Senators now concerned about gov’t spying… because they found out they’re being spied on

Correction: This article and the Glenn Beck newsletter incorrectly listed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (R-CA) rather than (D-CA). Thank you to the readers and commenters who called attention to the mistake. To the citizens of California who felt a small glimmer of hope until they realize we made a boneheaded oversight…we hear Texas is pretty nice.

Last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the CIA improperly searched a computer network established for Congress during its investigation into potential CIA abuse during a Bush-era detention and interrogation program.

Sen. Feinstein said she has “grave concerns that the CIA’s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution,” as she publicly aired an increasingly explosive dispute between Congress and the spy agency.

Furthermore, it looks like White House may have withheld about 9,400 documents (without invoking executive privilege) the from Senate investigators probing the interrogation tactics of terror suspects. This puts President Obama in the middle of the clash between the CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee.

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On radio this morning, Glenn found himself aligning with strange bedfellows as he encouraged the audience to support Sen. Feinstein’s fight even if she is a “liberal lion”

“It is time to find yourself with strange bedfellows,” Glenn said. “This will just go away unless you call Feinstein’s office and tell her, ‘We support you’; unless you start tweeting, ‘We support you.’ We’re Americans. We’re not Republicans, Democrats, or independents. We’re Americans.”

It is easy to look at this situation and say, ‘Congress doesn’t care that the government is spying on the American people. Why should I care that Congress is being spied on?’ But Glenn warned against such an attitude. At the end of the day, this is a moment in which the Constitution is actually being held sacred and that behavior must be applauded.

“Don’t waste your breath on, ‘I can’t support those hypocrites. They didn’t care when I was spied on.’ Yes, I know that. But at least this is a start at holding the Constitution sacred,” Glenn explained. “And may I just say, if they will spy on the Senate, if the intelligence community will spy on the people who are the bosses of the intelligence community, are you telling me they won’t spy on you or your organization – whether that’s PETA, whether it’s the ACLU or the ACLJ, whether it’s the TEA Party or Code Pink?”

Ultimately, Glenn believes we have reached a time where there is no excuse for inaction. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to fight for the Constitution and the values this country was founded on.

“We all have a decision to make. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. Not to stand is to stand… Each of us are going to be held responsible for what we do because this freedom does not belong to us. It belongs to our children and our children’s children… And now is the time to reach out to people who you might have disagreed with,” Glenn concluded. “Don’t slap Dianne across the face and say, ‘See, I told you’… Forget about that. What do you say we reach across and say: We may disagree on everything else, but on this topic we agree. How can we help you, Senator? How can we help you get to the bottom of it and how can we get you to stop it because somebody has got to stand for at least the balance of power, at least the checks and balances system.”

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  • Deckard426

    After ten years of spying on Feinstein, the CIA closed her file with the following comment. “Waste of time monitoring this prune-faced, big-hipped, flat-chested, hagged-out, imbecile.”

  • Anonymous

    I will say this over and over it’s our legislatures they all need to go. If these people will let him spy on their own what do you think they will let him do to us??

  • Anonymous

    To me she is still a hypocrite. She is only mad because Congress was spied on by the CIA. She was lukewarm when the NSA was caught spying on “Joe America. Just like the press was not worried about the spying on the American people until they found out they were being targeted also. “It’s ok to spy on the peons, but not on us because we’re ‘SPECIAL’.

    • Draxx

      This is just another example of how Obummer thinks he has more powers than are actually given the P.O.T.U.S… He is much worse than Nixon!!!

      • Anonymous

        Just like Trayvon Martin is Obummer’s son, Obummer is the son Nixon never had. Tricky Dick would be proud.

        • scottishknight

          Since it is likely you weren’t even born when Nixon left office, we’ll let that ridiculous comment slide. You have no idea who and what Richard Nixon was all about. If you did, you wouldn’t utter his name in the same sentence as Obammy.

          • Anonymous

            For your information, if “pappap” didn’t give it away, I lived thru that debacle of the Nixon administration. I was embarrassed that I voted for him and if the dumbocrats don’t wake up to the damage obummer is doing to their party, they too will suffer the consequences that the Republican did for years after the Nixon disgrace. Wrong is Wrong, whether it is done by dumbocrats or Republicans. My comment was meant that obummer has taken what Nixon did to a level that Nixon couldn’t even dream of.

          • Articulas

            Regan made up for any problem’s caused by Nixon. Nixon spied on 4 people… President Barry Soetoro has spied on everyone. I think one benefit of all the Oh’mama shananigans is that Americans have become very aware of the monster control issue that is inside every liberal. Next election every American who makes it to the voting booth is gonna think long and hard before casting their vote.

          • evea

            I was born and obama is worse!

          • bumpkin

            – But neither one is worth the air it takes to puff them up!

          • radiogirl660

            evea, that’s the point scottishknight is making. It’s an insult to Nixon to put him in the same category as Obama. Obama is far worse than Nixon ever was!

          • bumpkin


      • bumpkin

        Oh, I have a plan! Maybe lets all spray Obama with glue then dump a bag of glitter on him… Then he will never be trouble again because we would never be able to get him out from in front of his mirror! hehe. He will just SPARKLE in his own eyes! OOOOH.

  • landofaahs

    If Di Fi is so worried about it, I would support impeachment of Obama cause they ain’t doin nothin’ Obama ain’t okaying. If she’s willing I’ll bet there will be plenty of support.

  • Nancy Huenergardt

    Isn’t Feinstein a democrat? You have her as a (R-CA).

    • Anonymous

      You are correct. As a frustrated R from Calif., Feinstein is a D. But to top it all, isn’t she the height of hypocrisy? She was all in favor of spying on the American people until it suddenly bit her in the A$$.

      • Nancy Huenergardt

        Yes!!! Typical hypocrat… she was for it before she was against it! Also, part of the elite thinking. We can do it to you, but don’t do it to me!!!

        • Bonnie Marc


          ✦✦✦ �✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦�✦✦ ✦✦✦If she’s willing I’ll bet there will be plenty of support.

          • Robert Waites

            No she don’t quit lying

      • bumpkin

        Oh, she still is. She is just posturing for their party.

    • tntwalkers

      Oops :)

    • Spartacus76

      An “R”, is a “D”, is an “R”, is a “D”, is an “R”… Are you pick-in’ up, what I’m throwin’ down?

  • Connor

    Oh now they care. Obama is setting himself up to be a dictator. Why else would he be listening in on the Senators phone calls.

  • sickandtired

    But why is it ok for us but not for her?
    But what I heard today bothers me and I wonder if it is true. Obama will confiscate everything grown in our private gardens? Has anyone else heard about this?
    The other thing I would like investigated is WHO is pushing everything that has been happening. Obama is not smart enough to do all himself. Where are the investigators?

    • Sandi Clough Hagopian

      Haven’t you ever heard of George Soros? Start there and follow the money – you’ll find out who is the brains behind this. I agree, it isn’t Obama.

      • Fat Lip

        I hope everyone here understands Big George has a big part in the Disqus blog sites we are all playing on his site here.

        • bumpkin

          True. The FASTEST way to shut them all down is to boycott absolutely every business they each have a hand in… Starve them out into the open.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the American government SYSTEM that is to blame. Spying is a corrupt tactic started by governments sworn to further THEIR cause even if it’s against their own people. Remember all the spying under Eisenhower? What created the nuclear race? It wasn’t until Russia detonated it tsar bomba in 1961 that the world woke up to the destruction potential in the hands of IDIOTS! Today, spying is used as a war against our own people. We should do away with all these NSA agencies and save ourselves billions.

        • bumpkin

          Lets DEFUND THEM ALL!

    • landofaahs

      Because they’re special, just like everyone else.

    • bumpkin

      Its true. The Maoists did it. Stalinists did too, I heard. They ALL do. Its called Communism. Have you not heard of the New World Order? Hillarious Clinton rolls her eyes in passion when she speaks of it in adoring overtones, so does Bush Sr. I imagine most of them do. Its called “NOW I own the WHOLE WORLD! I am a GOD!”

  • Judith A. Carroll

    The only way I would support ANYTHING this witch wanted NO matter what is give the farmers their water back in the San Joaquin Valley. BTW did you all know that Frakenstein’s husband and Boxer’s husbands are bankers that are going to foreclose on the farmer’s land. Then the land will be resold by these stealers and resold to the government, the government will then either give or practically give this land to the Chi-com’s for partial payment on the debt these thieving politicians took to line their pockets. Folks he chi-coms have assessed our natural resources and they put a price tag on it 8 trillion more than the national debt. All of OUR lands have been mortgaged to the Chi-coms for payment on the debt. I am just SICK to my stomach about this BETRAYAL. You seriously need to vote these EVIL bitches out they are getting richer off OUR expense! SHAME on them. There are master Chinese gardeners already in place to start producing mass quantities of food for their own. Glenn this is NOT your fight for those commie congress persons.

  • Will Hiltscher

    All this means is that she’s going to find a way to exclude Congress from spying, then allow all others to be spied upon.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Feinstein is huge socialist Progressive. A Democrat.

  • Freedom lover

    I have said it before and now even the Democrats are getting a taste of it. We are now being controlled by the agency’s that Congress set up in the first place. Congress is becoming obsolete. We will have 3 branches of government the executive, the judicial, and the Agency. Congress will just become another waste of tax payer money.

  • Jon

    Sorry, Glenn, but you are off on this one. Senator Feinstein is not standing up for the Constitution. She is standing up for herself. She gave lip service to the 4th, and separation of powers, but the fact is that she is only complaining about their spying on Congress. If she stands against spying on the people, I will personally make the call to congratulate her for getting one right. However, I guarantee that if she were to present a bill on this, it would only include Congress.

    Siding with her on this is like having a thief that has stolen from you and your neighbor, and the neighbor asks for and gets his stuff back. You are supposed to say that all is fine now because your neighbor got his stuff back? This thief is still stealing from you…and your neighbor is cheering him on.


      I disagree with you Jon. We can convince people to run away from the two party system and embrace a third party. I think this is the Libertarian’s time to shine.

      • Jon

        I am an independent who is a conservative with many Libertarian views. That being said, I think that most Libertarians are completely missing the boat on elections. You really only have two options.
        1. Build from the ground up. You will never see a Libertarian president until there have been a large number of local, state, and federal elections fought and won. You cannot build top down or people will never believe that you have the support it would take.
        2. Better yet, fight to eliminate the party system. This would increase the chances of election of Libertarians greatly.


          I agree with your second point. I would like to see all political parties to be dismantled.

          • Jon

            How can you deny the first point? No third party has pulled more than what 5% of the vote? Nothing strong or lasting has ever been built top down. You have to build the foundation.

      • Anonymous

        NO, we must destroy the corruption in Washington first.

      • Anonymous

        It’ll be decades before the Libertarian Party is able to overcome it’s, “Let everyone do whatever kind of dope they want”, platform. Times may be changing but for most people the Libertarian Part needs to drop it’s insane support of legalized drugs or they’re just going to be another frindge party the stoners are drawn to but very few other people.

    • Gdrake

      I totally agree!!


    I have a lot of reservations about helping people who likewise disreguard the Constitution, but we need to strike back at any over-reach by any branch of government. We need to hold the Constitutions as sacred at all times. Plenty of men and women have pledged their lives to that document, which I consider to be the most important words ever written.

    This seems a lot like how Caligula degraded Rome’s Senate, by introducing one insult after another. We find out the Senate is being spied on, and now the White House won’t release all relevant documents to them.
    Is the president going to prove how powerless congress is, by appointing a goat as a senator?

    Do you want to have the Senate, Your state’s representative, and the house, your representative, to be controlled by an agency controlled by the executive branch?

  • boatng4

    Since the senator is now personally involved, it makes all the difference in the world to her. It is certainly acceptable to spy on the rest of the nation but not her domain. Shame on her for having two separate rules for spying. Your job is to represent all Americans, our rights as well as yours.

  • Gun toting cracker

    Excuse me, but isn’t Feinstein a gun grabbing, no good Libtard, who’s prejudice against black rifles and all gun accessories? Why is she listed as a R from Ca?

    • Anonymous

      Good catch! I noticed that too. Glenn obviously got his “Ds” mixed in with his “Rs” like sometimes happens in the fastener trays at the hardware store.

  • Claire B.

    We need to initiate special committees to investigate this and ALL the other lies and scandals like Benghazi, IRS targeting, etc. and we need to IMPEACH Obama. The Russians have the nerve to say “the U.S. is living in fear of them”?! I say BULL. People need to speak up and not let Obama continue to shrink the military and allow this country to come under attack! I did not vote for that un-american idiot and I will not sit by and watch as he destroys MY America and the Constitution.

  • Fat Lip

    And the wheel roles on , it really only matters though when they are at the bottom of the revolution , may there faces get a bit more mud on them now it is there turn .
    Boo Hoo .

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Graham doesn’t care if he is monitored by the government? That proves he is unfit for public office!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Glenn. You never know, maybe this will wake her up a little. People do sometimes change. I used to be a Democrat years ago.

  • Vienta76

    I’m 100% behind Glenn on this because here’s the thing about supporting freedom, I don’t just support my freedom, I support yours, and yours, and yours and yours. I support the freedom of those I don’t agree with, those whom disagree with me, even those I despise. I SUPPORT FREEDOM!! And any front made by anyone that supports the freedoms our constitution guarantees has MY support (even if its as hypocritical as this clearly is) and should have yours as well. I will phone in my support of Senator Feinstein on this issue, because it must be made clear that when our freedom is being upheld, there is support.

  • Michael Kimsey

    Let Feinstein go down with obummer she is a hag.

  • Anonymous

    What a known “HYPOCRITE” old Feinstein shows herself to be. It is OK when the “PREZ” withholds documents from Oversight and the Republicans over issues like Fast and Furious…but let him withhold documents from the Old Bat herself and she gets testy about it. Now…isn’t that just a shame!

  • james papet

    HELL NO I WILL NOT SUPPORT FEINSTEIN ON THIS! She doesn’t give one single damn that we are being spied on and even if we support her on this she still will do nothing to stop the NSA from spying on us. Wrong path this time Beck!

  • Anonymous

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot she doesn’t like it. Poor baby.

  • iceblast

    If the CIA was spying to make sure everything was up and up on what the Govt was doing, I wouldn’t care. I would like to think that someone is being the watchdog for the people.

    Don’t know where the CIA stands though, and Senator Dianne Feinstein is only trying to protect herself. I understand what Glenn is trying to say, but he should put If and And questions to his decision statement here.

  • Zarkov505

    Everything I’ve seen so far on this one seems to indicate that CIA set up a classified computer system, in accordance with the standard rules for such systems, and was auditing it, again in accordance with the standard rules for such systems.

    When the auditors discovered that certain files had been loaded onto that system that were not supposed to be there, they removed them. This is what they are required to do.

    When Feinstein’s minions saw files disappear, they started copying them off. This is flat-out unlawful. The CIA auditors discovered they’d been copying files, and they raised hell about it.

    Now Feinstein is screaming bloody murder about “CIA spying on Congress. She is trying to cover for the unlawful acts of her minions, to keep them from going to jail, and keep us from finding out that her minions were in fact Very Naughty Little Boys And Girls Indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow I just don’t see Dianne Feinstein as a poster child for the campaign to restore Constitutionality in Washington. She has been a willing agent for undercutting our freedoms (2nd amendment, 4th amendment, etc.). Her record of having her husband’s firms wind up multiple billions of dollars of sweetheart government contracts over the past 10+ years makes me question her selfless regard for the rest of us.

  • usn

    Glen she only wants the spying on her stopped everybody else its ok

  • Anonymous

    Feinstein is one of the lowest scum to ever be seated in the United States senate. She is a hypocrite who believes she is better than everyone else. She admitted to having a concealed carry permit and carries a handgun (probably only got approved because she is a Senator), then chastises everyone else for wanting to do the same. She defends spying on Americans but gets mad when those same spy organizations spy on her. I don’t see eye to eye with her. I don’t stand with her. She only believes in her own constitutional rights, not everyone else’s. She can go f**k herself. So can the rest of those pr**ks.

  • Rebecca Cheney

    Some of you guys are missing the whole point Glenn was trying to make. Really . . . pull your heads out and quit being so proud and bullish. Right is right, no matter who is leading the fight. There will be plenty of chances to not support this lady, but this is NOT the time. Time to show here who the real grown ups are.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know why the CIA’s investigation of a security leak gets to her office?

  • Anonymous

    What is she HIDING????????????????Come on Glenn, I thought you might be curious! I am surprised at you –

  • George

    Presidents and senators come and go, but the great bureaucracy only grows, trampling everything in its path. I guess she still gets special treatment from the IRS, unlike the rest of us. It’s good to see, in a way, that the CIA is being fair and balanced.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with GB most of the time but this is not one of them. She is EVIL as so many if not all Liberal DemonCrats. One of the reasons Conservatives LOSE 99.99% of the time is that they will support a Liberal. Think and ask yourself “When has a DemonCrat ever supported a Conservative”?

    The Constitution has been Stepped On, Pooped On, Forgotten about. Heck, look at what Obama & Company has done to it. If it’s privacy you’re looking for, forgetaboutit, it’s gone like 8 track tapes.

  • Tami Salisbury

    Glen we should start a solid PURPLE PARTY. One that depicts the ROYAL Pain in the A as those elected think they are. This one . . . Feinstein could be P-California. Hahahaha good times. Hang in there the times are hastening!

  • Penn_Patriot

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend at least on a temporary basis. Love her or hate her, she is in a position to end the spying of the NSA! Support her on this one issue! If you aren’t a part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

  • bumpkin

    Sorry, Glenn…No Can DO. That woman is a rattler. Cant support ANYTHING she does, but if someone else takes up the fight, (she is ONLY doing it for votes, for herself or for someone else, I PROMISE) If someone that is not a LIAR takes up the fight, I will support them. We ALL hate the government for spying on us. A bunch of peeping Toms… Perverts! They can and will hold anything you SAY OR DO against you in a court of popular opinion… as well as in a government-shrouded court. I can not align myself with a snake. -Its basically whomever they choose for the Photo-op of the week, and she drew the right straw.- Oh, say! How did I get italics? Cool!

  • Anonymous

    I caught the mistake right away about Finstein being a republican. Thanks for the correction. I do support her in her fight to keep the CIA and powers to be, to stop spying on Americans and our branches of government. I don’t align myself with most of the things she supports, but this is one case I do. We need to set aside our political affiliations in the name of our Constitution. If your on the right side I will support you in your efforts. Glens go it right. If someone is on the right side of an argument, for the betterment of this country speak up!

  • Anonymous
  • dnoice

    Call Feinstein and tell her, “I’m a gun owner and I support you in your fight against the NSA.”

  • Anonymous

    Feinstein was told in 2009 about NSA “CRIMINAL ABUSES” such as stalking harassment, illegal break-ins, pet poisonings, illegal wire taps, illegal secret GPS/tracking for harassment purposes, false reports to FISA courts to enable further harassment, illegal and fraudulent firings of whistle blowers, BUT SHE BLEW OFF the evidence as “NOT HER PROBLEM”! Diane Feinstein, you are a Nazi whore.

  • WASP

    Whats the problem Ms.Frankenstein? You don’t have nothing to hide do you?

  • Susann Bancroft

    I feel feinstein is ONLY fighting it cause shes included and as someone who’s most likely to show something shes done wrong if they should spy on her!! Dont trust her at all!!
    She has never fought for the American people before why would she start now??!!!

  • Articulas

    We need to bring Aaron Russo back from the dead.

  • CrapsDealer

    This old cow needs to understand that the tyranny she’s complaining about is why we have the 2nd Amendment. Until she understands that, I’ll stand with someone else who does and she can take a frickin’ hike.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    “CIA improperly searched a computer network established for Congress during its investigation into potential CIA abuse during a Bush-era detention and interrogation program.”

    Glenn don’t cover this up with flowery words, detention and interrogation is kidnapping and torture.

    Brennen should be fired and Obama should be impeached for covering up the crimes that were done and Brennen participated in during the Bush Administration. They continue today.

    The CIA operates outside the law. They and other government agencies, industry heads and financial leaders run this country. Obama is their puppet.

  • Anonymous

    feinstien is the WORST of the WORST I am now writing of Glen Beck as another Rino.

  • Eliezer Torres

    Glenn. Fu^%$ her. They all deserve this. A taste of their own medicine.I am so glad this happened.The CIA should spy on Homeland Security too. Its run by Islamist Jihad. When the American people get disarmed its is not american agency but terrorist withing that agency.

  • Terry Lucas

    Why do we insist on Blaming the Government? Why don’t we blame ourselves for lack of research? For not being totally responsible for our own “due diligence” in investigating those we vote for? Name calling and pointing fingers is not the way to get any thing solved. A vote in this country is a RESPONSIBILITY as well as a RIGHT. To me the RESPONSIBILITY is where MY emphasis is and will remain. I could NOT stand the SECOND President Bush either and did not vote for EITHER Bush or Obama………I did my homework PRIOR to voting. We Either want to be a Constitutional Republic or we do not. It is the voters who must decide.

  • Terry Lucas

    My previous post should have said, “Could NOT” stand GWBUSH, not “could”.

  • Al Bumen

    Patriots: Arm yourself with liberty’s longbow and pierce the illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

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