY at the point airspace control was handed over, (b) rondevous EXACTLY with flight SIA68, (c) program in the same flight plan as SIA68, (d) fly one-in-the-same, or even IF a blip not something military would look into … all the way to … you give it a guess:,52.716796866755374&chart=301&zoom=13&plan=A.WS.WSSS:V.WM.VKL:V.WM.VPG:F.WM.GIVAL:F.WM.MAPSO:F.VO.IGREX:F.VE.KAGUL:F.VA.15DME:F.VI.IBANI:F.VI.NIKOT:V.OP.RK:F.OA.PAROD:V.OA.HRT:F.OA.CHARN:V.OI.MSD:F.OI.SILPO:V.OI.BRD:F.UT.GIRUN:F.UB.LUSAL:F.UG.BARUS:V.LE.BCN

  • Scully B. Kracken

    I think it was a chinese false flag for sure. i believe they did this for multiple reasons. 1 being the freescale micro processor company. I believe they were kidnapped and are probably being forced to now work for the chinese. 2 so they can expand their navy in, and out of, the south china sea. 3. I believe they landed the plane in myanmar. chopped it up.. etc etc.. right off the bat china has been telling people where to send their military to find some garbage floating in the indian ocean that does not exist.

  • Anonymous

    Freescale passengers> 4/5 patent holders “die”> Freescale Semiconductor=1/5 patent holder> Freescale Semiconductor now 5/5 ownership of cloaking patent> Blackstone owns Freescale> Rothschild’s own Blackstone> are Rothschilds interested?,d.b2I

  • Dargo Rito

    nasa can send a rocket to JUPiTER which is 628,743,036 km but wouldnt find a plane on earth. * pfft

  • Dargo Rito

    And America declare dictatorship over the globe since then to ensure everyone’s safety. yay!

  • Dargo Rito

    oh by the way is glenn a pony lover. i see a pony

  • Anonymous

    The great minds of the world should be brainstorming; coming up with any possible scenario no matter how “crazy”. Then they can analyze and disprove as many as possible. Those that remain are possible explanations. So far, the idea that MH370 did not crash but landed safely somewhere has not been disproven. It’s time to brainstorm..

  • Rooster

    Interesting, I did not know about the Freescale involvement. I DID think this plane was brought down to land, not sea. I believe the passengers are still alive and are in captivity. I believe the plane was brought down by remote from land. It would level the airline industry. The airlines suffered majorly after 911 and the economy would take another nose dive.
    We are in a new world and it will never be the same again. The days of Harlequin Romance are over.

  • Skip E Powers

    Nothing is worse than scums who pretends they stand for our freedoms and rights and yet our comments are monitored and controlled and rejected, but yet a person can say Patriots are scums and blacks should die and be allowed to post…How ironic.

  • Anonymous

    plane was jacked

    Govt.knows about it

    men on board have valuable data and its needed.

    Remember the Russians sold suitcase nukes for decades selling their souls to he highest bidder and now they do fly by’s and position ships near USA coast- what good is to come of that?

    Chinese steal data and manipulate their dollar, that’s their claim to fame-
    Middle east has the funds from drug smuggling and non profits (selling drugs to your snot nose kids) and they fund it!

    All 3 want a piece of the USA (they cant stand each other!).

    don’t underestimate evil, why is no action is being taken?

    Reagan would have never golfed when our nation need to be secure. Reagan would have secured our borders, Reagan would not just do lip service and jet setting like a rock star (its a presidential roll not rapper- there is a difference).

  • Joe Silver

    What happened to all the passengers on that plane ? Were they incapacitated, killed, are they still alive?? That the USA is responsible for the planes disappearance is without doubt, and media is complicit in it, or were told it’s of National importance thats all you need to know.

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